15 Life Hacks To Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

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15 Life Hacks To Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

I don’t know how it happened, but recently I’ve gotten sucked into going on YouTube and watching gadget testing videos – whether they’re kitchen gadgets, survival gadgets, or weirdly specific gadgets that will only work on one type of fruit and nothing else – I watch them all. Usually, the channels that are really big into doing testings have a lot of videos demonstrating various survival gadgets and life hacks. Although I don’t live out in the wilderness or have any real use for that kind of thing, I might someday. Yeah, when the zombies come and everyone is scrambling around because they don’t know how to live without modern conveniences, I’ll have all my YouTube knowledge to survive. It probably won’t help much, but I’ll know what the weird gadgets that are left at Target after everyone ransacks it and takes the useful things are for.

If you want to actually be prepared for when the zombie apocalypse comes, check out this list of 15 actually useful life hacks to help you survive against the undead. Or use them to make your current life a little easier.

15. Make Planters Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

via http://familysponge.com/create/kidsart/recycled-art-toilet-paper-roll-crafts-for-kids/

via FamilySponge

In the case of a zombie apocalypse, being able to walk down to the grocery store and pick up a few heads of lettuce or a bag of baby carrots is totally out the window as far as a possibility. Which means that it’ll be a good idea to start planting and growing your own food. Unfortunately, without stores or other modern conveniences, being able to just buy a planter or pot to put your seeds in and grow yourself a little garden is, frankly, not happening.

Instead, using recycled toilet paper rolls or using paper towel rolls that are cut in half and putting them inside of a shoe box or other small storage box as makeshift planters to get your seeds going and ready to be planted into the ground is an eco-friendly, zombie apocalypse-friendly solution.

14. Use Duct Tape for Stubborn Jar Lids

via https://www.cnet.com/au/how-to/7-ways-to-remove-a-stubborn-jar-lid/

via CNET

In the case of a zombie apocalypse, you’re not going to want to waste a lot of time trying to struggle with stubborn jar lids when you’re making food. Time will be important, as will food, and any time or energy that you unnecessarily waste fumbling around, getting blisters on your hands, and trying to get a jar lid to come off will be time and energy that could’ve gone into something else. So that makes this tip awesome. Just put some tape on a jar and use it for extra leverage and force to help you twist the lid! It’s actually brilliant.

The best part of this one is that it’s also applicable in everyday life, with or without zombies. Never fuss around with the stuck lid on a jar of pasta sauce again as long as you have a roll of duct tape handy. And who just doesn’t have duct tape laying around?

13. Only Take One Trip To The Water Source

via https://www.reddit.com/r/lifehacks/comments/1hbqsz/lifehack_how_to_save_time_carrying_gallons_of/

via Lifehacks

This is another one that reminds you that if the zombies come, wasting energy is a terrible idea. Imagine all the energy that you’d be wasting carrying one or two jugs of water at a time back and forth from the river to your camp. Not to mention the fact that you’d be putting yourself at serious risk of an attack by going out so many times and wandering around out in the open where you could be attacked. No thank you. That’s why this life hack is absolutely genius and whoever thought of it is a life saver. Seriously. All you need is a long stick of some sort – like a cane, a hockey stick, or something similar – that you can slide through the handles of your water jugs. That way, you can carry several back with you at once instead of just one or two.

12. Use Crayons As Makeshift Candles

via http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/10/22/powers-out-and-in-a-pinch-how-to-create-5-makeshift-urban-survival-lights/

via Art Of Manliness

This is a tip that’s been around for a long time regarding situations in which you’re in a power outage, a zombie apocalypse, or anything else that would require you to have an emergency backup source of lighting. Since candles are just made of wax, if you can get them caught on fire, they can burn and give you a small source of light like a candle would for a period of time. Odds are the candles won’t be a hot commodity in the zombie apocalypse, so you should be able to find a pack of them somewhere. Whether it’s in your own home or a store – find that classic pack of 24 Crayola Crayons and light those babies on fire! And no like you’re going to care during an apocalypse, but think about the cool design it would make when the wax drips on the surface? #Rainbows

