15 Major Plot Holes In 'The Walking Dead' We Need Answers To... Right Now

For the past seven years, The Walking Dead has been one of the most watched shows on television. I am a huge fan, and you can find me glued to the screen every Sunday evening, awaiting all of the blood, gore and drama that will unfold next. Throughout the years, so many characters have come and gone (some in the most spectacularly brutal way), and with so many plot lines there is bound to be some inconsistencies. Actually, if you pay close attention, there are quite a number of plot holes throughout the series. I usually am not one to completely dissect apart a show I enjoy, but some of the holes are just plain obvious. But it's ok, Walking Dead, I still love you. Here are 15 plot holes from The Walking Dead.

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15 Why Are Guns So Scarce in the Beginning?


We live in America. Lots of people have guns here, especially in the South. I don't understand how the series starts off with them being such a rare commodity. I can see how as time goes on, they would become harder to find as groups of people begin to horde them, but finding them initially shouldn't have been too hard. Remember how important Rick's guns were in Atlanta? People were ready to kill each other over them. When the show was two and a half seasons in, guns only accounted for a little more than half of the show's violence. In more recent seasons, however, they seem to have become plentiful.

Guns also often become a topic of heated discussion: who should have them and why. For example, in the third season, in the Governor's community, only he and his henchman were allowed guns. In Alexandria, the guns are taken and locked up in one secure room (which we recently learned isn't all that secure). I don't know about you, but if the zombie apocalypse is going down, no one in hell is going to stop me from having a damn gun (a few of the characters obviously felt the same way).

14 Infinite Ammo

Speaking of guns, ammunition never seems to be too big of a concern to the main characters on TWD, even after they acquire a lot more guns. Yet somehow it always seems to be plentiful. Where does it come from? While it is likely that people would stockpile ammunition during the apocalypse, we rarely see them discovering a stockpile. They never really seem too concerned about it. And how have they transported it throughout the series? Ammunition is bulky and heavy, yet we never saw them with a large container or bag of it. Yet of course, it’s has always been available when then needed it.

Then there is Hershel’s shotgun at the finale of Season 2, which is a magical gun with infinite ammo. As zombies are attacking the farm, he fires at least 25 shots in a row with that shotgun before reloading. It would be impossible for that gun to be able to fire that many shots in a row. But hey, I guess all rules of physics are out the window during the zombie apocalypse.

13 Everyone is Infected


In Season 2, when Shane transforms into a zombie after being killed by Rick, we learn that everyone is infected with the zombie virus, regardless if they have been bitten or not. Apparently it is dormant in every person's brain, and then a few moments after death, the virus kicks in and reanimates the body. So this means that when everyone dies from any cause, whether it is natural or foul play, they will turn into a zombie. How is that possible? What if someone was somewhat sheltered from walkers, like the Alexandria residents…how would they catch the virus? And then wouldn’t everyone eventually turn, bitten or not, if it is in their blood? Moreover, wouldn’t any major injury jump-start the infection; what makes a bite so special? If they are already infected, how can they get more infected from a bite? Many fan theories have tried to explain this, but in all honestly, they are too many holes in all of the explanations.

12 Dead Who Didn't Turn


Referring back to number 13 on this list, in Season 2, the cast comes upon a highway with a sea of stranded cars. Those cars are filled with dead people who did not turn. We can see that their heads are perfectly intact. So according to the later established fact that everyone is infected, and the already known fact that the only way to kill a walker is to destroy the brain, they should have turned. So why didn't they? I guess one way to explain it is to say they had massive head trauma in a car accident, but it is not very believable that every single person in those cars had the same trauma. And we haven’t been given any indication that walkers can starve to death, so that can’t be it.

According to some online sources, the reason for this clear mistake in writing was due to budget cuts and writers having to rewrite scripts in a super short amount of time.

11 How Didn't Anyone Know Sophia Was in the Barn?

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The characters spent most of Season 2 hunting for Carol's daughter Sophia, who we eventually come to learn had died and turned, and was being kept in the barn with all of the other zombies. This just doesn’t seem to make any sense. How did no one from the Green farm know she was in there when they were the ones putting the zombies in the barn? Wouldn't they notice a little girl? One theory is that Otis put her in there, and then was killed by Shane before he could tell anyone. If this were the case, however, she would have to have been bitten as soon as she was separated from everyone, and immediately found by Otis. But that doesn’t match up to the tracks and little hideaway of hers that Darryl found. Unless Hershel did know the whole time that she was in there and didn’t bother to tell anyone, which is pretty effed up if you ask me. I’d like to think he was better than that.

