15 Jaw Dropping Fan Art By Disney Fanatics That Will Make You Go, "Whoa!"

There are two types of people in this world: those who widdle away hours on their computers scrolling through amazing works of fan art, and those who live without an Internet connection. For me, it's an exercise in envy. The sheer skill and talent that goes into some of these pieces of art are just mind-blowing. They belong in museums - Disney museums. But I guess that'd be copyright infringement, which is a bit of a no-no. But they're still fun to look at, and to entertain all the what-ifs. What if the Disney characters were in Hogwarts? What if they lived in modern times? What if the heroes were actually villains? Besides all the questions, we have gathered the 15 most insane Disney fan arts offered from the Internet. Let your mind be boggled!

15 The Force Is Strong With These Ladies

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What can I say? I'm a sucker for Disney princess warriors. Even though I'm scared of them. I think I'd rather take on Beauty and her super-shotgun-wielding Beast or Jasmine and her massive tiger than Rapunzel. She's got six of those things whipping around her head! And Pascal's been hitting the gym like no one's business. Whatever program he's on, I want in. Also, what happened to Ariel's legs? Because I'm pretty sure those are robotic. I'm also pretty sure that I don't want to know.

I guess this one isn't that much of a crossover, seeing as Disney now owns Star Wars. Still, it's an interesting concept. What would a Sith Shan Yu look like against Mulan's jedi? And given the makeovers on Pascal, Beast, and Raja, what in the galaxy would Mushu look like?

14 Disney's School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

via The Mary Sue

Does anyone else love how Jasmine's just sneaking off in the background with a baby tiger? Rapunzel's about to start a duel with Merida and Aladdin, and Jasmine's all, "Yeah, whatever, I'm just going to take my pet tiger to my dorm and watch him eat people."

It's fun to see where characters from other fandoms would end up in Hogwarts houses. Merida is definitely a Gryffindor, no argument there. And Eugene as a Slytherin? Absolutely. But I'm not so sure about the other three. Aladdin's pretty sneaky, and ambitious, and clever. I think he'd end up as a Slytherin, too. Rapunzel and Jasmine as Ravenclaws? I don't know. They're both kind and compassionate, and Rapunzel is definitely a hard worker. They have a good chance of ending up in Hufflepuff. (If you don't agree, or want to chime in for the other Disney characters, comment below!)

13 Fire Lord Jasmine

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One of my favorite shows growing up was Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's still one of my favorite shows (although I'm sad to say I can't seem to get into Korra). For those who never saw this (or heard how awful the movie was and steered clear of it completely), here's a crash course: epic fantasy world based on East Asian lore, and there are people called benders, each of which can control one of the four elements. They're divided into countries based on elements and there's one person - the Avatar - who can control all four elements who's supposed to keep everything peaceful. But he vanishes for 100 years and the Fire Nation decides to take over the world. Then he comes back.

Jasmine would be an interesting princess for the Fire Nation. She'd either end up like Zuko and help return the world to harmony, or she'd be a much more terrifying version of Azula. Hard to say.

12 Game Of Thrones: Disney Version

via DeviantArt

Oh, Game of Thrones. Is there anything you can't improve? Try to guess them first, then see if you got them right. No peaking!

From left to right: Ariel as Melisandre, Mulan as Brienne, Jasmine as Ellaria Sand, Grandma as Lady Olenna, Belle as Margaery, Snow White as Shae, Rapunzel as Sansa, Cinderella as Catelyn Stark, Aurora as Cersei, Merida as Ygritte, Lilo as Arya, Tiana as Meera Reed, and Elsa as Daenerys.

Considering the fact that they had to throw a lot of goody-two-shoes girls into harsh roles (Snow White as Shae, ha!), there are some dead ringers here. Brienne is the Mulan of Westeros; the only difference is she doesn't hide the fact that she's a woman. Ygritte and Merida are so similar, one wonders if they'd be best friends or tear each other apart. And Lady Olenna (a.k.a. The Queen of Thorns) and Mulan's grandma are both snarky old women you secretly want as your grandma. Well done, fan-artist. Well done.

