15 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks That Will Blow Your Damn Mind

We've all been there—seven in the morning when the alarm goes off, but we're still in bed trying to get as many extra minutes of sleep as possible. The result? Having to give up on your daily morning beauty routine because all those precious minutes were spent sleeping in a bit longer! As a result, the only thing end up doing is putting on a smudge of lipstick, a little eyeliner, and maybe (if you're lucky) some concealer under your eyes and on your pimples. But, is that enough? On good days, yes. But, on bad days...not really.

This is exactly where beauty hacks come in handy, especially for those who'd rather skip breakfast and looking good, just to snuggle in their bed for a few more minutes. The thing is, now you don't have to choose between sleep and beauty—you can have a bit of both. And yes, these hacks aren't there just for those who hate getting up early in the mornings—it's good enough for those mothers who don't have time to go to the parlor to pamper themselves, or the budget to afford expensive makeup items.

Make your existing makeup look its best and find the easiest way to do other beauty chores thanks to these practical but life-changing hacks. They're so simple to follow that you can do them when you're half asleep.

Here are 15 unbelievable beauty hacks that are pocket-friendly, as well as simple.

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15 Seal your lip gloss

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Ever thought about giving your lip gloss more staying time? While sealing your lipstick, you apply the lipstick first and then apply powder upon it. But, what should be done to seal lip gloss? Here's an awesome tip. First, line your lips with a lip liner of a complementary color. Then, fill your entire lips with the lip liner to form a strong base. It's highly recommended that you use a thick lip liner (the thinner ones take a longer time to fill in). After filling up the lips, apply the lip gloss gently in two or three layers (there should be no trace of the lip liner). Applying this base can make your lip gloss stay longer and help you prevent dry lips. This is very helpful for teens and working women, who hate wearing lipstick (especially during the day) because it's a tad too much, and are unable to wear lip gloss because it wears off so damn quickly!

14 Remove mascara clumps

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You've probably ended up with irritating mascara clumps on your eyelashes before, making you look like Ursula from The Little Mermaid. We've all been there at least once in our lifetimes. It's likely that you also tried removing those clumps with a clean mascara wand or eyebrow brush. But, would you be okay doing that all the time? No. You'd rather just toss the mascara in the bin and buy a new one, right? If only mascaras weren't so damn expensive!

Fret not. There's another way you can easily remove them. Use a clean toothbrush to brush off the clumps. When you find excess mascara on your eyelashes, just use the bristles of a toothbrush and gently brush them off. Doesn't this sound like an exciting hack? Make sure that you don't comb the lashes harshly. You wouldn't want to completely take off your mascara, right? But keep in mind one thing—the bristles of the toothbrush must be soft and not hard.

13 Lengthen your lashes

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What do you normally do to have lengthy lashes? You go for artificial lashes. Sure, they look good (and fake from a mile away), and solve the purpose of giving you that glamorous look for those evening parties. But, did you know that these artificial lashes can cause trouble to your real lashes in the long run? Yes, the glue used in them can become dangerous as time passes by, especially if you're the type of stingy person who uses it well beyond its expiry date.

But, there's a natural way to fake lengthy and thick lashes. First, apply a coat of mascara to your lashes and leave it to dry. Then, coat the mascara wand with a pretty good amount of baby powder. Next, apply the powder to your lashes and leave it on for a while. Then, apply a second coat of mascara. This will give you thicker and longer eyelashes. Since it's not toxic, it can prevent damage to your lashes caused by the glue of artificial ones.

12 Straighten your hair without a straightening iron

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If you are in a rush, don't own a straightening iron, or your straightening iron is under repair (read: you're too broke to buy a new one), then you must really learn to do this trick. First, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. You can make a clarifying shampoo by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda to your ordinary shampoo. Apply this mixture to your hair while while you're washing it. After you've applied shampoo, let it stay there for a minute then rinse it off completely with water.

After that, wrap your head in a towel and let it stay like that for maybe five minutes before taking it off. While your hair is still damp, comb it from the top to the tips with a flat comb. Do it slowly and steadily (quick motions might break hair from the roots). Repeat this procedure until your hair becomes dry or you've done with all your sections—whichever comes first. You'd be amazed by the results, I promise.

