15 Life-Changing Life Hacks You'll Feel Clueless For Not Knowing

So you guys, do you think that life is actually algebra? To us, it makes sense, because both life and algebra are incredibly difficult to do, and we kinda sorta hate them both. But we should also consider the possibility that life is actually steel or titanium, because it's also super hard and cold as ice. Or, maybe, life is some mutant of a branch of math, and a heavy metal.

Well, whatever. We guess it doesn't really matter what life really is, because that doesn't change the fact that life is incredibly, supremely, and indubitably challenging. There are so many obstacles. So many hurdles to overcome, so many hoops to jump through. Life is no walk in the park, that is a fact. And that's why we're always on the lookout for helpful life hacks that make day to day living that much easier. Here, check out these 15 life-changing life hacks you'll feel clueless for not knowing.

15 Pineapple juice is great for coughs

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Have you noticed? Cough syrup almost never works. It doesn't really soothe your throat or stop your cough, and it certainly doesn't make you feel any better. Sometimes, if you're lucky, the cough syrup gives you mild nausea, and the stomach discomfort distracts you from the fact that your respiratory system is shot to heck. At best, the cough syrup makes you drowsy, so you just fall asleep instead of hacking up your lungs. But the dowfnside to cough syrup induced comas is that, well, you can't get anything done when you're out cold.

Boy, are you going to be thrilled about this life hack! Turns out, pineapple juice is a lot more effective than cough syrup thanks to the compound Bromelain, which helps fight off the bacteria that's causing your cough. So, the next time you feel your throat tickle, drink a cup of cool pineapple juice. A simple remedy that beats the heck out of Robitussin.

14 Put a safety pin on the inside of your shirt to eliminate static

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Sweaters, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. There are so many reasons to love fall. And one of the greatest things about the season is the cool, dry weather. We love it. You know what else loves the cool, dry weather? Static electricity. And do you know what static electricity loves? Shocking the crap out of us every time we try to open a door, zip a zipper, pick up a piece of cutlery, or touch somebody. No chill, static electricity.

We don't know about you guys, but static electricity has got us whipped. We live in low-key fear that we are going to accidentally touch something that conducts electricity, then get popped with a spark. And, yeah, it doesn't hurt that bad. But it's so startling! All in all, we would just like to avoid the experience. That's why we're putting safety pins in all of our clothes, ASAP, just like this life hack suggests.

13 Steam your microwave to make cleaning a breeze

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Microwaves make meal prep so much easier. Need to defrost some chicken thighs? Microwave. Chocolate chip cookie recipe calls for softened butter? Microwave. Need to heat up seven Hot Pockets because that's how you choose to live your life? Microwave. Microwaves are wonder machines, and we can't sing their praises enough.

The only downside to microwaves is that they, like just about everything else, get dirty. Specks of tomato sauce leftover from reheated spaghetti line the walls of your microwave. Bits of oatmeal from quick oats pouches stick to the glass plate on the bottom. A stale smell emanates from the inside, a stinking reminder of all of the food that you've heated up in there. You need to clean that thing, stat. But don't worry. It doesn't have to be hard. Mix a cup of water with a cup of vinegar and microwave the mixture for one minute. The inside will wipe clean, and your microwave won't be gross anymore!

12 Put a stocking over your vacuum hose to find small items

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We like you guys. Not like like, just regular like. Don't make it weird. Anyway, you guys are pretty cool, and that's why we hope that nothing bad ever happens to you. We hope you never find a bug in the bottom of your cup after you've finished all of your coffee. And we hope that all of the clothes you pick up off the rack are within your price range. We also hope that you never have to experience the sinking feeling that comes with the realization that you lost an earring, or a cuff link, or any other piece of jewelry.

But since hope isn't really a good preventative measure, we're going to leave you with this helpful life hack that you should never be without. The next time you lose a small something, take out your vacuum cleaner, put a stocking over the hose, and you'll quickly find your miniature valuables.

