15 Kylie Jenner Memes That Are Too Funny Not To Share

Regardless of how we feel about the Kardashian-Jenner family, we for sure know what’s going on in their lives. They are just impossible to avoid. These girls are everywhere: tv, radio, magazines, the Internet... you name it.

And whether WE like them or not, WE have to admit that, well, it’s easy to … have a laugh at their expense. Nothing mean-spirited, of course, we’re not awful people over here! Their lives are just simply too ridiculous not to make fun of sometimes!

So, since our favourite Jenner is Kylie (not that we don’t love the other four women that belong to this family…. Well, five, if you count Kris Jenner) we decided to give ourselves the go-ahead and put together a list of Kylie memes that are just too funny not to share.

15 Kylie Being Kylie

Sometimes Kylie Jenner throws these “gems” into the world, and well, I’m just glad the cameras are rolling when she does, because, honestly, it would be a shame to miss this girl having these type of “breakthroughs.”

I mean, think about it, this is some deep s—t, and totally true. We are all constantly realizing stuff… isn’t that incredible? For example, I’m realizing something right this very moment and that is that we are all a bunch of idiots, because how is it possible that this show is on its 14th season?!

Don’t even bother denying you watch it! You know very well you have kept up with the Kardashians, their unrelated “drama,” and their crazy need to procreate. If there’s someone to blame here, it’s us.

14 That’s Literally The Entire World Right Now

Honestly, it’s hard not to care what happens to these girls; their lives are just way too ridiculous to not pay attention! I mean, just think about their latest ‘official news': Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a third child together and named her… Chicago West. I mean, granted, that’s probably at the bottom of the list of traumas their parents will pass on to this child, but still, Chicago West? God bless her.

And personally, I don’t understand what’s so shocking about Kylie Jenner being pregnant. She has more money than god, owns three houses, and doesn’t even have to take care of the baby herself because she afford a nanny for each day of the week. I mean, that child is set for life. In fact, can she adopt me, please?

13 Thank God For Surgeons

Whether this kid has Kylie’s old nose or not, doesn’t really matter, because for every physical flaw she or he has, there is a surgeon out there who can fix it.

Even if she doesn’t have any, it’s very likely Kris Jenner and her most trusted surgeon will end up having a say on what this kid looks like in the future. I mean, I don’t know if you know this… but this is a family obsessed with their looks. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. In fact, there’s not a lot that hasn’t been touched and retouched in this family.

But I mean, that’s how they make their livelihood, so it’s like judging a writer for getting grammar lessons. They are doing what they can to make the most out of what little talents they were given. Makes sense to me.

12 Only Kylie Jenner Has This Problem

Have you noticed how much this girl complains about not been given the “opportunity to be normal”? I have the perfect solution for this complaint: Let’s trade lives, Kylie Jenner! You want to be able to go to the store without everyone knowing who you are and I want to buy a scarf without thinking I’m gonna go broke if I don’t stop this “crazy spending,” so let’s both stop complaining and call Kris Jenner and let her know the good news: I’m her new daughter!

I can’t wait to experience the luxuries of working two minutes every three weeks and still make more money than I could ever spend in a lifetime. As I’m sure you are thrilled about working 24/7 and not making enough money to buy the good brand of brie cheese because, well, that’s just a luxury you can’t really afford.

11 Life Hasn't Been Very Kind To Kylie

Let’s not be petty, people. Kylie Jenner does not look like this picture. But... I guess if we compared the real Kylie to the real Angelina, we’d have to admit Brad Pitt’s ex-wife does look better than the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

However, in all fairness to Kylie, Angelina looks better than most people, so her being more beautiful... is not saying much. I mean, how that woman manages to have that body even after giving birth to three kids, raising six, and divorcing three different men is beyond me.

Now, in terms of sanity, they both seem completely crazy. Fame has not been kind to these women. I mean, I feel like I can’t really judge, because I’ve never tasted their level of fame, but I’d like to believe I would handle it…. better.

10 We All Need To Teach Our Dogs This Trick

Honestly, I never really understood this relationship. What exactly did she see in Tyga? I mean, yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I can’t really say much about his looks —even though I wouldn’t be caught dead kissing a guy like that. Not that the opportunity has presented itself, because, well, rappers and I don’t seem to hang out in the same social circles, but.... still, no thank you.

But looks aside, he is way older than her, he has a kid with… Blac Chyna, it didn’t seem like he treated her very nicely at all, and, well, quite frankly, he’s trash. And yeah, his music sucks, too. Oh, and he’s bad with money! (According to People Magazine he didn’t even have enough to pay for child support). Good thing she came to her senses, huh?

9 Rich People Problems

Don’t you just hate when this happens? You ask your surgeon to give you a unique face because, well, only weirdos and poor people like looking like someone else, but then you realize you now look exactly like your friend — so embarrassing!

It’s like wearing the same outfit as your BFF in school, but worse. You look ridiculous and so does she; and it’s not like you can just go home and change. No, you have to go back to the surgeon’s office and demand he changes your friend’s face because you are already pretty this way, and there’s zero need to mess with perfection. Also, surgery scars take way too long to heal and summer is getting closer and, well, there can only be one Kylie Jenner in this world and that’s already you so, yeah. She needs to get her eyes coloured or get a chin implant or something because... this is unacceptable!

