15 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tweets That Demonstrated Why We Love Him

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always been there for us, and hopefully through new roles, he’ll always be. Who do I mean by “us”? Oh, I don’t know — just anyone looking for some wholesome posts in an insidious Internet. Anyone who appreciates strange, beautiful art and some gentleness after hours of watching people fall on their faces (both literally or metaphorically). Anyone who appreciates a fun fact or a cartoon of an animal going to work. JGL may have faded a bit from the public spotlight, but he’s never stopped creating—and more importantly—he’s never stopped being himself. And that’s really all we want from him. Check out these tweets from my favorite incredibly handsome security blanket and slide down a gentle, warm tunnel of charm. JGL for life.

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15 Honesty, Always

Was this wonderful kid eating them with straws or spoons? One spoon or three? Were they all the same flavor or different flavors? How bad was his brain freeze? I assumed he was walking with all of these desserts which I now realize is slightly impossible. I guess I thought he had these three McFlurries clasped to his chest like pint-sized, freezing cold babies. Really only JGL has the answers to my questions. It’s so adorable of him to take credit for this ridiculously dorky, strange act. He absolutely has a baby face but not enough to be mistaken for a teenager. Unless a teenage version of him time travelled into the future to have three McFlurries. Man, that sounds like a great movie.

14 He Delegates The Best Tasks

It’s not all that rare on JGL’s Twitter account for him to request fans to name a character or a duo, and I am so thankful for that. You have to be grateful for what you’ve got, you know? Crowdsourcing silly names would normally be a rare/nonexistent call on most celebrity’s feeds, but his is full of them. He’s constantly looking for voice actors or running new drawings by his fans. It’s all the best parts of a cute cafe with local art on the walls, except there’s no coffee, unfortunately. Anyway, JGL is pulling his weight by adding these little things of beauty to the Internet. Because what the Internet is definitely lacking is beautiful, talented drawings that aren’t unseeable or creepy, but look like they’re from adorable animated movies.

13 The Hard Hitting Questions

Finally! A question I care deeply about. There’s so many tweets promoting new perfumes or posts about caption contests, but what I think we all really want to talk about are theoretical pets. What wild animal would you want as a pet if it were the size of a loaf of bread? What deep sea creature would you be? We’re getting those hard hitting questions out in the open, and JGL’s Twitter is that first step.

Someone put this man in charge of CNN so that the news will be fantastic and mostly animal based!

I’m just so relieved someone is out there, doing the work that needs to be done. Keep fighting that good fight, JGL. Also: this is a trick question. Both sound amazing.

12 Content Warning: Bunny

Thank you, JGL, for warning us and posting this terrible rabbit costume anyway. It’s truly terrifying and yeah- can not be unseen. It needs to be seen but really can’t be unseen. Of all the adult-sized pink rabbits out there, I’m going to take a big leap of faith and say this is the worst. It’s absolutely because of that uneven lip line. I’m good with two bunny teeth but why one and a half? That’s so horrifying. Actually, lips aside- those soulless gleaming eyes help no one. I guess I’d prefer drawn on pupils over this, which looks like a bevelled mirror. And why are the arms and legs so much more sun bleached than the body? Is this a one piece bunny suit or three and are those parts of differing ages?

11 When You Demand Participation

Okay, I didn’t really include this one because there were some great picture as a response. So, sorry to say, but this is as good as it gets. I’m sure someone attached a dope picture of the DMV, but I didn’t look.

I just love that JGL includes his fans and makes his Twitter participatory.

His Twitter really just reads like an activity book. There’s pictures and he asks you to draw pictures and post pictures — it’s all just really adorable. Except it’s an activity book that’s unending and put together by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which is the best kind. It’s really nice he goes out of his way to cultivate this creative community. I wouldn’t mind more selfies of him, TBH, but the early-morning picture assignments are definitely more unique.

10 When He Asks For Input

This is what I’m talking about, people. First off, I love that oopsie of a tail, the spelling of Igor, and those wet noodle bunny arms dangling out of that sweater. I don’t know who makes these drawings but JGL is clearly supporting the work of some really great artists. JGL’s Twitter is full of strange little animal characters (and I’ve made my support of that very clear) but it’s really nice that he’s inviting people to use their imagination. That sounds cheesy but it’s so true. And as far as a day in the life of Egor, here's mine:

“Egor nosed the door to his dead mother’s home open, paws full of overdue library books, concerned only with whether or not he had the ingredients to prepare the world’s largest lasagna.”

9 Such A Gentle Calling Out

Okay, side note before we get too far into this: thank you, JGL for saying it. Me neither.

Listen, I want to talk fun facts all day long, but don’t play coy if you’re trying to sound smart. Just lay it all out there and if you’re going to nerd brag then do that — I promise it’s less obnoxious than being all cloak and dagger. I’m always in the mood for outer space talk, it’s just how go about talking about it.

Anyway, most other celebrities would have totally embarrassed this person for being obnoxious, but JGL is just so gentle.

He’s forthcoming and firm about what’s annoying and then moves on to appreciation. Ugh, I love fun facts and Joseph Gordon-Levitt so very much.

