15 Little Known Facts About Fastest Car

Fastest Car - few shows have a more self-explanatory title than this Netflix hit. In each episode, we're introduced to three sleeper cars and a supercar, as well as the people behind the wheels of said cars. It could be said that the show is Netflix's reality show version of the first movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise.

While only eight episodes long, the viewer still gets a lot of details of the cars featured on the show, as well as the background stories of their owners, before the drag race at the end of every episode. And it's not just for gearheads either, as the producers have managed to pack in plenty of melodrama. With the second season now released, it's perfect for binge-watching over the weekend.

15 It All Depends On The Driver

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The show focuses a lot on the cars; even its title hints at a desire to learn which car is the fastest. Yet it's pointed out several times by the owners how important the driver is to the equation. The fastest car in the world is no good if the driver can’t handle it. In some ways, the show illustrates that the human element is often the most critical part.

14 It Proves You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Some of the cars on the show look like they're straight out of The Fast and the Furious, others look like daily drivers from 30 years ago. However, the viewers quickly learn that you can't tell which car will win by merely looking at it. It’s all about how the car is built, what’s currently residing under the hood, and the owner's experience behind the wheel.

13 No Censorship

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Netflix is becoming increasingly popular for so many creators due to the freedom it offers. Netflix doesn’t bleep out swear words like so many other channels do with their reality TV shows. As part of a macho car and racing culture, this helps with realism and also lets Fastest Car stand out from the pack.

12 The Show Pushes The Underdog - A Lot!

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The show keeps telling us how the “sleeper” owners are underdogs while presenting the owners of the supercars as rather pretentious and smug rich folks. In all honesty, the constant focus on sad background stories becomes a bit much. There are even claims that “someone who just bought their car" isn't a "real" car lover - completely ignoring the amount of work it takes to afford one.

11 On Its Deepest Level, The Show Is Really About Passion

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Granted, the show is about racing - but there’s a lot more involved than just driving fast cars. This show tells the stories of the people that are involved in this lifestyle. As such, it talks a great deal about the passion that people have for racing and why building and driving these cars is so important to them. Anyone can identify with this because everyone is passionate about something.

10 It Goes Into Great Detail About The Cars

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A large chunk of each episode focuses in great detail on the cars being built and the owners telling the stories behind them. When it comes to the sleepers, we get to see how someone can start with an old clunker, tear it down, then rebuild it from the ground up - paying attention to every little detail in order to reduce weight and increase power.

9 Not Everything Is Reality

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Some viewers will note that several of the engines on the series should be quieter, including a couple of electric ones. Instead, every car on the show sounds like a massive jet engine breaking through the sound barrier. It's strange that a show that boasts about the realism of its content has to fake the engine sounds in order to excite viewers.

8 The Cars Are Unique

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Several, if not all of the cars on the show are unique. It's easy to think that the supercars are the most unique ones, after all, they're made in very limited numbers. However, in the company of the sleeper cars, the exotic supercars almost seem boring and mundane. The sleepers might be based on everyday cars, but they've been rebuilt to be totally unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

7 There's Friendship

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With pride and bragging rights on the line, it's only natural that there will be some clashes. Yet the series showcases how the racers tend to be friends - many of them already knowing each other from the local car scene. There’s a bond between the racers, and they respect each other even when they compete. Even some of the supercar owners get respect because they are serious about racing.

6 It Features People From All Walks Of Life

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All kinds of people are involved in racing. In this show, we get to meet business professionals and entrepreneurs who treat their cars as a hobby, as well as people who spend the majority of their lives working and tinkering away in their garages. This is the place where gearheads, attorneys and doctors all come together for a common goal - to see who's the fastest.

5  It Gets Heated!

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For the most part, the races are fairly calm in terms of attitude. Sure, there are some racers who may take it a bit more seriously than others but they all tend to get along well. However, Episode 6 is different. A massive row erupts with plenty of words being yelled at everyone in the vicinity.

4 The Races Are Over In No Time

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Say what you want about the show, but it does live up to its title in regards to the races. The show spends nearly forty-five minutes building up to the race, then the actual event is over before you know it. The entire race can take as little as ten seconds from start to finish, and after the massive build-up, it can feel somewhat anti-climatic.

3 Safety Is A Priority

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While the point of the show is to prove which car is fastest, the owners are fully aware of the risks involved in such shenanigans. While the show has the mechanics putting together these engines to be fast, they’re also clear on the safety factors. Everyone wears proper headgear for the races and they discuss how to make these fast cars as safe as possible in case something goes wrong.

2 No Host

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To most car shows, a host is critical for its success, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that Fastest Car uses no host and no narration at all. Viewers get voice-overs from the car owners as they relate their stories and show how they work on these automobiles. It’s very stylized and almost like a big-screen documentary. This makes the show feel more intimate and puts the focus truly on the drivers.

1 The Cars Aren't Really The Main Focus

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Sure, the show goes in-depth on the builds, but for the most part, it focuses on the owners. There are tales of people who had hard lives and pulled themselves up. Even the supercar owners are sometimes portrayed as people who worked hard to get enough money to afford these cars and enjoy them. The show really is more about the people than the cars.

Sources: Jalopnik, Netflix, Hagerty

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