15 Insane Theories About 'Riverdale' That Might Actually Be True

Undoubtedly one of the best series of 2017 has to be The CW's Riverdale. And one of the best things about the teen drama, which is based on characters from the Archie Comics, is the suspense.

Every episode, we are left sitting on the end of our seat rooting for our favorite characters, but it can also be frustrating, because there is always a million questions that need to be answered! Yep, we think it's safe to say that if you've watched Riverdale you'd know that you never quite know what's going to happen from episode to episode, which is probably why there is an abundance of theories on the topic.

Some theories are crazy -- we're talking zombies and supernatural powers crazy -- but most of them are interesting and thought-provoking. Think you've heard them all? Here are 15 of the craziest theories about Riverdale that every superfan should know.

15 Jason Blossom was not the intended target

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If you've reached the end of Season 1 *major spoilers ahead if you haven't* you'd know by now that Jason Blossom (played by Trevor Stines) was killed by his own father, Clifford Blossom, for reasons relating to the family's Maple Syrup business (which turned out to be a cover for a drug smuggling operation). But, prior to this, there were some theories about Jason's death.

According to some fans, the intended target was meant to be none other than Archibald "Archie" Andrews (played by KJ Apa).

One theory suggests that it was the abusive ex-husband of Miss Grundy (the school's music teacher) who shot Jason because he mistook him for Archie -- they do look similar, so it's plausible. That, and the fact that Miss Grundy and Archie had actually been hooking up on the day of the murder, or so it was thought.

14 Betty Cooper killed Jason Blossom

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We know who actually killed Jason (there was even video footage to prove it), but before Buzzfeed had all the facts they speculated that the Coopers could be behind the murder. Alice and Hal Cooper were pretty upset about the fact that their daughter, Polly, was in a relationship with Jason, and they blamed him for the situation that their daughter found herself in. However, this theory is pretty believable compared to the shocker that it was allegedly Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) who was the murderer.

We saw Betty's dark-side when she unleashed her wrath on Chuck Clayton (when she and Veronica were trying to get him to confess to slut-shaming female students). She even started calling herself Polly, and took the whole interrogation a little too far. But could Betty really be capable of murder? To protect those she loves, maybe.

13 Alice Cooper's son is actually FP's child

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Alice Cooper dropped a bombshell when she told Betty that she had given up her firstborn child, an unnamed son, for adoption. And according to PopSugar, the son may actually be the product of a relationship between Alice and FP Jones.

You may remember when Alice invited FP and Jughead Jones (who is played by Cole Sprouse) over to dinner so that she could get to "know" them better (which was really an excuse to interrogate FP). When things start going south, FP mentions that Hal and Alice had a major fight on the night of their high-school prom, and for some reason this angers Alice way more than it should have.

Could Alice be so on edge because she and FP Jones had a passionate affair when they were teenagers? There has also been a mention about her being from the Southside -- so they would have had the opportunity.

12 Joaquin is related to Betty and Jughead

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While the affair and the fact that Alice and FP may have a child together is a possibility (because who really knows what is going to happen in Riverdale), the thing we are really interested in is PopSugar's theory about exactly who that son may be. And buckle up because it's so damn juicy: their son is Joaquin DeSantos (played by Rob Raco).

FP and Joaquin (who is also part of the Southside Serpents gang) have a pretty close relationship -- but whether this is because FP suspects that Joaquin may be his son is unclear. However, the reasons that this seemingly crazy theory may actually have some merit is down to the fact that Joaquin would be about the right age to be Alice Cooper's son: He doesn't appear to go to school (which would mean he's older than the rest of the characters) and, according to the publication, he bares resemblance to the characters of both Alice, and FP.

11 Polly and Betty are the same person

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According to a fan theory, Betty's alter ego is the one who killed Jason, and we've got to say, it's kind of brilliant. In fact, Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa agrees. According to Seventeen, he commented on the theory saying he thought it was, "the craziest fan theory that I read or heard about."

This is one theory that really messes us up, because it's crazy, yet there could be an inkling of truth to it. We witnessed Betty's dark side earlier in the season when she unleashed her wrath on Chuck, and although she seemed ashamed following the incident, she was also confused by it -- which is probably when the theory that Polly is Betty's alter ego first started.

10 Kevin Keller killed Jason

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Fans speculated as to whether Kevin Keller (played by Casey Cott) could have been Jason's killer for several reasons: he is a part of the main group, yet he's still on the sidelines, he apparently shows up at odd times (with a fan mentioning Polly's baby shower as an example), and, he was the person who discovered Jason's bloated corpse in the river -- and didn't seem to be too disturbed by his discovery.

While we now know Kevin did not kill Jason, the theory gained so much traction that it even got back to the cast of Riverdale, and Cott was pretty impressed. Cott shared his thoughts on the theory during an interview with MTV News, saying that the theories about his character are really detailed and in-depth.

9 Someone on the cast has supernatural powers

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Some fans believe that Riverdale is going to have supernatural events taking place in Season 2, and in the centre of these otherworldly forces is Alice Cooper (played by Mädchen Amick). According to one theory, Alice has "witch's blood in her veins," and she has a gift that she has not used for many years. A gift that may be passed on to her granddaughter through her daughter Polly -- who many believe is pregnant with Sabrina.

The theory also goes on to note several times that there could have been reference to Alice's powers, for example, when she threatens her husband, Hal (played by Lochlyn Munro) that she would do something "they'd both regret" -- she could be referring to her supernatural powers.

