• 15 Lawsuits The Kardashians Want Buried

    For a family whose father was a lawyer, the Kardashian clan sure has seen their share of the wrong side of a courtroom, and quite often. From copyright infringement to the Kardashians suing others for their own reasons, we’d better believe they have a battalion of lawyers.

    Who would have thought people who hawk cosmetics, phone cases and shoes would be so prolific in the court systems? Also, if we removed all the things they sold, would we be worse off in the world? There is one word we like to use for the Kardashian family, and that is "litigious."

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    Kim’s selfie light isn't too bright for patent infringement
    Via: Fashionista.com

    Kim’s biggest seller, besides makeup and clothing lines, is her #selfie book and social media. Yes, in this day and age, we can “sell” social media as a part of celebrity culture. Lumee, the phone case company that Kim promotes, has a light on a phone case that makes the reverse camera (selfie camera) light even out and take beautiful photos. It has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Unfortunately, a company says they had already invented that phone case and had trouble getting rid of their inventory because Kim started selling her version of the same thing. Of course, if one were to look at this from afar, they’d say “baseless, neither here nor there,” which is why we have the courts are deciding this stuff, even if it is for a measly $100 million.

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    When Blac Chyna tried to add a "K" to her name
    Via: Entertainment Tonight

    Okay, see what we did there? Blac Chyna needs a K in her name? Kardashians want to trademark everything, including their names. We’d think people as well off as the Kardashians could spare a K, but that really isn’t what they’re suing her for. Blac Chyna wanted to trademark her name to Angela Renee Kardashian before she even tied the knot with Rob Kardashian (it doesn't look like that's happening anymore, though).

    But the Kardashians were livid about it, since Chyna wasn't part of their family and there's some obvious tension between them. They filed a suit again at Blac Chyna. It is one of the many, many lawsuits that have been volleying back and forth with this very litigious group of reality TV stars.

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    Not quite a lawsuit yet, but it could Swiftly become one
    Via: US Weekly

    We all like to joke that the Kardashians don’t actually do anything to be famous. They are simply famous to be famous. They are millionaires from inheritance and their mother married into money. So, the apples really didn't fall far from the tree. You probably remember last year when Kim exposed Taylor Swift's Snapchat conversation with Kanye West, showing a different side of a feud over lyrics in one of the rapper's songs. Of course, this was without Taylor’s consent.

    It was in California, one of 11 states where both parties need to consent to the publicly post video of them. So, Taylor can sue them for breach of trust, but she already posted some hate tweets about it, so most people think it’s going to just go away quietly, like we are all hoping this feud goes away.

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    Girl, your makeup looks good, like $180 million good
    Via: Mario Dedivanovic

    The Kardashian sisters behaved badly at a show in Florida one day and one of their investors is now suing all three of the sisters for fraud and disparaging the brand. Apparently, Khloe started screaming at a trade show and said all of the makeup in their makeup line is garbage and she hated it.

    So, Hillair Company—the investors—are suing them and the Kardashians’ lawyers want them to leave and take their trademark with them. Ouch! Hillair may lower their claim for the original $10.2 million they invested and leave them alone after that. Honestly, we can’t blame them. The Kards’ lawyers insist this is just a ploy to get money. We can’t really argue with the potential for that either. If you look at most of these lawsuits associated with the family, yeah, it is.

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    Blac Chyna sues the Kardashians
    Via: BET

    After the awful sh*t show that was Rob Kardashian’s relationship with Blac Chyna, the socialite is at it again. In the end of the fourth—and hopefully last—phase of this relationship, Blac Chyna decided that the problem isn’t her, it’s them. Blac Chyna sued the Kardashians over profit loss and “career destroying,” claiming that their vindictive natures interfered with her reality TV show, Rob and Chyna.

    Blac Chyna says that she and Dream Kardashian have suffered losses from the abuse, even if Rob has not in any way claimed to not be financially or even emotionally responsible for their child. She claims physical and verbal abuse coming from the Kardashian clan, including “slut shaming.” While they’ve been negotiating, Chyna has dropped charges against the other sisters, except Kim.

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    Kylie Jenner sued for stealing art
    Via: The Daily Beast

    Kylie Jenner seems to be a serial image thief. In her new reality show, an ad she uses to advertise for her looks a lot like artist Sara Pope’s most famous piece called Temptation Neon. Art fans or aficionados would be able to spot this image and reference back to Sara Pope’s work, now slapped on an ad for Kylie’s reality TV show.

    Pope was naturally really pissed off about seeing her art on TV without giving permission for it to be there. Kylie claims that she had nothing to do with choosing this art and that a third party chose the visuals for marketing her reality show. This is after Kendall and Kylie’s run-in with image stealing on their t-shirts as well.

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    Kylie Jenner sued for stealing art...again
    Via: Business Insider/Business Insider

    Jeez, Kylie, more stolen lip art? Seriously? After her Sara Pope lawsuit, makeup artist Vlada claims there are people all over the Internet taking pictures with her presentation of ideas in mind. Vlada says that Kylie stole her ideas from her and that all these Kylie Jenner fans are taking her ideas and making them Kylie’s ideas.

    This may be true, but ideas are not protected—only images have the luxury of legal copyright and protection from theft like this. The photos are what Kylie had to settle out of court for. You’d think Kylie had enough exposure to actual fake lips that she would be able to design some herself. Maybe those Kardashian women aren’t so creative after all. Surely, anyone can drum up success with a team of producers behind them making it all flow while they sit and look pretty—if you want to call it that.

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    Kylie & Rob sue Blac Chyna over an iPhone cord
    Via: US Weekly

    In an incident when Rob and Chyna got back together for the millionth time, Chyna got super mad at Rob and tried to strangle him with a phone charger. To be honest and fair, unless we write out a listicle or timeline on Rob and Chyna’s relationship–with bullet points for the lawsuits–we aren’t going to fully grasp the whole story. It’s too complicated and an utter waste of time.