8 It Could Be Worse, Travis Scott. It Could Be A Lot Worse

Honestly, this pregnancy (if there is even one) is the best thing that could have happened to our friend Travis. This put him on the map, because, honestly, who knew who this guy was before getting together with Kylie? His mother, maybe. Oh, and Kendall, who allegedly dated Travis before he got Kylie pregnant. (These girls sure bring a whole different meaning to the phrase “keeping things in the family.”)

Oh and apparently him and Kanye West are tight. Travis even described him as his “step-dad” in an interview with Billboard. Wait, isn’t that a little sick? Getting your step-dad’s sister-in-law pregnant after dating his other sister-in-law? This family is weird.

See? This type of drama is why the world is still trying to keep up with the Kardashians. It’s entertaining, man. Let’s just admit it once and for all.

7 We All Know This Feeling

It’s not easy being a woman. Mother nature really screwed us over in more than one way, including leaving us in a world surrounded by men. But, hey, don’t just take my word for it, go ask any girl who’s ever gone out dancing with her friends, as I’m sure she’ll gladly confirm how awful it is to have some sleazy guy attached to your hip, wanting to dance “one more song.”

Now, that being said, I don’t think Kylie Jenner knows what that feels like, since I doubt she’s ever been left alone on a dance floor. I mean, you try getting close to either one of the two Jenner sisters and my guess is six tall men with guns will make sure the thought of it never crosses your mind again.

6 She Got Tired Of People Not Recognizing Her

I imagine Kylie often has conversations that go like this: “You know what I hate? When I post a throwback pic and everyone comments on how I look so different. Seriously, it drives me mad. Sometimes it makes me not want to get up in the morning, because, what is the point? I mean, why can’t people just let go of the fact that I grew into a beautiful swan?

Ugh, and the media is constantly writing I had 'work done,' I just don’t understand why the world is so mean to me sometimes. Like, I work hard, I do my best to help the world, it’s just not fair! It’s called 'puberty,' people! We’ve all been through it — some better than others, but don’t hate me for it. I just want to be pretty!”

5 More Like Every Girl Needs Her Money

What every girl needs is Kylie Jenner’s money, because, honestly, who are they trying to kid here, that’s no push-up bra. And, I mean, it makes sense. Why settle with the illusion of having big boobs when you can buy the real thing, y’know?

Especially since she’s had so much work done everywhere else in her body. I mean, it would be one thing if I decided to get breast implants because, well, then the world would be shocked, but Kylie…there’s nothing natural about that girl’s body.

Actually, on second thought, what girls needs, including Kylie Jenner, is a little bit of self-esteem. There’s really no need to get breast implants, or get a push-up bra. All boobs are special in their own perfect little way.

4 I want Kylie Jenner problems

I honestly don’t understand why the universe hates me. I mean, how is it that Kylie Jenner has three houses and I can barely afford rent in a one bedroom apartment? Where did I go wrong exactly?

Or maybe I’m asking the wrong question here, maybe it’s not what I did wrong, but what she did right. Let’s examine her life for a second here. She was born and… nope, that’s pretty much it. Well, I was born, too! And before her! That gives me seniority, universe!

And it’s not even that she gives back to, say, the poor. Universe, if you’re listening, if you make me as rich as Kylie Jenner, I would give something to the poor. Very little. Those greedy peeps need to learn how to make an honest living.

3 Not Everyone Can Pull It Off

I really can’t believe there’s people in this world who don’t know what the Kylie Jenner Challenge is, but, just in case you weren’t alive in 2015 (when this was a big deal), just know that it was a crazy trend in which teenage girls attempted to get Kylie’s lips by sucking a shot glass with their lips.

It was basically like giving themselves a hickey, but thankfully the results lasted only a few minutes. Unless someone sucked for hours, in which case it would bruise and stay like that for a day or two.

Now, clearly Beyonce took this 2015 challenge a bit too far. She must have sucked that shot glass for three days straight to get those nasty results. But hey, if that’s what turns Jay-Z on, then … why not, right?

2 We've All Been There

Regardless of how you feel about selfies—whether you think people who take them are narcissistic a-holes, or you believe is a way to capture what you look like today, so you’ll be able to show your future grandkids how pretty you used to be—I think we can all agree everyone looks ridiculous taking a selfie in public. Yes, everyone.

That includes Kylie Jenner. However, at least every time she does, she makes millions, because, yes, she takes selfies for a living. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to make millions of dollars just for posting a picture of yourself? Say what you will about this girl and her family, but they sure figured out how to live a nice and more than comfortable life. So maybe we should start taking lessons.

1 Some People Are Both

Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness, was probably poor and trying to make themselves feel better. And okay, fine, even if it doesn’t buy happiness, it gets you closer for sure. How, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s better to suffer in a mansion than in a shitty apartment.

Oh, it also makes you pretty. But don’t just take my word for it, ask Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. Alright, fine, that was mean, even for me. The truth is, these girls were very pretty to begin with. They didn’t really need to go under the knife. Did that help their careers though? Yes, yes it did. Do you think Kylie would be as popular as she is now with her old face? Maybe. But Kriss Jenner wasn’t going to take any chances.

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