11. Always Know The Freshness Of Your Eggs

via https://www.reddit.com/r/lifehacks/comments/4s7clo/how_to_test_the_age_of_an_egg/

via Lifehacks

This tip has saved me multiple times, even in normal life without zombies. Basically, if you have eggs and want to know how old they are or if they’re safe to eat, take a big glass, jar, or bowl of water and drop the eggs in. If they land on their side at the bottom of the bowl, they’re fresh and you’re good to go. Whereas if they sit up on their end a tiny bit, they’re around a week old. If they sit up on their end completely, they’re getting a few weeks old and you should probably eat them immediately. If they float all the way to the top, they’re very old and you shouldn’t eat them. Since wasting food in the zombie apocalypse will be a huge deal, along with trying not to eat anything that’s gone bad since any illness could be catastrophic, this tip could be a lifesaver in the future! Plus, it’s helpful now if you don’t remember when you bought that carton of eggs in the back of your refrigerator.

10. Use Tic Tac Containers For Spices

via http://www.seattlesundries.com/blogs/news/11721973-repurposed-tictac-boxes-for-travel-spices

via Seattle Sundries

This tip about storing your spices in recycled Tic Tac containers is a great one! Especially if you’re big on going camping, and certainly being an excellent idea for the future with the zombie apocalypse. I know, in the future if the zombies come, your spice collection will probably be the least of your worries. But putting them into smaller containers like this makes it easier to store and carry them when you’re traveling. That makes this a great tip when you’re camping and have limited space in your backpack but don’t want to miss out on delicious food over the campfire and the same principal can be applied when you’re face to face with the undead and need to maximize your space and minimize what you’re carrying around.

Like I said, you’re probably not going to do this during an apocalypse, so why not start preparing now?

9. Keep Your Messages Secret

via https://www.reddit.com/r/lifehacks/comments/3dmr84/heres_a_great_way_to_scribble_out_what_you_dont/

via Lifehacks

Did you write down your plans for where you’re going to be heading next? A secret message about where someone in your group went? Something else you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands? As The Walking Dead has shown multiple times, one of the most dangerous enemies in the zombie apocalypse isn’t even the zombies – it’s the other people. If you find yourself in danger and you want to hide from other people who are out there with you and you want to write something down but not have them see it, this tip is about the best way to cover your tracks. Instead of just crossing it out or scribbling over it with swirly lines, write other words or the alphabet over the top of it. It’ll make it nearly impossible to read, unlike the other methods, and it’ll be faster and waste less ink than scribbling hard over the top of it.

8. Make A Bow Out Of A Bike

via http://www.instructables.com/id/Bow-The-Amazing-Bike-Wheel-Bow/

via Instructables

Although it might not make you quite as badass as Daryl Dixon, this tutorial on how to make a bow out of a bike wheel is awesome. Odds are that in the zombie apocalypse, weapons will be picked over almost immediately, so if you didn’t already have some, you won’t be getting any and you’ll have to resort to making your own. Or you could always do some kind of trade where you trade money or food for products of use. This means you’ll really need to go all Dead Island and start crafting your own weapons out of other items. Once you make it, you can find other ways to make your own arrows and use them to fight off zombies, hunt for food, or protect yourself. Make one this weekend and start practicing!

7. Avoid Frostbite With Baby Oil

via http://www.instructables.com/id/11-Unusual-Uses-for-Baby-Oil/

via Instructables

If you’re somewhere cold when the zombie apocalypse hits, you’ll need to learn to find alternative methods of staying warm since you won’t have electricity or heat to help you out. Chopping firewood and keeping a fire going can keep you warm when you’re near it, but that still puts you at danger of getting frostbite when you’re out in the elements.  In order to protect yourself, you’ll obviously need to bundle up with a whole lot of clothes and try to cover as much of your exposed skin as possible, but if you still have some skin that’s going to be in the elements, the best way of protecting it is by baby oil! It sounds weird, but apparently baby oil or vaseline on the small exposed bits of skin that your winter clothing don’t cover will protect your skin from too much damage.