8 Jughead and Betty aren't dating -- it's all in his head

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We know Jughead can be a little strange and he has his quirks (which is actually one of the reasons his character is so fantastic), but one fan theory is disappointing, because it suggests that Jughead and Betty aren't dating at all. In fact, according to this theory, the romance is all in Jughead's imagination.

The reason? Jughead is writing a story about the events that transpire in Riverdale, and it's his narrative, which means he has the opportunity to alter the facts slightly and embellish the story as he sees fit, which, according to Reddit user feverdreamr, could mean that Jughead is writing about his feelings for Betty -- and in a sense willing them to be true -- but he may never act on them because he is too afraid.

7 Zombies are coming

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Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is also the creator of the 2013 comics series called Afterlife with Archie, which, you guessed it, is about Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead battling it out with zombies. And, some fans believe that this is going to happen in Riverdale.

Reasons why fans may think this? When Cheryl Blossom (played by Madelaine Petsch) had a breakdown during the pep rally and told Veronica, "He was supposed to come back" -- she's referring to her twin brother Jason, but some fans feel that he was meant to come back, as in, come back as a zombie. In addition to this point is that Cheryl also has a dream about a zombified Jason.

This theory is really indepth, and according to DeCurt1998, in the Afterlife with Archie comics, Polly is sent away to get help, which mirrors what happens in Riverdale.

6 Fred Andrews is Jason's real father

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When it comes to Riverdale there is clearly a lot of theories about the characters not actually being related to their parents, and according to a fan theory on Reddit, Fred Andrews may have been Jason Blossom's real father -- which would make the fact that his supposed father, Clifford Blossom, killed him a teeny tiny bit easier to swallow.

Except this is probably the most unrealistic theory of them all, because we can't imagine Fred ever being in a relationship with Penelope Blossom, not to mention the fact that Cheryl and Jason were twins. That said, this does give way to an interesting secondary theory, maybe Cheryl knew that Jason was her half brother, and was therefore a little more in love with him than she should have been (in Episode 10, Veronica Lodge, played by Camila Mendes, accuses Cheryl of having an incestuous relationship with Jason).

5 Clifford Blossom is Archie's father

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This theory is basically the opposite of the above one, but according to Bustle, some fans believe that Clifford Blossom may be Archie's real father.

After Jason's death, the Blossom family took a liking to Archie, which most viewers believed was because of the striking resemblance between the two teenagers. But this theory suggests it was more than that: Clifford wanted to get close to his biological son, Archie, because he now had no male heir to take over the family business.

Others think that Archie and the Blossoms are related, but rather than Clifford being Archie's father, the two families are distant relatives -- not only is there a similarity in their appearance, but both families heritages are reportedly from the same region in Scotland, United Kingdom.

4 Cheryl was abused, and her brother protected her

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Clifford Blossom was a bad man, we know this. But could he have killed his son Jason to protect a secret much darker than that of the family business?

One theory suggests that Cheryl was abused by her father, and that Jason found out about it and protected her. This would supposedly explain her behavior and her attachment to Jason, because she felt he was the only person she could rely on for emotional support. He may also have been the only person who protected her (in this case from not only the kids at their high school but also an abusive father).

Perhaps Jason threatened to expose Clifford? Perhaps they got into a fight because he had had enough with his father's behavior and wanted to ensure that Cheryl was safe before he ran away?

3 Ethel is a killer

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Ethel Muggs (played by Shannon Purser) was a victim of Chuck Clayton's sexual rumors, but was she also a victim of Jason's manipulation?

According to a fan theory, before Ethel's parents lost their money (Veronica's father, Hiram Lodge, was the cause of their misfortune ) they seemed to be relatively wealthy, and Jason was in need of money to plan an escape from Riverdale with his pregnant girlfriend, Polly Cooper.

The theory, according to Reddit user wraith_ferron, is that Jason used Ethel to get money, but she killed him when she discovered that he had only been manipulating her and had plans to run away.

Ethel does seem to get a lot of focus on the show, more than her character should based on the rumors Chuck made about her. So, if we didn't already know who Jason's killer was, could we be persuaded to believe that it was Ethel?

2 Clifford Blossom didn't kill Jason, his evil twin did

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Does Clifford Blossom have an evil twin who has been assuming his identity?

A fan theory claims that all witches have twins, some are good and others bad -- for example, Sabrina Spellman is a good witch, while her sister Katrina is her evil twin. According to Reddit user MindsEyeKagura, the Blossoms have occult knowledge and Nana Blossom has gypsy blood -- she predicted that Polly was pregnant with twins long before we discovered that she was -- and they believe it was Clifford's twin creating havoc.

This theory is supported by the fact that Clifford has an abnormally large selection of red wigs, and that an imposter could have been trying to take over the family business (we've seen just how much competition there is within the Blossom family). This would also give an explanation for why Clifford chose to kill Jason -- the heir in line to the Blossom family fortune.

1 Chic Cooper will date Veronica Lodge

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If you've read the Archie comics (which Riverdale is loosely based on) you'll know that Betty's older brother's name is Chic Cooper, and according to a theory he will be making an appearance in Season 2 as Riverdale High School's new music teacher -- since Miss Grundy had to make a swift exit following her affair with Archie Andrews, and possibly Jason Blossom.

Two other theories about Chic tie into this one: The foster family that Jughead has gone to live with on the Southside raised Chic (which could be his introduction to the Riverdale gang at some point in the next season), and that Chic and Veronica are going to have a romance -- based on her description of him probably being a "blonde adonis" (after Betty revealed that she had a secret brother) it could be possible.

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