15 Jaw-Dropping Google Earth Images That Will Make You Fear Going Outside

15 Jaw-Dropping Google Earth Images That Will Make You Fear Going Outside

Via: h5.fotor.com

You could spend decades, maybe even centuries, exploring the world on Google Earth and still find some shocking things that will keep you up at night. The satellites and cameras that Google employs to capture Earth and its inhabitants are so damn good! They can zoom onto your street and go around dark alleys, or take you to such remote parts of the world that it’s almost like being on another planet. The Earth holds so many mysteries. Google Earth provides a snapshot of everything, and some of it is enough to make you want to stay inside for the rest of your life! Whether it’s a possible murder scene or evidence of extraterrestrial life, Google Earth will capture it with its cameras at some point. Check out these 15 Google Earth images that will frighten you into hiding from the outside world!

15. The place where a recently deceased person is replaced by a doll

Via: embedgooglemaps.com

When you visit Nagoro, Japan on Google Earth, you’ll be surprised to find the entire city filled with these small, lifelike dolls. A woman named Ayano Tsukimi noticed how villagers were leaving this remote town for work in the city and others were dying off with no residents to replace them. So, she took matters into her own crafty hands and began making dolls to represent those who’d passed away. Nagoro is slowly becoming a ghost town as people relocate or die. But with Tsukimi’s dolls taking up residence, the remote town of Nagoro won’t be entirely empty. It will be populated by hundreds of dolls—creepy and beautiful dolls. Tsukimi even dresses each doll for ultimate lifelike appearance. And the dolls just stare empty-eyed back at you… or perhaps the dead take up residence in these dolls that represent them? Frightening thought!

14. This woman dragging another woman…. or perhaps a doll?

Via: 9-eyes.com

It looks like Google Earth cameras captured footage of a blonde woman dragging a red-haired woman by her hair through the streets. This wouldn’t be something that you expect to see every day, nor would you want to see this on a regular basis. Why is this blonde woman acting like a Neanderthal? And is the red-haired woman a living person, a dead body or a pleasure doll? We can’t tell for sure from this far away, but none of those options sound good. Maybe Google Earth caught evidence of a very public murder. Maybe this woman is jealous of her husband’s pleasure doll and decided to get rid of it when he wasn’t home. We’re really horrified by all the possibilities. Time to lock our doors and close the shutters….

13. The ruins of Hashima Island

Via: earth.google.com

Hashima Island used to be an island city inhabited by people. Now it’s an abandoned and forgotten city falling to ruin with its secrets and ghosts falling prey to the inevitability of time and nature. Google Earth provides a unique opportunity to explore the ruins of Hashima and boy, is it a haunting experience! Once you get to Street View, you can walk among the ruins of apartment buildings, a primary school, the coal mine and more.

According to historical records, Hashima had been so abundant in coal that the mining company decided to just build a city on top of it so workers wouldn’t have to go far. The city was small—about the size of a football field—but squeezed in a population of about 5,000 people. But the coal ran out in 1947 and so did the people who needed to go where the jobs were. The dark history of the town has made it a taboo subject in Japan. So yes, this particular Google Earth trip comes with some ghosts.

12. Going into or coming out of the trunk of a car

Via: express.co.uk

We have SO MANY questions! Why is there a naked man (or maybe he’s wearing shorts) sitting in the trunk of a car? Is he going in or coming out of the trunk? How did he get there? Google Earth only captures the evidence, but we don’t know the story behind some of these wild images. It also looks like there’s a gallon of dark yellow liquid nearby, which could either be beer or urine depending on how his night had gone. Car parts are strewn alongside the driveway as if tossed without a second thought. Imagine being this dude’s neighbor and looking out your window to see this. You would not want to leave the house and might invest in more home security to ensure your own safety. Someone get this man some help!

11. Armed thugs in the streets

Via: 9-eyes.com

Seeing a bunch of masked men with guns would be a frightening sight in any scenario. This Google Earth Street View image just gives us goosebumps. No one is truly safe. This could happen in any country, in any city, under the right conditions. Whether it’s one’s own government taking a hard hand to the people or an outside force that overtakes the country, a military coup like this would be frightening as hell. The buildings look like they’re in disrepair, and the people are milling about as if waiting for something to happen. And the masked men are guarding the area. Leaving your house and seeing this would be enough to make you want to turn back and wish things were better. Oh, the world is such a scary place! And Google Earth reveals it all.

10. This screenshot of a prison escapee who might still be on the loose

Via: express.co.uk

Prisons are supposed to be so secure that criminals shouldn’t be able to escape. But we know that’s not really the case. Even high-security prisons will have weaknesses, and criminals who’ve been there long enough will be able to find those weaknesses and exploit them. This orange-clad fellow managed to escape his prison and runs along the desert road on his way to freedom. Google Earth captured this image of an escaped convict, but we don’t know if the convict was ever captured by police. Maybe he’s still on the loose. Maybe he’s gotten a new identity and lives among us with cruel intentions and a scary backyard. Depending on how far the prison was from the city, he could have also been weakened from thirst under the summer desert heat.

9. This terrifying huge bunny in the middle of nowhere

Via: earth.google.com

If you go to the latitude and longitude coordinates of (44.244167, 7.769444), you will be able to see this gigantic pink bunny in the middle of nowhere. This bunny is just a 200-foot-long stuffed rabbit located at the top of a mountain in Italy. You read that correctly. It looks like a bunny Goliath that was defeated by an exuberant David and left to decay on the mountaintop. The stuffed rabbit has a perpetual look of damned surprise on its pink face. But you’d expect it to have a pained expression after what’s happened to it. According to TIME, this bunny is an art installation project that had been knitted by a ton of volunteers in 2005 and left to rot through 2025. Hikers can explore the 20-foot-high bunny’s decaying woolen corpse if they don’t care about maggots. SO. GROSS.