11 Fix smudged nail polish

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Yes, so many nail polishes have been advertised as quick dry, but we all know the truth, don't we, ladies? Most of these polishes take almost as long to dry as normal ones! For those of us who aren't aware of this scam, we usually end up with smudged nail polish because we did something we thought was okay to do when wearing quick-dry polish (like hitting your nail on a hard surface unknowingly or touching stuff). But, instead of going through the process of painting the entire nail over again, most of us just remove all the polish in sheer frustration.

However, there's an easy and quick trick to fix this problem. When you find a nail with smudged polish while it's still wet, just lick the nail very gently to set the polish. Well, yeah, it might taste like hell. But, it's the quickest way to fix the smudge, instead of searching for a cloth. Also, using a cloth might smear the polish all over your finger. Be careful while you lick your nail, though (nail polishes are not to be swallowed!). Maybe adding a drop of water to it is smarter!

10 Homemade dry shampoo

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Have you been wondering how to treat the roots of your hair (because those oily roots sure as hell don't look appealing to anybody)? Dry shampoos are the best way to scrunch up your hair, sure. But, the dry shampoos available in supermarket aren't budget-friendly. Don't worry; now you can make your own dry shampoo by mixing a few cheap (and readily available) ingredients from the supermarket.

The base recipe includes:

1/4 cup arrowroot powder or organic cornstarch

5 drops of essential oil (optional)

For brown or brunette hair, go for 1/4 cup dark cocoa powder to mix with the shampoo. Those with blonde hair can use the original base recipe, and those with black hair can put 1/4 cup of activated charcoal powder in the mix. If you feel that's too light, just apply the charcoal powder directly to your roots.

9 Heal shaving nicks naturally

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Cuts or nicks while shaving your legs or hands are a common occurrence, especially for us women (*cries*). If you have free time, sure you can rush to the nearest medical store, buy an ointment, and apply on the cut. But, what would you do when you are in a rush and there's no ointment available nearby? Panic? Sure. But, then what?

Well, first and foremost, wash the nick with cold water. And then—here comes the magic trick—you just take your lip balm or ChapStick and gently apply it on the cut. Don't cover it with a cloth, though. Let the wound get some fresh air so that the lip balm sears through the wound to heal it. Keep in mind though, this tip is only for minor cuts and scratches. You can't heal a knife injury with a lip balm. For that, you gotta rush to the hospital.

On the plus side, you can even heal a scorched tongue instantly with a balm. Awesome, right?

8 Make your own leave-in conditioner

Via: pinterest.com

Hair conditioners strengthen your hair, provide a glossy look to your tresses, and maintain the moisture level. For long-lasting, flowing waves, why not try a leave-in conditioner that you can use as a spray? It saves time and also you needn't go for a shower every time you want to use a conditioner. This DIY leave-in conditioner is easy and quick to prepare. All you need to do is mix one portion of conditioner with three parts of water (you can also add more water if you want a lighter conditioner). This spray can be used even after a shower to separate your entangled hair. You can also make an organic conditioner by mixing water with aloe vera juice, lime juice, liquefied coconut oil, and a vitamin E capsule.

7 Foot treatment while you sleep

Via: pixabay.com

Cracked heels? What's the first thing that comes to mind? A pedicure, sure. But at a spa? Who's got the time (and money) for such a crazy thing? Might as well just sit at home and... let our heels vanish into oblivion. Well, most of us would do that anyway. Some women out there with great patience might try doing a pedicure at home, while the more lazy ones end up simply putting some foot cream on their heels.

But, will the heels be cured completely by either of these methods? No. It's a constant headache, a vicious cycle. This is why there's a simple hack to get rid of cracks on your heels. At night, cover both feet with a healing foot oil or lotion. Then, slip your feet into socks, lie on your bed and go to sleep. Well, that's it! When you wake up in the morning, your feet will be soft and smooth like a feather. This is the simplest and least time-consuming hack for your cracked foot and you'll definitely be awed by the results. Make sure you do this three times a week!

6 Use concealer in a different way

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You use your lip liner to provide shape to your lips. But, what about the area surrounding your lips? Don't they deserve special attention, too? Of course they do! And now you can shape them as well. Using what? Concealer!

