15 Lucky People Who Miraculously Avoided Complete Disaster

There’s no greater feeling than breathing a giant sigh of relief after having something horrific almost happen to us. You know the feeling I’m talking about, right? It’s that feeling that makes us feel like we’re lucky to be alive. And if someone has never felt that before, I highly recommend it. (Just kidding… but not really).

Whether it involves almost setting someone's black cat on fire, finding an earwig in someone's toothbrush right before brushing those teeth, or having a hatchet break a car windshield, some people are just incredibly lucky.

Just remember that the next time something almost bad happens, be grateful that it didn’t. I have a sneaking suspicion that we may all have a new appreciation for life after looking at this. Here are 15 lucky people who miraculously avoided a catastrophe.

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15 Bat Boy

That is one lucky kid. Normally, when a baseball bat comes flying at your head, things aren’t going to end too well. However, someone up there must really like this kid because his dad was able to get a hand up and block that bat from causing some serious damage. At least it would seem like it was the dad who stopped the bat, right? But I’m not so sure. I think who really stopped that bat was the Jedi in the orange baseball jersey and sunglasses behind the kid who used his Force powers to stop the bat.

Notice how everyone else is flinching and moving away from the bat. But this guy is calm, cool, and, collected as he uses his Force abilities to stop the bat from hitting that kid.

14 Black Cat

OH MY GOD! Talk about crisis averted. It legitimately took me a second or two to see that there was a cat sitting on top of that stove. Do you have any idea how bad this could have been, had this person not noticed that their cat was just lounging on top of the stove? I have to say, this cat is really taking full advantage of all of its nine lives. If this cat was able to easily get on top of the stove, I don’t see why it couldn’t turn the stove top on itself. Does anyone know if they make childproof stove covers, because they should. Maybe it’s a good thing that this happened, now this person knows to look out for it.

I guess black cats are good luck.

13 Ultimate Save

If you ever wanted to see the smoothest (aka: ultimate save ever, look no further than this next text exchange.

First things first. If someone asks you “Do you like anyone?”, that kind of seems like they are baiting you into saying that you like them. So I certainly can’t blame this person for saying what they said. Nevertheless, this person hit back with the dreaded, “I have a BF.”

Ugh… that’s the worst.

What does this person say in this situation? They already know that the other person likes them. You can’t delay getting back to them. So what do you do?

Easy. You add a question mark and act as if you’re asking them if they like anyone too. This person deserves a gold medal for being so darn smooth. Restoration level: 100.

12 Safety Glasses

And this, folks, is why we always wear safety glasses when working with dangerous equipment. This really must have been quite the scare. Can you imagine having a sharp object fly at your eye at incredible speeds and having it stop just short of slicing your eye open? This was less than inches away from catastrophe! I think that this person should contact the manufacturers of those glasses immediately and send them a lovely 'thank you' card for saving their eye. That’s probably the least this person can do for still having the gift of sight.

I also think that the teacher of that class should save those glasses and show them to every new class going forward; this is why safety glasses are important. Remember kids, safety first.

11 Wedding Ring

I can almost feel my heart drop after looking at this next picture. What are the odds of a ring falling on a grate and landing like that? That ring could not have landed more perfectly.

A millimeter either way and that ring would have been lost forever.

Look, I’m sure that there are people who will say that this is staged, but think about it. Would you really risk putting your ring in a position like that? Although I do wonder why this person’s first instinct was to take a picture and risk having the ring shake and fall... If that were me, I would have snatched that thing up so quickly. I’m sure that their spouse will still yell at them for taking the ring off to begin with, though.

10 Credit Card Theft

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, thieves do not get the credit that they so rightfully deserve. Who would ever think to make an exact duplicate of a credit card reader so that you can steal the information on whoever uses the machine?

This is pretty darn brilliant if you ask me. Nevertheless, if you happen to be on the receiving end of one of these cons, then it can really suck. If you get your credit card information stolen, it can be a huge pain in order to try to resolve it. Thankfully, this next person showed us how we should always check those credit card readers before using it. I would hate to think how else we’re getting scammed and don’t even know it.

9 Rexall

Speaking of incredibly close calls… This is probably one of the closest calls there is. One second you think your about to have a great night sleep and then the next second, you’re about to have a pretty horrible night.

This person is very lucky to have caught this mistake before taking that “gentle” laxative. I’m not sure how a laxative can be gentle, but to each their own.

Also, can you—just for a second—imagine if this person took both of these? That would have been absolutely awful. Why would this company make such different products looks so similar? I can’t imagine that this is the first person to confuse the two. At least they were able to catch themselves before having the worst sleep of their life.

8 Got Wood?

If you don’t clench after looking at this next picture, then something is seriously wrong with you. And I don’t care if you are a guy or a girl. This calls for a universal clench.

