15 Male Disney Princesses That Are Better Than The Real Thing

Whether it's Halloween or an average Friday night, some people will use any excuse to dress up. Just go into any club on a given night and there will always be at least a few basic people rocking tiaras or bunny ears. (Of course, this is generally more common at a rave, but everyone gets the point). There are some people who just rock a costume accessory and call it a day. But then there are others, who commit to a full-fledged outfit like the ones who rock a hot dog costume to roam around downtown because why not? Or the ones who show up to school dressed up as a fairy because once again, why not?

Then there are others who may be caught head-to-toe looking like Cinderella on any given day because, they simply felt like it. While we are all used to seeing little girls dressed up as their favorite Disney princess, it's not every day that we witness grown men dressed as theirs. But alas, there are some men that love to don the outfit of their favorite Disney Princess and man, do they ever do it well.

15 When Beauty and the Beast become one?

Is it just us or does it look like Beauty and Beast have merged into one? We kid, we kid. Obviously, James Corden is no beast but Belle is sure looking a little burlier than usual in this photo that was posted on Seventeen. Although, leave it up to the Late Late Show host to pull something like this off. What better way to interview some of the cast of Beauty and the Beast than to dress as Belle to really fit in? To be honest, while Belle is looking a little masculine, we have to say the babyface on Corden really makes him an adorable Belle. In fact, he probably pulls Belle off far better than we ever could. We are not sure what we are into more in this photo—the updo, the yellow dress or the puffy sleeves. Evidently, James can pull off a dress any day of the week.

14 Tinkerbell 2.0

One of our favorite characters from Peter Pan has always been Tinkerbell and this guy nailed the look. What better costume is there for a middle-aged man than a miniature fairy in a little green dress? We certainly can't think of one. This fairy will have no problem casting spells around town dressed like this. Or at the very least, he will have no problem getting attention from people, which is likely what he would want to achieve if he's dressing like this, no? Perhaps Tinkerbell and this gentleman have more in common than just their outfits? For anyone who has watched Peter Pan before, we know that one of the main things that Tinkerbell requires is attention or she passes. Surely, anyone who dressed like this may live by this philosophy, too? Or he's just a super cool dude who marches to the beat of his own drum.

13 Little Merman

Via: acidcow.com

We love this for so many reasons but mostly because this reminds us of that scene in Zoolander where Ben Stiller's mermaid commercial comes on and his dad starts giving him flack for it. Only to have Ben Stiller's character defend himself by saying, "I'm a merman dad...a merman."

Outside of the welcome reminder of Zoolander, there is also a pretty funny story behind this man's choice in clothing.

According to this guy, as pictured on Acid Cow, after his son's bus route was changed to pass their house, he decided to take advantage of it and dress up every day to wave to his son as the bus passed by. This happened to be one of the outfits he chose to send his son on his merry way. We can imagine the son was not so thrilled about the whole thing, but at least his peers probably enjoyed it just as much as it seems the dad is enjoying it. (Also, yes, this is the same guy from the Tinkerbell photo!)

12 Perhaps it's time to let it go

Via: okavu.tk

Elsa from Frozen may be one of the newer characters, but that doesn't mean that her outfit isn't just as popular as the other Disney princesses. While we love Elsa, perhaps it is time for this guy to "let it go"? Our apologies; we know that joke was way too obvious. All jokes aside, the truth is that this guy fills out this Elsa dress pretty well. Where do these guys find these outfits that fit them so perfectly? We are pretty sure he found this dress in the women's section and yet it fits like a glove. We can barely find a dress that fits perfectly after trying hundreds on and this guy manages to find one on the first shot? And in such a particular design, how does he do it? Perhaps we need to take him shopping with us to help us. Or perhaps he just has a more proportionate body than we do. Probably the latter.

11 Dorothy's got nothing on this guy

Okay, so Dorothy may not be a princess, but she may as well be one. In fact, she would be a far more proactive princess than some of the other princesses, like Cinderella who goes around losing shoes or Sleeping Beauty who just naps for a century. Dorothy also has style. While she may not be a princess, we would probably much rather wear her dress than some of the other Disney Princesses.

So we have to say that this guy has great taste in costumes and Dorothy truly has nothing on him with the way he's rocking this outfit.

He sure know's how to work this look and it's possible that he's even upstaging his girlfriend, who's dressed as none other than Disney Princess Jasmine. While we were always fans of Jasmine too, if we had to pick an outfit, we'd probably take Dorothy too.

10 The Taco Belle of the Ball

This may be one of our favorite costumes to date, given that this guy has combined two of our favorite things—Beauty and the Beast and tacos. To be honest it took us a minute to even notice the Disney character this guy was portraying because at first glance, we were too busy ordering tacos via Uber Eats. Nevertheless, once we circled back to this image, we began to really appreciate the whole scope of it. Taco Belle—do you get it? Ha. We definitely give this guy major brownie points for pulling off this costume so originally. He certainly nailed two birds with one stone here. Not only did he manage to portray Taco Bell in a clever way but he also got to portray one of the most iconic Disney princesses—Belle. We always knew Belle was clever, but this guy just took it to another level.

9 Uncle of the year

What a 5-year-old says, goes, and this uncle knows better than to argue with that. Even if her suggestion is for both of you to dress up as princesses and go grocery shopping. How can you say no to this adorable little face? Whether we were a young uncle (who, by the way, evidently works out) or a senior with flabby arms, we would be saying "yes" to this sweet little face, too.

If we can circle back to the uncle's arms for a minute, we must admit that they actually do this dress justice.