Another thing to think about is that Sophia seemed pretty intact, albeit dead from a bite on her shoulder, when she exited the barn. That means she had to have ben attacked by zombies, and somehow, despite her size, escaped before they could eat more of her, which is possible I suppose. Too many things to think about!

10 The Governors Magical Missing Eye


The Governor became known for his eye patch; it makes him all the more creepier. You can thank Michone for that, as she is the one who shoved a piece of glass in his eye. The right eye, to be exact.

However, the injured eye seemed to move. In Season 3, episode 11, his right eye had the patch, which matches up to the eye she destroyed. Then later in that episode, he removed the patch and held up a match to reveal his grossly ruined eye socket. However, it was then his left eye. Then it returned to the right side.

Also, with one eye down you would think that it would affect the Governor’s ability to aim. Yet he still remains a superior marksman. Not to mention in one scene he even uses his non-existent eye to look through the scope of a rifle before he accurately fires it. Now that’s pretty impressive!

9 How Did Nicholas, Aiden, Heath and Aaron Survive as Long as They Did?

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In Season 5, we meet Nicholas and Aiden, who are scavengers for Alexandria. Somehow these two were able to go on a ton of runs for Alexandria without being killed by the Wolves or discovered by the Saviors. Alexandria has existed since the very beginning of the outbreak, so they had to be doing those runs for a ling time. I mean, seriously, these guys were idiots.

While Heath wasn’t as idiotic as those two, he still was inexperienced and kind of wimpy to boot, so how did he never get discovered or run into anyone else, especially the Saviors? For the Saviors to become as powerful as they are, they would have had to be around for quite some time. Not to mention, they are a huge group.

Aaron also managed to avoid the Saviors. With all of his travels, it’s quite amazing that he never even caught wind of their existence. Luck I guess.

8 Perfectly Trimmed Prison Lawn


In Season 3, the crew discovers a prison, which they decide to make their home for the season. From the first moment they stumble upon that location, it appears to have a perfectly manicured lawn. However, upon inspection, the crew discovers it has been abandoned, except for five inmates who had been locked up inside one of the cellblocks for about eight months or so. So they clearly weren’t able to mow the lawn. Then who did? Who was the mysterious landscaper? Was it a zombie laborer?

In reality, prior to filming a location, the preproduction crew of the series requests that the owners of the locations do not cut their lawns. Rumor has it that they actually pay every homeowner $150 not to mow their lawns for three weeks prior to filming. Someone must’ve dropped the ball on this one.

7 The Indestructible Hyundai Tucson


In The Walking Dead universe, the zombie apocalypse was supposed to have begun in 2010. However, in Season 2, Shane stumbles upon a 2012 Hyundai Tucson. Was it transported back to them from the future? A bit nit-picky I know, but the real mystery lies in the fact that this futuristic vehicle seems to be indestructible. The car is used throughout the span of three seasons and a plethora of battles, yet still was always pristine. And besides never getting a scratch or dent, the magical car never got dirty either! The mint-green Tucson the characters were always seen driving around in was forever sparkling clean. Considering all of the dirt roads they drove on, zombies they ran into (and over), not to mention the never-ending stream of bad guys, this was a phenomenal feat. I think I need to go out and buy myself a 2012 Hyundai Tucson. Wow, product placement really does work!

6 The Zombies Got Stupider

In the beginning of the series in Season 1, the walkers seemed capable of doing many human-like things to get at their intended prey, and display more human-like behavior in general. In the very first episode, a zombie girl picks up a teddy bear from the ground. We see a zombie turn the doorknob of Morgan’s house to get inside. When everyone was in Atlanta, the walkers were able to pick up objects and throw them to break glass, and could also climb fences. At one point, a zombie stared directly into a peephole. After Season 1, they haven't been capable of any such intelligent feats. They only try to push and claw their way into any location and never are able to pick up or hold anything. Why did they suddenly get stupider?

Yes I know, it was the first season, so the writers and producers were still trying to figure out their formula. So I will give the show a pass with this one.