8. This gathering of crows just waiting to attack an unsuspecting human

Via: 9-eyes.com

A group of crows is called a murder, and it’s certainly a fitting name for these beautiful and frightening creatures. And here, it looks as if a bunch of crows are lying in wait on the electricity lines in the city. Birds don’t normally attack people. Not even crows make a habit of going after humans… unless the birds think you’ve wronged them in some way. So, teasing a murder of crows would be a very stupid thing to do.

According to The Sun, a large murder of crows once descended upon the expressway in Houston, Texas, to the horrified motorists stuck in traffic. The murder of crows was so thick that the sky was described as turning black and the sound of screeching and flapping wings drowned at people’s thoughts. This would be reason enough to become a hermit and never leave your house!

7. These little hellions who are bullying an innocent Gumby in the streets

Via: boredomtherapy.com

Children are supposed to be the future. But what about little hellions who randomly assault strangers in the streets? These kids are terrifying, and Google Earth cameras caught these kids beating up on some unsuspecting Gumby. The boys look around 10 to 12 years old and walk toward the Gumby in a threatening manner. You can almost see the one kid holding up his hands like a fake gun! And his friend is coming over to help him. Gumby puts his hand to his mouth in shock. Will he make it out alive with these children who intend to terrorize him? Children feature heavily in horror movies for a lot of reasons. So, yeah, kids are freaking terrifying. Time to lock your doors, close your shutters and hope that this Purge doesn’t last too long.

6. This guy showing off his plumber’s crack to the Google cameras

Via: express.co.uk

Viewers will get more than they bargained for if they happen to find this street on Google Earth. Some guy shows off his plumber’s crack in the middle of the street, and it even looks as if he’s playing with his nether cheeks out in plain view. Who does that? As this man stares at a thrift store and messes around with his own butt, Google Earth viewers wish they could just look away. Clearly, this guy needs an emergency belt. And some soap and water for his dirty hands. It’s not only bad etiquette to play with your buttocks in public but unhygienic as well. He might be the kind of person who doesn’t wash his hands after using the toilet or touching the trash. Throw some soap and a belt his way before you close the front door to the horrible outside world.

5. Some unfortunate person’s skull found off the Russian mainland

Via: imgur.com

Google Earth, Google Street View and Google Maps all work in tandem. You can zoom down to get the Google Map Street View once you’ve found a location to explore in Google Earth, and this one particular view gives us chills. A random skull rests alone on an island north of the Russian mainland. We don’t know the story of this person and how his or her skull ended up as a harsh reminder of violent pasts and our own mortality. Perhaps this person died from the elements or was murdered near that very spot. We don’t know the age of the skull or how long it’s been resting there. It’s scary to think how we’re all going to become skulls and bones, eventually dust, in the future. No one is exempt from this fate. Spooky thought.

4. This stressed-out family on the side of the street near the child’s body on the curb

Via: 9-eyes.com

Let’s take stock of this scene. We see a child face down in the grass with another child standing over him. A woman has pulled her van over to the curb and gotten out of her vehicle, while a little girl is totally freaking out by the other van’s door. Had the woman hit the kid? Did they find his body in the grass? Something is clearly not right about this scene no matter how you rationalize it. We’re also worried about the shirtless blond boy who’s standing over the body as if he’s Columbus and has just discovered some new land. He looks a bit too proud to be in that spot. Like we mentioned earlier, children can be harbingers of doom, tools of evil, in horror movies and in real life, if any of the photos are proof. And Google captured the moment for all eternity.

3. Or this dumpster of creepy and broken dummies

Via: viralnova.com

Mannequins bring their own creepiness to the plate. Not only have lifelike mannequins been featured in some horror films, they can give you nightmares in real life, too. And this Google Earth image of discarded mannequins are no exception. They’re thrown haphazardly into the dumpster, as if they might come to life at any moment and exact revenge of the humans who disposed of them so carelessly. The one face down in the dirt might as well be a drunk frat guy. And another mannequin shows off some leg between the trash cans. It’s an incredibly sad scene for these mannequins to have outlived their usefulness. And now they’re here to frighten us for all of time. The shop owner probably got new mannequins and just decided to throw out these old, dirty ones. So creepy looking!

2. This witness to a horrific plane crash

Via: imgur.com

An aerial view in Google Earth captured the aftermath of what appears to be a plane crash. The airplane has broken in two, and debris litters the ground. Tiny people rush about the scene. Were there any survivors? We don’t know for sure from this view. And either these vehicles were in the path of the crash landing or stopped to help the survivors, but we can’t be certain. It’s definitely horrifying to witness an airplane crash and to be so close to the carnage and wreckage. And while it’s safer to fly than to drive everywhere, it’s enough to give us some jitters the next time we get on an airplane to travel. If you look closely, you can see an ambulance near the nose of the airplane, and the steps have been let down to allow passengers to get off. At least it wasn’t on fire….

1. And this guy wearing a gas mask and skulking in the woods

Via: imgur.com

Google Earth’s Street View can find some rather interesting things. For example, we find this guy wearing a gas mask and sitting on his haunches as if he’s lying in wait for something or someone. We find this to be rather frightening. It’s not usual for people to need to wear gas masks out in public. And hiding like that also raises our suspicions. The woods come with their own natural dangers, and it seems that something horrific might be going on in this scene captured by Google’s cameras. What are we walking into? It might be time to turn back and go somewhere safe. We wouldn’t want to see something like this when we leave the house to go to work or to the store. Yikes!

sources: theverge.com, hashima-island.co.uk, pri.org, time.com, thesun.co.uk

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