15 Liars Who Got Busted On Social Media

Although social media has plenty of nuances, like taking up too much time and turning us all into creeps, it is good at one thing—catching people in lies. Some people lie about facts, which can be easily Googled and, therefore, just as easily dispelled.

Then, there are others who think they can fool everyone with their Photoshop skills, but then all it takes is one mirror in the background to shatter that lie. Then, there are the other ones who lie about an interaction they supposedly had with someone only to be called out by them. One would think that after all this time on social media, people would learn to tell the truth but evidently, that's asking too much.

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15 Club "bed" getting lit

Via: pinterest.com

Sometimes when we stay in on a Friday night we get a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and start to regret our decision to stay in. So what do we do to remedy this situation? Well, naturally we at the very least pretend like we are doing something exciting on social media to fool all of our followers. Like this person who decided to write up a whole paragraph about the amazing time that they are having at a club. Meanwhile, they are laying in bed with their hair up in a messy bun and pimple cream on their face just dreaming about being out. We can't really blame them for wanting to seem cool on a Friday night by using their social media, but surely they could have been a little more strategic in doing so. Like casually checking into a venue, instead of writing a whole paragraph about what a good time they are having.

14 Nice try

Via: pinterest.com

While we can admit that we have been tempted to take a photo of someone else and pretend it was us, we can't say that we've ever gone through with it. It takes a really gutty individual to blatantly steal an image from the internet and try to pass it as their own. Especially when the image is one of the first images that comes up when you do a search. If you're going to steal an image from the internet, then at least dig a little bit deeper and not just settle on the first image you see. We have to hand it to the person that busted them. How on earth did they eve remember where they saw this image before? We get that it looks like a professional image, but we wouldn't be able to remember exactly where we saw that image. Like, how did the person know what to Google? Very peculiar.

13 Chipotle making veganism near impossible

Via: pinterest.com

If we eat a salad for lunch does that mean that we can claim to be a vegan, at least during that lunch? Like, how many meatless and animal-free meals do you have to have before you can claim to be a vegan? Is it also possible to identify as a vegan and then occasionally slip up? For example, if a vegan is a vegan for months but then accidentally eats a piece of cheese are they still vegan? According to the girl who posted this on Facebook, it absolutely manes you still are. Despite deciding to be a vegan and identifying as such, she fell to the temptation of Chipotle. However, she did not see it as something interfering with her veganism and felt no need to share that part of her journey online. Fortunately, friends are already around to call you out on your crap.

12 The proof is in the pudding

Via: pinterest.com

We are not surprised that Charley posted something like this thinking that she would get away with it. After all, her IQ is only 85 so naturally, she didn't realize that people would catch her. Perhaps if her IQ really was 125 this would have been avoided. Instead, in a haste to convince everyone that she is really smart, poor Charley stepped into it. Sometimes when we are trying to show off, we just don't think things through. So while Charley's intentions were just to dispel the rumors about her intelligence, her lack of intelligence seemingly got in the way of that. Perhaps she is better off taking quizzes like "What kind of pizza are you?" or "What kind of dog would you be?" Or really, anything else that doesn't require her trying to prove her IQ to people.

11 Stay in school

Via: pinterest.com

Well, this kid got one thing right and that's saying that someone should "stay in school." Although at this rate he would probably benefit from his own advice more than anyone. Perhaps before pretending like the sun is in your eyes, you should have just faced the sun for real and not made it so easy to expose your lifes. Literally, all you had to do was turn your body 180 degrees and you would have been golden. At the end of the day, if you are going to post a photo like this, just own it instead of making excuses for it like that the sun was "in your eyes." Because if you do make excuses like that, especially ones that don't hold up, there will always be someone just waiting to call you out. That's one of the best parts of Facebook for some people, they are just waiting to troll others mishaps.

10 What a clever dog

Via: reddit.com

As much as we love to believe that our dog is basically a human, this image is not fooling anyone. While it is common for dogs to destroy household items like cushions and couches, it is not as common for them to undo a zipper before doing so. No wonder this dog looks so stunned in this image. For once in his life, he behaved and didn't touch anything while his parents were away and now they are framing him anyway. And for what reason? All for the sake of a photo. We hope at the very least, this dog now gets one free hall pass when it comes to naughty behavior when his parents are away. Honestly, at this rate, this poor pooch is going to develop a complex. What did this dog do to deserve such a framing? Leave the dog out of it next time you are trying to go viral.

9 Super fail

Via: reddit.com

If you are going to use a celebrity to try and sell something, perhaps you shouldn't tag them in it because it will inevitably come back to bite you. It's risky even without tagging them because someone will end up tweeting the details to Dale Earnhardt Jr. almost immediately after seeing a listing like this. The beauty of social media is that it's not that hard to ask celebrities questions to verify stuff anymore. So while you think you may have acted super clever by using a race car drivers name as a selling feature, social media does not let things like this slide. Virtually everyone has access to your information now, so if you are going to be lying on social media at least make sure its a foolproof lie.

