15 Makeup Fails That Are Hard To Look At

When it comes to makeup, the general rule of thumb is that less is more. (Unless, of course, you're preparing for a Halloween party and you're trying to do something really scary.) So people should keep in mind that when they're doing their eyebrows to keep it natural and when doing their eyes, the goal is not looking like the sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Considering how many helpful makeup tutorials exist online, though, there really is no excuse for anyone to leave the house looking like something that came out of The Walking Dead. But some folks didn't get that memo, because they posted makeup selfies or photos that show exactly why less is more. That's fortunate for us, though, because we can laugh at these makeup disasters.

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15 Eyebrow and lash fail

Via: epicfail.com

Fake lashes can add a subtle effect to any eye, especially for those women who were born with thin and short eyelashes. But fake eyelashes are kind of tricky because the key is that the best ones look natural; like your real eyelashes. The woman on the right didn't get that memo because not only did she put on the biggest, boldest and longest fake lashes she could find but it seems that she also coated them in 20 layers of mascara. But when she looked in the mirror, that was apparently still not enough for her. She also needed to draw on her eyebrows, for whatever reason, which look anything but natural. All we can say is that at least she went for a subtle lip.

14 So much glitter

Via: viralpiranha.com

Glitter is one of those things that we love, but once you open up anything containing glitter, it gets everywhere. Sure, some makeup also contains glittery effects, but like with anything, less is always more. This woman, though, looks as if she spackled her face with a light layer of glue and then poured an entire jar of glitter all over herself. The result makes it look as if her very skin is breaking apart or as if she got glitter bombed in the worst way possible (not that there's ever a good way). The lips also look a little too outlined. Hey girl, we can see where your real lips begin and end. This is the perfect example of why you probably should just leave the glitter to the kindergartners.

13 Way too much

Via: fotobesity.com

It's sometimes wise to use just a little pop of color when you're going out to a special event or have some fun planned out on the town. Just a pop of color, though, never means pouring the whole can of paint over your face. This photo shows a woman who just got a little too carried away with color, and that's coming from someone who lived through the neon makeup colors of the 1980s. But there is also a lot more going on here that makes this picture so horrifying. She drew on an extra set of eyelids, both above and under her eyes. And then she drew on an extra set of eyelashes on top and bottom. And all we can do is ask "Why?"

12 A total doll

Via: shughal.com

The porcelain China doll look is something that a lot of women try going for. Maybe it's because they prefer having a porcelain-like face, a perfect foundation for doll-like makeup. But most women are not really capable of pulling off that look, no matter how experienced they may be in makeup application. Here's a case in point: this woman seems to have tried to look like a little China doll. But she just really looks like some scary monster that comes out at night to frighten children into going to bed. What is up with those thinly drawn eyebrows? We will give her props for her perfectly lined eyes, but the entire effect is just way too horrifying. At least she went with a subtle nail color, right?

11 On point

Via: reddit.com

This photo shows the perfect example of a good makeup look gone horribly wrong. Sometimes, a woman must question any decisions when she looks in the mirror and thinks that somehow she needs something else. There isn't a lot wrong with this photo, but it only takes a few bad makeup decisions to go from good to bad. This woman's foundation and eyes actually look really well done. But then she drew on some impossibly arched eyebrows that give her the appearance of constant surprise. If that wasn't bad enough, she thought, "Hey, I'm going to use this eyebrow pencil to line my lips, too." And then this makeup look that started out okay ended up as a disaster. We're not really sure what happened here, but she has our condolences.

10 Orange you glad to see me?

Via: viralpiranha.com

We have no idea why society is so concerned with tanned skin. Everyone wants that look like they just came back from the beach. But with the rise of information about skin cancer, people need to get that look from a bottle, rather than from the sun or tanning beds. Spray tans are all the rage now, but sometimes, they just don't work out too well. Sometimes, they end up making a person look like an Oompa Loompa. This poor woman looks like she spends her free time hanging out in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory singing songs about the dire consequences suffered by bad children, right? What's even weirder is the white she used on her lips and around her eyes, as well as her platinum blond hair, that makes her seem even more ridiculous.

9 Spider-woman

Via: epicfail.com

Spiderwoman, Spiderwoman. Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size. You get the idea. This woman seemingly has taken some spiders and attached them to her eyes. We're not even sure if these are fake lashes or not or if she just spent hours applying mascara over and over and over until she got that lovely arachnid look. But it's likely that any guy that ran into her in the club gave her a wide berth: there are insects clinging to her eyelids for dear life! We get it: it's hard to make eyelashes stand out, especially when we're so used to seeing models with fake lashes. But there is a fine line that got crossed here from "not enough mascara" to "too much mascara."

