15 Jaw-Dropping DC Cosplayers Who Could Be Their Character Doubles

Okay, some of you (the wrong kind of people) prefer Marvel, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

Jokes aside – wait until you see these DC cosplayers. Comics have always been very popular in the cosplay world, and rightfully so. They have a variety of costumes that are extremely recognizable to fans of those comics. However, since the comics are artwork and not real life, sometimes they can be hard to recreate. It’s even the same struggle within the movie sets, but they have a team of professionals to help 'em out — cosplayers (usually) don’t have that.

Therefore, many will be super impressed by these 15 DC cosplayers. They’ve managed to absolutely become their character to an insane degree; so much so, that they should definitely be hired to play them in future movies. Seriously, DC, just a heads up: very few of us would be mad about these castings.

15 The Power Of Makeup

Alyson Tabbitha is a cosplayer known for her uncanny ability to actually turn herself into characters. All you have to do is scroll through her Instagram for a second to see exactly what I mean by that. She’s done Pirates of the Caribbean, Overwatch, and many more. She somehow manages to use makeup to look exactly like the character along with wearing the best costumes possible.

A scarily good talent with makeup is how she achieved looking exactly like Gal Gadot. Many people on first glance–and second, and third, and fourth—will think it’s Gal Gadot herself on the right. Shockingly enough, though, it’s not. It’s Alyson. It seems downright impossible, but she really just perfected her craft so much that she made herself look exactly like Wonder Woman.

Um. Jealous.

14 Obscure Characters Made Recognizable

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's new 52 Superboy! Photo by @shauntheshooter

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Okay. So Superboy isn’t too obscure, but for people who just watch the movies and don’t read the comics, he definitely is. And yet, even if you didn’t know the character, it’d be easy to tell by looking at this guy that he was cosplaying a DC character.

This suit is absolutely perfect. The detail is spot on to the comic book character, and the photographer and photo editor have also done a great job with the eyes to bring this scene to life even more. The cosplayer’s seemingly natural resemblance does him some favors, too. Combine all of this and you have a super accurate New 52 Superboy. I love it!

Not everyone will recognize the exact character, but even if you don’t, it’s pretty obvious that this cosplayer is skilled and should be appreciated regardless.

13 Sorry – The Voices!

She looks too prefect😻🙏

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When Suicide Squad was released, it brought a fresh wave of Harley Quinn cosplayers. Stores even had the character's costumes modeled on the mannequins to make it easier for people to take on this somewhat questionable alter-ego. Months after the movie hit screens, this was probably the most popular cosplay for women, making it pretty hard to stand out if you took this one on.

And yet, this cosplayer not only stands out, she looks exactly like the character.

The slight smile, playing with the strand of hair – it’s all perfect positioning, which makes her look so much like Margot Robbie that I actually double-checked the caption to make sure it was a cosplayer. The lace-front wig and perfectly accurate makeup helps to add to the believability of this, giving us one amazing Harley.

12 Poison Oaky – I Mean, Ivy

With a Gotham City Sirens movie in the works at some point, everyone is guessing at who is going to be cast as Ivy. In the meanwhile, can I nominate this woman?

Everything about this photograph is perfect. The makeup is particularly incredible. Body paint can take a lot of effort, especially when it's covering the face. Getting paint that close to your eyes is risky – but it completely paid off here. The hairline on the wig looks amazing, too, and even though it's only a facial shot, we can see that so much attention has been paid to detail (look at those freckles!). Even the contacts are bright green.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much time this took to put this together, especially if it’s all over body paint.

11 Batman Has No Limits

Batman costumes are actually pretty hard to do. With the detail needed, not only are they hard to create, it takes dedication to actually wear that all day – especially in hot weather. Sweat can come on extremely quickly, and it’s very easy to just decide on a much more comfortable cosplayer, so I’m already impressed by the dedication of this cosplayer. Especially considering the location is tagged as Australia, which isn’t exactly a cold location.

Aside from that, the cosplay itself is really awesome. The suit is detailed, that stoic expression is dead on, and the cowl is well-crafted and perfectly fitted. I’m always in awe of a good Batman cosplay because as popular as the character is in fandom, it’s a hard one to get down.

10 The Other Siren

Yep, you read that right – this is body paint.

Not only does this woman make an incredible Catwoman, but whoever did her body paint is clearly insanely talented. This whole photo nails absolutely everything; the pose, the design, the colors... Had there not been a caption telling me so, I definitely wouldn’t have realized that this was body paint. I would have assumed it was just a costume, with fabric and material, and whatever else costumes have.

I’m pretty picky about the sirens because I adore them, but the ones featured on this list are just amazing, and this Catwoman is no exception. She pulls the character off brilliantly, and her confidence means that she rocks this paint. This is one hell of a Halloween costume, so count me impressed.

9 Wait, This ISN'T Jason Momoa?

Any character played by Jason Momoa is a hard one to pull off because he has such a specific look to him. Seriously – when do you ever look at someone and think tha they bear a resemblance to Jason Momoa? Rarely, if ever.

