15 Life Hacks For People Who Are Lazy AF

There's a little bit of lazy person in all of us, it's just that some of us hide it better than others. No one likes doing dishes, or wiping the floors, or having to get up and grab stuff from the floor. I mean, if there's a way to make your life easier, why the heck wouldn't you do it? Life is too short anyways, and we gotta take care of ourselves first, which means if you come up with a creative everyday life hack you should be proud and definitely use it. And in case you can't come up with life hacks yourself, don't worry, we've got your back. These are perfect for anyone, but especially for those of you whose spirit animals are definitely sloths.

So here are 15 lovely life hacks that lazy people need to know of.

15 Put milk in the actual cookie container so you save yourself the hassle of washing dishes.

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Don't lie to yourself, you definitely don't like washing dishes, nobody does. Even if you have a dishwasher, just putting the dirty dishes in it is annoying and stressful (it's like a bad game of Tetris) and honestly, if you can somehow not do it, it's great. And that is why you should always use a product's packaging to its fullest potential. Like cookies, for example. Usually their container is divided which makes for a perfect place for the milk you'll dip it in. Yeah, you may be thinking what if I don't eat all of the cookies? Well, first of all , don't lie to yourself, you probably will. But if by some weird chance you don't, just put the whole thing in the fridge, it will be ready and waiting for your next snack attack.

14 Cut cakes with dental floss because knives are overrated and no one likes washing them.

Another no dishes hack is using dental floss to cut cakes. This technique usually works for all types of cakes, and not only is it super easy, but it's also perfect for children's birthdays, since having a knife with so many excited kids around is always kinda dangerous. Plus, no one really likes washing knives, so just save yourself the mess and give this hack a try. And everyone has dental floss around (if you don't your dentist will be really pissed, and no one likes a pissed dentist). Anyways, if that hasn't convinced you, it's also a great excuse for you to make (or let's be real, to buy) your favorite cake.

13 And speaking of doing less dishes, use your hoodie as the perfect popcorn bowl.

OK, I'll admit, this might not be the best hack on this list, but it sure is the weirdest/coolest/funniest one. I mean, if you try really hard, and if you fill the hoodie with popcorn all the way to the top, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to ear without using your hands, and isn't that kinda a lazy person's dream come true? All jokes aside though, this one may be useful to know in case you're craving some popcorn but you don't happen to have a bowl (or you don't feel like washing it). Plus it kinda looks awesome, in that weird geeky kind of way, like it literally looks like something that could exist in the future: clothing with built in bowls.

12 Bake two pizzas at the same time by just simply cutting them in half.

This is a genius one, regardless of whether you're really lazy or not – you need to try this! It is the only right way to bake to pizzas in an oven at once, and not only does it make the whole thing faster, it also saves you money and energy, which is good for the environment. It's also literally the easiest hack on this list. All you have to do s cut both pizzas in half. If you knew of this one before, great, but if you didn't, don't you feel a bit stupid for not figuring it out yourself before? I for sure did, and I always struggled with trying to fit two pizzas in the oven. Now it just seems so obvious, doesn't it?

11 Cook your pasta in a coffee maker.

In case you need to cook your pasta quickly and efficiently, you can definitely use a coffee maker. The technique may be questionable, but when your hungry and in a rush, do you even care? Also, this is pretty much the lazy student way of cooking pasta, and there's no shame in that. Putting something to a new use is always creative and as long as you make sure it's safe, who are we to stop you from exploring your creative ideas? All of these hacks are purely the result of people being lazy and creative at the same time. And if you ask me (I may be biased 'cause I'm one of them), those people are the BEST.

10 Freeze your meals.

OK, here's the last food related hack, I promise. I can't help it that us, lazy folks, absolutely love food. Anyways, the hack is to freeze anything and everything. This means that if you're gonna make the effort to actually cook, you might as well double or even triple the amount of food you make, and simply freeze what you won't eat up that day. This way you can have delicious home-cooked meals ready for whenever you feel like having them. Not to mention that you can always freeze your leftovers as well. The freezer is indeed a lazy person's best friend, so you should definitely make use of yours.

9 Get done with ironing your clothes in 5 minutes.

Literally nobody likes ironing. And this hack is so damn genius, that everyone needs to give it a try. Basically all you gotta do is put your wrinkly clothes in the dryer, together with a wet hand towel, turn it on for about 5 minutes and wait for the drier fairies to do their magic. Seriously, think of all the things you can do in those 5-10 mins you would be using to pull out the ironing board, and instead of sweating while trying not to burn your clothes, you could be watching a YouTube video, have a dance party by yourself, or even take a tiny 5 minute nap (because lazy people, duh). And before you know it, you take your clothes out of the dryer and the wrinkles are gone. This pretty much means you don't have to iron clothes ever again.

