15 Posts From 'Rich Kids In Dubai' That Made Us Feel Poor

Instagram, as a platform, has given us many things. From celebrities reaching out to fans, to being able to keep in touch with friends (along with their brunch shots), there are a lot of new experiences integrated into our daily lives that would not be there without the good old IG. However, like most things on the Internet, whatever good that comes from Instagram also happens to come with a whole bunch of, shall we say, not so good. Or, as I’m just going to come right out and say, a whole bunch of stuff that is outright infuriating.

One general category of nastiness that particularly bothers me is the nascent trend of young, rich AF people flaunting their opulent wealth all over their Insta (as well as on other social media platforms, but for some reason, these kids tend to gravitate more to Instagram than other platforms with their horrible taste).

An even more specific category of the general “rich kids being gross on IG” subset specifically involves kids from Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates where a staggering wealth gap means that a small portion of the population live lives of such extravagant wealth, that it’s hard to even wrap our minds around it. And, of course, these self-identified #RichKidsOfDubai have flocked to Insta to display that wealth alongside all the other awful rich kids in the world.

Here are 15 times they were so ridiculous on IG it almost made me choke.

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15 Really...That Many Shoes?

Okay, look. I understand that people like shoes. I like shoes, myself. At his point in life, they're practically a necessity to avoid dirt, disease, and sharp objects that could get lodged in our feet. And since most of us are fortunate enough to have shoes, why not buy some that are super cute and trendy? The right pair of shoes can make you feel like a million bucks. However, there comes a time when you really have to look at yourself and be like, "huh, do I have too many shoes?" That time came for this IG poster about 100 pairs of shoes ago.

Seriously, an entire room dedicated to housing the stuff you put on your feet? That’s an obsessive compulsive hoarding problem, not something to brag about in Instagram. From the looks of it, this woman’s shoe buying habit could comfortably feed, clothe, and house a family of four for a year...but no, instead, why not buy a ridiculous amount of ridiculously expensive shoes. That sounds about right.

14 Gaudy City

I have never really understood people's obsession with diamonds. Diamonds are literally just shiny rocks that we have arbitrarily ascribed value to and therefore are willing to pay a crap ton of money for. In my opinion, they’re not even particularly pretty. However, apparently we as a world have decided that diamonds are definitely a thing that are good to have and indicate status and wealth. Whatever, it is what it is. But this ring just takes the inherent ridiculousness of how obsessed people are with diamonds to the next level. Look at this thing! It would even make the word “gaudy” embarrassed to be associated with it. Diamonds are often called “rocks” facetiously, but this just looks like a big rock kinda got plopped on a ring band. Plus, this person is like, “Hey, you know what would go well with my horrible huge diamond? MORE DIAMONDS. Let’s get some bracelets in on this party.” 

It's almost like wearing denim with denim, but wearing diamonds with diamonds.

13 Overkill Much?

Once again—and not for the last time—we have an example of a rich kid on Instagram doing something that is so blatantly over kill, that it looks ridiculous rather than impressive. Personally, I wouldn’t find super fancy watches impressive (who cares that you’re stupid enough to spend a whole bunch of money on a watch?), but some people do.

In this shot, however, the idea is very clearly to be like, “HEY, LOOK AT ME AND MY PRICEY WATCHES AND ARM'S LENGTH OF BRACELETS." Do you want to know how much those damn bracelets even run? They're the Cartier Love Bracelets and they range between $6,600-7,100. And the fact that I counted at least 15 of them says a lot. Just do the math...

At this point, you kind of have to wonder whether this person actually thinks this looks good, or if they're just trying to tell us that they're rich. Maybe that's more important than the aesthetics. Very good then, mission accomplished: you look like a total tool.

12 Your Point Being?

One thing that’s definitely emblematic of the Rich Kids of Dubai on Instagram? They do quite love their fancy cars, and they do love showing the world just how many fancy cars they have. In this case, the poster in question wants us to know that they definitely own and operate many fancy cars, at least four (in this case, three Porsche’s and a Ferrari). To pretty much anyone with class and a proper head on their shoulders, the response should be, “so what?” My personal reaction goes a little bit farther than that. Let’s assume that this person went for the high end Porsche (which, being a snot nosed Rich Kid on Instagram, they probably did). That would run them approximately $200,000 a piece. So that’s $600,000 for three cars that take you from point A to point B, plus around $400,000 for the Ferrari, so that’s over $1 million just for cars you don’t need. Awesome. Well done.

