15 A-List Celebs Who Continuously Make Crappy Movies

Every actor has made a bad movie or two, however, some actors continuously make films that are just not good. One would assume that an A-list actor would have the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter. However, that just doesn’t seem to be the case. Many actors who are considered A-list have actually made some of the worst films even at the height of their careers. It could be a case of them not giving AF anymore because they have made so much money they only want to work on passion projects. Or, it could be a case of having a horrible agent and just not being offered the roles of a lifetime anymore. This is somewhat like the Oscar curse; some actors win an Oscar and fall off the face of the Earth or end up doing such obscure films that they lose their clout. Some actors make such good films that they are just unable to top that one great film they made. Whatever the case may be, these actors may not have lost their A-list status, but they sure have worked on some ridiculous films.

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15 Ryan Gosling

via Delish.com

For the most part, Ryan Gosling used to do some great films. Obviously we're talking about The Notebook and Blue Valentine. However, the consistency is lacking; Gosling has always been someone who gets role after role but they aren’t always good. Examples include Crazy, Stupid, Love, Gangster Squad, and Only God Forgives. We are unclear of why he chooses to make these bad films and why he had such a distinct period of choosing bad films. He has recently picked up his career again with Blade Runner 2049 because, of course, it did really well. However, will he have another bad period of films again after this hit? He will be playing Neil Armstrong in an upcoming film so, we will see how this biopic film plays out they are always a hit or miss.

14 Joaquin Phoenix

via The New York Times

Oh, Joaquin Phoenix, he is a special one. He comes from an acting family and his career started off with some pretty great films. Inventing The Abbotts, Gladiator, Hotel Rwanda... but he slowly started going downhill. Let’s be more specific. When he hooked up with Casey Affleck's weird self he started acting a little cray cray. He did We Own The Night, Two Lovers, and I’m Still Here a string of not so great films. In between, he did a few films that were okay but again he moved on to less great films like Inherent Vice (who could follow that?) and You Were Never Really Here. Yet, he manages to stay A-List; how this is possible? We may never know but it is great watching him act a fool in public.

13 Megan Fox

via Business Insider

Megan Fox got her real start in the Transformers franchise but after those films, she ended up doing a string of really crappy films. Jennifer’s Body, Jonah Hex, Friends With Kids, The Dictator, just to name a few. She has had a really hard time especially with director Michael Bay, but we really can’t blame him for her poor movie choices. These days she seems unphased by her lack of good roles or any roles altogether. She’s busy being a mom and trying to be a wife, plus, she has managed to keep her A-list status -- but for how long? It’s not like she has longevity or amazing acting skills like say… Meryl Streep. Maybe making those crappy films are actually working for her she seems pretty content after all.

12 Vin Diesel

via Mashable

If anyone can say with a straight face that Vin Diesel is an amazing actor, let them be stricken down by lightning. The only role that has gotten him any kind of acclaim is the Fast And The Furious franchise. Yes, he’s been in things besides that like The Chronicles Of Riddick Franchise, xXx, The Last Witch Hunter and of course, The Pacifier, but they have all been bad. No, we haven’t forgotten Guardians Of The Galaxy as a good film but truthfully, we can’t say it counts because we don’t see him we only hear him. He doesn’t need to be too worried though because he is lined up to do two more Fast And The Furious films where he makes a majority of his money from anyway.

11 Halle Berry

via CNN.com

Halle Berry may be one of those people who has suffered from the Oscar curse, in addition to her personal life making her look like a crazy woman. She was in some pretty fabulous films; Losing Isiah, the original X-Men films, Monsters Ball (if that’s your cup of tea). However, for her, the bad outweighs the good. While films like B.A.P.S., Die Another Day, The Rich Man’s Wife, and New Year's Eve were entertaining, they were admittedly bad. Sometimes, people take roles because the script reads well, but then it doesn’t translate onscreen well. We’re not quite sure how this continues to happen to Berry time and time again, but it does. She isn’t a bad actress and at least she still has her A-list status, she’s just… struggling a bit.

10 Katherine Heigl

via Chronicle.bg

We all know how Katherine Heigl got to the position she’s in now. She has bad-mouthed one person too many in the small city of Hollywood. That being said, she has also made some pretty horrible films AND took on some gnarly television roles. Her only good film may just be the one she bashed, Knocked Up. Besides that, no one can say with a straight face that they LOVED 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth or Life As We Know It. As for TV, Grey’s Anatomy was gold for her but she screwed that up as well and her comeback since then has failed because, well, of course. Two more TV attempts down the tube State Of Affairs and Doubt. She works continuously but none of it is really that good – they're maybe entertaining when there is absolutely nothing else to watch on a Saturday night, but certainly not good.

9 Johnny Depp

via SAPO Lifestyle

To be honest, we are not even sure if we can call Johnny Depp a good actor. He always seems to be playing the same role and he always seems to be drunk when he is playing said role. Besides that, he works non-stop but the majority of it is not good. Lately, he has seemed to have more fails then hits like Yoga Hosers, Into The Woods, The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, The Rum Diary -- like come on it’s a long list. This isn’t to say that he hasn’t had hits and he, like everyone else on this list, is still considered A-list... but the struggle is undeniably real. Seeing as Depp always acts suspiciously, maybe his constant bad role choices are something he is doing on purpose.

