15 'Law & Order: SVU' Captions That Are Too Funny To Be Fake

Law & Order: SVU, a hit NBC show that started as a spinoff of the ultra-popular Law & Order, has reached meme territory. The show as a whole has not yet become a meme, though in the past Christopher Meloni was featued in plenty of memes himself. Instead, the memes step from Ice-T's character, Detective Fin. While the show mainly surrounds around Mariska Hargitay's Sergeant Olivia Benson, Benson has a team of detectives around her that help contribute to solving cases. Fin, a narcotics expert who also provides plenty comedic relief in the show, is often tasked with explaining the reasoning of what's going on with someone who has been on drugs. While it sometimes is a simple explanation of a commonly known drug, it is often a made up drug by the creators of Law & Order: SVU to try to exit the typical drug world and show the dangers of the unknown. It works, but it also brought us a popular meme captured tremendously by the Twitter account, @icetsvu.

The Twitter parodies Fin's explanations of drugs being used by people in the show, using screenshots of Fin's face explaining the drugs, then replacing the captions with things Fin didn't actually say. They're simply replaced with made-up ones instead. It gives them a platform to make up some hilarious drug combinations, and it gives us plenty of laughs. Let's honor the account by taking a look at the top 15 fake Law & Order: SVU captions that you will love!

15 Salty Cheese

This one is a perfect example of what we're talking about. Take a look as Ice T's Fin appears to be calmly explaining to a fellow detective what the drug in question is. The detective looks more than just a little confused, as the drug being explained is replaced by something made up by the Twitter account's runners. Rather than being an explanation of a real drug, it explains "Salty Cheese:" a drug that includes traces of ants and soy milk. How they came up with the idea to combine ants and soy milk is beyond me, but the combination has us crying and glad that we haven't tried that made up drug. No 'salty cheese' for us, and hopefully no salty cheese for any of you either! But in all actuality, if this salty cheese was actually just a delicate artisanal snack, we'd probably give it a try.

14 Baseball Puddles

Baseball Puddles is one meme we're not quite sure how they came up with the name for, but we love it anyway. Our only regret is that the account runners don't explain how they came up with the term 'Baseball Puddles,' or what the drugs are made of to become the combination called that. But we can totally believe this drug would exist, and the concept of kids trying it at parties then ending up slowdancing with breakfast cereals (seriously, how do they come up with this stuff?) is one of the funniest things we've been able to picture in our heads in a long, long time. This also brings to mind a question: which breakfast cereal would you end up slow dancing with? For us, it has to be Lucky Charms. Maybe the leprechaun has some good moves! Fruit Loops would be an interesting choice based on their mascot.

13 Crazy Snow

Honestly, any time you mention taco meat being involved in something, we're going to think there's a good chance it could actually be a believable concept. Sure, it's tough to believe people would take something laced with just anything, especially when there's chlorine involved, but taco meat is taco meat, and people sure do love themselves some taco meat! Crazy Snow may not be exactly believable, but it's a hilarious concept and we think that people might just fall for the Crazy Snow if they weren't told about the added chlorine. Taco meat wins every time! Now, why it's called Crazy Snow, we're not sure, but we would love to come up with plenty of different opinions or thoughts for the next taco themed drug.

12 Elephant Poppers

How about Sargent Benson's face in this one, and the detective in the background not knowing if she should be laughing or crying at the sound of what Fin is telling them.  Imagine you're a detective and you're hearing about a drug called "Elephant Poppers" that leads to kids going on TV blogging about scorpions of all things. It's such an outlandish concept and such a brilliantly hilarious drug created by the tweeter, that the facial reactions and the scene's individual components come together just perfectly. Elephant Poppers may sound like something you'd find in a kids meal - not a drug. But hey, maybe that's the whole point of it. Maybe the Elephant Popping business targets the younger generation.

Also, why scorpions? We don't believe we've ever seen anyone blog about scorpions sober or high, so that's an interesting one for sure!

11 Purple Christmas

If you look closely enough at the facial expression of the detective working alongside Fin, you'll see a detective thinking to himself "I'm getting too old for this." While we don't know what drug Fin was really talking about, we think the expression fits perfectly for the drug that this Twitter account made up. Purple Christmas: a joint laced with cough syrup and for some strange, strange reason, seaweed, is the drug of choice for Fin to explain in this one. We're not entirely sure what would inspire anyone to try something laced with two terrible ingredients like this, but maybe that's the lunacy of it all! The detective looks serious explaining what's being used by the kids these days, but the drug itself is so far fetch that it, once again, makes us laugh hysterically.

10 Sidewalk Fire

This joint (if you haven't noticed yet, the drug in question is quite often a joint so that the account can say it's laced with something comical) is laced with Xanax and Cheez-It's. This one is believable because the drug of choice for many is Xanax, and Cheez-It's are a tasty and yummy snack most people enjoy. Cheez-It's are some of the most delicious snacks you can find anywhere, so while we don't condone it, we understand why someone might fall for something laced with it! Turning it into a drug called Sidewalk Fire is perfect, as Cheez-It's carry a similar color to fire, and as far as the 'sidewalk'....well, we don't quite know why they decided on the word sidewalk, but it still feels fitting! Sidewalk Fire won our hearts again with its hilarious explanation by Detective Fin.

