15 Insanely Stressful Pictures That Will Increase Your Anxiety Levels Right Now

Anxiety is a peculiar state of mind. It breeds discomfort and uncertainty, makes our skin crawl and is temporary but very unpleasant. There are many people who suffer from anxiety on a perpetual basis and many times, their attacks don’t need to stem from anything in particular, and rather appear out of thin air. Alternatively, there are people whose anxiety always stems from something specific. It can be a stomach churning food combination, seeing someone put their lives at risk or just looking at a photo that *feels* wrong. Whatever the cause, one thing is for sure—your anxiety is through the roof. Will that person propel to their death? Will you throw up just from the thought of eating orange juice and chocolate together? Only time will tell! Check out these 15 insanely stressful photos that will definitely get your heart rate up.

15 Messing with a classic

Via: pinterest.com

At first, this picture looks pretty normal. Two slices of bread, peanut butter, jelly—all of the makings of a fine sandwich. All that’s left to do is squish those two delectable sides together and enjoy a tried and true favorite. Unfortunately, it appears this sandwich was made by a sociopath who simply refuses to follow the rules of a modern society. Not only does this disturbing sandwich go against everything we have learned as a species, frankly, it’s inefficient AF. Half the beauty of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is the fact that it is a no-mess meal choice, bringing together two sticky favorites without actually leaving your hands sticky. This sandwich, on the other hand, is more of an abstract art piece showing the imminent end of the world and life as we know it.

14 An unconventional method

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Uh…we’re not experts or anything but we’re pretty sure this is not the correct way to use a ladder. Yeah, sure, this guy is smart for having someone spot him, but that person shouldn’t be responsible for literally holding him up. Just looking at this photo is seriously hurting our arms. Even if this guy is über strong, being in this position for an extended period of time is enough to drive anyone a little crazy. And what if he has to suddenly sneeze? What if he has an itch on his face? What if a bee suddenly decides to make a pit stop on his arm? What THEN? Clearly these guys didn’t think this scenario through. We knew that ladders were associated with bad luck but we didn’t know that it was also associated with stupidity.

13 Just chillin'

Via: ebaumsworld.com

In today’s crazy world, it’s hard to find a place of solace to unplug from the busyness of the day, unwind and reflect on the important things in life. The great outdoors is excellent for this type of thing. There’s nothing like watching the branches sway in a WiFi-free forest, the ebb and flow of the ocean or a beautiful flower field to take your mind off of your problems and worries. Unless you’re this guy. We don’t know WTF this guy is doing. He got the whole beautiful landscape part of this trip down, but his choice of seat is unorthodox to say the least. Then again, who are we to judge? Maybe this guy can only distract himself from his problems by scaring the sh*t out of himself? Who knows.

12 Plain wrong

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

We don’t mean to sound superficial, but you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them. How someone dresses, how they walk and even how they eat can reveal parts of their personality. You may not want to hang around someone who wears the Confederate flag on their jacket, walks around with a self-proclaimed “pimp cane” and drizzles ketchup all over a shared plate of fries without asking anyone else at the table. These people cannot be trusted. Just like you simply cannot trust whoever the sicko in this photo is who thought it was okay to dip a chocolate chip cookie into a glass of orange juice is. It’s just not right, folks. While we totally agree that there is a time and place for chocolate and orange to come together, this is not it … by any means. And frankly, it’s giving us some major anxiety.

11 Tight trip

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

If you thought regular elevators were scary, you've clearly never seen an elevator like this one. This alarming contraption here barely looks like it holds one person, and if you happen to be in possession of more than one bag, you’ll spend half of the ride afraid that the door won’t open just from the sheer overcapacity. You don’t even have to be claustrophobic to be totally put off by this elevator. It looks like something out of a Fun House, except...it’s probably not very fun at all. Then again, who knows? Maybe this elevator is inside of a building where they shoot Little People, Big World and it's meant for one actor to go up at a time. Or maybe the architect of this building forgot to put in an elevator and at the last minute sketched this tiny number into the floor plan. We have no clue.

10 Living on the edge

Via: imgur.com

We don’t want to sound like everyone’s mother right now, but Y’ALL ARE SERIOUSLY ASKING FOR TROUBLE WITH ALL OF THIS STUFF ON THE EDGE OF THE TABLE. For real, though, this photo is pretty painful to look at. Not only is this one of most random compilations of items we’ve ever seen (we’re looking at you, lightbulb), but just one item on the edge of the table would’ve gotten the point across, but 13?! That’s just excessive. In fact, it's a goddamn coronary attack waiting to happen. One wrong move and a cacophony of broken glass and loud thumps will fill the room. This is not our idea of a good time. On the other hand, if this is some kind of perverse hazing ritual, hats off to whichever sick bastard thought it up.

9 High risk

While men and women today are similar in many ways, there are certain fears only females can identify with. There’s that moment of panic when you’re walking over a manhole and wearing a dress, positive that any moment you’re gonna pull a Marilyn Monroe. That second of horror when you think you’ve gotten your period and you’re wearing light-colored pants. And of course, the terrifying experience of walking over a sidewalk grate with heels on, which, needless to say, is asking for disaster. Girls know this feeling so well that just a mere glance at this photo leads to some serious palpitations. Our hearts are dropping just imagining the feeling of losing that heel-to-ground connection and plummeting, heel-first, to an embarrassing public fall. Get your foot outta there, girl!

