Teen Mom: 15 Facts Catelynn & Tyler Don't Want People To Know About Their First Born

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra became household names thanks to their roles in 16 and Pregnant and its spin-off Teen Mom, which documented the teen couple’s choice to place their daughter, Carly, up for adoption in 2009.

The following seasons have followed the parents as they got married, welcomed two more daughters, and struggled to keep in regular contact with Carly and her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa. Carly’s adoptive parents have been adamant about keeping her face off TV and social media due to the fame of the show, which is why many fans don’t know much about Cate and Tyler’s oldest daughter.

Keep reading to learn more about the 10-year-old girl and how her adoptive parents are raising her.

15 She’s Not Allowed To See Her Biological Parents

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Fans of Teen Mom know that Catelynn and Tyler have had numerous disagreements with Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, mainly because they don’t want her in the spotlight.

In 2018, an episode revealed the parents were denied a visit with Carly, though Tyler later took to social media to defend Carly’s parent’s decision.

“Brandon [and] Teresa are Carly’s parents [and] if they decide not having a visit is what’s best for her right now, then we have to trust the parental decisions,” he wrote via social media.

14 They Also Aren’t Allowed To Post Photos Of Her

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In 2017, Catelynn opened up to Teen Mom cameras about Brandon and Teresa’s request that Carly’s biological parents don’t post photos of her online because of their large social media following (they both have over a million followers!).

"I want to post a pic of my child's face SO bad!!!!" Catelynn wrote via social media. "I'm not allowed to post pics of Carly b/c her adoptive parents don't want her to be in the spotlight."

13 Her Parents Have Issues With Catelynn And Tyler

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Although both Brandon and Teresa as well as Catelynn and Tyler have all said Carly’s visits with her biological parents are limited because of their fame, some fans have wondered if there may be more to it.

In Touch reports that Carly’s adoptive parents had negative feelings towards Catelynn and Tyler. “Brandon and Teresa got nervous because of Carly’s attachment to her birth parents and hoped to create some sort of distance between them,” the publication explained.

12 She’s Growing Up In North Carolina

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Some fans may not know that Carly is being raised in a different state than her biological parents, which adds another complication to scheduling visits.

Carly and her family live in North Carolina, while Catelynn and Tyler have remained in Michigan. Teen Mom has documented several occasions where Carly’s biological parents have made the trip to see her, despite her face never being shown on camera.

11 She’s Being Raised Religiously

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Although Brandon and Teresa have declined to speak to the media about how they’re raising Carly, one thing is clear - they’re bringing her up in a Christian household. It’s public knowledge the couple used the faith-based adoption agency Bethany Christian Services to adopt the little girl, In Touch confirms.

So, it’s safe to assume the couple have a strong faith and are bringing their children up as such.

10 She Was Doing Math At The Age Of Two

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According to Teen Mom Fandom, Carly is a very bright little girl! The site reports that Brandon and Teresa confirmed she could count all the way to 10 when she was only two years old.

Considering some kids are only learning to speak at that age, it sounds like the 10-year-old girl is definitely a smarty pants.

9 And She’s Also A Talented Musician

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Carly isn’t just great with numbers. Teen Mom Fandom adds that the 10-year-old girl has been playing piano from a young age. During an episode of Teen Mom, Brandon and Teresa even hinted that she’s so talented with the instrument they could see her pursuing work in the music industry eventually.

Maybe fans will get to see her on TV once again someday!

8 She Has A Younger Brother (Who Was Adopted)

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Carly isn’t the only child that Brandon and Teresa adopted. After adopting Carly in 2009, they went on to adopt a little boy named Graham in 2012. In an interesting chain of events, Catelynn was then volunteering at the adoption agency that put her in contact with Brandon and Teresa.

While there, she actually met Graham’s biological mother while she was pregnant with him, In Touch reports. Catelynn was even present for the birth!

7 She Only Appeared On One Season Of Teen Mom

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Catelynn and Tyler have been starring on Teen Mom for over a decade, which makes it hard to believe that their eldest daughter has only been filmed for one season, Teen Mom Fandom confirms.

Fans know that their visits with Carly have become sporadic since then. The couple talks about their firstborn regularly on the show, though.

6 She’s Very Involved In Gymnastics

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It sounds like little Carly is very athletic! During a previous season of Teen Mom, it was revealed that Carly was heavily involved in gymnastics, Teen Mom Fandom confirms.

The site also added that the kiddo has been involved with dance. Considering fans don’t get regular updates about Carly’s progress, it’s unclear if she’s continuing with these activities. But it definitely sounds like she’s one talented little girl.

5 Catelynn And Tyler Still Celebrate Her Birthday

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Even though Tyler and Catelynn visit their daughter rarely, in May 2018 the two shared online posts in honour of her 9th birthday.

“I’m just so blessed because I may not have the luxury of seeing her every day, but I have the peace of mind knowing I will see her one day a year,” Tyler wrote. 

4 She Gets Along Great With Her Younger Sister

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Although fans haven’t seen a photo of Carly in years, Catelynn and Tyler say she looks identical to her younger biological sister, Novalee. During an episode of Teen Mom last year, the parents also revealed the girls get along well.

“She was so into Nova, holy crap,” Tyler told the camera, while Catelynn added, “Yeah, she’s obsessed with her.” Hopefully they will be able to spend more time together.

3 But She Hasn’t Met Catelynn And Tyler’s Youngest Daughter

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Nowadays, Catelynn and Tyler are no longer parents of just two girls, as the long-time couple welcomed their third daughter earlier this year, whom they named Vaeda Luma.

Carly hasn’t met her youngest sister yet. Cate and Tyler usually share with fans online if they’ve visited their eldest daughter, and since they haven’t confirmed anything, it appears Carly and Vaeda have yet to meet.

2 Catelynn And Tyler Recorded A Book For Her

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Even though they don’t get to see her often, Catelynn and Tyler try to ensure Carly knows they love her.

According to Teen Mom Fandom, they once gifted her a book that featured recordings of their voices. “She loves books, one of her favorites being a gift from her birth parents [called] 'Bright and Beautiful' [in] which they recorded themselves reading for her,” the site explained.

1 She’s Been On A Magazine Cover Before

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Even though Brandon and Teresa have been adamant about not wanting their daughter in the spotlight, there was a time when their family posed for a magazine cover.

In 2012, Carly and her adoptive parents appeared on the cover of LifeLines, where they opened up about the 2009 adoption. “It has been very hard that our adoption has been very public,” Teresa said.

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