6. Use Soda Tabs For Fishing Hooks

via http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-turn-a-bottle-tab-into-a-survival-fish-hook/

via Instructables

Unfortunately, after the zombie apocalypse hits, you won’t just be able to go out to the sporting goods store to buy a pack of fishing hooks when you want to go fishing and catch yourself some dinner. Like a lot of other parts of your life, you’re gonna have to learn to be a little bit more creative to replace things you would have bought in stores. Soda cans can be used for lanterns with a candle inside of them. Just cut a hole in the side and the annoying little tabs on top (that you always break your nails trying to open) can actually be cut and sharpened to make fishing hooks. Smart, right? Instead of spending time trying to spear the fish so you don’t starve, just search the recycling centers and find yourself some of these and you’re ready to fish.

5. Turn A Bottle Into A Spoon

via http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/30-brilliant-camping-hacks-wish-knew-earlier.html

via Life Hack

Another awesome use for soda containers! Plastic bottles can be cut, and the bottoms can be used to make spoons. Although you should be careful using them because the edges might be sharp after cutting, this is an excellent hack if you don’t have silverware; which you probably won’t in the zombie apocalypse, so this is another thing you’ll need to start learning to make your own of and get creative solutions to. Maybe practice on a rainy day?The bottles can also be used to transport things or filled with water to make huge bricks of ice to keep things cold. Who knew soda bottles were so versatile? Once the zombies come, make sure you’re hitting up all the recycling bins around so you can get enough supplies to make yourself the necessities for survival.

4. Flatten Your Ground Beef Before Freezing

via https://www.reddit.com/r/lifehacks/comments/2j8ad0/we_buy_ground_beef_in_bulk_and_ziploc_it_into/

via Lifehacks

If you’re somewhere cold or have a freezer that runs off of a generator and you have meat that you need to freeze, the best way to save space is by using a rolling pin or something else to flatten it out inside the plastic bags. This means it’ll be thinner and thaw out faster, so you won’t have to have it sitting out for long periods of time waiting for it to thaw while the outsides are all ready and the inside is still a frozen solid brick. This tip is even great if you’re not in the zombie apocalypse and can help you maximize the storage in your current freezer! Come on, we all know thawing meat when you’re starving can be an actual disaster. Half is soft while the center is rock hard. Skip the pain and just roll it out, folks.

3. Use Tin Foil When You Have The Wrong Size Batteries

via https://app.box.com/s/v3cu1zuzv0zfb5ncmps9h4yf9bap1f7i

via Pin Advised

Okay, now I’ll admit that this one is probably not so useful in the zombie apocalypse unless you have something like a radio or set of walkie talkies that run on batteries. But this is still really cool to know! How have we not thought of his before? Have you ever had something that needed AA batteries right away, but you only had AAA and you weren’t gonna be able to get the right size for a while? Well, problem solved! Just take some tin foil, wad it up, and stick it in the positive end where it connects to your device and voila! I’ve never actually tried this, but the next time I can’t find the right size batteries, I know I’ll immediately think of this and run to get some tin foil.

2. Use Cotton Balls To Make Tinder

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHtBTy2ukXA

via YouTube

Anyone who has ever been camping or gotten a fire going knows that one thing you really need for it to thrive is to have some kind of tinder to get it started (so it’ll burn better). If you want to make some tinder to use instead of trying to gather up tiny pieces of wood or paper, just cover some cotton balls in petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, and it’ll work just as well! If you put a bunch into a mold and then pour some kind of wax over them, you can pop them out of the mold for easier storage. Carrying them will be simple to and starting a dire will be way more simple than you anticipated. You’ll be able to stay warm and cook all your food in no time.

1. Know Your Limits

via http://blog.selfrelianceoutfitters.com/winter-survival-tips-part-three/

via Self Reliance Outfitters

The most important key to surviving any situation, with or without zombies, is to know your limits and be able to prioritize what you need the most. Although these tips and tricks can be useful, they won’t matter much if you’re out there without shelter or without enough water and food to survive. What good is knowing how to start a fire with cotton balls or carry around your spices in tiny containers if you don’t have somewhere to sleep at night? Especially when you’re out in the elements and get sick or attacked by zombies. The most important thing you need to learn to be able to survive the zombie apocalypse is something that can’t be taught by a list of life hacks, it’s the ability to prioritize the most important parts of your survival and adapt.

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