8 Let your kid play in a cardboard box.

This is one for all of you who have kids, or who sometimes take care of your cousins, nieces, nephews, or just kids in general. Get a big cardboard box. You can ask for one from a nearby supermarket – they probably have some that they want to throw away. Or, you can save the boxes from your big purchases. If you can't find a box for free, you can even buy them for cheap in most craft and office supplies stores. Trust me, the investment will be well worth it, because the kid will be busy and occupied for hours, and your walls, floors and furniture will stay nice and clean. Just make sure the box you get is big enough for the kid, because if they're not comfy in it, they won't like it and this hack won't work. Other than that, you're good to go!

7 And speaking of kids, put a cupcake liner on your kid's popsicle to somewhat prevent a huge mess.

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This popsicle hack will save you the mess of cleaning your kids (or yourself) after enjoying a lovely cold popsicle on a hot summer day. Listen, it still might get messy, you never know with kids, but this will catch most of the dripping so it won't get on their clothes, your furniture or carpets (hopefully). Cupcake liners are something you can easily buy in bulk for cheap, and besides using them to protect your kids and your house from the sticky popsicle mess monster, you can also use them to make cupcake, duh! Also, if you're just a messy adult, we won't judge you for using this trick for yourself! So there's really no downside to having a bunch of cupcake liners at hand. Give it a try!

6 Put your soda glass under your beach bed for ultimate lazy tanning.

OK, I'll admit, this hack may not be everyone's lazy cup of tea, and it is potentially the most ridiculous one on this list (this one or the popcorn one, I can't decide), but hey, it is a perfect hack for a lazy person sunbathing. All you gotta do is make sure your beach bed has space to pull the straw through, and you're all set to never have to get up or turn around ever again. That is until you're done with your drink, or the sun gets too hot and you need to put more sunscreen on. Never forget sunscreen folks, whether you're lazy or not, your skin will thank you.

5 Clean your compute keyboard by simply swiping a post-it paper between the keys.

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Cleaning out keyboards is honestly just one of the worst and hardest things to do because nothing ever cleans the places between the keys nicely, and they just end up accumulating dirt, food crumbs, cat hair and pretty much anything else that's small enough to get in there. Can you tell that I hate cleaning keyboards? Yes, I've tried vacuuming it and I would not recommend it, as I did end up with a few keys being eaten up by my vacuum, which were a pain in the ass to find in all the dirt later. But ever since I found out about this hack, cleaning my keyboard is actually kinda fun, and whenever I use a post-it note, I end up also cleaning my keyboard, and so far it works great!

4 Use office clips to make sure your phone charger cord never falls off your nightstand/desk ever again.

Lazy people don't like picking up stuff from the floor. Ever. So if there's a way we can have our chargers (and other cords) never fall down, we are all over it. This hack is so genius, whoever came up with it deserves a golden medal or something. You do need office clips for it, but don't we all have them lying around somewhere in those dusty drawers, along with other miscellaneous things we never really use? So go ahead and find that office clip and clip it to the side of you desk, night stand or any other surface. Loop your charging cord through it and you will never have to pick it up from the floor again. All you have to do is make sure the office clip is small/big enough for the cord to go through but not fall out.

3 And speaking of nightstands, always have makeup removing wipes on them for those days when you're just too lazy to go and wash your makeup off.

We've all been there; you come home late from a night out, and you're too tired (meaning you're too drunk) to go to the bathroom and deal with that whole night time face routine. So you somehow manage to change into your PJs (or you don't) and you climb into your bed and pass out. But you regret the whole thing the next morning. Not only is your pillow case disgustingly smothered in makeup, your face feels terrible and you can sense those pimples and clogged pores forming. The thing is, this is super easy to prevent by simply keeping makeup removing wipes on your nightstand. Yes sure, ideally you should actually wash your face, moisturize it and everything, but drunk and tired you can't do that. On the other hand, drunk and tired you can take out a wipe and rub her face with it (maybe not successfully, but most of it should come off).

2 Clean your blender by putting some dishwashing soap and water in it, turning it on for a few seconds, and then simply just rinse it out.

This one seems so obvious, doesn't it? But somehow there's a ton of people (including me until recently) who are doing it completely wrong and washing their blenders the old fashioned way. Not only is that pretty dangerous, since you stick your hand in there and you can't really see the blades that well, but it's also so damn time consuming that it makes you not want to drink smoothies ever again. But worry no longer, because this will change your life, and you will no longer dread the thought of having to clean your blender. You'll simply put some dishwashing soap in it, add a bit of water, blend it for a couple of seconds, rinse it out, and voilà, it's all clean.

1 Use old fuzzy socks on your Swiffer to save money.

This one is not only genius, but it's also great for the environment – it's a sock, so it's reusable! Plus we all have old socks that we don't wear anymore, or whose pair we've lost. Ideally, the socks should be fuzzy, but no one's gonna judge you if you give other types of socks a try. Who knows? You may discover other genius sock hacks too! And once you're done with cleaning you can just throw the sock in your washer and have it be all clean for your next cleaning session. I mean when you think about it, your socks pick up dirt from the floor really well anyways, so it only makes sense that they'd be amazing for cleaning. And the environment (and your wallet) will thank you later!

So there you have it, 15 hacks for the lazy ones (and everyone else too). Now go and live your best lazy life, and give these hacks a go.

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