5 Sense of Smell


In the series, walkers are able to distinguish living humans from other walkers from the way they smell. Humans have even been known to cover themselves in walker guts in order to trick the walkers (which we will get back to later). Question is, how does their sense of smell still function? The only organ that is supposed to be functioning in the undead is the brain (we have even seen zombie heads trying to nibble at passerby’s). But the walkers don’t even breathe. A lot of them are missing noses and chunks of their faces, along with many other organs that are necessary for a person to use that specific sense (like their entire respiratory system). So how does that one magical sense still work enough for them to determine if a person is living or not?

I guess I have to leave it up to good ol' suspension of disbelief.

4 Hershel’s Miraculous Prosthetic Leg

In Season 3, Hershel got bit in the calf by a zombie, and Rick decided he could save him from becoming infected by amputating Hershel’s leg (which is iffy itself). On the Season 4 premier we saw that Hershel miraculously had a brand new leg. No explanation was given in the episode. However, thank goodness for Talking Dead, because on that show it was explained that Darryl happened to stumble upon a prosthetic leg during one of his runs. Why wasn’t this explained on the show? What about those fans who go to bed early and don’t watch Talking Dead? Seems like a mess-up to me. And in all honestly, c’mon, that’s just way too convenient.

Moreover, he’s an older man who had tremendous trauma, and had no physical therapy. Yet he ended up getting around pretty effortlessly as the season went on. In the fifth episode, he even tossed a walker over a rail all on his own. He also drove a car with not much problem. It’s like that fake leg made him stronger!

3 Maggie Forgets About Beth


We've watched Maggie lose her entire family throughout series. In Season 2, her stepmother and stepbrother die on the farm, as well as their family friend Otis. In a later season she watched her father be gunned down by the Governor. Then all that was left was her younger sister, Beth. After all the sisters had been through, you would think Maggie would have clung to Beth for dear life. However, when both Glen and her sister are missing, she became obsessed with finding Glen, not Beth. As she headed to Terminus, she wrote a message "Glenn go to terminus.” No message for Beth. And when she eventually found Glenn, she still didn't seem too concerned about finding Beth. In the premier of Season 5, Darryl revealed to Maggie that a mysterious black car kidnapped Beth. She asked Darryl if Beth was alive, he said yes, and she seemed satisfied. Really? In this crazy world of murderers and cannibals, she wasn't terrified that some psychopath had her sister? Darryl and Carol were way more concerned than Maggie was. She even later decided to go with Abraham’s crew to bring Eugene to DC, rather than look for her one and only sister.

2 Where Did the Virus Come From?


Ok, so this may not technically be a "plot hole" per se, but it is driving me crazy!!! In previous seasons, the cast seemed very concerned with finding out the origin of the outbreak that had caused the world to become overrun by zombies, and with that, a possible cure. They have teased us with some science behind the epidemic, but nothing was ever clear. And after everyone discovered that Eugene was a fraud, the desire to find the cause and a cure seemed to disappear. However, the same cannot be true for fans, who still want to know the origins. Unfortunately this aching desire will never be quenched. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has made it clear that he has absolutely no intention of explaining how the pathogen came about, believing that doing so would make the series become more science fiction, rather than the intended genre of horror. Well this sucks, in my opinion.

Also, according to the comic, zombies decay at the same rate as regular dead human bodies do. If that were the case, wouldn’t everyone eventually turn into mush and bones?

1 Why Don't They Cover Themselves in Blood All of the Time?


Now this one really irks me. Rick and Glenn discovered pretty early on (in Season 1) that being covered in zombie blood and guts could keep you safe. As mentioned, the walkers apparently distinguish the humans from other walkers by their scent. Covering oneself in blood masks the human scent. Carol did this in the premier of Season 5, and Rick, Carl, Michone, Jessie, Ron, Sam, Father Gabriel and baby Judith used this tactic again in the mid-season 6 finale, but it sure took a long time for them to revisit it. Shouldn’t they be dousing themselves in that stinky crap all of the time? Ok, maybe not when they are in their “safe” homes in Alexandria, etc., but anytime they are on the move they should be painting themselves head to toe in it. I know I would. They don’t have to be worried about catching the virus; it’s been established that they already have it. Their fellow survivors in Fear the Walking Dead take more advantage of this amazing zombie deterrent, and those guys definitely don’t seem smarter or more badass than the originals.

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