This guy could totally play a good Aquaman, though. Put him in that official costume and he’d pull it off really well; the hair and contacts are definitely helping him here as well. With Justice League coming up soon, we’re definitely going to see an influx of certain characters in cosplay, and Aquaman is going to be one of them. But if this guy doesn’t replicate the costume or get someone to do it for him, he’s missing out! He could totally pull off one of the main characters.

8 And His Queen...

Another potential Justice League favorite is going to be Mera. We haven’t heard much about Mera in the DCEU yet, but I have a feeling after this movie’s release, she’s going to be one of the more popular characters. Amber Heard seems like she’s going to do the character pretty decent justice, but this cosplayer is also doing an amazing job at portraying the character — and that’s just from one photo.

The detail in this costume is stunning, from head to toe; the headpiece is particularly impressive! She’s gotten in there early before Mera gets popular and created something absolutely incredible. If she’s doing a location shoot, that’s sure to look even more awesome. Where do these people get their talent? I want some of it.

7 Damaged

Suicide Squad’s Joker was a pretty controversial design (not helped by Jared Leto’s weird antics). Some criticized it heavily, but you can’t deny that whatever you think of the design, this guy has it down.

We tend to see more Harleys than we see Jokers, TBH. Maybe that's because he’s an absolutely awful human and Harley is at least a little bit redeemable (maybe, I might be biased). So it’s always nice to see someone attempting him.

This guy seems to dress up as the Joker quite often. If you want to see his various Joker cosplays, check out his Instagram! He has some pretty neat concepts!

6 Flip A Coin


Genderbended cosplays are always cool, because it instantly makes it that much more unusual. After all, how often do you see a female Batman or a male Catwoman? It’s pretty rare. I, for one, have never seen a female Harvey Dent before, and I love it.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen a Harvey Dent at all, probably because the makeup would be so hard to pull off. And yet…

This makeup is so creepily perfect. The split down the dead center is done perfectly, and the skill that has gone into the artwork is just jaw-dropping. It’s one of those things where I just stare and stare and wish I was this good, but this must take a lot of natural talent as well as a lot of hard work.

5 Power Girl!

Despite not having appeared in the DC movies—at least not the DCEU—she has been in some of the animated stuff. Power Girl is an extremely popular cosplay character in terms of what has come out of the comics. You can see why, right? The outfit doesn’t seem as terribly complicated to replicate as some of the others, though that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Costuming in general is pretty difficult and takes a lot of talent and skill.

This person has done a pretty awesome Power Girl and if she’s ever cast in the DCEU, I would be thrilled if this was an actual casting, not gonna to lie. It’s the perfect costume, facial expression, and wig for Power Girl, as well as that power stance pose.

4 Just Call Me Dinah

Black Canary is another DC comic character that’s become popular for cosplayers everywhere since she crept up in DC TV — and it’s easy to work out why. She has a lot of costumes, which means there are plenty of options for cosplayers, and some of them are just amazing.

Just like the one pictured above, for instance.

Not only is the Black Canary simply amazing, the Green Arrow is, too, and they are just the perfect duo. Sometimes duo or group cosplays really just complete the whole thing, and this is one of those cases. Even though they’re just standing together, they work well; the costumes are both brilliant and they both suit the characters. They look like real bada**es. There's no chance of these two not working well together!

3 The Toughest Witch In Town

Among Suicide Squad’s costumes was the Enchantress. She’s a little less of a popular character to cosplay, probably because her makeup is a little more complicated and her costume requires a lot of confidence because… well, it’s barely there at all. She’s also definitely harder to pose as, because she has a definite creepy aura that not a lot of people would be comfortable trying to pull off. In the best way possible, though, this person does an amazing job. All the way down to the way she’s posing, she looks exactly like Enchantress from the movie. She really paid attention to the details, like the contacts that make her eyes look so eerie. I really would love to have the confidence to pull off a character like this – well done!

2 So We're The Bad Guys

A list of DC cosplays wouldn’t be complete without an amazing Deadshot.

Deadshot is an incredible supervillain who has gained a lot of popularity recently – and rightly so. He’s known as one of the most lethal assassins in the world in the DC universe and deserves to be popular for his sheer level of skill. His backstory with his daughter also makes him really likable, which always helps with a villain. At least we don’t despise him like we tend to with the Joker! (Sorry, Joker. You're still a great villain, though.)

I don’t know how it’s possible, but the expression is kind of selling this cosplay for me. Especially considering most of his face is covered. Deadshot is a good cosplay to go for because he’s popular as a character, but there aren’t too many costumes around – and this is one of the best.

1 Gotham Needs Buttkickers

The Huntress is one of my favorite costumes from the DC comic world, so I absolutely love seeing people cosplay her. She’s an underrated gem and also has some amazing lines and plots in the comics, so you should check her out if you haven’t already (mainly Helena Bertinelli, let’s be honest).

The costume itself is just incredibly bada**. This must be hard to craft and, like so many other costumes, it takes confidence to pull off, but just look at this cosplayer. If they were to take this character from the comics, keep this exact costume (as they should), and insert her into the DCEU, they should ask this cosplayer to play her. Unconventional, maybe, but come on – she’s perfect!

Okay, since that’s unlikely, we can just admire Huntress cosplays from afar, because they’re among the best.

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