15 Marriage Proposal Fails

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is a big deal. People spend years saving for the perfect ring, fantasizing the moment, and masterminding the perfect time to ask. Not surprisingly, this is a huge ordeal; people want things to go completely according to plan. And why wouldn't they want it that way? After all, the proposal story is one that you will be telling for the rest of your life.

Then, there's this... these 15 marriage proposals that did not go as planned. They're cringe-worthy, humiliating, and downright embarrassing. Take note; don't be like them.

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15 The happy meal

I don't know what's more embarrassing here: the proposal or her reaction. Personally, I had a difficult time even finishing this video. You can actually feel her question and humiliation coming through the screen. It really makes you, the watcher, feel just as uncomfortable as she looks.

Now, I could see why you would want to propose in the drive-thru at your favorite fast food joint, if that is the very place where the two of you shared some amazing, life-altering, moments together. But, really?! That's the best you can do?! I'm sorry, but this just seems lazy to me. It's as if you thought of the easiest place that you could do the deed and get some cheap grub. Sorry guy, this was not the happy meal you were expecting.

14 Let's go to the mall

For some reason, we're having Robin Sparkles flashbacks as we watch this proposal. As if everyone in sight should start breaking out into song and dance at any minute. Like a really bad '90s film montage, flash mob, or music video.

Again, why would you propose in a mall?! This poor girl looks absolutely shocked, embarrassed, and so confused. And the poor guy—I don't think he got the message that she definitely did NOT want to go to the mall that day. And she definitely did NOT want to get engaged. Lesson learned, I hope. If anything, maybe the food court will give him a free pretzel or, at the very least, a discount on his next purchase at the jewelry store.

13 Basketball blues

During a college basketball game at UCLA, this hunk decided to get down on one knee and ask this gorgeous gal for her hand in marriage. (insert ooh's and aww's) Sounds adorable, right?! Well, you HAVE to see what she does next! Now, don't continue reading until you watch this short and humiliating video!

Cringe-worthy, right?! There are very few women who I know would actually want to be proposed to during a basketball game. Trust! Especially a college basketball game because let's be honest, it's just college ball. Yes, I just said that. So, I can only imagine what was going through her brain at this very moment. Poor guy, you just threw an air ball after the clock stopped. Game over!

12 Almost married

Guys take note: If a woman is kind enough to want to break it to you gently, let her. If she is trying to be nice and save you the humiliation and embarrassment, take it. Don't get all macho and think that it's an invitation to keep pushing, or hope that you can convince her with a live studio audience. Chances are, you're just making this much worse than it needs to be.

This poor guy proposed to his girlfriend of only a few months on live TV. She politely declined and tried to postpone this talk for another time. But he didn't get the hint, or at least, he didn't want to take no for an answer. And that didn't go well. Watch the video now above and see for yourself.

11 No home run for you

If I were to call one marriage proposal fail video out of all of them my favorite, this would probably be it. Why?! Do yourself a favor and watch the above video and see for yourself.

So, are you like me—crazy with questions?! Like, what the heck happened?! I wish we knew what he said to her. You know, to cause her to slap him with such disdain. I can only imagine it went something like this, "Look, I messed up. I cheated on you with your best friend, but I realized in my mistake. I love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my..." SLAP!  Hope this guy didn't have season tickets.

10 The game show contestant

Who doesn't love a good game show? Well, for those of you that do, you are about to love this game show just a little bit more once you watch the video above.

This marriage proposal fail video went viral internationally when this guy was rejected by his girlfriend on live TV. Again, I wish I knew the backstory here. Like, did he really mess up the night before and was trying to make up for it in a really big, stupid way?! Does she know some deep dark secret of his, and just can't continue on with the relationship?! I must know! Poor guy, we at least hope they gave him a good constellation prize, or at least another chance to spin the wheel.

9 Fast and furious

There are some men in this world who believe that dinner in a fancy restaurant or wearing expensive clothes and owning a nice sports car can get them any girl they want. Some men believe it takes very little work to impress us ladies, but they would be sorely mistaken. As this guy is and quite publicly.

Although this video is not in English, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what is going on here. Boy is getting turned down, in front of EVERYONE! And he is not taking it like a champ. Watch the short video above and see exactly what we mean. Apparently a nice sports car does NOT get you everything in the world. As this guy learns pretty harshly in front of everyone.

