15 Insane Fan Theories Most Likely To Pan Out In ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

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15 Insane Fan Theories Most Likely To Pan Out In ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

I’m a big American Horror Story fan. I’ve been watching it since the beginning. I love that  it’s something new in each season. It never gets boring. Except maybe with Roanoke….if I’m being honest, I stopped halfway. I do plan to finish it, though. It just definitely wasn’t my favorite. I am super excited for this upcoming season and Ryan Murphy has already been dropping hints left and right. I almost find he’s revealing a bit too much. Like, chill out, dude. I like surprises! The AHS official Twitter account has been tweeting out promo images and, of course, people are wildly speculating about what we could be in for this season. We know the title this year is AHS: Cult. Sorry, it’s not AHS: Titanic. So what else could we be in for this time around? Hopefully, it will be creepy, chilling, and entertaining AF.

15. Lena Dunham Will Be Killed Off Horrifically

Okay so… this isn’t a theory as much as it is a hope that many Twitter users seemed to have after Ryan Murphy announced on the social platform that Lena Dunham would be joining the cast of the hit television show. I wasn’t thrilled about it either. I mostly watched Girls so I could stay in the loop with regards to pop-culture and simultaneously poke holes in the show and comment on how problematic it was. Apparently, there are a lot of AHS fans out there who are just not interested AT ALL in seeing Dunham on the show. Unless…she’s killed off in some kind of brutal way. You just have to click through to see the comments on Murphy’s post to see for yourself. I’m not elated that she’s part of the new season, but I don’t think calling for a brutal—albeit fictional—death scene is really appropriate.

14. Hexagon = Witchcraft

I think this theory is totally misguided. It’s more wishful thinking than anything else. But with American Horror Story we all know that anything can happen. This theory comes straight from the AHS official subReddit. One fan of the show shared a theory surrounding the hexagon featured in many of the promos for the seventh season. They proposed that the hexagon is really representative of witchcraft hexes. They also say that this could mean a link between the occult and mind control. It’s a little bit of a far out idea but the mind control angle makes a lot of sense considering the title of the upcoming season is AHS: Cult. Aren’t cults all about brainwashing? Could the supernatural be facilitating the mind control? We’ll all just have to tune in to find out.

13. There’s Won’t Be Actual Clowns

I think this is one of the most interesting theories that has been thrown into the mix so far. One Redditor theorizes that there really might not be that many clowns featured in the seventh season. I think all of those with clown phobias would breathe a sigh of relief if that were true. You might be scratching your head at this one, though. Don’t all the promos feature clowns? Surely that means they’re going to be featured heavily. Well, it may just be for the promos. At least that’s what some people think. Could it be that they’re just a metaphorical representation of politicians? Murphy did say that season seven would be about the 2016 election. Maybe the politicians are the “clowns” in the AHS: Cult story.

12. The Theme Will Be Phobias

I feel like this is one of the likeliest theories to pan out in season seven. But isn’t every season of American Horror Story about phobias? No? Maybe I’m just scared of everything. Reddit user chinawigshop backs up this theory by pointing to the promos that have come out for the show. Various teasers include imagery like water, bees, and of course, clowns. These are all, technically, things that people can have phobias of. The user also points out the less obvious ‘phobias’ like homophobia and xenophobia that might be part of the season seven theme. I think this makes a lot of sense. But there are other ways to look at this imagery. A few other theories featured below also attempt to analyze the teaser imagery.

11. Butcher Shop Setting Means Return Of Characters

This is more speculation than a theory. But I think it’s important to bring it up regardless. Photos from the set of AHS: Cult have appeared and it seems that some of the show will take place in, around, or near a butchery. Ryan Murphy has already mentioned in passing that the show will bring back season four characters, but could this also mean that other characters could be returning from other seasons? Think back to season one and season six, do you remember any characters that might be related to a butcher shop in some way? Remember Piggy man played by Eric Stonestreet? Yeah. Creep factor x 1000. Last season we also encountered a butcher-related character. Are they both returning? What ever could this mean!?

10. Evan Peters Will Play The Cult Leader

Yasssss Evan Peters returns to the seventh season of American Horror Story. Okay…. but who could he be playing? If you’ve been following show updates, you’ve probably seen some promo pics, set pics, and other random tidbits here and there that show Peters adorned with some pretty snazzy hair. Nothing about his character has been confirmed yet but a lot of people are speculating that he’s actually going to end up being the cult leader. It’s not the craziest idea but I think it’d be infinitely more interesting if a woman had the role of cult leader. Some people are suggesting that Billie Lourd might end up being the leader for the cult to be featured in the seventh season. So who will it be? Billie or Evan? Or someone else entirely?

9. There’s A Link To Water & Flint Water Crisis

Oh, how insightful Reddit and Twitter users are! I hadn’t even really picked up on the water references — they’re pretty subtle, but a lot of fans have noticed some of them. As you can see above, it turns out that an episode of AHS: Cult might take place in a town called Hell, Michigan. There’s already been speculation that the entire season might take place in the state of Michigan. This, paired with the apparent political angle of the new season, has some people thinking that the show might take on the Flint water crisis. It’s an interesting topic for the show to dive into but I’m not too sure about it. I do think that the location might still be very important to the plot, though.

