15 Kim Kardashian Tweets That Are Old But Gold

Kim Kardashian West has certainly had an interesting life (among other words). Growing up as the daughter of famed lawyer Robert Kardashian, Kim was in the spotlight from day one. Kardashian eloped at the age of 19 with songwriter Damon Thomas only to leave  Thomas and move on to singer Ray J. It was with Ray J that Kardashian really took center stage, as a sex tape between the pair was leaked. Kardashian became the center of attention amongst the Kardashian clan, and the fame eventually launched into a television show.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians became a hit reality TV show, with various Internet memes and posts stemming from the program. Kim’s stock only grew further, as she began acting in films, modeling, and other promotional work. But in 2011 Kim slowed her role and married NBA player Kris Humphries. But in traditional Kardashian form, the two filed for divorce after just 72 days.

Just when we thought Kimmy K gave up on love, she started dating and later marrying old time friend, Mr. Kanye West (this man needs no introduction). And just like that, kim Kardashian West was born.

Given Kim’s fame, her Twitter took off almost immediately after she joined. She was on Twitter since the beginning of her relationship with Kanye West, through her marriage to West, and even for the birth of her baby. Essentially, Kim Kardashian’s most important years have been documented on Twitter. Throughout the stretch, there were some serious tweets, some not-so-serious tweets, plenty of controversy, and plenty of fun. Let’s take a look at 15 Kim Kardashian tweets you have to see.

15 Kim Gets Stuck

Mark down September 29, 2010, as an iconic day in Kim Kardashian history. Kim got stuck in an elevator, and immediately tweeted about the issue. “OMG I’m stuck in an elevador!!!” was the tweet, and it brings about many questions in hindsight. How long was Kim stuck in the elevator for? Who rescued her? Did she thank the person who helped her get out? Does Kim not know how to spell elevator or was she tweeting under durress? Did she ever end up having a panic attack? Because we've seen her panic attacks on Keeping Up with the Kardashians quite a few times. Kim’s freakout was worrisome, but it made for good Twitter theatre at the time. It was the first signal that Kim’s Twitter could become a blast to follow. She tweets in every situation. Plenty more tweets would later confirm that line of thinking, as you will find out from this list.

14 Kim Goes Australian

At least….we think she was being Australian? Kim was apparently "surfing" on August 28, 2010. The tweet looks as if someone is attempting to tweet something to mock Kim, but in reality it’s Kim herself. “Kowabunga dudettes,” Kim starts, already signaling the tweet is going to be a great one. “Gnarly day in the h20. Ridin waves!” is the ending to the tweet, a perfect finish to a perfect tweet. Honestly, we don’t know what happened there. The tweet was so zany and out of the norm we can’t help but laugh every time we read it. If you follow Kim, the tweet is just so  out of character for the star. It’s like Kim decided to take on another character just for the sake of one tweet. It’s crazy and perfect and nutso, but it’s also Kim Kardashian’s Twitter in a nutshell.

13 Kim Goes To South Africa

At first, we thought the tweet was an isolated incident, but on December 18, 2010, Kim proved us wrong. Kim tweeted “South Africa is totally tubular! Kowabunga!” Honestly, we don’t know what’s going on anymore. Kim tweeting once about surfing and saying "kowabunga" is odd enough, but twice? How often does Kim go surfing? Does her phone have full on waterproof technology? Does she have an Australian intern that really likes to speak in their native tongue? Because Kim is photographed every day of her life and we have never seen her on the waves. The trend of tweets leaves us terribly confused, yet simultaneously enjoyed. Kim Kardashian having an Austrlian alter ego is one of the best things to happen to Twitter. Here’s hoping she brings it back every now and then. That would be totally….tubular.

12 Kim Gets Food Advice

The internet is filled with plenty of misinformation, and not everything you read and hear is factual. (Unless you’re reading it here at TheThings!) So it makes sense that Kim Kardashian decided to take to the Internet to get an answer regarding a question she was unsure of. Kim wondered if a pickle was a cucumber, and when she asked Twitter - she was assured that "yes" a pickle is a cucumber. Being a woman of the people, Kim thanked her loyal followers for helping her solve the case. Imagine in 2005 being told that Kim Kardashian would be a famous celebrity on a social media site, asking her loyal followers about pickles, and earning 26,442 retweets in the process? We wouldn’t believe it either, but that's what makes Twitter and the Internet so wonderful! (I wonder if Kim looks back on these tweets and is totally mortified.) 

