15 Legendary Teen Pranksters Who Will Go Down In History

There are some things that all teenagers should definitely take seriously: graduating school, finales of their favourite TV shows, their internet footprint (in case of future employment), adult ed, and their parents’ threats when they go over their phone bill. Everything else? Not really.

Your teens are the best years to get away with pulling ridiculously hilarious pranks and making very risky choices because no one expects you to have it all figured out yet. Low expectations = low consequence. It’s a science, really. Society considers youth in the same way they consider seniors: they’re still members of society, but they’re not quite fully responsible for their actions, and they also deserve discounts at movie theatres and on public transit.

This list compiles some of the best ways to take advantage of your teenage years, as demonstrated by some of the most legendary pranksters to ever grace high schools near you.

15 Successful class of 2017


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Yearbooks are notoriously boring and awkward, and it’s mostly because they all have to follow strict guidelines and they all must necessarily include those horrendous school photos that you wish would stop re-surfacing every few years. This school, however, was blessed with some pranksters in their yearbook committee. They decided that the 30 pages of awkward smiles needed a lil something…and that that lil something would best be filled by no other than the Lil Wayne. That yearbook went from zero to a milli real quick.

Imagine those students’ future children rifling through their parents’ yearbooks and being amazed that their parents went to school with someone famous. Will they still remember who Lil Wayne is?

Strangely enough, I don’t think anyone would even notice this genius prank because he looks just as uncomfortable as I did in all of my high school photos.

14 He got it from his mama


It must be incredibly hard to be a teacher and stand up in front of a class of students glued to their phones while trying to impart some old-fashioned knowledge on them, so I can understand why his teacher took his phone away from him—though telling him his parents had to come back and get the phone is a new addition I’ve never heard of before. But what was apparently even harder was for this boy to imagine a whole day without his cellphone, and, let’s be real, it’d be hard for us too.

Either that or he was terrified of the wrath of his mother descending upon him for being a bad student, with which I can also sympathize. So, the practical answer? Dress up as his mother and pray that his teacher just thought they had an uncanny resemblance. Truly the most brilliant and high-achieving prank.

13 He's not a regular mom, he's a cool mom

Greatness inspires greatness, as they say. Who says? Me, just now.

The stakes were a little higher on this tactical prank, but for a cause nearly all teens are familiar with: the struggle to acquire alcohol. Somehow, despite there being a legal drinking age at which you’re allowed to buy alcohol, most teens have tasted the dizzying fruit and want more. This guy wanted it so bad his prank actually crosses into illegal territory. Not sure if I’m allowed to applaud him… but this took guts, humility (in facing the fact that he is able to pass as his mother), and dedication, so he’s going down in prankster history anyway.

12 Objects may appear larger than they are


We’ve seen a legendary prank to get alcohol, and now we’ve seen a legendary prank because of alcohol.

This is a heck of a lot funnier than crying about your unrequited crush or stuffing your face with an entire pizza; this takes a very particular wit and a persevering work ethic. Wikipedia is just asking for this kind of tomfoolery in its open-sourced nature, but who would have ever predicted such a small yet annoying prankster dedicating his time to this changing state? And if he’d never confessed and gotten reported, at what point would he have stopped? When would Missouri be big enough on its Wikipedia page to satiate his intensely nutty desire to mess with the world and laugh to himself behind his computer screen? Pranking is a slippery slope, kids.

11 Slipping and sliding away from consequence

If you were in a high school graduating class like mine, your senior prank was not having a prank—not clever, highly unmemorable, and no fun at all. But this prank gives me faith in the young fools of the world, and I can truly think of no better use for a school hallway than a slip n’ slide. It’s almost like a symbolic washing away of all the memories you made there to make room for later graduates; or like slipping through some of the most formative years of your life with a diploma and some scars to remember them by; or like sliding at an accelerating speed into adulthood—but leaving one awesome prank to be remembered by in the place that felt like a softcore prison.

This right here is one of the most important history lessons those other students will ever witness.

10 The unintentional prankster


There he was, minding his own business in his freshly washed red crew neck and khaki slacks. His mother had started buying that detergent that keeps the colour of your clothes brighter, and he was feeling like a million bucks when he walked into Target that day. He was in search of some back-to-school deals. It just so happened that on that day, a newbie was supposed to show up for his first shift. We’re not sure where he is now, but he is out of a job and probably very, very confused.

What makes this prank magic is that it wasn’t premeditated, but rather it flowed organically; he really rode it out to see how far it would take him, and, fortuitously, it took him to a paycheck. I wish it were this easy to get a job, because if it were I would definitely dress up as a pilot and walk into an airport.

9 Hanging onto her prankster title

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare when her children get old enough to travel on their own, and for good reason: teenagers make irrational decisions, they get themselves into dangerous situations, and they will go way too far to get a good snap or Instagram picture—but that’s what makes them so fun!

Everyone’s climbing buildings and cliffs and captioning their photos with cheesy sayings that encourage risk-taking lifestyles, and when you take that and put it next to one of the biggest and most famous holes in the earth—don’t lie to yourself, that’s what it is—a mother’s blood pressure is inevitably going to rise. This prankster had to push it to the next level, and she’s probably lucky if her mother lets her leave the house again.


