15 Internet Trolls We Actually Want To Praise

What did we do to deserve the internet and all its benefits? Now, we are able to connect, work, communicate and share freely and more efficiently than ever before. What used to be unimaginable in terms of connecting with the rest of the world is now within reach. On the flip side, the internet gave rise to a number of issues that now seem beyond our capacity to solve. There are problems relating to privacy and sharing limitations, as well as the proliferation of virtually planned and executed crimes that, just decades ago, were non-existent.

But, the internet is a gem that is in a league of its own. As much as it has become a cesspool of terrible persons hiding behind the keyboard, it has also become a landmine for brilliant minds. Trolls, for one, might be upsetting others with their sarcasm and off-topic messages, but they are quick-thinking, clever people who know exactly how to stir the pot!

See how these 15 individuals had too much time on their hands and spent it mastering the art of trolling. Read and learn.

15 Why do the English speak American?

Just when you think the internet is giving every person access to accurate historical information backed by evidence, you see people introducing their own version of history! This Yahoo Answers piece is a prime example of how trolling has permeated world history. Seriously, pick up European and American books on old and modern history and get educated. And really, putting together Christopher Columbus, David Beckham and Posh Spice in a historical narration blows the mind. Perhaps, this is a telling sign that our educational system needs to be revisited, or that our professors did it all wrong. Either way, this is alarming—but hilarious at the same time! Here’s hoping these two people are genuine trolls confusing us with their version of alternative world history!

14 Potatoes obviously have shells

via: gizmodo

Who would have thought a regular post featuring a tweaked, good old baked potato recipe would be the subject of trolling? When Ken M., the notorious trolling master behind it all, commented on the potato having shells, people could not help but make that correction—it’s actually skin, not shell. And when Ken insisted on potatoes being part of the peanut family and that it, in fact, means “king of the peanuts” in Latin, the internet exploded. People had to google it and see just how true it was—only to find out they’ve been trolled. This screenshot had been shared multiple times, making us wonder how many of us actually believed his claim, as opposed to those who simply had a good laugh at his successful trolling stint.

13 There’s no gravity in space

via: imgur

Ken M. has done it again! The Rembrandt of internet trolls, as he was famously called, was a success at upsetting intellectuals who had their eyes on NASA projects. When a phenomenon called strong gravitational lensing gave rise to what seemed like a “smiley face” in space, Ken confidently stated that the scientific phrase was erroneously cited and that the term “galaxy” should be used instead of “gravitational.” When several people in the know were quick to address the apparently wrong information he obtained, Ken insisted on gravity being non-existent in space, otherwise “all the planets would fall down.” It’s funny to think that people saw him as an idiotic nobody who just wanted to say something, when, in fact, he was laughing about how these very same people were clueless that the joke was on them!

12 Rare upside down bank note

via: ebay

Amidst a few people making as much as £80,000 for selling newly printed notes with AK47 serial number in them, one guy seems to have been compensated a lot more than he should be for being a professional troll! This internet trolling master has been making profit off a newly £5 that was “printed upside down.” On eBay, he claims to have the “rare” banknote. When asked if he was simply selling a £5 that was pictured upside down, the troll insisted on it being a “misprint!” For giving us a laugh, showing off his excellent persuading skills (as proven by the people falling for his argument) and getting nearly £8,000 in his ridiculous deal, this guy truly deserves an award!

11 Toy Story 3 was better than Toy Story 3

Via: facebook.com

Expressing your thoughts about a movie you just saw is basic freedom that everyone enjoys. But, what if you have mistyped something that turned your serious review into the perfect trolling target? Robert Graves says you better hide because by the looks of it, he exists to find loopholes in your statement, point out little typos and turn things around such that they're not in your favor! Remember to check what you write and see that it makes sense; otherwise, it will all end up as an inexcusable error on your part. Really, if Toy Story 3 being the second Toy Story, Batman Begins not being the first Batman movie and “a perfect five out of seven score” don’t mess with your head, we don’t know what else will!

10 Poor Legolas

via: facebook

Think Hollywood celebrities and popular personalities are spared from internet trolls? Think again. Even actors as talented as Orlando Bloom, his famous Legolas character and massive movie productions such as The Hobbit have become the subject of trolling. See how this serious question on Facebook about the fantasy film gets a series of off-topic, inappropriate answers from a bunch of trolls. Their responses—which would have put Batman, Voldemort, Iron Man, Yoda, Bond and Bobby Flay together in a movie—would definitely have you shaking your head (either because you are utterly unamused or you get the joke). If you’re planning to go the movies to relax after a long day, consider getting a good laugh instead by simply going online. Some people simply know how it’s done!

9 Customer service be trollin’

via: facebook

Every customer expects well-mannered, gracious and helpful customer service from representatives of their favorite stores, but not everyone gets that. This troll, who posed as a Just For Men rep, made an interesting—and subtly boorish—response to an innocent lady who simply wanted answers to her coupon problem. It’s the customer’s right to be pissed because of a sarcastic, inappropriate reply and they can be mad all they want but really, the trolls never take it personally! It pays to be careful whom you are speaking with! Confirm that the person on the other end is really who she says she is because it could be anybody. Nevertheless, this screenshot of the fake customer service rep was one of the many that plagued a few unfortunate Just For Men shoppers that fateful day.