11 Definitely A Good Look

There is quite a bit to unpack in this post by certified, self proclaimed Rich Kid of Dubai Instagrammer @Mansourbinjabr. First of all, here’s the central issue: smoking hookah out of something that’s supposed to look like a golden gun. Smoking hookah isn’t the problematic part here; hookah can be fun and all that good stuff. But once you choose your pipe decorations, and you find yourself thinking, “I want something that glorifies violence AND ostentatious wealth,” maybe it’s time to take a step back and think about your life. Then there’s the setting. He appears to be in what is either an airplane or an enormous car. Either way, he’s decided to show all us plebs out here in the non-ridiculously-wealthy universe that he apparently makes the rules. What boggles my mind is that people like this even have friends who are willing to take pictures like this. 

10 Absolutely Necessary

I can’t quite say this is the most unnecessary thing you’ll see on this list, because it’s got quite a healthy competition for the title, to say the very least. But I do think it takes a special kind of gaudy ridiculousness to look at an iPhone, realize you need a cover, and decide to opt for a cover that is solid freaking gold. Not only that, but a cover that is solid gold and also has that fact engraved in said gold, just in case anybody wanted to question if it was real. I’m just imagining how clunky and awkward it must be to carry that around. Gold isn’t just shiny and pretty and arbitrarily valued by society (and therefore expensive). It’s also heavy AF. So you’re running around lugging this gold bar with you at all times, basically getting a workout every time you need to answer your phone. Sounds worth it for sure...

9 We Get It

On Instagram, it is not uncommon to see someone post pictures of their luggage to indicate the beginning or the end of a trip away. That’s kind of boring, in my personal opinion, but, fine, it’s a thing people do. Of course, the 'Rich Kids of Dubai' tag group had to take that trend to the next level, and decided to pose with their many, many, many Louis Vuitton branded bags. I don’t know how anyone could ever need that much stuff on a trip unless they were literally moving to another country. But it seems like this person has made up their mind to be totally extra in a way that seems like being extra is a competition... If you ask me, I think she's winning.

 Some of those bags are hard to even identify. Like, what even is that round one? Is it a hat box? Do you at some point reach a level of richness that you need to wear church lady hats and buy Louie Vuitton boxes to house them?


This is one of the trends, both on the Rich Kids of Instagram posts, and in their actual apparent lives, that bothers me the most. It’s that thing where these kids decide that, because they’re ridiculously rich, they can change the laws of nature and make actual wild animals their pets. I don’t know how else to say this, except to state the fact: WILD. ANIMALS. ARE. NOT. PETS. Jaguars are not supposed to live in your damn house. Like, that little jaguar cub is not going to be able to grow up even remotely okay, and will, best case scenario, get shipped off to some zoo or to another horrible rich kid once this rich kid gets sick of it. Then there’s the whole letting it play with a gun thing. Are you kidding me right now? What is wrong with these people? Gun + Leopard = Really Bad Situation.

7 Gag

As I said before, cars are a frequent topic of conversation, especially in the universe of the Rich Kids of Dubai on Instagram. And here you have one more example of someone deciding that their typical brags about regular old $100,000 car situations weren’t enough. They needed to step their game up if they were going to get those Insta likes.

This guy is, somehow found a way to not only show up his car, but also off their body in the same picture. Like, cool? Good job on having an expensive car and a fit body. Can this dude be any more ostentatious in one picture? How tacky do you have to be to take things to that level? I feel like this entire picture is just a cry for attention, and it's a shame that they can't just enjoy their riches — they have to show it off in order to feel worthy.