Here we are afraid to put our arms in a dress like this, but this uncle is totally owning it. Now we wonder if the grocery store gave him any sort of discount for acting as his daughters Princess sidekick so successfully? We bet they threw in some candy for being so sweet. Aww. Just wait, it gets even sweeter. According to Daily Mail, this Detroit man dressed up like this because his niece was afraid to dress up by herself to go watch a Princess movie. It doesn't get much better than that.

8 Got the look down, pearls and all

Alright, we know that Princess Peach is a Pixar Princess rather than a Disney one, but this guy looks so good that we couldn't resist posting him. One quick Google search reveals that artists have attempted to recreate Princess Peach as a Disney Princess, so that has got to count for something, right? There is also a sweet story behind this costume. That father ended up writing an open letter on why he chose to dress as a princess, while his daughter went as Mario. According to the father, he doesn't care if he looks silly because he is doing it for his kid. In the open letter, he reveals that he went through a tough divorce from his wife and he just wants to do as much as he can to make his daughter happy after such a hard time in their lives. And if that means dressing up as Princess Peach, then he will do so happily. Aw, well you look great, dad!

7 The Princess of Snapchat

With artistic skills like these, we would have to say that this man claims the title of the Princess of Snapchat. This guy has not only nailed the design and the colors of Tinkerbell's outfit but he looks pretty good rocking it. The genius behind this Tinkerbell-inspired Snapchat has also drawn himself in multiple other Princess outfits, but this one may be our favorite. He's drawn himself in everything from a Snow White get-up where he's complaining that it was "only one bite" to Ariel from The Little Mermaid where he reveals that he got his wig from under the sea.

There's no denying that this guy is very clever.

Yes, we know that this is drawn on after the picture was taken and that he's not physically wearing the costume. But surely the level of skill in this Snapchat has got to count for something?

6 Snow White has never looked prettier

Is it just us or is this Snow White better at doing makeup than we are? Seriously, we can't even put such a bright lipstick on without having it smeared across our faces minutes later, let alone keep it on all day while smiling. Makeup aside, this dress really suits this guy so it is pretty worth it for him to be wearing it if he can pull it off so well. An even bigger reason that he should be wearing this outfit is the girl beside him. All it takes is one look at the look of happiness on her face and you can tell he made the right decision by putting that costume on. Sometimes, we do things to make others smile and this Snow White has managed to do just that. He's doing it while looking like a pretty princess. Way to go, man, you are rockin' it.

5 Being a Princess can be exhausting

According to The Mirror, this father undoubtedly set out with great intentions to make his daughter happy by dressing up as Elsa and we must say he succeeded. However, we can also see just how exhausting it must be to be a Princess, as is evidenced in the first image. When you compare the second image of when they started the day, versus the first image of when they ended the day, something clearly happened along the way. If we had to wager a guess, Princess Elsa was probably exhausted from everyone asking for her photo the entire time they were out.

We'd imagine the little Olaf was getting tired of sharing the limelight.

"Hey dad, you were supposed to support my costume not steal the show," is how we imagined the conversation between this adorable duo went. Nevertheless, they both look pretty fantastic.

4 Work it

Oops, there goes another non-Disney princess sneaking onto our list and this time it is Pixar's, Princess Daisy. We are not about being exclusive here so, of course, there is room for Princess Daisy in the mix. That's especially true when Princess Daisy is wearing her outfit with such enthusiasm. This photo was taken at a comic convention and, while there is an influx of costumes to choose from to wear to those events, we admire those who think a little more outside of the box. This guy could have gone as someone from Star Wars or someone from a Marvel comic, but he decided to go with Princess Daisy. Why did he do that? Perhaps it is because yellow is his color? Or Perhaps it is because he went to buy a costume too late and everything was sold out? Nevertheless, no matter the reason behind this choice, he looks pretty great whilst he is at it.

3 A whole new world

via: imgur.com

What else can we say about this photo, other than that this version of Jasmine sure know's how to work a belly top? Look at him rocking it with so much confidence. We wish we had enough confidence to try on bikinis after a whole winter of hibernating, but, alas, we do not. Aladdin was always one of our favorite movies.

Regardless of who is wearingJasmine's costume, it always requires a certain unspoken quality from the person and this guy has it nailed.

Although, we have discovered a whole new world with this guy because we never thought a dude could make Jasmine look so good, but it is totally working. When deciding which Princess costume to wear, it is no easy feat, but Jasmine is always a safe choice in our eyes.

2 Nailed it

If we had to pick a Princess that was sort of life goals, we may be inclined to pick Sleeping Beauty on any given day, just like this guy. For starters, if our occupation as a Princess involved sleeping for as long as we would like that would be enough for us to aspire to be Sleeping Beauty. Then, on top of that, to still be called a "beauty" after being asleep for a century, well, that's just goals. We can't even nap for 40 minutes without waking up looking like we have been to hell and back, but Sleeping Beauty snoozes for a century and looks amazing. What is her trick? How can one avoid having hair that looks like a bird's nest and breath that smells less than ideal after sleeping? Teach us your ways, Sleeping Beauty. On another note, this guys artwork is on point.

1 Outfit on point

When your outfit is on point and you know it, you make a face like the guy in the image above. For starters, he knows that Mulan is one of the strongest Disney characters there is, so he has already won major brownie points for choosing her. Not only is Mulan known for being super intelligent, but she can also kick major butt. What's not to like? Secondly, this guy looks great in her outfit because he is able to pull it off with such confidence. We are not sure what occasion this man wore this for but we have to give him props for pulling it off so well. Mulan may be known for being smart but this guy also holds his own by imitating such a great character. We dig it.

Also, we spot our friend Jasmine! Looks like a bunch of tough-looking dudes let their hair down for a night and dressed as their favourite Disney princess. Props to them.

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