8 A Good Old Line Drawing

Ahhh, this is such a sweet dad cartoon. It’s such a dumb joke that’s also intensely cute. JGL had dad sensibilities and a dad-is sense of humor before he was an actual father, but fatherhood is obviously amplifying his adorableness. It’s obviously just a funny one-liner that was sketched out by someone who’s definitely not a professional artist. Or they are but they were in a huge rush to finish this cute cartoon. I love that ghost in glasses and his clipboard and his armchair that doesn’t make sense. I love the lack of depth on the chaise lounge, too. Thank you for another wholesome, adorable thinker of a joke. Oh, and obviously I love ghost therapy. How does that furniture look so comfortable when it’s so crudely drawn?

7 Out Of The Blue

Oh, right. Of course! I drunk gorge on Yorkshire puddings at midnight, too.

Not mozzarella sticks or nachos or something most late-night places even sell.

Or people have even heard of besides old time-y British farmers. Okay, maybe you’re reading this and you’re all, “Oh, I’ve been making Yorkshire puddings since I started walking and talking-Yorkshire puddings are as common as apples” but I had no idea what one is and they definitely aren’t. It seems like a pudding-y cheese danish where it’s a crusty little pastry and then a soft core. Or at least that’s the vibe I’m getting. I still love that this is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s idea of a super indulgent drunk food. And not like, a pizza.

6 The Very Least

This would be a wonderful Valentine’s Day card and I just really appreciate JGL bringing this to my attention. This is the card you can give to someone you really know and love. He’s such an earnest guy and to me, represents a serial romantic. Or that’s how he’s always cast. But it feels like with his Twitter he’s spreading love every day of the year. It’s just even more adorable that he took such a muted approach to Valentine’s Day. Play it chill, just spread love all the other days too. Like involve strangers in little creative acts all yearlong instead of a big old sappy post on one day. It’s just so endearing to see JGL reign in on his cuteness on the day everyone else is going for it.

5 No, It Definitely Is

I need this bunny thing to be a running theme with our boy. Specifically, gigantic bunnies.

JGL and gigantic bunnies could be the new peanut butter and jelly.

I don’t want to blow up my own spot, but if you Google “giant bunnies”… well, you’re welcome. That’s all I’ll say, but keep quiet about it. Real life giant bunnies are just as welcome as imaginary giant bunnies. The world might be better if we all lived on the back of a gigantic bunny. Oh man, the grass would be so super duper soft if that was the case. Phrasing this as a question is such an understatement and it’s hilarious. Other celebrities can start beef and JGL will be over here, finding the biggest bunnies.

4 When It's That Simple

A simple question deserves a simple answer. Yes, yes and yes. The dad bod was always there and not it’s emerged into it’s truest form. That’s all there is to say. There’s no time or characters wasted on calling this out as a weird question (which it is) or as a rude question (it’s really more weird than outright rude). JGL’s Twitter is a safe space, even to ask potentially over personal questions. The rule of his Twitter seems to be you be weird and let others be weird. What a happy, strange little grotto of a Twitter feed. His Twitter really should sell coffee and espresso drinks because it already feels as cozy and peaceful as a tiny old cafe. That’s my only complaint.

3 Giraffes Needed

Like I said, his Twitter is chock full of casting calls for voice actors (which is really cool that he makes the process so inclusive and democratized, but whatever — that’s another appreciation list for another time). What tickled me so much are these giraffes. Partially the drawing, because it’s so charming it hurts. What children’s book is this from and where do I buy it?

Ugh, that middle giraffe with the star shaped splotches and bow tie is so special.

I’d be one of the petty, jealous giraffes if I’m being honest with myself. It’s such a small thing, I just love how he worded the caption. He doesn't need voice actors to play characters that are giraffes, but to actually play giraffes. It just tickles me.

2 When Things Are Bad

Joseph Gordon-Levitt confronting the sad, tough stuff in life sounds somehow just as adorable as him relishing the cute stuff. I don’t know- both just feel so wholesome and gentle when it’s coming from him. I think what I’m saying is that everything is magic when it’s coming from JGL. I’d watch him read the phone book (not that phone books really exist any more). Such an elaborate message written in alphabet soup with such a simple understated caption. I think that’s warming my heart- this is such a whimsical way to devastate a person you care about and such a mild comment on how weird it is. Also, cereal and toast? Weird breakfast but you can whatever you want during a break up. Go for it.

1 All We Need Is This


Look, what more do you want? He’s such a lovable, thoughtful guy. That’s all there is to this. His Twitter is full of magical, strange art like this and it’s all worth framing. It’s so gorgeous and he’s constantly introducing his followers to incredible artists. I get it, though, most celebrities need to self-promote and there’s no space on their social media for straight up beautiful creations.

But it’s such a refreshing change, not to mention just being lovely to look at.

This picture seems to go from a photograph at the bottom left corner to a drawing. It’s a little boy marveling at the wonder of the world, and that’s the best use of Twitter I’ve seen in a really long time. It's beautiful and that's less common than it should be.

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