15 Makeover Fails

There are some things that should not be done when applying makeup.  First, don't put on makeup in the dark. It's guaranteed that the makeup will be too dark or too bright if we put it on without the proper amount of light. Second, have a mirror handy. We need to check our work. Makeup application requires some amount of precision. Adequate lighting and a mirror gives us a better chance for our makeup look to come out the way we wanted.

But some people think that they don't need good lighting or a mirror. They believe that they can put on eyeliner without even watching what they're doing. And sometimes, they want to try something new that they think will look great but actually turns out terrible. These 15 makeup disasters are so bad that we wonder what the heck they were thinking or if they'd even bothered to look in the mirror!

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15 Over-and-above lip liner

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Did this girl wake up and get into a fight with a pack of Sharpies? If so, we think that the Sharpies won. Her eyebrows are drawn on in a big black arch that wants to fly off her face. Then her eyeshadow is just smudges of color that are not blended properly.

But it's her lip liner that really got us. WHY. IS. IT. OVER. HER. LIPS? She drew in a line for the top wayyyy above her actual top lip. The girl didn't even fill it in with lipstick to try to trick us into thinking her top lip was plump. She left it alone so that this looks even weirder. The lip liner is like an odd mustache on her face. And she seems to think this whole thing is a good look because she does it all the time. The makeup gods are angry when humans fail this badly at makeup.

14 Mugshot horror show

Via: sobadsogood.com

What's really sad is that this lady, who looks around mid-30s to early 40s, has a great bone structure. She could be totally gorgeous with the right makeup and haircut. But nope, that's not the case. She does her makeup herself and it's really, really bad. In fact, it might even be criminal because this looks like a mugshot. She shaved off her natural eyebrows and drew thin lines straight across her brow bones. Her smoky eyeshadow almost works, but it ends up being more like a raccoon face mask than an actual smoky eye.

And that lip liner! She must be auditioning for a backup singer role for that band K.I.S.S.! If she's been arrested for bad makeup, we hope that the authorities find a real makeup artist to give her a proper makeover and end her life of makeup crime.

13 A tragedy of rainbows

Via: mutually.com

We love colorful hair as much as anyone. And the rainbow makeup look can be gorgeous....WHEN it's done the right way. The look is not for people who put on their makeup in the dark or who don't bother to look at mirrors. This person needs to practice some more instead of going out looking like a chalk drawing reject. Condition that hair! Find the right foundation shade and blend with a foundation brush and blending sponge. Go to an eyebrow expert to fix those brows. The shape is all wrong.

And please, for the love of rainbows, use the right brushes for eyeshadow and blend appropriately. Maybe go more subtle in the beginning. And her pale lips wash out the rest of her face. She turned a potentially pretty look into one of pure shame. This is why we recommend watching beauty tutorials and having a few makeup books on hand as a reference. And yes, a mirror is always our friend when doing something new with our makeup.

12 Double eyebrows and so many questions

Via: sobadsogood.com

We don't use an inhaler, but we might need one now. Her makeup has a precision that we envy and an execution that makes us want to vomit. Every line is so perfect. But she chose to use her makeup powers for evil and created this look from the pits of Hades. What is going on with the double eyebrows? And why did she do dark lip liner with lighter lipstick? These are burning questions that must be answered.

Her eyeliner looks okay enough. And we are impressed with how symmetrical everything she did turned out to be. But the makeup gods are still very displeased with the end result. A pretty girl has turned herself into a horror show with really bad makeup. This might be a case of bad style instead of lack of skill. She still needs someone to intervene and save her from her ugly makeup ways before it's too late.

11 Just a bit crooked

Via: oddee.com

From too much hairspray to bad eyebrows to dark lip liner, this young woman has makeup all wrong. She can't help that her mouth is a tad crooked, but the dark lip liner with pale lipstick makes it much more noticeable. The eyebrows are not very good, either. And it's a shame because we can tell that she could be really pretty with a makeover from an expert. She also needs to wash out all of that hairspray and gel, condition her hair and learn how to use styling tools. Helmet curls are not appealing. See how she's posing? This woman wanted to look attractive for her selfie and posted it on her social media and maybe even a few dating sites. But the look was not what she thought it was. Her makeup is a disaster that needs an intervention.

10 Fallen into chalk

Via: sobadsogood.com

This person needs a lesson in foundation. Yes, they might have pale skin but that doesn't mean that they should wear chalky-white face powder!  The eyeliner is on too thick and dark, and it's just a total NO from all of us. Makeup is not easy to learn and requires an artistic eye to put on correctly. But this person lacks the artistic eye.

Whatever made them think this was a good look? This is a cross between a clown and a ghost, and it is just not a good look. Don't draw thick Sharpie lines around the eye, and please choose the best foundation shade for skin tone. It shouldn't be too dark or too light. Sometimes people have to blend two foundation shades to get the right shade for themselves. But this person did everything wrong and left the house like that!

9 A deep orange hue

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

Baked skin is not always as appealing as we have been taught. This otherwise pretty girl has either hit the tanning bed so often that she developed an orange hue from the tanning bed, or she went crazy with self-tanning lotion. Her eyebrows are just thin lines, and her mascara is layered too thickly. She might be wearing fake lower lashes, too.

It's really hard to tell because this photo seems to have been edited to give her skin a fake plastic look. And we have met folks who tan so much that their skin looks dark with a hint of orange and just a tad leathery. The tanning bed is not our friend. It can accelerate aging and cause skin cancer. And bad self-tanner just looks bad. The eyebrows have really done us in as well. Pencil-thin eyebrows should have NEVER been a thing.