11 Evil Is Sexy

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Speaking as a straight woman: (oofta) there is a lot of eye-candy in there. I can't decide my favorite. It's a three-way (pun intended) tie between the Shadow Man, Shan Yu, and Captain Hook.

Setting that aside for a moment, it is a bit of a serious problem Disney has. Beautiful = good. Ugly = evil. That's not a good message. As far as I can recall, the only time a character was simultaneously evil and good-looking for the entire movie was Hans from Frozen. I think Frozen was Disney's (successful) attempt to make fun of itself and start fixing some of their problems, namely the beauty standards, but also the true love cliche ("Hang on! You got engaged to someone you'd just met that day?"), and the helpless damsel.

10 Queen Of The Seas

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I believe I mentioned being a fan of the warrior princesses. Ariel in Disney canon is already an intriguing character. She's one of Disney's first female rebels. She saves Erik's life before he saves hers. And she's sixteen years old, so all of her impulsive, reckless decisions are hormones, not stupidity. Although going to the notorious Sea Witch was a pretty stupid decision. Bottom line, Ariel's got spirit. Had she been the eldest daughter, and therefore directly in line for the throne, how would that have changed things? And if she ended up as Queen of the Seven Seas, what would a regime under her rule look like? Since she's married to a human, I'd say they're on a good path in terms of human-mermaid relations. But those shipwrecks in the background tell of a different opinion...

9 The King And Queen of Winter

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That...is a terrifying thing to contemplate. Jack is invisible to people who don't believe in him, and Elsa's the Queen of Winter. If they were to team up and go on a killing spree, the whole world would end up a giant snowball.

They do make a cute couple, though. So many people ship Jelsa, you'd think Jack Frost was a Disney creation (he's not; Rise of the Guardians was made by Dreamworks). I don't know if they'd work out, though. Yes, Elsa and Anna have two different personalities, but they're sisters. They grew up together. Romantic relationships are something else entirely. I don't know if Elsa would be able to tolerate Jack's carefree, almost reckless behavior, and he might not be able to stand Elsa's rigidness. But opposites do attract...

8 Back In Black

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(Yes, I know, the heading for this one is awful. Please forgive my corniness.)

It's no secret that Disney struggles with POC. While they have been getting better in recent years (see: Tiana and Moana), the vast majority of Disney characters are white. So I love it when fans take it into their own hands and turn these gorgeous princesses into gorgeous black princesses. Elsa's my favorite of this bunch; I just love the contrast of her skin with her hair. Ironically, she's one of the few characters who couldn't ever be anything but white, since Arendelle is set centuries ago in a place where Czech is the native language (see the writing on the tombstones), so all the natives would be white. But there's no reason Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White (yes, even with the name), and all the others couldn't be POC. I'm waiting for a Latina princess. I know there's Elena on the Disney channel, but I'm talking about mainstream movies.

7 "When I'm Human, And I'm Gonna Be..."

via Movie Pilot

(Quick! Guess which Disney song the heading comes from!)

Simba and Nala have been humanized! And the artist was smart enough to make these African characters African. (I was afraid we'd end up with another whitewashed product.) I like how Simba's red mane has been translated into red body paint on his neck and chest. And Nala's get-up is pretty awesome, too. Those dots are so cute! My only complaint is that she should probably have a weapon on her, seeing how good she is at kicking ass. That girl was a true lioness and did not mess around, and had she been human in the movie, she would've had a spear and maybe a shield on hand at all times. (Oh, and incase you couldn't guess, the heading came from The Princess and the Frog.)

6 Tinker-Bride

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Tinkerbell's dressing up for Halloween! The artist decided to have a bunch of classic Disney characters grab their favorite costumes, and this was the best of the bunch. Mostly because I'm a sucker for Quentin Tarantino and Kill Bill is one of my favorite rated-R movies. For those of you who don't know, Kill Bill is a two-volume movie series about a woman who is an ex-assassin and goes on a murder spree against her former coworkers, who killed her fiancé, friends, and unborn child. And because Tarantino's a sucker for 1970s martial arts films, he had the star wear the yellow jumpsuit in one of the biggest scenes. It turns a pretty spectacular shade of red by the end of the movie. I wonder if Peter Pan considered going as Bill...