11 Humming a tune can help prevent you from vomiting

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Having trouble keeping your dinner down? Oooooh, we don't envy you. Nausea has got to be in the top five on the List of Common Maladies that Totally Suck and Will Ruin Your Life. And, yeah, we just made that list up, but we bet it's still true. Who among us would even attempt to argue that feeling sick to your stomach is better than pink eye or a small boil? No one, that's who. Nausea is legit the worst. We think it's safe to say that we're all on the same page about that. And the one thing that's worse than nausea? Vomiting.

Ew. Granted, no one likes to get sick, but still. It's a nightmare. Curb your chances of yodeling groceries by humming a tune every time you feel nauseous. Humming quashes the gag reflex, making it nearly impossible to vomit. When you're lying on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night, anything's worth a try.

10 Soak paint crusted brushes in vinegar to make them good as new

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If painting is one of your regular hobbies, then you can't afford not to pay attention to this invaluable life hack. How many times have you accidentally left your paint brushes out to dry without cleaning them up first? Probably a lot. And how many paint brushes have you thrown out because of your carelessness? Again, probably a lot. Funnily enough, we don't even paint, and we still manage to make this screw up on a pretty regular basis. But this tip has made our lives a lot easier, let us tell you.

The next time you forget to clean up your expensive artist's brushes after painting your masterpiece—or, the next time you neglect to rinse out your brushes after letting your pet pig paint a picture for the front of the fridge—don't toss them out. Simply soak them in some vinegar for about a half an hour. The old, crusty paint will fall off, and your precious paint brushes will come out good as new!

9 Pour sugar on spilled nail polish for easy cleanup

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Painting your nails is hard enough. You have to keep your hand steady, and you have to make sure you can paint your nail without getting paint all over the skin surrounding it. But, by far the worst thing about painting your nails is trying to prevent your polish from spilling. And if you do make that near-fatal mistake? Heaven help you.

Nail polish stains are hard to get out. In fact, in our entire lives, we have never successfully been able to fully remove a stain that was created by nail polish. That stuff is more permanent than permanent marker. Which is why anybody who paints their nails has to be super careful not to tip the bottle over.

But we're all human, so spills do happen. The next time you accidentally knock over your nail lacquer, sprinkle some sugar on it. It will help dry it all up and clump together so you can sweep it up easily.

8 Use cold water and conditioner to un-shrink a shirt

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Shrinkage. One of the very real threats of being a guy and jumping in a cold swimming pool washing a one-hundred percent cotton T-shirt for the very first time. Like us, you have probably gone your whole life believing that once you shrunk a shirt, it would never go back to the size that it was before you put it in the dryer. And that's the logical assumption to make, because that's the way it's always been. At least, until now.

We're not really sure if this is a life hack. We are more inclined to believe that it's a magic trick. Whatever it is, it's amazing, and you need to know about it. So the next time you accidentally shrink your favorite tee, don't get rid of it. Just soak it in a bowl of ice water with a cup of hair conditioner. This will restore it to its original size.

7 If you're too embarrassed to purchase something, buy a birthday card with it

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Next to nausea, embarrassment is the worst thing to feel, hands down. And if you're one of those people who gets nauseous when they're embarrassed, then it sucks doubly hard to be you. We already gave you a life hack to help you avoid vomiting, now here's one that can help spare you from mortification.

Okay, to be fair, this tip doesn't work in every scenario. This won't make you feel better about that time when you were in third grade and you called your teacher mom. But it will make you feel more comfortable when you're out in public. In fact, if you suffer from social anxiety, this tip may very well be indispensable.

The next time you're too embarrassed to buy something at the grocery store (whether it's adult diapers or a Justin Bieber CD), buy a birthday card with it. It'll provide an unspoken explanation to anybody who sees you with your embarrassing cargo.

6 Sprinkle salt in a pan of oil to prevent it from splattering

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Fried foods we love. Getting burned while we're frying the fried food? Not so much. In fact, we hate that. It hurts. Any time you leave the kitchen with third-degree burns all over your face and arms, it's a bad thing. And yet, full-body third-degree burns are a price that we are all willing to pay in order to get freshly fried tater tots, french fries, hush puppies, and chicken. Like, yeah, we may be suffering on the outside. But at least our souls are doing okay, now that we've got some fried food on our stomachs.