It's true. After you line your lips with the lip liner, just apply a dab of concealer to the area around your lips. Make it a point to apply it to the philtrum (the vertical groove between the base of your nose and your upper lip) to get the curviest lips of them all. Also, using the concealer around your lips can help to hide unwanted scars, pimples, and acne.  So, what are you waiting for? Grab your concealer and get that perfect Cupid's bow right now!

5 Your lipstick is a multipurpose item

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Who said that lipsticks were invented only to color your lips? There are various unique uses of this item that you may not have come across. This is an excellent hack for those of us who are broke AF and can't afford to buy matching makeup items to complete our looks. So what exactly is it that you can use your lipstick for?

Well,  first off, you can use your it as a cream blush. This is very useful when you're in dire need of a long-lasting blush; lipstick can stay longer on your skin than your normal blush. Another use of lipstick is that you can also turn it into a lip gloss. When the stick reaches the end of the tube (i.e. when it cannot be used any more), just scoop it out and mix it with a little bit of Vaseline to come up with your own customized lip gloss. But be careful, though—it won't last for very long on your lips!

Yet another use of lipstick is as a cream eye shadow. Of course, if you have oily eyelids you might just want to stay away from applying it on your eyes because it'll disappear within five minutes!

4 Provide extra definition to your hands & legs

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What do you usually do to give extra definition to your hands and legs? You'd hit the gym, right? But, now you can provide that much-needed extra definition, even without stepping out of your home. Before applying a moisturizer or a lotion, mix some liquid highlighter to it. You can even use powder highlighter, and if you don't even have that, body glitter will work just fine. Just rub this mixture gently along the length of your legs and arms to get brighter body parts.

The highlighter trick is not only for your hands and legs; you can also use it for cheeks, forehead, and eyes. But, be careful not to mix too much of your highlighter into your cream—you might end up looking like a clown.

3 Treat sunburns with aloe vera gel

Via: pinterest.com

You don't have to go hunting for expensive burn creams that can cure your sunburns. So, what do you do? Well, we have a simple yet effective hack that is pocket-friendly, as well as damn easy to prepare.

If you have an aloe vera plant, pluck a leaf and cut it lengthwise. Squeeze out the gel from the leaf and gently apply the gel on your affected areas. Leave it there until it is dry, or the skin completely absorbs it (whichever comes first). You can also blend this aloe vera gel with cucumber chops and apply it on your skin to easy minor sunburns on your body. Make sure you store the remaining gel in an airtight container which you keep in your fridge. Heat makes it go bad very quickly. If you don't have a plant at home, then simply shop for some organic aloe vera gel online!

2 Remove mascara without spoiling your makeup

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Yes, every girl has experienced this annoying phenomenon. Every time you apply mascara, a drop or two falls on your cheek or on the area surrounding your eyes. It is an instant reaction for us to rub it off immediately, but then what is the end result? You end up with smudged makeup and then you have to do everything all over again. Ugh! So, try this simple hack instead. When it falls or drips on your face or eyes, just wait until it is completely dry. WAIT. Then, gently rub off the dried black goop with a cotton swab, and that's it! It will easily come off without leaving a trace behind, and that's exactly what we want, don't we ladies?

1 Organic coconut oil as an inexpensive makeup remover

Via: pinterest.com

Coconut oil is inexpensive when compared to the hundreds of makeup removers or wipes that you use on a regular basis. If you don't believe us, search their prices, bring out your calculators, and check it for yourself!

Applying coconut oil not only effectively removes makeup, but it also has a bunch of benefits for your skin (which makes it healthier in the long run!). So, how do you use the oil to remove makeup? Simple— take a few drops of the oil and spread it on your palm evenly. Then, take a clean cotton swab and rub the oil on it. Next, gently rub the swab all over your eyes to remove the eye shadow and eyeliner effectively. To remove mascara, rub another cotton swab on the lashes. Keep on repeating this step on all areas that have makeup on your face and ta-da! You're done.

If you have oily skin, then I would suggest mixing equal quantities of organic coconut oil and aloe vera gel, which can also be easily used as an effective makeup remover. Just make sure you store this mixture in a cool place in an airtight container.

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