8 Mama strikes again

Via: reddit.com

Nothing gets by your mother, especially not lies about your childhood. While you can pretend to others all you want that you are not vaccinated, perhaps it is a better idea to do it in person rather than social media. Because you know your mother's just waiting around the corner to dispel whatever lies you are telling. In most cases, your mom only has you, her other kids and some distant cousins on her Facebook, so you know that whatever you post will not get by her. We have to admit we love when the matriarch of the family throws shade. If there is anyone in the family that deserves to throw shade every once in a while, it's the mother in the family. After all, she has to put up with so much as the kids are growing up that when they are old enough it's okay if she dishes it back.

7 Cool story

Via: reddit.com

Who knew that former One Direction frontman Harry Styles would be able to sift through his notifications from teen fans and find this. He always seemed like a pretty passive guy to us, but we suppose even he draws a line when it comes to people using his name to get attention. We bet that this guy got flooded with likes and reposts after tweeting this, but that was even more reason for Harry to shut him down quickly. Although considering how much Harry has on his plate, we are surprised that he would spend a minute on this guy. Maybe he should spend more time on showering and less time trolling fans on the internet. For anyone who watches Keeping Up with Kardashians, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that he doesn't shower. Rumor has it, Harry is stinky.

6 Catfish

Via: reddit.com

In this day and age, catfishing is a real problem, thanks to people meeting online all the time through dating apps, Facebook messages and Instagram DMs. With so many people looking for love, it is also easier to let creepers slip through the cracks because you are hopeful that the next person you meet with be "the one."

Well, unfortunately, more often than not you are not meeting "the one," but rather "the one you want to run away from," or "the one who deceives you with false photos." Too often people are using Photoshop on their photos to deceive you and other times they are just straight up using other peoples photos and trying to pass them as their own. Like this guy, who was so lazy in his catfishing that he didn't even end up cropping the image to hide the fact that he did a google search for the image.

5 The ultimate oops

Via: reddit.com

What is it with people on social media not paying attention to detail and screwing themselves over? It's like some of these people are just asking for it and we don't know why they would want this kind of heat. Especially if you are trying to sell something. Would it not be beneficial to cover all of your bases before posting this? Like, how much are you prone to social media faux pas if you are trying to get away with things like this? We also have to point out that outside of the fact that you are blatantly lying, the surface that you chose to shoot the sunglasses on does not look that appealing. Like, at least put them on a nice clean surface to have them be more appealing to possible buyers. But evidently, this guy doesn't really care and plays by his own rules.

4 Corporate clap back

Via: reddit.com

There is nothing quite like being called out by a corporation all over social media. That has to be embarrassing. While companies use their social to upload information on their new products and services, they also use it just as frequently to clap back at people. Whether they need to shut down a troll or shut down someone pretending to have done something that they didn't like this guy, they do not shy away from it. How did this guy even think that anyone would believe him about this video to begin with? Surely, no one really thought that this guy was actually able to smuggle himself into another city via a suitcase? That was his first fail when it came to this. But then to mention the airline that he did it on, well, of course, they are going to call you out.

3  Called out

Via: reddit.com

Nothing gets by your mother, especially if you are lying about something like attending a college. Every mother dreams of her child attending a college or university so when they don't but then proceed to lie about it on social media, well, that's just not on. Apparently, this guy's mother is the ultimate troll. Not only does she probably clarify this to all of her family and friends that her son did not attend university, she decided to publicize it on the university Facebook page too. For one to actually go and comment on a public page like this makes an individual the ultimate savage. We have to hand it to her for being so savvy on Facebook figuring out where to comment. Our mothers basically know how to login let alone troll University accounts.

2 Called out for a runny stool

Via: pinterest.com

It's bad enough this kid ended up in the hospital because of a runny stool, but now his friend has to publicize it to everyone? Leave the poor kid alone. If he's stuck in the hospital with a drip at least let people believe that he's there for something cooler than a bad case of a runny stool. The lesson here is that no matter how convincing you may think your post is, there will always be at least one naysayer who knows the truth and doesn't mind calling you out. Although we have to say that the friend who is calling out this guy, has no boundaries. Not only did he reveal to everyone that this kid is on a saline drip and not morphine, he also revealed why. Nobody needs to know about this guy's bowel movements. Come on, have a little bit of sympathy.

1 Not fooling anyone

Via: pinterest.com

You are not fooling anyone and least of all not your friend who does not shy away from telling you like it is. Even though this friend is trolling you, we have to agree with what she is saying. How on earth do you accidentally post a selfie on your social media? For starters, how is it that the one out of 50 outtakes that looks great is the one that got posted if it were an accident? Secondly, how did your phone manage to log in to your Facebook, select the 'upload a photo' option and then post it on your wall? Her friend is right. There are like five different things that you have to go through whether you are posting on Instagram or Facebook. We can understand a pocket dial but for a phone to go rogue and post a photo like this? We are not buying what you are selling, sweetie.

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