11 Kim Hates Peppers

Every once in a while Kim will share a fact about herself, labeling it a Kim Fact. We only wish she would use a hashtag so we could track the Kim Facts as they are posted. #KimFact. Anyway, this time she decided to repay the favor in terms of some Kimmy K food knowledge. Kim wanted us to know some things that she dislikes in the kitchen. And it was strong enough of a dislike to tweet about it. Kim does not like pepper. Or peppers. Get pepper and peppers away from Kim Kardashian, folks! We could totally see restaurants not even putting pepper on the table because of this tweet. If you’re a waiter and she comes into the restaurant, make sure you’re prepared. But if you somehow end up becoming a personal chef for the Kardashian/West family, don't say we didn't warn you. Kim Kardashian: anti pepper, anti peppers. You heard it on Twitter first.

10 Kim Realizes North Tweeted

North West was Kim’s first child. And of course, Kim often tweeted about her new daughter with Kanye West. She was a gift to the world, but she was even more so a gift to our Twitter feeds. It was a very exciting time on Twitter when North West sent her first tweet—yet a very confusing time for North's mother. After Kim sent out a tweet of jumbled letters, we were all confused. Two hours later, Kim realized what had happened and tweeted the announcement that North West had sent her first tweet. It was a monumental moment in Twitter history, and we are glad we all were able to capture it with Kim. The concerning part, however, is that it took Kim two hours to figure out what had happened. Still, a moment is a moment, and North is now a bonafide tweeter herself! (Just like her momma!)

9 Kim Is Amazed, Shocked, Or Angry?

In a perfect world we could roll back the clock and figure out what exactly Kim Kardashian was so excited/angry/annoyed/happy about on March 24, 2013. Her screaming "OMG" then repeating it with a quick "O.M.G." certainly speaks to one heavy emotion, we just can’t tell you which one! It was a simplistic tweet from Kim, but the beauty is it still carries so much meaning. It’s so vague, yet it leaves us wanting to know more. Everything that happens in Kim’s life tends to be grand and an over the top story in the entertainment industry; so this one must have been a doozy. Or maybe she just accidentally ate something with pepper on it. Or ate an actual pepper. For her sake, we truly hope it’s not that. Hopefully it was good news, but use your imagination in figuring out what it was!

8 Kim Loves Acronyms

I am covering my eyes for Kim right now.

Kim taught us all a lesson on August 17, 2009. In case you were unaware, what "SMH" means, it's a commonly used Internet slang meaning “Shaking My Head,” as Kim explained. Wow, thank you so much Kim. The tweet earned over 36,000 retweets, and to be honest that may be the best part of the tweet. Did 36,000 people not know what SMH meant? Or did they want to help their followers out by retweeting the information? The tweet also could be used as a subtle shade towards someone in your timeline. Maybe someone did something that makes you want to shake your head. Take a quick trip over to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter account, find this tweet, and hit the retweet button. Suddenly you’re supporting 'shaking your head' without making it too obvious. It’s the perfect set up. Kim’s the gift that keeps on giving. But honestly, I don't think I knew what "SMH" meant back in 2009, so we could call her a trailblazer. 

7 Kim’s A Concerned Daughter

Kim may have gone through various different struggles in her familial relationships throughout the years on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but she is still a family gal when push comes to shove. With that, Kim was a very concerned daughter when she found out that Kris Jenner’s email had been hacked. Kim took the task of telling people that Jenner’s account was hacked, a noble, but likely, unnecessary task. Thinking about it, who on Twitter would need to know that? None of us are getting emails from Kris Jenner, and if we are, we probably aren’t spending the majority of our time on Twitter. Besides that, the tweet brings us a bit of fun in the fact that Kim is complaining about hacking and leaks.  Because we all know Kim was famously hacked when her sex tape was released, so she certainly has reason to be upset about that.