6 Are You Actually Serious Right Now?

In my second post on this list, I talked about the 'Rich Kids of Instagram’s' proclivity to go absolutely above and beyond next level tacky with their enormous diamonds...and this watch right here is no exception to that gross rule. The amount of diamonds put into that watch is actually kind of staggering, and though I’m sure the watch is worn for attention, I do not think it gets the kind of attention that the person wants. Namely, whereas they would want people to be like, “wow, that watch is beautiful and it’s owner is very impressive,” I would assume the main response is, “wow, that person has a crazy obsession with diamonds that’s a little off-putting!” Not to mention the fact that the watch, like so many things these kids are obsessed with, carries a very expensive brand. Henry Winston, the watchmaker who produced this monstrosity, also carries watches that can run status-obsessed buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars...for, let me remind you, a WATCH.


Honestly, 'Rich Kids of Dubai' Instagrammers, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS?! You really, really, really need to stop making wild animals into your pets. Not only that, but this particular dude and his horribleness decided to take a Cheetah from the wild and make it hang out in his horrible car. Cheetahs are an endangered species, bro. There are only, like, 12,000 of them left in the wild, and that’s in part because of D-Bags like you deciding to snatch them up from where they’re actually supposed to exist. All just so they can tote them around like accessories or their own personal playthings. And then to turn them into props in their Instagram shots like so many Louis Vuitton bags or Harry Winston watches! Honestly, shame on this dude. Way to use your ridiculous amounts of money to be a responsible steward of the earth.

Oh, wait, no, you’re doing the exact opposite thing.

4 Extra AF

So, I’ve made my position on the totally over the top wealth flaunting of the Rich Kids of Instagram pretty clear (namely, I’m not into it). However, this is the one post I have to admit is even a little bit cool. Like, the concept of being able to see an amazing underwater seascape complete with actual manta rays is pretty damn cool. But then the idea that you could watch it while in a bath takes it to the next level. While generally I would say that it’s still ostentatious, and that the purpose of posting it was to flaunt the wealth it takes to find oneself in that sort of cool AF bathroom, I will say that this: unlike literally all the other posts on this page, this is something I would be genuinely interested in seeing on my Instagram feed. It has worth outside of some dumb kid bragging about all their money and the dumb things they buy with it.

3 They're Just Boxes, Tho?

Here we have an example of multiple 'Rich Kids of Dubai Instagram' trends. I have to start with the obsession with posting huge amounts of boxes and bags left over from opulent shopping trips where thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars are spent.

Then we have the obsession with Louis Vuitton, which, if I’m being quite honest, seems totally misplaced. Like, what’s the big deal about Louie V, anyway? But I guess that’s just the way I feel about almost everything these weirdos tend to love...and obsess over...and obsessively post about on IG. What’s amazing to me is how they take pride in what other people would be embarrassed by. If I were irresponsible enough to spend that much money at a store, I'd kicking myself. I’d be totally ashamed of myself. I guess those rules of shame do not apply if you’re one of these folks, though.

2 Skittles Lambos?

Once again, as in post number four of this article (the one with Mr. Three Porsche’s and a Ferrari), we have an obsession with super expensive sports cars. This time, it’s four Lamborghinis parked like some sort of weird fleet of Transformer bots. Maybe they're about to make their move and become Megatron? The most striking thing to me about this post, and the guy who made it, and the cars in question, is the choice of color. Like, seriously dude, you are going to spend $400,000 minimum (a PIECE), and then you’re going to paint them like a particularly attention deficit kindergartener would? What even is that paint job? It’s like he wanted to taste the rainbow, but instead wound up with four ridiculously expensive cars in absolutely absurd colors instead of a bag of skittles.


GUYS. GUYS. RICH KIDS OF DUBAI ON INSTAGRAM. HOW MUCH CLEARER CAN I MAKE THIS? Stop freaking making wild goddamn animals into personal plaything pets! Seriously, even the government of the United Arab Emirates (which the city of Dubai, and therefore all of the Rich Kids of Dubai, fall under) have passed a law making it illegal for wild animals to be kept as pets. That includes the lion in this Instagram post, yo!

Under the ruling, wild animals in Dubai would have to be kept in zoos, wildlife parks, circuses, and breeding and research centers (all of which are problematic, but less problematic than some dude’s house). This has not stopped our man over here from literally riding a feral lion like some sort of a rocking horse. Honestly, stop doing what you’re doing. It's not a cute look, not even remotely. Plus, that lion looks like he’s about to snap, and if there’s a fight between you and him, guess what? You lose —Instagram likes or not.

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