8 Sick entertainment

Via: hellogiggles.com

Humans love to do crazy shit. It’s not enough to wake up every day, walk around, eat some amazing food our ancestors couldn’t have dreamed about, use technology that didn’t exist a few decades ago and you know, just marvel in the wonder of being a human. Nope, for thrill seekers, this isn’t enough. Instead, they feel the need to jump out of planes, climb mountains with little protection and befriend tigers. Some of these people keep their thrill seeking private, while others, like these two tight rope artists, want everyone to participate in the anxiety with them. On top of it, they’re doing some bizarre version of tight rope where the person walking across also walks across a man’s chest?? Cause walking a tight rope on its own isn’t hard enough??? Ugh.

7 Bad location

Via: ebaumsworld.com

There’s something darling about a tree house, isn’t there? It’s a tiny home away from home, a place to relax and enjoy the scenery around you. You can deck it out with a bird house so that fluttering friends come visit. You can bring some of your favorite books and trinkets from your regular sized house, or you can go with the treehouse classic, a swing. OH WAIT—we spoke too soon! In no way should you fasten a swing to your treehouse if it happens to, you know, be on the edge of a cliff. Sure, the views would be epic but can you ever really rest easy? After all, one loose screw and party’s over. That is, unless you’re the group of bears that lives at the bottom of the cliff, in which case, dinner served? Seriously, though. Don’t do this.

6 Banana barbarian

Via: buzzfeed.com

Okay, we don’t wanna jump to conclusions here, but we’re pretty sure whoever was snacking on this banana is probably a serial killer. No seriously, look at that chomp. Only someone with an utter disregard of the rules of society would eat a banana like this. Only someone who would chop people into tiny pieces and store them in a freezer would see an innocent banana on a table and decide to do this to it. We’re just saying it like it is, folks. One of the only things that separates us from the animals is knowing how to eat properly. Even monkeys know that you take the peel off first. Honestly, we'd rather be stuck in a room with a monkey than with whoever ate this banana. Jeezus.

5 Asking for trouble

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Oh man, why are you doing this to us, people?! We could barely handle the guy who decided to get all ~pensive~ on the edge of a cliff and we certainly cannot deal with this guy who decided that the edge of this mountain is a good spot to sunbathe. In fact, this is way worse! At least the guy who was sitting was fully awake. The guy in the image above, however, could easily slip into a tanning nap and then there’s nothing keeping him from falling to his death. All it takes is one nightmare and he’ll start rolling around in discomfort, until he is falling through the air like a Looney Tunes cartoon. Except he won't magically survive the fall like Bugs Bunny.

4 A little too late

Via: hellogiggles.com

Food is pretty weird when you think about it. While it is literally our fuel, it can also cause us a great deal of anxiety. It can make us gain unhealthy weight, fill us with untimely gas, make our stomachs churn and leave us with no other choice to expel it from our bodies. One of the worst experiences is realizing that your food has become moldy…after you’ve already taken a few bites. While this is unlikely to kill you, just the thought of having pale green mold in your body is enough to make your skin crawl. In fact, just looking at a photo of moldy green bread is starting to make us queasy! No, seriously, someone get this photo of moldy bread out of here before we have a full-on anxiety attack.

3 Terrifying truth

Via: hellogiggles.com

In order to survive as a human without being constantly debilitated by anxiety, our brain conveniently compartmentalizes some of the scariest stuff about life. This is the reason we’re able to get into cars every day even though we know people die in car accident every second. It’s why we decide traveling across the world is worth getting on a plane and soaring thousands of feet into the sky. And goodness knows, our brain blocks out the image above every time we step onto an elevator. Sure, everyone knows that this image is the reality of an elevator, but boy are we glad that our brain is smart enough to shield us from this terrifying truth. We can hardly handle this photo. We're just gonna scroll away from it now... quickly.

2 Painful to watch

Via: buzzfeed.com

Oh, man. This is one of those images that sends a shiver down your spine the moment your eyes lock onto it. The same way you can imagine what nails on a chalkboard sound like without actually hearing it, you shudder at even the thought of biting into an ice cream like this. What savage eats ice cream like this? Half of the fun in ice cream is racing against the heat melting the ice cream off your cone and gravity that would love nothing more than to have that ice cream scoop tragically fall to its demise. This isn’t a chocolate bar you just bite your way through. Eating an ice cream cone is a delicate art that should be preserved. Plus, there's just no way that whoever took this bite didn't suffer some major brain freeze afterwards; there's just no way.

1 Disastrously close

Via: ebaumsworld.com

It’s crazy how humans are ruled by objects, isn’t it? Our world revolves around trading pieces of paper, we carry around a mobile device everywhere and sincerely freak out when we are without it and a simple event like losing your house keys can seriously derail your day. It is our obsession with (certain) objects that makes this photo so terrifying. We mean, LOOK at it! One little nudge to the left and those keys are a goner. One wrong step and the rest of your day is spent calling 311 and enduring a series of touch tone key pads all just to talk to someone who will tell you that no one can come help you for at least three hours. Cue the anxiety attack.

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