8 The lipstick isn't the worst of her problems

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Her orange tan isn't as deep or as dark as the other girl's orange tan. This is very blatantly orange and looks so bad. She also lacks precision with her makeup application. Everything is smudged and uneven. It's like her eyeliner and eyeshadow threw up on her face. But that's not even the worst of it! She does the dark lip liner and a BRIGHT lipstick.

Lordy, lordy. What has the world come to? Stop with the dark lip liner and mismatched lipstick! Lip liner is supposed to accentuate the lips and hold the lipstick in place, so it should either match or complement the lipstick. It shouldn't look like a ring of feces around the mouth. Too many people make this mistake, and it's such a shame. She looks like a clown, except Pennywise has better makeup application than she does.

7 Cat ear eyebrows

Via: izismile.com

What the heck is going on here? She shaved off her eyebrows and replaced them with pencil-thin lines that are shaped like a cat's ears. The question is: WHY? It doesn't look very good at all. Then she was heavy-handed with her eyeliner and lumpy mascara and completed the look with baby-pink lipstick. It's so sad when a pretty girl ruins her makeup with terrible looks like this. And she is almost doing duckface with her lips, which means that she thinks she looks fantastic.

Most of us have made that mistake before. We go out thinking we look great, only to discover from photos that we actually looked trashed. Take a few selfies before going out. Don't post them right away. Give it about half an hour and LOOK AGAIN! It might compel us to re-do our look and find something better instead of going out looking like a train wreck.

6 Friends shouldn't let friends go out like this

Via: sobadsogood.com

Friends should not let their friends go out looking so trashed. But these two women both look like hot messes. The blonde woman is sporting some horrible self-tanner and smudged makeup, while her dark-haired friend forgot her eyebrows and applied some thick liner on her lower eye lids. And their eyes are spaced-out enough that we think they have been pre-gaming for hours before going out.

The blonde woman also seems to have crimped some of her hair. We remember when that was a thing, but we're glad that the trend has long passed. These two friends have makeup disasters so bad that we don't think they even looked into a mirror. They just assumed they looked good and went out. And sure, some guys probably still hit on them because men honestly don't care what we look like as long as we're available to them. But their makeup is still a major disaster.

5 Down the wrong rainbow road

Via: pinterest.com

Another pretty woman has a bad sense of style! It's possible to wear colorful eyeshadow and look good. We have seen so many rainbow-inspired and unicorn-inspired makeup looks that are gorgeous. But this woman did not do that. She threw green and blue eyshadow onto her eye lids, added some dark bronzer under her cheekbones and bright spots of blush and...and (GAG!) did the dark lip liner and pale lipstick thing that we hate so much. Her eyeliner and fake eyelashes complete the terrible makeup look. What's sad is that we can tell she's actually quite pretty in a blonde California girl sort of way. She would look great with her hair down, no makeup, on the beach with a surf board. But her makeup look is the ultimate disaster.

4 Such pale lips

Via: imgur.com

Wow, this makeup disaster is so bad that we wonder why she left the house looking like that! Her pale pink lipstick is on so thick that we can see the layers. Her lips must also be really dry under there. The lipstick has caked. Then she drew winged eyeliner but not with the precision that it requires. And finally, her eyebrows are a mess of big proportions. The lines did not go on smoothly, and she drew several of them and shaded them in. It looks very botched and messy. Her face is also super-red, either from a sunburn or too much bronzer. This girl needs to learn some makeup application tips or go bare-faced and fancy free. Her makeup is such a terrible tragedy that the makeup gods might smite us for her sins.

3 If Barbie had lived a hard life

Via: izismile.com

The Barbie doll is seen as an unrealistic expectation of beauty. She has perfect skin and blonde hair, a long and lithe body with luscious curves and perfectly-applied makeup. Well, this woman looks like Barbie if Barbie had lived on the streets all her life and fallen into a crowd that loves self-tanner and cheap hair extensions. This woman's splotchy tan is so distracting, and her eye makeup is so smudged that it's like she's wearing a mask.

It's okay to wear hair extensions and wigs, but she choose the wrong brand and didn't put them on well enough to disguise the fact that it's all fake. And she tried to dress up a plain cotton candy pink dress with one of those decorative belts, but it doesn't look nearly as good as she thought it did. And she seems to be at a party with business men. We can leave the rest to everyone's imagination.

2 Just DON'T do it

Via: wetpaint.com

The Nike symbol is really cool. It looks great on their shoes and athletic wear. But the Nike symbol does not belong as an eyebrow look! This woman thought that making an upside down Nike symbol for her eyebrows would be a good idea. Well, she was very, very wrong. Instead of eyebrows, she has devil horns or a perpetual confused look. It is a makeup disaster that should have never been done and should certainly never be repeated.

Some makeup disasters are unfortunate, but this one is practically a crime against the nature of makeup. Eyebrow makeup should generally follow the natural line of one's eyebrows, not do its own thing. The eyebrows frame our faces. She is messing up in so many ways by making upside down Nike eyebrows.

1 Large eyeshadow eyebrows

Via: pinterest.com

When thick brows made a comeback, we were thrilled. The pencil thin look was so unattractive. But this girl went too far with making thick brows. Her eyebrows nearly cover her entire forehead. She didn't embrace thicker, more natural eyebrows and instead went for these obscene eyebrows. The makeup goes well above her natural brows and grazes her forehead. They must be two or three inches thick!

Otherwise, she is an attractive girl. But these made-up eyebrows are a terrible look for her (or anyone) and should be wiped off immediately. It's not like many of us haven't made an eyebrow mistake, but this girl has gone too far. She needs someone who can intervene and warn her of her horrible eyebrow design ways before it's too late.

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