15 Kids Who Totally Nailed Picture Day

Some people long for the days when they were in school, but they shouldn't. Take our word on this, because we still remember every horrible moment of school. We remember the pantsings and the book dumpings. We remember being dragged around the track by our earlobes. We even remember the musty smell of the locker that the bullies shoved us into every afternoon (shout out to Mr. Stevens, the janitor, who was always there to let us out).

School sucks, but there's one day that almost makes up for it all. That's right, the day you drop out. Uh, we mean, picture day. Right. Picture day. That's the day you get to be you, and nobody gets to stop you. So, without further ado, let's all check out these 15 kids who totally nailed picture day.

15 We're so happy that this happened

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"Mom made me promise to take off my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hoodie before I get my picture taken, so I really should do it. Then again, I am a 7-year-old boy. She was foolish to think that I was actually mature enough to keep that promise. Besides, Mom has never respected the mask. She refuses to accept that I'm growing up, and taking on my true, Ninja Turtle form. Well, she's just going to have to face the facts, and the sooner the better. So it's decided. I'm going to wear my hoodie, and that's the end of it. I'm sorry Mom, but you can't stand in the way of the brute force of a turtle superhero. Nobody can." — This superhero in the making right before this picture was taken.

14 Tony the Tiger don't lie, fam

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As a student, the picture that gets put in your yearbook is more important than any other picture you take all year. In every other picture you take, you can goof off. They don't have to be perfect because you have plenty of opportunities to get it right. Not so with yearbook pictures. With those puppies, you get one shot—maybe two, if the school decides to have a retake day.

Point is, you can't screw this up. You have to make it matter. Do you really want to sit there in front of the drab gray backdrop and smile, like everybody else in your class? No! You've got to capture what makes you you, and if what makes you you is big hair and Frosted Flakes, then go, kid, go.

13 Doing what she loves most

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That's another great photo to frame and put up on the mantle. Gretchen's parents will stick this one right between the picture of her playing in the cat's litter box, and the one of her eating what she thought was M&M's right out of the trashcan. It's a family tradition in Gretchen's family to take pictures of their children doing the most disgusting things possible, and we think they really knocked it out of the park this time.

Don't worry, everyone, Gretchen isn't really picking her nose, here. She's just flashing a gang sign, to let all the homies in future generations who see her in the yearbook know that she's legit. So, yeah. Definitely not fishing around for boogers. Still, could we get her a wet napkin? A tissue? Anything?

12 Not listening to his mom was a smart decision

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"Don't use that stupid lumberjack photo"? Griffin's Mom, what are you thinking? Of course he should use that lumberjack photo, and no, it most certainly is not stupid! Griffin's Mom, you need to get your eyes checked. We realize you're not down with the times. You're not too familiar with what this generation considers to be "on fleek," as the kids say, but come on. This picture is a gem. You just keep lumbering, Griffin. You lumber the heck out of that jack.

It's obvious Griffin wasn't about to be deterred by anything silly, like regret, or the possibility that his future fiancée might open up his yearbook one night while he's asleep, see this picture, then leave him, never to be seen or heard from again. We admire his carefree attitude.

11 The ZonFister genes are very strong

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Anybody else think Bob ZonFister, here, looks like a hand with some googly eyes? Maybe it's just us. Actually, it's not that Bob looks like a hand with googly eyes. It's just that those ZonFister genes are so strong. The short knuckle forehead. The distinct thumb-shaped chin. The plastic eyes. You can always tell who's a ZonFister and who isn't, whenever you look at a group photo.

You've got to hand it to Bob. You know. Because he's a hand. So, if his head is a hand, does he only have one regular hand? Or, does he have two regular hands, and his head hand is a third hand? If he kisses someone, does it count as a high five? This picture is great, but it raises more questions than it answers.

10 This is what Colin thinks of your rainbows and your balloons

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Oh, hey, sorry about that, everyone. Don't mind Colin, here, he's just rehearsing for when he's in his 30s, and he's on his way to work and some jackass who just fell off the turnip truck tries to cut him off and doesn't even use his blinker. He's not flipping you off. Don't take it personally. He doesn't mean anything by it, he's just practicing.

There's something hilarious about a small child flipping off the world. His face says, "Can I watch another episode of Sesame Street?", but his hand suggests he's a bitter, middle-aged waitress on her smoke break, getting hit on by a drunkard who won't take the hint. Funny, yes, but this kid has no right to flip the bird. Come back in 20 years, kid. Then we'll talk.

9 We feel like he's about to sing SpongeBob's theme song

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We're not entirely sure what happened to Will, here. We don't know if he got a nail lodged in his eye, and the doctor told him to wear that patch for a few weeks while it heals, or if he's really just apprenticing to become a pirate. But there is one thing we do know about Will. The kid has a great affinity for totally rocking picture day.

The thing that makes Will's yearbook picture so great is that he took such care in orchestrating it. He made sure to wear his nicest, most ship captain-y eye patch on picture day, and he planned way in advance to ensure that his yearbook quote would be a joke based on it. Thank you, Will. We appreciate all of your hard work.