8 Fast food fail

It really doesn't matter if you happened to meet the love of your life at the food court in the mall. I don't care if it was love at first sight when you both decided to share a pretzel from that one famous pretzel company. No one! I mean no one wants to be proposed to at the food court. Yes, it can be adorable to spend your one-year anniversary celebration there. But a marriage proposal?! Seriously?! No!

You have to watch this short marriage proposal fail video. My absolute favorite line in this video: "the Cinnabon lady said she would marry him." Well, I do believe that the Cinnabon lady was sorely mistaken.

7 The runaway bride

What is it with men wanting to propose to their significant others at a basketball game?! Is there like some unspoken bond between guys that says, "only a real man proposes to a lady at a college basketball game?!" We just don't get it. What is it?! Someone please tell me why this is alluring, or even a consideration for such a special event.

If you haven't watched the video above yet, please do! Because we cannot stress our point enough. Men/women, do NOT propose to your partner at a sports event! 1) It's a lot of pressure. 2) If it doesn't go according to planned, you are going to be humiliated for years all over the internet. Don't be THAT guy or gal. Just don't.

6 The street dance

I don't quite understand why many people feel the need to propose to their lovers by doing it around a crowd of strangers. Are these people not quite confident in their partner's response? Do they feel the need to add the pressure of an audience to make their partner feel confident in their answer? As if, the crowd cheering them on will almost guarantee a resounding, YES?! Seriously, what is it about it this type of proposal that makes it so appealing?

When you first watch this marriage proposal fail video, you can't quite tell if she is crying from all the excitement and surprise, or from sheer embarrassment. We also can't figure out who we feel worse for: him or her. What do you think?

5 Oops, I did it again

The engagement ring business is a BIG business. They make millions of dollars each year, just on engagement rings. Many men put away some of their life savings to save for the perfect ring for their perfect bride-to-be. So, you can imagine their excitement when they finally have THE ring in hand and ask their lover to marry them.

For this poor guy, he had no idea how all his hard work was going to end up, well, like this. And for this girl, I don't think she will ever not feel horrible about this situation. Watch the short video above and see what I mean.

4 Young love

It's every girl's wish to have the man of her dreams down on one knee, asking to spend the rest of her life with him. She's dreamed about it since she was a little girl, imagining the way he would ask for her hand and all the amazing things he would say. Maybe he would compliment her amazing heart and personality, the way she changed him for the better... It's safe to say that this girl got none of that.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video above. Even though he's bad-mouthing his ex while proposing, drunk as hell, and has only been dating her for a month, this is a man who knows what he wants.

3 White Castle

When most women think of a white castle, they imagine something similar to a Disney fairy tale. As if the man of their dreams will ride up on a white horse and whisk them away to a faraway kingdom where they'll live in a white castle happily ever after. For this lady, when she was asked to go to a Valentine's celebration at White Castle (the restaurant) with her boyfriend and friends, she knew what to expect, or did she?!

This video is over eight minutes long, but trust us, you want to watch it. It has an ending that you will never see coming! In the meantime, I guess some places really can be the perfect for a proposal. It's all in the eye of the beholder, right?!

2 The side eye

What happens when you spontaneously and very impulsively propose to your girlfriend on live TV?! Side-eye, that's what!

This poor guy, for some odd reason, thought that because his team won the 2011 Rugby Grand NRL Championships in Australia, that it would be a great opportunity to propose to his girlfriend on live TV. And not just on any live television program. He very impulsively proposed during the nightly news when he was asked to explain how he felt about the final score. Needless to say, she was not one bit impressed. In fact, she flat out ignores him. She also turns away from his advances, but not first without giving some killer side-eye. You do you girl, that guy obviously needs a time out.

1 Talk about embarassing

Oftentimes, we may forget how nerve-wracking it can be to propose to the person you love. We forget how our nerves can shoot all over the place, making us sweat or shake uncontrollably. Our brains may even begin to work over time, overanalyzing and worrying about the situation and even the answer. That feeling can completely take over a person.

You can't help but feel sorry for the guy in this short video. I don't think he ever saw this outcome coming. He is cool, confident, and you can tell that he is absolutely sure that he is ready to make this lady his wife. Unfortunately, we don't get that same impression from her. Watch the video now and see for yourself.

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