15 Little & Big Dogs That Are The Definition Of BFF Goals

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and most people would agree that friendship generally stems from having things in common. These 15 canine companions may have a few things in common but size is definitely not one of them! From the small dogs with large personalities to gentle giants, these duos (and one trio) have found some common ground and embarked on the path to true and everlasting friendship.

Sharing food, chasing sticks, eating treats, and swimming is just the taste of what is on the agenda of these best friends. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself because these unlikely pals are here to prove that when it comes to friendship, size doesn't matter!

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Piper and Sully
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15 Well isn't that a nice yellow and furry pillow you have there, young lady!

Piper and Sully
(Ashlie Frank)

Piper and Sully are best dog friends who moved all the way from Colorado to Montreal, Quebec last year (they have been practicing their barking in French). Sully is a four-year-old Lab mix who was rescued from a Colorado shelter. Piper is a Pug/Chihuahua mix who is one-and-a-half-years-old and she was also rescued from a Colorado shelter! The two dogs do absolutely everything together and are never more than a few feet away from each other (as you can tell by the picture). The large dog, Sully, is very cautious of everything (he is a big weenie) and the small dog, Piper, is completely fearless and adventurous. They both enjoy eating their daily rawhides (clean doggy teeth are happy doggy teeth!), hanging out in the backyard, barking at the mailman, and playing once a week with their friends at doggy daycare.

14 Nothing but huge doggy smiles on this lovely day!

Here we have two best bulldog friends, one French and one English! The two dogs have just gone on a nice morning walk and are loving their lives. Walking your dog is not only great for your health (I'm looking at you, human), but critical to keeping your furry pals healthy. Walking your furry friends not only helps them keep trim but can also transfer to a overall healthier body when they start to age. It also helps their little or big digestive systems keep on working smoothly! If your dog has behavioral issues, is hyperactive, or unruly, a good daily walk can be key helping correct unwanted behavior. A tired dog is a happy dog and a happy dog is less likely to do anything naughty! And last but definitely not, walking your pals strengthens the bond and trust of your little pack!

13 Large dog = water sports professional. Small dog= floaty orange life vest status.

These two goofballs seem to love the water, the only difference is that the boxer seems a little more equipped for water sports than the pug (que the orange floaty safety vest)! According to Animal Planet there are three different categories types when it comes to dogs and the water; "those that can be taught to swim and those that should steer clear of all aqueous environments." Breeds with short snouts such as pugs grow fatigued quickly when exerting so much energy doing something such as swimming, so they may love the water but its always best to keep them in a life vest. Bigger dogs with more athletic legs and build tend to be the best swimmers, but just as preferences and fears of water exist with humans the same goes for dogs and each should be taken on a case to case basis!

12 Same wrinkles, VERY different body size!

Big dog and pug

These two big and little wrinkly pals are here to show you that there are a million reasons why any dog lover can't pass up on a sweet face like this! Whether the wrinkles add chubby rolls to a pups belly and back or face wrinkles give them a permanent look of concern, we can all agree that wherever the wrinkles may be they always add a dose of cuteness. Future wrinkly pet owners beware though with the adorable wrinkles comes some extra work! Food, water, saliva, and bacteria can get caught in the pups wrinkles causing infection and serious health problems so it is important that you keep the wrinkles clean. Professionals say that if your dog has skin folds they should be wiped down once a day or if your pup is a messy eater or drinker, clean them up after overtime they do one of the activities.

11 The classic "walking into the sunset pose" with a bestie!

This best friend pair that consists of an Australian Shepherd and a Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix shows that two is definitely better then one. In fact not only do we just have a feeling that two is better then one, science actually backs it up! Dogs are pack animals and this instinct leads them to want to be/live in groups. Research actually goes as far as saying that it is unnatural for dogs to be alone and they may have a hard time accepting being alone. Adding a second dog to the mix is highly recommend if you are away for long hours during the day as it will help your dog to feel as though his whole pack is not leaving him behind.  If you have been thinking about adding a second dog to your family, what more information could you possibly need, the science doesn't lie!

10 Oh man! Why is it that small dogs always get to wear the cool clothes?

Good boys ❤️

A post shared by @ tonyandbeana on

This adorable little puppy pair brings up a question much pondered by dog owners all over! Do dogs enjoy wearing clothes? Are their any benefits to dressing your furry friends? Well just like the whole swimming issue the clothing issue all circles back to a dogs personal preference. Some dogs like clothes or need them to stay warm while other dislike them and should not be forced to wear them. You generally see the smaller dogs wearing clothing and although it could be for fashion it most important can be used to keep you little pooch warm. This doesn't mean discount your big fella either though as depending on how harsh your winters are or the amount of ice salt put down you may want to get some boots. Always ask your vet or do some research, but most importantly see how your dogs react to the clothing.

9 I said mush! That's right, take me to your leader!

Small dog on large dogs back

This mighty dog has no problem carrying his best chihuahua friend to wherever it demands! Did you know that Chihuahuas actually have one of the largest breed presences in a lot of shelters? These little critters get a bad rap as being mean and aggressive "ankle biters" but can be loyal, charismatic, and loving just like another dog breed out there! If you are interested in bringing a Chihuahua into your home do the research, introduce your other dog before the purchase, and be a responsible dog owner, that's all it comes down to folks! Although some small dogs do come with a big attitude who better to keep up with your big furry friends? Small dogs with big personality may be just the thing your big dog needs to light up their life! Moral of the story- don't believe the stereotypes placed on certain breeds of dogs. Get informed, do your own research, if you have a pet with problem behaviors there are always outlets/resources for help, and remember people are solely responsible for how their dogs act and see the world!