Imagine our surprise when we learned that splattering oil is something than can be stopped. Our jaws hit the floor when we read over this life hack, but it's true. The next time you fry something, sprinkle the oil with salt. It will help prevent it from splattering and sending you to the burn ward.

5 Hide emergency money in a pad wrapper

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Even if you're not planning on doing anything risky—like going on a road trip without a cell phone, or trying to make a joke without offending anyone in the twenty-first century—it's still a good idea to keep a stash of emergency money with you at all times. On the other hand, keeping a large sum of money on your person can be dangerous. If someone were to get a glimpse of all of that cash, you could be setting yourself up to be a victim of a robbery. And that's a really, really bad idea.

So what you want to do is find a way to conceal your emergency money in such a way that prevents other people from realizing that you are a loaded millionaire. The best way to do that is to hide it in a sanitary napkin wrapper. No one ever suspects that period paraphernalia could possibly be a hidden cash stash.

4 Finish up your showers with a cold water rinse to prevent acne

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When you're young, you tend to make assumptions, and when you find out that these assumptions are inaccurate, it can be disappointing. For instance, most kids think their teachers live in their school, and they're pretty freaked out to discover that teachers are just like every other adult. It's kind of the same feeling when teenagers discover that adults can have acne.

When you hit puberty and you get your first series of zits, you take some comfort in the fact that you will eventually grow out of it. It's a b*tch now, but at least when you become an adult, you won't have pimples anymore . . . right?

Well, we're sorry to have to tell you that that is wrong. Adults can get acne, and they often do. One simple trick to help reduce breakouts is to finish up your showers with a cold water rinse. This seals your pores, preventing acne-causing bacteria from penetrating your skin and ruining your life.

3 Unclog drains with baking soda and vinegar

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If you've been going through the lineup, then you've already witnessed some of the great things that vinegar can be used for. It's a wonderful household cleaning item. Not only can you use it to clean microwaves and old paint brushes, but you can also use vinegar to disinfect your countertops, clean the smudges off your windows and mirrors, remove pet odors, and much more. You can't afford not to have vinegar in your home. And if all of those great uses didn't convince you, then this nifty life hack will.

You probably thought that baking soda and vinegar were only good for making a volcano for your fifth grade science fair. But the chemical reaction created by combining these two ingredients is actually perfect for unclogging drains. So before you call a plumber, try this life hack. It might just save you some serious cash.

2 B vitamins help ward off bugs

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Summer may be hot, but we think that the multitude of summertime activities that are available for us to enjoy outweigh the disadvantages of the heat. Think about it. Sure, you may be sweating like a pig, but do you think it would be reasonable to have a water balloon fight in the middle of winter? And what about backyard barbecues and bonfires? Would either of those things be as great if they were done in the spring? We contend that they wouldn't be.

But summer does come with a downside (you know, aside from the heat). Bugs. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and all manner of flying, biting insects positively adore the summertime. They also adore sucking our blood and making us itchy and miserable. Fortunately, by taking a B complex vitamin, you can help repel those pesky bugs, and go back to enjoying all of the great things that summer has to offer.

1 Boil a lemon wedge with eggs to make peeling easy

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Boiled eggs are a fantastic snack! Full of protein, vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats, eggs are the perfect brain food to munch on while you're studying. And because they are low-carb, they are a great food to put on your diet list any time you need to shed a few pounds. Aside from all of the health and weight loss benefits of eggs, it's also worth mentioning that they're dirt cheap. A cost-effective snack that's delicious and nutritious? Sign us up!

There are a sh*t ton of ways to make eggs. Omelets, scrambled, deviled—you can do just about anything with an egg. Within reason, of course. You can't, like, use eggs to breathe underwater. Another thing that you can do with eggs is boil them. A boiled egg is delicious. Sadly, peeling boiled eggs is hella hard. Make it easier by boiling eggs with a lemon wedge. The shell will slide right off.

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