8 John Travolta

via Rare.us

John Travolta is one of those celebrities that will always be famous no matter what he does. He has longevity and a status that will never go away. This, however, does not mean that he hasn’t made a bad film. In fact, the last good film he made was probably... dare we say it? Face/Off. Ever since then it’s been a lot of misses; Wild Hogs, The Punisher (not the Netflix one), Old Dogs -- there are just too many to choose from. He had a bit of a comeback when he co-starred in American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ and that Gotti movie he’s been going on about for years is finally coming out in 2018 but, that could also be a miss.

7 Mila Kunis

via Bankrate.com

Mila Kunis will always have Family Guy to fall back on (or at least we hope so). Her career is steady, but her choices are not. The best film she has done is Ted and no, we haven’t forgotten about Black Swan. What else can you name starring Mila Kunis that you just couldn’t live without? She has a career, no one is questioning this, but she just hasn’t appeared in a lot of GOOD things. Bad Moms was a hit for her but truthfully, it wasn’t as funny as the commercials made it out to be. What does she care anyway right? She has a family, a steady job, income always coming in, and she has probably come to terms with the fact that she will never be that actress that gets offered these once-in-a-lifetime roles.

6 Shia Labeouf

via The Daily Caller

First of all, who would have thought that a Disney Channel star from a goofball comedy would grow up to become an actor that people take seriously? Shia Labeouf actually had a well-rounded career for a while. He could play a variety of roles and he was offered some great parts thanks to what channel he started on. However, not only has he managed to annoy people with his crazy antics, he has also managed to end up in some of the most ridiculous roles ever, and there may be no coming back from them. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Nymphomaniac Vol. I&II, American Honey... Come on, it's just crappy film after crappy film. He doesn’t seem phased because he still knows how to draw a crowd with his private life, but for how much longer?

5 Jennifer Lopez

via Playjunkie

Gigli. Let’s just start with that. Luckily for Jennifer Lopez, she has a booming music career because her film choices are borderline foolishness. The “actress” has only truly appeared in 2 MAYBE 3 great films Selena, Enough and Anaconda (which is the maybe). Besides that, she ends up in a lot of films that are entertaining when someone is beyond bored (Maid In Manhattan, Jersey Girl, El Cantante, Parker). It’s just mess after mess after mess. This isn’t to say she is not talented, but her movie choices are very poor. She seems to change personalities depending on who she is dating at the time and this is certainly being reflected in her films and music. However, she is one of those celebrities who will eternally have A-list status so it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

4 Bradley Cooper

via NRJ Belgique

Bradley Cooper’s career started out pretty well, and truthfully, he isn’t doing too bad currently, but the more popular he got, the worse off were his roles. Granted, he’s had some bangers like The Hangover and American Hustler, but if someone was to really look into his roles he has been in some garbage AF films like Hit And Run, Serena, Aloha, oh and of course, Burnt. It’s like he isn’t even reading these scripts before he says yes to them. But, because he is shoved in our faces day after day by non-news tabloids and entertainment talk shows, it seems like we are stuck with him until he decides to bow out. Real talk, there are way worse people to be stuck with so we won't complain, any more that is.

3 Jennifer Aniston

via YouTube

There is no denying that Jennifer Aniston is an A-list star. She may actually be the definition of an A-list star. No matter what she does, what horrible movie she hocks, people still fawn over her and she has picked some real snoozers. Let’s put it this way: the last great film she was in was We’re The Millers and some people would debate us on that. She has had her fair share of hits like Horrible Bosses, but when she is forced to be the leading lady she normally falters. Just Go With It, The Switch, Rumor Has It, these are all prime examples. That being said, she has paid her dues, so we can’t really downplay her talent or her fame. She is probably picking the roles that are less time consuming and she doesn’t have to be too involved in. God knows she doesn’t need the money.

2 Adam Sandler

via Rolling Stone

Adam Sandler is another person who has paid his dues, and like many of the celebs on this list, he is filthy rich and probably doesn’t give a damn about making any more money or making films that are gut-busting hilarious. However, at least try for the fans, Sandler. His ratio of good to bad movies is atrocious and some people may even say he hasn’t made a good film since Billy Madison (they are pushing it). Realistically, Blended wasn’t that bad it was just… different. Let's just run off a quick list of his more… not so great films; Little Nicky, Anger Management, Spanglish, Funny People. They weren’t horrible they just weren’t that great and Sandler fans felt like he could have done better.

1 Nicolas Cage

via Empire

Nicolas Cage is notorious for making bad films and acting like a complete weirdo in real life. His early career was bomb AF and no one can take that away from him, but as he got older, things got a little harrier. He just churns out bad films and a lot of us are in awe of how he can just keep making these nonsensical films. Bangkok Dangerous, Season Of The Witch, Rage -- just to name a few. He has even made some that we have never heard of. Cage isn’t a bad actor. If he was, he wouldn’t have gotten this far in his career, but he certainly struggles with picking roles. His status in Hollywood hasn’t changed though... granted, everyone knows he’s a little weird but if a director could get Nicholas Cage in their film, they would in a heartbeat.

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