    Blac Chyna apparently got mad, physically tried to beat Rob in front of their baby and then chased him and tried to strangle him with her iPhone cord. This was after Rob slut shamed her and said some disparaging things on the Internet. Anyway, Rob sues Chyna for…well, we're not totally sure. We get lost what the exact court case is, but the drama behind it is crazy.

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    More makeup copyright infringement for Kim
    Via: DHGate.com/Clementine Fields

    Kim has an issue with these Ks. One make-up line, KW, is taking Kim to court because her line looks similar to KKW (Kim Kardashian West). KW claims that it is too confusing for people and they have lost sales as a result of mistaken product identity. KW claims that consumers are grabbing KKW instead of KW in stores.

    The product’s packaging and font of the initials looks so similar, they’re even placed next to each other in the store. We thought this would be an open and shut case. Kim—as usual—claims to have no idea about the other makeup line and her lawyers are once again trying to figure it out. We just know that we are glad her middle name isn’t Kate so she doesn’t make a new line called KKK.

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    When Rob & Blac Chyna were sued for cyberbullying
    Via: Reddit

    So, not only do these two unabashedly sue each other, but they are also verbally abusive to people who cross their paths on the internet. In a brief moment of unity, Chyna and Rob got into it with Chyna’s ex, Pilot Jones, and allegedly tried to out him—forcing him nearly to commit suicide. Now, we can’t keep track of these allegations or the threats and who did what.

    BC claims the allegations were false and unfounded, but there is posted evidence on the internet to help back up his claims. Jones claims his self-esteem and feeling of harassment caused strained relationships with his children and almost led him to suicide.

    In an effort to remain neutral and not offend anyone who may already be feeling quite sensitive in this love triangle, we totally get that people succumb to this kind of depression and abuse all the time. What we don’t get is who would stick around and tolerate it from her. Just saying.

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    They even get sued by dead people
    Via: Hypebeast/Hypebeast

    You can say the Kardashians have no talent, but they sure have a talent for stealing images. It must be tough not having actual creative work of their own to sell. After all, selling things is what keeps their lavish lifestyle afloat. Possibly they’re businesswomen, but even the things they are selling aren’t their own ideas and they are doing in collaboration with someone.

    Kendall and Kylie’s clothing company got sued for selling a T-shirt that has Tupac, Biggie and Redman on it. They apologized profusely for this image robbery and pulled the line, but we are pretty sure this isn’t the last time the Kards are running in with the law. It’s yet another case of taking the work of someone else and slapping it on a T-shirt. In this case, quite literally.

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    Kim & Kanye's marriage can't fail without a lawsuit
    Via: Entrepreneur

    Kanye proposed to Kim at a lavish party in San Francisco in front of family and friends. This was footage used for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and someone videotaped it on the side and sold it to sources before it was released.

    This friend, Chad Hurley—who was a YouTube co-founder—put his logo from his new company on the footage. He got around the Non-Disclosure Agreement on a technicality. Kim and Kanye sued his company.

    Hurley did it by keeping his social media private and tagging someone who was not private on the post. He was also apparently one of the party coordinators who, at the time, was their friend. They settled out of court for $440,000 for alleged breach of contract, fraud and unjust enrichment.

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    Kim sues for libel after being robbed
    Via: Gossip Cop/AceShowBiz

    Kim gets robbed in a Paris Hotel. She is held at gunpoint, tied up and roughed up. It was quite a harrowing experience for her, but people love to hate on the Kardashians. This, in fact, is what sells her “brand”—scandal.

    After filling out a police report and being terrified, she learned that a news entity was saying that she made the whole thing up. To be scandalous when someone doesn’t choose to be can be pretty stressful for a person. Possibly, because this was all in the wake of Olympian Ryan Lochte fabricating a story about being robbed in Brazil. Kim insisted that it was the truth and she sued that news entity for libel. Later, they settled out of court.

    It’s likely an experience Kimmy would like to forget, given the trauma she’s endured through it, including the ongoing anxiety and depression she has battled in the wake of that event. Tightening security and watching what you post on social media can only carry you so far.

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    Any time Rob & Blac Chyna interacted
    Via: YouTube

    From the iPhone cord strangling, to when Chyna wanted to add Kardashian to her name (even though they were never legally married), to Rob’s slut shaming fiasco on Instagram, it seems there is a lawsuit every time Rob and Chyna interact with each other.

    Nah, they’re not classy adults. Seems these two sue each other as many times as they like trucker hat ads on Instagram. It makes us all want to put them in their respective corners and leave them there.

    Rob sued Chyna for custody rights, which was settled out of court. Their daughter, Dream Kardashian, has pretty much been exploited from day one, but the poor thing’s entire family is like that so she might as well get used to it. Pretty sure if we stopped paying attention to these guys, they would stop their lame behavior.

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    When Robert Kardashian Sr. helped OJ go free
    Via: Slate

    This is definitely the top case the Kardashians want to slowly go away. We hate to speak ill of the dead, unless the dead might have aided a murderer to go free, in which case we are just merely stating the fact—yeah, that actually happened in 1995.

    When OJ Simpson was being charged with a double homicide, his good friend and personal attorney Robert Kardashian apparently helped concealed evidence that would have put his OJ away. It's something Kardashian admitted a few years after the acquittal.

    Even though Robert is not around to talk about it anymore, we assume it was a loyalty thing and not a money thing. Or maybe the evidence simply would have looked damaging to a jury, but didn't really prove anything? In the end, OJ is out today (from theft charges, not from murder) living to see another day.

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