15 Makeup Mistakes From People Who Shouldn't Go Pro

Some people are lucky to be blessed with a pretty face, while unfortunately, some need a few tricks to meet the standards set by society. Luckily, we have makeup on our side to help us get a makeover and achieve the look we always wanted. But, getting a makeover is not as easy as it seems. It can be compared to an artist painting on a canvass, only that the canvass is replaced with a person. With the right expertise and skill, people are able to transform into an absolutely different human being, even without surgery.

But, for those who want to DIY, this is also possible. Hair and makeup tutorials are now easily accessible, thanks to YouTube. However, not everyone can perfectly get their desired look. Some do not even know they are doing it wrong. Here are some of the makeovers that will surely make you cringe. Be wary.

15 Nude makeup

via: guff.com

When we say nude makeover, it usually includes beige and light colored makeup mixed together to match one’s skin tone. But the picture here looks like it was taken from a horror movie. With that surprised look and pale lips, you can easily confuse it with someone who just saw a ghost. She probably saw something unspeakably scary. Or, this is just another sad case of nude makeup fail. If it is the latter, she definitely needs more practice. Fortunately, there are lots of sources on the Internet where she can learn. With the help of online tutorials, she can be a professional artist in no time. When that time comes, she can post better pictures that truly show her beauty. Who knows, maybe next year, she can join the lady on number three for their transformation Tuesday picture.

14 The skillful art of sabotage

We can all relate to this girl here. Hiring a makeup artist can be quite costly. We are so lucky with all the available resources on the Internet, it is easy to copy any type of makeup style. There are also tutorials to achieve Kim Kardashian’s contour. It is supposed to help make the cheekbones appear higher and nose line slimmer, just perfect for those who want to make their face smaller looking.

But, due to some unfortunate events, what if in the middle of your contouring tutorial suddenly the wifi goes out.

We all do not want that to happen to us especially on the day of a special event. Lesson learned. Next time you want to contour, download the tutorial instead of directly streaming them online, so there are no more interruptions and you can achieve that slim face you always wanted.

13 Smile, even though your powder is showing

Even celebrities have their fair share of makeover mishaps. Looking presentable and stylish is part of becoming an artist, like Miley Cyrus here in this picture. However, she looked like she forgot to blend the powder on her chin area. The makeup disaster was captured from different angles. It also looked like she ate cake or something white and forgot to clean crumbs on her face.

We know that celebrities are super busy but that is no reason, especially if you are always in the spotlight. People can notice even the slightest detail and they are even more particularly if it is on the face. Maybe she thought her makeup artist was already done fixing her makeup and stood up went over to the camera to have her picture taken. Nevertheless, she still looked stunning.

12 Elites experience them too

If celebrities have their share of makeover disasters, first ladies experience them too. Not even the elite are exempted from such things. Powder is also the main reason for the disaster in this picture of The First Lady of China, Madam Peng Liyuan.

According to the Mirror, the powder used is invisible to the naked eye but it contains light-reflecting particles that come to life under a camera flash.

It seems like her makeup artist forget that the client here is an important person who deserves the best service when it comes to makeup. As a first lady, people will look at her every move and every event that she goes to. This is why her looks are very important, she must look presentable and elegant at all times.

11 Warts eyeshadow

Via: smosh.com

Having your very own leopard inspired eyeshadow may look really cool and unique. This lady here had dreams of achieving it too. Unfortunately, it is just too difficult for an ordinary human to copy. Maybe the leopard eyeshadow was created with the use of special tools. Who knows? It looks impossible and time-consuming to draw the animal pattern one by one.

But if you are patient enough, you might just nail it.

But, seriously this looks like a total disaster. Instead of looking like an Amazon princess, it turned out like she has several warts under her brow. Nevertheless, she looked happy anyway. She sure did put some effort on that eye shadow. Maybe she truly love animals, next time she can also try lion or giraffe patterns. What do you say?

10 Lovely wife

Every photo with your partner, husband or wife deserves only the best. Maybe this girl in the picture prepared so much to look good and stunning. However, if you look at her hand, the color is darker. Is this another case of too much powder or a case of vitiligo? We surely want to hide those imperfections on our face and powder is an effective beauty product that can help cover them. But choosing the right powder depends on your skin tone. It should be matched with the skin color so that it is well-balanced when applied and will look more natural. So next time you grab a powder and put it on your face, think again, you might need to check the mirror first before you go outside.

9 Don't be greedy with your eyebrows

Eyebrows, if correctly done, should complement your eyes and emphasize it more. A perfectly shaped eyebrow is something to be proud of. Some people are born with flawlessly shaped brows, while others have to slightly tweak it with makeup.

But, if you want to fix your eyebrows, make sure to do it in front of the mirror, because it is actually pretty difficult to do without one.

Like in her case, she probably left her mirror and tried to do makeup without it. It turns out it wasn’t bad after all... for Halloween. She could get a role as a super villain or as uncles Fester’s wife. This is a perfect example that anyone can actually put on an eyebrow, but only few will get it right.