8. There Will Be A Literal Witch Hunt


There’s been a lot of speculation about season seven. Earlier this year, people were still throwing out ideas for what kind of theme might be explored. I’m still holding out for AHS: Titanic where Rose purposely drowns Jack to get that plank of wood all for herself. One popular theory was that season seven would be a crossover season with AHS: Coven and AHS: Murder House. Except, that theory no longer really holds up. Still, there’s some speculation that witchcraft will play a role this season. The return of Emma Roberts to the cast of American Horror Story has some fans pointing to the very possible scenario that witches might be included in AHS: Cult. Remember the idea that the hexagon imagery could mean witchcraft? What do you think?

7. The Freaks Will Rebel

This theory, from Reddit user Lebabil, proposes that the season will pit ‘freaks’ against so-called ‘normal’ folk. Ryan Murphy has indeed said that some AHS: Freakshow characters will be returning for season seven. Could the political theme really center around the ‘rise of the freaks’? The Reddit user also goes on to explain that they think the freaks and non-freaks could each have their own political parties or that the freaks could simply be fighting back against government oppression. It kind of sounds like the plot of X-Men, so I’m not too thrilled about the possibility, but it’s not totally implausible. The theme of politics and minority struggle are closely enmeshed. But honestly, I’d like to see a more literal exploration of those themes. At this point, so many of these theories seem possible that I wonder how cohesive season seven will be.

6. Hair Color Theories

Okay, what’s with the blue hair? It turns out there are a number of theories surrounding the flashy hair colors being sported by Evan Peters and Billie Lourd in photos shared online. Peters has been shown with vibrant electric blue hair while photos of Lourd showcases a gorgeous grey-ish blue color that’s reminiscent of Game of Thrones‘ Daenerys Targaryen. So, what’s with the hair? Some people have speculated that the colors have to do with political party affiliations. But what does that mean for Lourd’s coloring? Could this be confirmation that she’s the cult leader for AHS: Cult? Some people have also said that the wild colors could be a reference to the crazy hairstyles from The Hunger Games. We haven’t seen any red hair yet, so the first theory is yet to be confirmed.

5. There Will Be Bees?

There’s one of two ways to interpret the AHS: Cult promos and teasers. Some have speculated that the imagery in the promos points to the potential for killer bees appearing in the upcoming season. This ties together with the theory of phobias. But are they really coming to the new season? Will there actually be swarms of bees chasing people in the streets? It’s more likely that the bee imagery is just a metaphor for groupthink. In a bee hive, the drones are subservient to the queen bee. It makes sense to link bee imagery with a cult. Does this mean that the cult in season seven will have a female leader? Will there be a queen bee!? If so, I’m ready for that 100%. Bring it on.

4. Circles Of Hell Theory

Ah yes. The Circles of Hell theory. This is actually a theory that’s been around for a while. But fans of the show have brought it up once again. The theory suggests that each season corresponds with a particular circle of Hell. Ryan Murphy actually recently re-posted the above on his Instagram account. His caption? “Interesting.” Yeah, dude. It is. Stop playing with us! Was this your plan the whole time!?
What we do know is that there will be another two seasons of American Horror Story. It’s already been renewed for season eight and nine. Will nine be the last season? If the theory is true then that leaves us with Lust and Violence and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for those two circles of Hell.

3. Nightmare On Elmstreet X Twisty

Apparently, Twisty the Clown will be returning for AHS: Cult. Did we not get enough of his terrifying face during AHS: Freakshow? Who exactly was asking for his return? How am I supposed to watch the damn season if I spend my time covering my eyes with a blanket? Oh right, the show is supposed to be scary. Well, Twisty is definitely spine tingling. One theory says that this season will show Twisty taking on some special abilities, like being able to enter people’s dreams. A Reddit user even goes so far to suggest that the theory about tainted water (mentioned above) might be connected to this dream-clown theory. Could poisoned water really cause people to have nightmares about Twisty? I guess it’s time to stock the fridge with bottled water and never drink tap water again.

2. Same Universe And Characters Are Connected Somehow

I think this theory makes the most sense, although, I’m skeptical about whether Ryan Murphy intended this from the beginning. I think it’s totally plausible, though, that all the seasons are connected and that they all take place in the same universe. The Circles of Hell theory kind of points to this but that theory is more about how the seasons represent a larger theme. It doesn’t necessarily suggest that each season’s characters, timelines, and places are all connected. But I think it’s completely possible that we’ll see hard evidence of this in future seasons. Rumors of a crossover season have circulated (above I mentioned a rumor about a Coven/Murder House crossover) and it seems likely that it’ll happen soon. We’ve seen some subtle hints thus far but I’m hoping for a really big crossover to happen in the future. Some big revelation that concretely connects each season, each character, and each timeline.

1. Or….

Or, we have this theory. It’s kind of tough to plan out a theme like Circles of Hell without knowing if you’ll be renewed for a whole nine seasons. Could it be that Ryan Murphy is just making it up as he goes along? He hasn’t admitted to this but it’s kind of hard to believe that there’s some kind of master plan. I personally felt that AHS: Hotel felt very much haphazard as if the whole story was put together on a whim. Fans have also pointed to AHS: Roanoke as being pretty sloppily constructed. I can’t comment since I never finished it, but that says a lot about the idea that everything is meticulously connected. I’d love to think that it was all planned out from the start but it’s far more likely that as Reddit user Skyzfallin points out “Ryan Murphy is just making shit up.”

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