8 These dog friends come in three sizes: large, medium, and small!

Three's a crowd? Not according to these three best do friends! I know we said this article was all about big and little best dog friend pairs, but we could not help but to include this cute big, medium, and small pack on our list! We have already discussed why two is better then one, but The Three Dog Blog  gives us 28 reasons why having three furry pals is the way to go! While having three dogs is a lot of work this blogger claims the benefits far outweigh the work it takes! Some of the benefits include: easy training for the their dog if the other two are already trained, super house security, life is never boring, not waling everyday is not an option with three dogs, and a lot of sweet face licks! Any dog lover can get behind the sentiment that with each dog that comes into the family bring more happiness (and don't forget fur!).

7 The mud was definitely NOT my idea!

Big and little muddy dogs

This little and big pair begs the important question many dog owners may find themselves asking "whose idea was it?" Digging can become a destructive and just down right annoying habit your pooches get themselves into, so whats behind your canine companions urge to dig in the first place? Research across the boards finds that dogs will dig to keep cool and make themselves a little comfy place to hang, for entertainment (because it's just downright fun), to hide valued items (especially from their larger or smaller brother or sister), or because it's ingrained in their DNA as they belong to a ground hunting breed. Well whatever your experience may be with your furry friend(s) and digging there is no denying that the big and little friend pair above has been doing something naughty and looking pretty darn adorable in the process!

6 The Big and little duo with the sweetest story...

blind little and big dog

This big and little duo are making headlines due to their special story. These poor babies were found abandoned with a rope attaching them in a sea tunnel, and the reason why they were tied tied together will break your heart! Glenn, the Jack Russel is blink and his friend Buzz the Bull Terrier leads him around. The two are around 9 or 10 and thought to maybe have been abandoned because of their age and Glenn's vision problems, but even through the worst they still have each other. When the two are separated even for a moment they instantly start whining and crying for each other. The two were put up for adoption as a pair and immediately got a lot of interest due to their sweet story and their unbreakable friendship. After screening all the large amount of applicants Glenn and Buzz found their forever home together and continue to thrive together.

5 There's something wrong with this picture...

Big and little dog with stick

This big and little pair look like they love to play games and may be even thinking about chewing on that gigantic stick! So the question of the day is why do dogs chew? First and foremost is that if you have a puppy they will go through 4-6 month teething period, and they will want to chew their way through just about anything. Once this stage of your pup's life has passed reasons for chewing include: boredom, instinct, keeping teeth and gums healthy, exercising their jaw muscles, anxiety, tension, seeking comfort or trying to curb hunger. There are many healthy chewing habits you can help your little one (and big one) form to be their best dog selves! As well as plenty of resources and training outlets to help you if you think your companions habitats are not so healthy or need a little guidance!

4 Dear small dog, your friend's head is as big as your entire body!

Big dog and little dog

It does't get much more adorable (or bigger of difference in size) then this sweet pair! If this article has slyly convinced you (or you were already thinking about it) to add a new addition (specifically a puppy) to the family we have researched and put together a few pointers. First and foremost consider your current dog and ask yourself the following questions about it. How is their health? Do they enjoy being around other dogs? Will it positively effect your current dogs way of life? If all outcomes to the questions point to getting a new addition then start the puppy hunt (my personal preference is to adopt don't shop)! Once you have the new addition it is up to you to police things such as whether or not the two need some time apart from each other, or who knows they may also become completely inseparable. Whether canines are old, young, big or small with a little love and patience they have the capability to become the best of friends.

3 Meet the two best friend's that inspired a book...


Sage and Harlow became popular is 2013 when their owner started posting adorable pictures of the two best canine friends online. The two pups were so sweet that they inspired their owner to write a silly and sweet book about their lives. The book is told from Harlow's perspective and has many hilarious and adorable pictures to accompany the story line! The book contains 125 images of the pups and is a sure sell for dog lovers everywhere! The book even contains a glimpse into the sadness of Sage passing and a new love, named Indiana, being brought into the family, which is a life event that a lot of dog owners can relate to and sympathize with. That's one reason why their book is so great- it hits on situations, feelings, and thoughts that all dog owners can relate to. Keep on making your way down the list to meet Harlow's newest and just as photogenic best friend.

2 Can be bribed with treats...

This sweet giant Great Dane and his little French Bulldog companion are enjoying their Saturday together. You have been wanting some fun facts about the two breeds you say? Well okay than, here you go! Lets start with the gentle giant, the Great Dane. These dogs get their nicknames for a reason, they are known to be friendly with owners, strangers, kids, and other dogs. Also these sweet dogs can weigh anywhere between 100 to a whopping 200 pounds! On to a crowd favorite, the French Bulldog! These wonderful companions are great for a first time dog owner due to their trainability and also bonus- they do well in apartments or other small living spaces. These two offer a little bit of something for everyone whether you prefer large or small dogs, or our recommendation join the two together to create a big and small dog duo!

1 The big fluff ball and the little fluff ball

Meet Leo and Sadii, here to prove that fluffy BFFs come in sizes small to large! Leo is an Italian Volpino/Yorkie and Sadii is an Australian Shepherd. You can follow the two cuties on Instagram @leo.and.sadii where they boast an array of adorable photos. By the looks of it, these two partners in crime enjoy wrestling and playing with each other in just about every location possible, long walks on the beach (no this is not a dating profile), popsicles, wearing funny clothes, but first and foremost they love each other! This fluffy charismatic pair give us friends goals for our four legged companions and reminds us that big and small look oh so good together!

Everybody needs a special friend and these dogs have found one in each other despite the size difference! One thing we know for sure is that little and big dog friendships not only benefit the pooches, but us as well - because we get to witness all the adorableness! The above 15 galavanting pup couples have beat the odds and decided to become the best of friends, making it one happy ending for everyone!

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