8 Bigger eyes

Through a person’s eyes, we can get a glimpse of what they are feeling inside. If a person is happy or sad, it reflects in their eyes. Also, bright and big eyes can be attractive and striking. These days, anything is possible. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, it can be easily achieved without any surgery, just artistic skill with the help of makeup.

If you want to have those big eyes, putting a white eyeliner can actually help. This should brighten your eyes and reflect more light to it, making your eyes look bigger. However, this should be done softly on the corners of the eyes. If done in a wrong way, it will end up like this picture, where she looks more of a theatrical character.

7 Powder mishap

Via: xojane.com

Even award-winning actress Nicole Kidman is spotted with a makeup disaster. In this picture, we can clearly see powder under her eyes and at tip of her nose, not evenly blended on her face. Who is to blame for this disaster? Lesson learned, look at the mirror before going to a special event.

And if you really want to make sure, take a glance one more time, you might have missed something.

With her beauty and wit, Nicole is a recipient of various awards. She is known for her convincing roles and that stunning face. She is actually 50 years old, but still looking so much younger than her age. This only shows she is taking a good care of herself and every woman should too.

6 I will find you

Via: Diply.com

Contouring or contour is a popular word in the makeup industry. If you search online for this word, you will actually find a long list of how-to and DIY contouring articles. Both celebrities and ordinary people try it to experience its amazing result. But it is not really that easy. Not everyone can get it perfectly, even celebrities with makeup artists on their sides also experience disaster with their supposedly contoured face. But, what if every time you get that contour wrong, you get a call from Liam Neeson, telling you that he will find you and blend the contour.

And one last thing, if you're going to go outside, at least make sure everything looks okay.

5 And the light revealed it all

If you want to capture a moment with a picture, it should be flawlessly done. Of course, it will serve as your remembrance, so you better do it right. But in this picture, the blame is on the photographer. Everything was perfect until the camera flashed and revealed the cakey makeup on her face. It is not her fault. At least she was happy until she saw the picture.

So always remember to blend your makeup and keep things light and natural.

If you are going to do contouring and make use of foundation, it should be done properly by putting a darker shade on the part of the face one wants to define. It can be the forehead, nose, cheeks or chin. If you want to master this, practice! Also, accidents do happen and if you carelessly left your picture lying around for the public to view, you might wake up the next day and find your face as a meme circulating the internet.

4 Marilyn Monroe or Manson?

Via: ranker.com

Pretty sure, she is trying to look like Marilyn Monroe, with that big mole on her face, which is the actress’ signature mark along with the pouty pink lips. But then again, her eyes also resemble Marilyn Manson, an American rock band singer with her dark eyeshadow. Hopefully, this is not her prom look.

But if it’s for Halloween, she will do just fine.

A makeover should make one look better than their usual look. Everyone wants a good makeover once in a while. If you are going to sport a certain type of makeup, make sure that you know how to use it or choose a professional artist. And of course, be nice to them, you will never know what they can do. With the power of makeup, anything is possible.

3 Nailed it!

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. But, sometimes a little help is needed, like adding harmless false eyelashes to improve one’s features, like the lady in this picture. The eyes are best emphasized with long lashes. Luscious lashes are indeed a beauty signature any girl wants to achieve. But, putting on long false eyelashes is not always that easy. It can get tangled and lead to a total disaster. Ladies, let this picture serve as an example: although long lashes are pretty, not everyone can wear it perfectly.

Nowadays, it is so easy to find makeup tutorials on the Internet. For your first try, you might not always get it exactly but through constant practice, it will improve and become so much better. Have faith.

2 Hashtag no makeup

Nothing beats natural and untainted beauty. Most people appreciate beauty in its raw and untouched state. Just like the forests, mountains, seas and other natural wonders of the world. Similarly, some just want to keep their makeup natural looking or keep it simple and mild. Others do not wear any type of makeup at all. Like in the case of this girl, she is making a claim that her post is natural, no makeup and no editing done. Wait, what? Some people obviously reacted to the photo. It is hard to lie when there are millions of people on the internet waiting to judge you. Maybe you have a sharp eye when it comes to natural beauty. So what do you say, natural or not, you decide?

1 Prom king and queen

Prom is the perfect time to transform from an ugly duckling to a total princess. For young girls and boys, this is the most awaited moment to shine and show off their different side. You can never turn back time, so seize the moment, as the old adage goes. Like the girl in this picture, who seemingly overprepared for a party, probably her prom.

Yes, for evening events it does require stronger shades to add drama and help accentuate the eyes or the lips, but not like this.

Unfortunately, we all have that picture we keep and do not want others to see. Some things in our past should remain exactly where it should be. Hopefully, for this girl, she would improve her makeup skills, smoky eyelashes and rosy cheeks. She can even post it as transformation Tuesday pics. We sure love to see her looking prettier, the next time she posts a picture.

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