Ugh, this looks like it would have been so painful. I would love to hear the story of how this almost happened. Moreover, I thought Jeeps were made for off-roading. (So much for quality control.) If a simple branch can make it through your car, it would be hard to feel safe driving going forward. Let’s not forget that if it was a guy driving, they might not have been able to have kids anymore — especially if this branch made it in a few more inches. I have a sneaking suspicion that this person’s next car won’t be a Jeep again.

7 Close Call

Is it weird that I am getting a little sick looking at this picture? I don’t know how that dart was able to only puncture the littlest remaining space of that flip flop, while still managing to miss their entire foot, but I’m sure glad it did. Otherwise, this would have been a pretty messy sight.

Then again, it’s never a good thing when a sharp pointed dart pierces your body.

Because then you have to worry about getting tetanus and then you have to go get a shot and it’s all just such a big hassle. Also, judging by the leaves on the ground in this picture, this person is obviously outside, so where did this stray dart even come from? Just thinking about this makes my foot hurt.

6 Bury The Hatchet

I need to axe you a question. Doesn’t this seem like a scary axe-ident? (Those are all of the axe puns I have.)

This to me looks like a lose-lose situation because if that hatchet didn’t hurt the person in the passenger seat, then their heart attack must have sent them to the hospital. What could possibly be more frightening than a hatchet flying directly at your face? Go ahead and think, I’ll wait…

See? Nothing.

I would be very surprised if that person’s white pants weren’t brown after experiencing this. This is like some Final Destination stuff. Hatchets aren't just supposed to be flying into car windshields all willy nilly. As if I needed one more thing to be paranoid about while driving, now I have to worry about hatchets hitting me through my windshield.

5 Nikon

I guess it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess it’s also true that a Nikon camera is worth a few thousand bucks.

Do you have any idea how lucky this person is that nothing happened to that camera after driving around with it on their back bumper for "20 minutes"?

That’s insane!

First off, why did this person even leave their camera on their bumper to begin with? That seems like an odd place to rest your camera when you’re not using it. I still can’t get over this camera not falling off. You would think that if you were to accelerate the car ever so slightly, this camera would go flying off. And to top it all off, this person forgot to put the lens cap back on...

4 Dental Care


Nope! Just nope. This person avoided disaster in every sense of the word. This person was mere moments away from brushing their teeth with an earwig lodged in their toothbrush. That is so disgusting, I don’t even know where to begin.

If this had happened to me, I don’t think that I would be able to ever brush my teeth again. That’s how much something like this would scar me for life.

To be honest, I don’t even know how this person didn’t notice there was a disgusting earwig on their toothbrush before they put the toothpaste on. Don’t people run water on their toothbrush before using it? I know I do. I just hope this person at least got a new toothbrush and set their old one on fire.

3 Ranch Coffee

Ugh, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Ranch coffee? That sounds absolutely vile. And whose bright idea was it to make Keurig k-cups and Domino’s ranch dressing cups the same size?

Making a mistake like this person did in the morning is extremely plausible. Think about it. You wake, you’re all groggy, you grab what you think is a k-cup, you put it in the Keurig machine, you close it, and then you brew it. Most people don’t even give it a second thought.

Thankfully, this person was able to catch their egregious mistake before it was all too late. Because I guarantee you that if they didn’t catch this before they brewed it, they wouldn’t have caught it after, and would have ended up drinking this ranch coffee cocktail.

2 Dog Thermometer

Oh boy, this next one is pretty rough. I’m sure if this person put this dog butt thermometer in their mouth, it would probably taste like sh...well, you know what (Ba dum tss).

Seriously though, why wouldn't a person label this thermometer a little better, considering it's not just for their dog, but goes up their dog's butt... And since we put thermometers in our mouths, wouldn't you try to differentiate the two better?  I mean, unless of course you’re into that sort of thing, then by all means, go for it. Then again, this person should also be thankful that someone was nice enough to write “Dog Butt” on it instead of just “remembering” that this thermometer was for that.

Aldo, I don’t know why but my first instinct was to wonder if the dog was okay.

1 Nail Glue

I am so glad to hear that this calamity was avoided because I honestly don’t even want to imagine what would happen to someone who accidentally put nail glue in their eye.

And I’m sure that some of you are probably asking yourselves, “Isn’t vitamin-A good for your eyes?” Yes, I’m sure vitamin-A is good for your eyes, but it’s the glue part that you have to worry about.

I guess I have to add 'glue in your eye' to my list of new phobias.

Can you even imagine gluing your eyes shut and not being able to open them? This person should go out right now and play lottery for having this kind of luck. I guess as long as you don’t glue your eyes together, you’re having a pretty good day.

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