8 What a dis"ass"ter

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"Are you tired of spending hours at the gym, and still not getting results? Have you had enough of protein shakes, diet foods and expensive supplements that just don't work? Hi, I'm the kid from this photograph. I was once just like you. I was a string bean. A noodle. I had zero muscle tone, and nothing I did helped me bulk up. But all that's a thing of the past, now that I have the new Assmaster 3000. With the new Assmaster 3000, I'm still not able to bulk up the way I want to (probably because puberty hasn't worked its magic, yet). But, I can wear this promotional shirt—which I got as a free bonus when I purchased my new Assmaster 3000—to distract people from the fact that I'm not as buff as I'd like to be."

7 Ye olde senior picture

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Wow, is this a senior picture, or is this a painting in a museum? What? Why are you looking at us like that? No, we were just kidding. We know it's not a painting in a museum, we read the caption, we know it's just a senior photo. We were just trying to make a point about how this person's picture looks a lot like a Renaissance painting. Hey, there's no need to call us an idiot! We were trying to compliment this kid's photo choreography skills! That's all!

We got tired hauling our backpack around for eight hours, but this kid can carry all those books and a bottle of grape juice, a fancy glass, fake fruit, a table and table cloth, and lots of other stuff. That's dedication.

6 Winny Trotter—the Mulberry Mustang's MVP

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Mulberry High had never seen anybody like Winny Trotter. Oh, sure, the other kids laughed at him the first day he came to school when they realized he had the head of a horse. But once they saw him in gym class, they changed their minds real quick. Winny was a born athlete. Honestly, what did they expect? His father was Secretariat.

Anyway, Winny soon joined track and field, where he excelled (although the coach often had trouble getting Winny to stop eating grass long enough to beat the other team). Sadly, Winny suffered a bowed tendon, and was benched for a year. When he came back to sports, his coach convinced him to try out for baseball. Athlete that he was, Winny soon became the Mulberry Mustang's most valuable player.

5 Well, best upside down smile, anyway

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If these two have the best smiles that this school has to offer, then it must be even more depressing than our high school. But that's hard to imagine. It seems like the photographer could have helped them out a little bit. He could have shown them a picture of a pony. That always makes us smile. Or, he could have given them some chocolate. That also always makes us smile. Well. Maybe the people who go to this school just don't know what smiles are.

We like this photo a lot because it has a special guest star: irony. Gosh, if only their parents had taught them to say "Cheese!" before somebody takes their picture. Maybe then we really would have a couple of "Best Smile" contenders. As it is? Not so much.

4 Eccentricity is in the palms of her little doll hands

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She could have gone formal. She could have taken traditional graduation photos, just like her mother suggested. But, no. She insisted on ripping the hands off of her old doll, shoving them up her sleeves, and making these weird ass poses. And, you know what? We're glad she did. This is golden. We approve of the fact that this former student disobeyed her mother's wishes and went for something far more obscure. It works.

We wish we'd been clever enough to come up with something hilarious for our graduation photos. 'Course, it was a different time, back then. The internet wasn't nearly as advanced as it is today, and we had no idea what it meant to be "extra AF." But we did have crimped hair and neon stirrup pants, so it wasn't a total loss.

3 The "Gladiator" remake looks pretty good

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We can't believe they're remaking Gladiator. This is such great news. You know us, we're always down to watch a bunch of centurions kill each other, or whatever the heck that movie was about. Anyway, the promo pictures for the remake seem very promising. It looks good. Clearly, the new version of the film involves a dog subplot. That'll help at the box office.

The level of preparation that these kids are willing to put into their yearbook pictures is uncanny. If they're capable of creating elaborate schemes for a dumb picture, then what else are they planning? It's only a matter of time before they overthrow the government and turn everything to chaos. Actually... maybe having a nation run by adolescents wouldn't be so bad. Can't be any worse than right now, eh?

2 Good thing he doesn't look ridiculous

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It took him six months of constant nagging to convince his dad to let him get a mohawk, and he will be damned if it gets cropped out of his yearbook photo. So just take a few steps back there, Mr. Photographer guy, and make sure you get every glorious inch of his spiky hair. Oh, and don't forget to capture the look of pure hatred on his face. Aaaaannnddd... there. Perfect! You got it.

We remember being his age. We remember being a goth and hating life every bit as much as he does. We're still that way, TBH, but we've found that it's really hard to get a job (or a decent selfie, for that matter) when you have a mohawk. But, rest assured, we are sporting a mohawk on the inside.

1 Mom is never going to live this one down

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We suppose you're going to blame this kid's mom for his picture day/pajama day mix up. Well, that's not fair. Moms have got a lot to juggle. They've got to feed their kids, clean up after them, take them to and from school, go to work, pay the bills and when they're done dealing with all of that, they still have to find time to take care of themselves.

Last time we checked, there were only 24 hours in a day. With all of that stuff to do, it's a wonder moms don't screw up more often. Besides, this kid's mom didn't totally fail, because we still got a really great picture out of it. Sulk now, kid, but when you look back at this picture in 10 years, you'll love it. Mark our words.

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