8 Eyebrows, Part 2

Via: youtube.com

Ladies, we get it. We are never happy with our eyebrows. Usually, the two eyebrows we have don't even match in shape and size. One always looks weird. Sometimes both look weird. And getting that perfectly defined brow is a myth. But that doesn't stop us from trying, to the point that we keep trying and keep trying and then we end up with brows that are a bit, well, too much. This poor lady had some issues with getting her eyebrows done. And now they're so thick that we can't not look at them. That is normally a good thing, but we're staring at those eyebrows because they are downright scary. Also, what is up with that gunky foundation job? We've got one word for you, lady: blend.

7 When you can't decide on one color palette

Via: epicfail.com

We're going to take an educated guess here and think that this woman is some kind of football or soccer fan and that these colors she chose for her face are to represent her favorite country or team or something else like that. Because there is no good reason to mix these colors and put them on your face otherwise. Actually, there is no good reason to put these colors on your face like ever. But she drew something that resembles a flag on her eyes and mouth and she didn't really even do a very good job at that. So we've got this mishmash makeup job that makes us stare in horror at it. Also, again, what is up with the black-lined lips? Is this a new trend?

6 Not even sure what's going on here

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

Sometimes, you can stare at a photo of a bad makeup job and understand what the woman was, at least, trying to achieve. But sometimes, you just stare at a photo and there is no rational explanation for what's going on. This photo falls into the latter category. There is a lot of bad makeup going on here: from the foundation to the pink eye shadow that seems to go on forever. It's as if she thought she might paint a sunset on her upper lids, but then she got carried away in the moment and ended up covering up her natural brows. So she decided to fix that problem by drawing some new brows, except that she went for the unibrow look and ended up connecting it to her eyeliner. This is a big nope.

5 Liner is life

Via: guff.com

Some women really love to draw. To them, everything is a canvas, waiting for them to sketch their thoughts and feelings on. Sometimes, those women draw on their face, using their favorite black liner, turning their visages into a work of art. This is more like one of those Picasso paintings, though, where the face is all mixed up and the eyes look completely off. But this woman drew on herself anyway, using that liner like it was going out of style (it was never in style). She gave herself completely new weird eyebrows and then decided to give her eyes a heavy underliner look that makes her look like she's been out all night. To top that off? She used that same liner on her lips.

4 Don't let them see the whites of your eyes

Via: epicfail.com

This photo must have been taken during Halloween, right? Because there is no other reason anyone would leave the house like this. This is obviously all part of a costume. It's just one we don't get or understand. Otherwise, this is one of the weirdest makeup jobs we've ever seen. So it seems like the goal was to highlight the eyes, make them really pop. In this case, they really do, though, because these women lined them in clown white. And when that clown white goes on skin that spent too much time under the spray time, we're going to start singing that Willy Wonka song again. Oompa loompa doompety doo. I've got a perfect puzzle for you. It's about why these women chose to go out in public like this.

3 So cool (not)

Via: guff.com

Perhaps what is most heartbreaking about this makeup photo is that this woman took a selfie thinking that she looked really awesome. And maybe, in her circles, she does. But once more, you've got the skin that spent way too much time under a spray tan. She's orange, really orange, and it makes us wonder if the Oompa Loompa look is really in this season (no, it's not). Combine that with eyes lined with that same clown white, as well as frosted lips, and we can only shake our heads and curse the abomination that is bad makeup jobs. The hair is pretty awesome, though, in a punk kind of way, but the rest of the look says anything but: no self-respecting punk would spray tan.

2 Is this too much?

Via: epicfails.com

As we mentioned, sometimes all a face needs is a pop of color, especially if you're planning on wearing dark clothes during your night out on the town. This woman wears all black, so she felt that she needed to make up for that on her face. But that pop of color became something else: something that looks like Jackson Pollack threw paint at it. The eyeshadow is certainly a pretty color, but it's way too much, and again, she chose to cover her natural eyebrows and draw fake ones on, in purple. Yeah, we're not feeling that. She thinks she's ready to hit the club and party the night away, but she already looks like she's been at the club for five days straight without sleep.

1 Can I get fries with that?

Via: pinterest.com

What is it with women covering up their natural eyebrows and drawing on new ones? Sure, your eyebrows might be too low for your liking, but those fake eyebrows aren't fooling anyone. They usually come out as some horrifying thing that people just stare at, not because they make you beautiful, but because they make you look weird. This woman, though, found new inspiration for her eyebrow work. She decided to not only cover up her natural eyebrows, but went to the trouble of meticulously drawing on new brows. But where did this inspiration come from? Obviously, she found the golden arches of McDonald's and made them her muse. Let's just say that we are definitely not loving it. Step away from the eyebrow pencil.

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