9 Mermaid Fire

Okay, we may be a bit biased putting this one so high on the list, but we love mermaids! Of course it's unfortunate to see mermaids involved with drug names or drug use in general, but we really love mermaids, okay? Anyway, this drug is a new narcotic made from marmalade and vape juice. It sounds gross, but it's such a strange combination that we find ourselves laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all. Then again, vaping has become a popular hobby among many these days, and marmalade is pretty popular by itself, so maybe it could make sense! Let's just hope it doesn't, as that would be a pretty concerning drug if it ever hit the streets. Plus, mermaids would really get a bad rep, and we don't want that happening.

8 Dragon Dusters

We're gagging at this meme. We previously mentioned how we like it when the name matches the ingredients, and this one includes half of that idea as well. Dragon Dusters successfully combines the idea of Dragons (who breathe fire, and the concept that the hot sauce replaces the fire). But we are left with more than just dragons and fire, as somehow cardboard and dusters enter the fray. Should cardboard and duster combine somehow or are they just random words mixed together to make us laugh? If it's the former we're trying to figure it out, if it's the latter, well, it worked! We can't get enough of these, and this one in particular manages to simultaneously make some sense and confuse us to no end.

7 Alley Vacation

Fin looks almost angry explaining this one, but this is one of the most fitting names with its ingredients yet! Be happy Fin, finally one of these makes sense! This joint was laced with cat hair and curry, thus being called Alley Vacation. If we break it down, we get cat hair and the word alley, which work together because cats are often found in alleys. Next, we get curry and vacations, and curry can often be found at various vacation spots to eat. Voila! We have a meme that makes sense here, and that might make it the funniest yet! We can totally picture this drug being real for some reason. Because the name finally makes sense and who knows what kids are doing these days. They'll combine anything it seems.

6 Ocean Blasters

Just when we thought we were making progress on the names making sense, this Twitter account brought us Ocean Blasters. Okay, so let's break it down. Ocean doesn't match with Diet coke, but maybe it can mesh with meth? Let's not go down that road. Blasters could go with Diet Coke if Mentos are involved (have you ever seen that popular YouTube video?) but there's no Mentos, so that doesn't seem fitting either. This one is built from pure lunacy, and forgive us, but we kinda love that! There's nothing about this that makes even the slightest bit of sense, banking on the sheer absurdity making us laugh. Well congratulations @icetsvu because it worked! As per the norm with this amazing Twitter account, we're left laughing at the memes.

5 Dog Taffy

Woah, woah, woah. Let's not get dogs involved here, SVU and Twitter! Dogs cannot be involved in the drug world, nope! Dogs are off limits. Ignoring the name for a moment (which is difficult for us to do, because we really love dogs), how about the concept of kids staring at anteaters? Who comes up with these? We must know, because they have a brilliant mind that also might be one of the weirdest minds we've ever encountered. Anyway, picture Detective Fin explaining to the team that kids are being paid to stare at anteaters. It's one of the most amazing things you'll ever try to picture, isn't it? But now that we're thinking about it more...where the heck can you find anteaters in Queens?

4 Ocean Lightning

They return to the word "Ocean" with an even better one - this time talking about kids trying a drug and ending up in a conference room getting paid to dance battle with chiropractors. Wait, what? What must happen for one to end up there, why are the chiropractors going along with it, and why a dance battle? How does one end up in a room dancing with chiropractors? Are the chiropractors the actual drug deals and they just really want someone to dance with? We have so many questions for this one because it's so odd that it became brilliant. If there was one we practically wish was real, it would be this one, because who wouldn't want to see people waking up to find themselves in dance battles with chiropractors, right? Well, at least we would want to see that in action!

3 Biker's Skittles

Be honest, wouldn't you want to try anything with the word "Skittles" in it? Biker's Skittles actually sound kind of cool; which is something that concerns us greatly! Of course once we learn what's inside Biker's Skittles we feel less inclined to give it a try (especially considering it's not actually real), but the term "Skittles" can definitely be misleading. But, embalming fluid? Nacho cheese? What is happening here! Leave nacho cheese and delicious Skittles out of this!

Fin explaining a drug that includes, nacho cheese and Skittles, is a concept we can not only get behind, but we can't stop laughing about. If only this was a real episode of Law & Order: SVU and Ice-T actually had to say this line. We don't even believe he would be able to say it without cracking up!

2 Hamster Stones

This narcotic presented by Fin is called Hamster Stones (for some unknown reason), but what we do know is that it includes peanuts and bacon grease. If there's two things people love to eat, it's peanuts and bacon, so while this one is as funny as the rest, we're a bit worried this could become a real thing! But wait, we should really return to the name. Hamster Stones? What on earth? Hamster and stones do not have anything to do with either peanuts OR bacon grease, so we must get an answer on how they came up with this name. But in all honesty.... if peanuts and bacon grease became a "drug," well, I think we would have more addicts on our hands high off of Hamster Stones.

1 Tijuana Drizzle

One of the most popular, if not THE most popular, tweet by this Twitter account, Tijuana Drizzle brings everything to the table. A hilarious name for the drug, components of the drug that make us question whether or not it could be real or if people would try it, and a face on Fin that makes us roll over in laughter. Tijuana Drizzle is made from Hot Pockets, a popular snack among well, basically everyone, and LSD, one of the better known drugs. Mixing the two is already a zany concept, but then calling it Tijuana Drizzle for some reason make this tweet amazing. We are so appreciative of whomever founded this Twitter account, as seeing Fin's face mixed with the ridiculous drug titles and the absurd drug ingredients is funny every single time. Our only regret is that we can't hear Ice-T say these lines aloud, as it would be one of the funniest things we have ever heard!

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