15 Little Known Details About MTV Catfish’s Nev Schulman

It was in 2010, that Catfish—a documentary film—was released to much critical acclaim. The film shed a light on social media, and not a particularly good one.

It claimed in its statement that there are a lot of people out there that create fake profiles in order to gain favor, popularity and even maybe have a better chance at finding love.

It was as the film unraveled that the audience was captivated by the mystery they were trying to solve, but at the same time, they were also drawn to Nev himself. Nev showed care and great emotion at finding out that the person he had almost fallen in love with over the internet wasn’t at all who she’d claimed to be.

The film’s success garnered a hit MTV show and the rest is history. Join us as we take a look at a few facts about Nev.

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15 A Native New Yorker

via Us Weekly

That’s right… Schulman was born and raised in New York—New York City specifically. And there’s something to be said about being from that beautiful city.

Growing up he was at the exact epicenter of the arts, and being exposed to all that definitely had a hand in sending him in the right direction when it came to choosing what he would do as a profession.

14 First Studied Dance

via Journal Post

And it probably was all that exposure to the arts that led Nev to study dance first before ever picking up a camera, ready to document reality as it unfolded before his eyes.

He actually studied dance for an incredible five years before changing courses altogether. But he would study the two arts in tandem for a few years before switching entirely to photography.

13 Changed His Major To Photography

via reality blurred

And so it was. After a few years at Sarah Lawrence College, studying both dance and photography, he decided to major solely in photography—a decision that has served him well, it seems.

Although he did well in his studies and has chosen a life in media and art, he did not complete his studies at Sarah Lawrence due to disciplinary reasons.

12 He Was Expelled From School

via BBC

Indeed… Nev ended up getting expelled from college altogether. The dean and all others in a position of administration decided to expel him because of an altercation with a woman on campus.

Not much has been released as far as information, but Schulman himself has admitted to the misconduct. He has since moved on and grown up considerably.

11 His First Gig Was Taking Pictures Of The Ballet, Ironically Enough

via Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

So there he was… expelled from school but with a load of talent under his belt. What was Nev to do? Well, he ended up getting a gig, and it was fortunately enough in photography.

In a mysteriously ironic turn of events, Nev's first assignment was to photograph the many ballet acts that were put on in the city.

10 He Was Only 19 When He And His Brother Started A Film & Photography Company

via fanpop.com

And yes, he was in fact young, but having been sprung from school way too early, Nev needed to get a significant move on, and he did just that.

He and his brother launched a production and photography company and the projects started rolling in. It wouldn’t be long before he’d catch his big break, though.

9 Was 26 When Catfish Was Filmed

via Spin 1038

It wasn't even 10 years before Catfish would be filmed, and Nev and his new business partner, Henry Joost, sure answered the call to fame when they started production.

He was definitely young, but he started early, so it's more than understandable that he would achieve success so early. Besides, they had a subject on their hands that the public wanted to know about.

8 The Impact The Film Had... An Eye-Opener To Social Media

via Spin 1038

Now to say that the film achieved great success when it was released would be an understatement. The buildup to the film was huge and impactful.

Many went out to witness just would happen when this man, who seemingly fell in love with a woman online, faces the possibility that she isn’t real at all.

7 Filming of Catfish

via Collider

The shooting of the film was quite intense, as even the filmmakers didn’t know what would happen from one moment to the next. Yes, they were in charge of what would go in the film.

But very much like an investigation, they discovered the clues to the end result just like the audience did, and the end result, a jarring telling of a very real story.

6 The Film Was So Successful That The Idea Went Into Development For TV

via NPR

As is the way with so many other films in Hollywood these days, producers want to extend success, as evidenced by the length of franchises like The Avengers and The Fast and the Furious.

But here, they wanted to prolong the success achieved with this film by transferring it to TV. The idea worked and it’s a hit on MTV, a marquee network.

5 Filming The Show

via tulsaworld.com

Of course, filming for TV and filming a documentary film slated for cinematic release is and can be considered two completely different animals altogether.

In film, the audience always gets that raw feeling like whatever’s happening on camera has happened for the first time. But for TV, things seem to always be a tad more rehearsed, as they definitely are at times.

4 The Necessity Of Legal Waivers For The Show

via Mamamia

This is so hugely important, as the show and all the stars need to protect themselves at all times. They can’t have any of the people on the show come back and try to claim like they weren’t properly shown, or made to look like fakes.

They need to sign waivers, allowing MTV and its affiliates to show them in any light that serves the show.

3 Nev Never Knows How An Episode Will Turn Out

via WTKR.com

Although the show’s situations are a tad more scripted than the movie was, as all reality TV is these days, there is still a sense of mystery here. Nev still doesn’t know exactly how a show will turn out and neither does the rest of the staff, exactly.

The sense of mystery is still there, even if in the smallest of senses.

2 He's Written A Book

via gizmodo.com

Now, if anyone can talk about the effects the digital age has had on love, relationships, and humanity in all, we’d say that it’s this man.

After all, he conducted the most serious investigation into online dating ever documented, so Nev is clearly enough of an expert to pen a book on the subject. The book’s a great read and is appropriately titled In Real Life.

1 He's Run Into Some Legal Issues

via The Cut

Many brave women are justified in coming forward and demanding for justice to those who had done them wrong. We commend them all.

But unfortunately, there were also those that came forward with hidden agendas intact. Nev Schulman was publicly accused at one point but was later cleared of all charges.

Sources: Wikipedia, IMDB, MTV

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