8 Troll poses as Target

via: facebook

When Target decided to give in to calls for expunging gender-based signs for toys, consumers were divided in their opinion. The store received an endless number of calls and several people posted their thoughts on the company’s Facebook account. And then, out of nowhere, some genius who was particularly amused by the outrage decided to do the unthinkable in the middle of the make-or-break business mayhem: pose as Customer Service for Target’s Facebook Page. Spurting incredibly sarcastic and nonsensical responses that several readers thought were downright hilarious, it didn’t take long for Target to, well, target the troll and clarify matters. But yes, the deed had been done—and this guy will go down in history as one of the finest trolls to have ever (dis)graced the internet!

7 That’s exactly why it’s so hard to get a bf

Via: facebook.com

When Noel Mccall felt like she was failing in her hunt for a boyfriend, she turned to Facebook and asked her friends (and presumably the public) for some advice. She would have expected a bunch of useful answers to her question and perhaps call it a day. But then, Matthew James thought Noel needed to know what he thought of her problem (that it was downright pathetic). Long story short, Matthew the Troll went on a funny series of instructions that Noel must have thought would magically solve her mind-boggling boyfriend problem—only to be trolled in the end! The glaring lesson? If you fish for attention on the internet, you’re probably going to get it. But, there’s no telling whether or not a troll will give it to you.

6 Comment when you first met me

via: lifebuzz

When you suddenly want to take the online spotlight and impress your friends on Facebook, make sure your parents are not online. Justin learned this lesson the hard way. Wanting to ask how his friends thought about him—and perhaps assuming that he was well-liked by all—he asked his friends to comment the first time they all met him and what they thought of him at the time. Sure, it was a typical question that would place him at the center of everyone’s attention. And it sure did—in an embarrassing way! Incidentally, his dad (who was obviously in the mood for trolling) told the story of him being conceived on a date! Congratulations, Justin! You got everyone’s attention, thanks to your dad and his ultimate display of trolling powers!

5 Yeah, leave the neighbor's dog alone!

via: lifebuzz

If you feel like spouting your stupidity all over the internet, do it discreetly—without your parents knowing about it, at least. Because when your parents—who know you inside out—catch you at it, expect them to make a spectacle out of your, well, doucheness. This is not the 1980s; dads know how to teach their sons the ultimate lesson on humility by humiliating them the way they deserve it. This father did just that, as his son went overboard with a Facebook status that displayed an utter lack of decency. For a dad to practically warn the neighbors to keep their dogs safe from his son is called discipline by trolling. Needless to say, it must have given everyone a good laugh!

4 What?

Picture this: you’re on Yahoo Answers browsing for interesting topics. Suddenly, a question about dog or pet care pops up with the person asking it wanting to know about “the right time to teach a dog about sex.” Automatically, you’d think this person’s trolling! Why or how on earth would you teach your dog about some natural phenomenon that occurs to pets (or all animals, for that matter) at their own time? That dogs should be schooled about this topic is a ridiculous idea! Suddenly, someone decides to give an answer that seems to be meant for a different question altogether: it talks about eating massive amounts of spaghetti. It’s all a mess, really—but the asker decides to take the spaghetti answer as best answer to the question on dog sex education! Talk about trolling the troll, who’s trolling the troll!

3 Mitt Romney is definitely a baseball glove

Since the dawn of the internet, people have become extremely dependent on it for just about everything—including for answers to the most stupid questions. On Yahoo Answers, one guy (who apparently had a lot of time on his hands) was curious about whether or not Christian Bale was, well, a Christian. His assumption was based on the fact that because the A-list Hollywood actor was named as such, it says something about his religion or it could be the basis for his faith. Thankfully, a smart guy comes into the picture to scream, “That’s not always the case, smart*ss!” at him. In a classic display of trolling prowess, he gives the perfect example: Just because someone is named Mitt—such as Mitt Romney—it does not mean they are a baseball glove.

2 When you don’t have your mom’s support

Via: lifebuzz.com

Jokes are half truths, or so the saying goes. When we are quite unhappy about something, we often complain about it in the guise of a joke. When we run out of luck, we whine about it in a funny way, but we actually mean the words we say. This lady, who obviously isn’t so thrilled about going to work, thought about making light of the situation by making reference to her non-existing lucrative, million-dollar "other industry" career. She posted this on Facebook for her friends to see and have a laugh at. They must all have been about to hit the “like” button when suddenly, someone set the record straight and asked: "What makes you think it would be lucrative?" That would have been hilarious...but, it came from her mom.

1 Not sure if racist, or funny

Serious questions deserve serious responses—this is what Yahoo Answers is for. But, this platform is where several trolls thrive. And so, when they get in the way of an otherwise serious conversation, we try our hardest to drive them away before they ruin a thread of proper, reasonable opinions. But sometimes, these trolls take over the internet for the same reason that they are despised: they can be inappropriate and downright hilarious, without even trying! This guy who answered an innocent question from a genuinely curious mom-to-be sets the perfect example of hysterically rib-tickling trolling. The lady was asking for good name suggestions for her baby who has her—a white woman—for a mom and a black guy for a dad. The baby, she says, is “a half white and half black child.” The troll had the funniest name suggestion: Oreo. Enough said.

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