5 Bad Bear, BAD BEAR!

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Disney horror is definitely one of the coolest forms of art out there. There's just something so intriguing about taking a feel-good, children's tale and twisting it into something dark and terrifying. This artist has done pretty much every popular Disney movie ever, and I'm slightly concerned about what goes on in their head.

I guess in this universe, the whisps (those red dots) were evil, and they never did manage to turn Merida's mom and brothers back to their human form. Considering the tombstone in the background that commemorates the death of King Fergus, we're looking at a Queen Merida. I'm going to bet that she's not a very gentle queen. Or peace-loving. And let's not forget the bear skull acting as a shoulder guard. Twenty bucks says it belongs to Mor'du.

4 I Really Don't Like Them Apples

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I know I just talked about this artist, but I've gotta put up another one of their pieces. This is my favorite one out the whole collection, probably because it's Snow White. She's so boring in the movie. She's docile, and nice to everyone, and likes to cook and clean, and likes cute little animals and cute little houses, and she's waiting for the day when her prince can come and sweep her away...and it's just so dull. Her greatest attribute is that she's pretty. Granted, this was Disney's first movie and it was done in 1938. They've made some massive improvements on their characters since then. But it still stands: Snow White is boring AF.

Except in this picture. Here, she's terrifying. She's probably dead. And she's somehow acquired incredible mind-control and vine-control powers. She's got those vicious dwarves on leashes, for crying out loud. This is a movie I'd love to see.

3 Not So Happily Ever After...

via Nerdist

More Disney horror! This collection is done by a professional makeup artist in the UK, Shonagh Scott. She dresses herself up as each of the Disney princesses and then invents some horrible fate for each of them, inspired by their original storylines. Snow White's poisoned apple had a little bit more bite. And Elsa had a rather nasty accident with one of her icicles. She's also done Ariel (throat torn out by Ursula), Belle (met the wrong end of Beast's claws), and Cinderella (who somehow managed to get one of her glass slippers in her cheek). I'm almost afraid to ask how she'd do Merida (arrows or bear attack?), Rapunzel (strangled by her own hair, maybe?), and Aurora (attacked by thorny vines, I'll bet). If she can get a few appropriate volunteers, she could do Tiana, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan, too. Make it a complete set!

2 Let It Burn!

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I want that dress. I don't don't even care that it's on fire; I want it. Red is one of my best colors, and I want to dance around the city singing edited versions of Frozen songs, just try and stop me! Seriously, though. This artwork is insane. The color contrast between Elsa and the dark blue background, and the fire reflected in the floor...

Elsa would've been a lot more dangerous if she'd had fire powers instead of winter. Yes, she was able to lock the kingdom in an eternal winter in the dead of summer, but she could reverse it. You can thaw frozen things. You can't un-burn burned things. Once it's ash, it's ash. On the other hand, should the kingdom end up locked in a forever winter by some other snow-witch, then fire-Elsa would be the belle of the ball.

1 Gender-Bender

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Again I say: oofa. Except this time I do have a clear favorite: Cruella. Er, Cruello. First off, he's gorgeous. More so than the others by a hair. Second (and most importantly), he has puppies. Nothing on this planet is more attractive than a handsome man with puppies. It bursts the ovaries every time.

Most of these movies wouldn't be that different with these specific gender-swaps. But The Hunchback of Notre Dame probably would've seen significant changes with an Esmeraldo. Possibly. It'd depend on Claude Frollo's sexuality and how vehemently he denied it. Now wouldn't that make for an interesting Disney movie. A homophobe who's bi/homosexual himself as the villain, and then a healthy same-sex couple as the leads. When Disney comes out with that movie, that will be a very good day.

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