6 Kim Is A Twitter Hero

A poor, lonely tweeter was in a desperate situation when she tweeted that she would "die if @KimKardashian tweeted" her back on her birthday. Kim quoted the tweet, giving the tweeter their one and only birthday wish. It was a kind gesture from the celebrity, as celebrities get millions of replies each minute, and cannot possibly take the time to reply to each one. Kim must have seen the tweet and felt compelled to aid a fan - such a nice thing to do! But wait, if Kim replied to a tweet saying she would die if Kim replied to the tweet, did Kim actually end a life rather than saving it? As you can tell, there are many layers to each tweet Kim Kardashian sends out to the world. Hopefully you will unlayer them with us as we move forward with the list.

5 Kim Has An Important Announcement

As you can tell from the previous tweets, Kim Kardashian may not exactly understand what constitutes as important news. Yet on March 25, 2013, Kim had to tell the world about a major change in her life. The high-heel wearing star switched to flats. She never thought she would say it, but it happened, and Twitter was lucky enough to find out. Who knows what happened after that, how that day went, or if she was even pictured in these "so called" flats. But we do know that on that day, Kim took the leap and made the change, effectively switching an important piece of her life, even if it was just for a day. We hope it went well for Kim, and judging by her success since that date, we believe it did.

4 Kim Can Be Motivational 

In all seriousness, this one was a nice tweet. Kim’s followers are loyal and some even look up to her, so for Kim to take the time to tell her followers to be themselves likely meant a lot to a lot of people. Kim’s exact words were “You’ve just got to do what’s right for you, even if it doesn’t make sense to someone else!” Perhaps Kim was giving herself advice or explaining why she did something at that point in her life, but regardless, it was good advice. Considering the previous tweets showcased her lack of seriousness on Twitter for the most part (which we do not blame her for), the change to an inspirational and meaningful tweet is welcomed. I'm sure there are multiple fans who held onto this tweet. 

3 Kim Has Odd Feelings About Nicole Richie

We have so many questions about this one, but we can’t get through them all. There’s just too much to cover. Why on Earth would Nicole Richie remind Kim Kardashian of her jeep? One is a former reality TV star, another is a motor vehicle. Could it be the smell, maybe? Or maybe Kim drove around with reality star Paris Hilton and was told about Nicole Richie at the time? Or maybe even Nicole Richie joined Kim in the Jeep? But most importantly, why did Kim tweet it out to the world? Was it that important of a comparison to share to her fans? Oh 2010, what a year you were. This tweet leaves us with some pretty silly questions, but we've heard stranger things come out of Miss Kardashian's mouth. I wonder if Kim still thinks of Nicole when she sees a Jeep. (Is anyone else laughing at the fact that the Kim Kardashian West we know and love today would never own a Jeep?!)

2 Kim Doesn’t Want Your Germs

Kim taught a child a lesson when he sneezed on her on an airplane. Sneezing on anyone is a rude thing to do, but sneezing on a multi-millionaire is a recipe for failure, kid. The way Kim Kardashian went about describing the event, however, is the best part. “A little kid just coughed literally in my face on the plane. Is it rude I said "sweetie please cover ur swiney," I'm not about 2 get sick!” She wants to know if it’s rude...which is nice, but if it was rude what could she do about it now? It was too late. The belief here is that it wasn’t rude to call the kid out, but it was a bit rude to say “your swiney.” We haven’t heard that one before, so kudos for Kim for creativity. Maybe this the "O.M.G." tweet was in relation to this unfortunate situation. Hmmm. Also, it's crazy how many things change over the years. Kim would never be found on a commercial airplane these days. 

1 Kim Can Smell

“I can smell by having one conversation with someone! Sooo weird huh!” wrote Kim. Does she mean she can smell herself, as in she can start to be smelly? Or she can smell someone else and learn their scent? Or she can smell better - as in her sense of smell improves if she starts speaking to someone? So many questions for yet another tweet. She also wants to to pinpoint that it's weird, to which we think it absolutely is. Like, the entire tweet is weird, not jus the fact that she can smell. Kim must have a super sense of smell or a super reactive body, which we all learned thanks to her Twitter account. But if it wasn't for Twitter and the art of the Internet, we would have never found these old but gold tweets sent by Kim Kardashian West herself. Thank God for Twitter.

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