8 She took the bait and switched

Hammers are so BC 😒

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Let’s just get this straight: when you put a hashtag before “Jesus” and then also address all #teens of Twitter directly about guns—more specifically, about which gun one of the most prominent holy figures in the world would have chosen as his favourite (wait, wasn’t he supposed to be peaceful?)—you must expect that you’re going to get some smart-aleck pranksters tweeting back at you.

How did the “Grand Old Party” not see it coming? Well, it’s kind of exactly what you might expect from a political party that thinks more teens should be thinking about guns. This girl is going down in history as being #blocked by the Republican party’s Twitter account for being too darn clever.

7 Pranks involving staff and members

I think what’s most admirable about this prank is the attention to detail. There is not one but two allocated times for the inspections, and they were careful to denote the two separate lines so as not to cause any confusion in the gym. This prankster was confident enough to make the stakes of this inspection incredibly high—those who do not participate won’t get vacation, and it’s possible to fail which leads to “further action”—and they had the gall to put their Principal’s name and forged signature on it. It makes me sweat even thinking about it.

Even better, this is going to reach the students, then their parents, then the faculty, and eventually the school board—because there’s no way these boys’ parents aren’t going to have some important questions to ask. This prankster put in work; I just hope some people actually showed up and stood in their specific line.

6 The hidden message

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This is a different strand of prank, in which the prankster and the prankees do the same amount of work, but the prankees get the last laugh. Instead of inserting Lil Wayne or expressing her feelings outright, this girl hidden a special message for her school in her grad quote—which you only ever get one of in your entire life—and she used the greatest TV show to do it. She was right to, because there’s no way her delivery could have topped Michael Scott’s.

For all the effort this prank takes to pull off on the prankee end, it is worth every minute. Sometimes the greatest messages are left unsaid, and other times the greatest messages are referenced by season, episode, and minute.

5 Eclipse tips for equality

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This revolutionary prankster will be remembered in history for having the most heart in his comical efforts. Though, there are some flaws in this sell-line. You see, the way to do it is to address the white supremacists first; make them feel like this message is just for them, just like how they think their country is just for them. Then you have to say something about how miraculous and unbelievable this phenomenon is—and use big words like phenomenon—and, lastly, you have to give them a guarantee.

Something like: White supremacists’ lucky day!! Incredible new scientific marvel: staring into galaxy’s brightest whiteness (solar eclipse) guaranteed to elevate IQ by thirty points or more!!

There’s some merit to this prank because if white supremacists were blinded by the solar eclipse, they would no longer see a difference in skin colour, thereby making them much more enlightened individuals. Amazing.

4 The prankster whose cups are half-full


We’ve all seen the cup prank before; teens fill them all up with water—sometimes food-coloring—and place hundreds of them in an area with guaranteed high-traffic. In this case, the prank functions to cancel class until the janitors can clean it up. It’s fun, but it’s not legendary.

The reason this prank is on this list is because it’s just so… immaculate. Each cup placed with great care, in perfect line with each other… it’s a work of art. Never have I ever seen a prank so aesthetically pleasing in my life. Unfortunately, I presume it took a heck of a lot longer to set up than take down, but, just based on how visually satisfying it is, this prank is historic.

3 Clowning around town

As a general rule, if your prank is brilliant enough to get the police and national news involved, and freaked out, I think it’s safe to assume you’re going to be legendary—as long as you’re not in jail.

It all started when five girls were driving down the street and became inspired by the site of a sewer drain similar to the one where a clown by the name of Pennywise might be found. They started with twenty-ish balloons and went around town tying them to the drains, then went back to the store and got more (because pranking is incredibly addictive and hard to stop once you’ve started). I feel sorry for those cops who first found the balloons and were scared to ask each other if they saw them too…

2 Cake-faced birthday enthusiasts


Food pranks are fun—like making seemingly sweet things salty—and birthday pranks are even more fun—like packing a gift card in fifteen bigger boxes—but I’ve never seen a combination food/birthday prank that uses an entire sheet cake by smashing the birthday girl’s head into it. That’s, uh… different? Sometimes going for the most obvious thing, and multiplying it by four over-enthusiastic boys’ full arm strengths, can be the most hilarious and viral idea.

Kudos to this girl for coming away from this insanely extra prank with good humour and a smile. I hope she gets a nice massage and a hot shower to unwind from her birthday.

1 Teenaged Snoop Dealer

Snoop 😂😂

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The first amazing thing about this is that Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg went to high school together, because can you picture it? Me neither. Figures that Snoop was the resident dealer, and that his teenage prank involved selling Cameron Diaz, that “white girl weed,” which could be a range of things but likely involved some kitchen spices.

Like the cultural entrepreneur Snoop would later become, he capitalized on the burgeoning presence of pot in teenagers’ lives and took advantage of young experimental spirits, like Cameron Diaz. This is a classic prank in which Snoop probably inflated the price to turn a profit on people who just don’t know any better. I wonder if Cameron Diaz has found out that a gram isn’t actually worth fifty bucks yet.


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