15 Marvel Actors Hollywood Refuses To Cast Anymore

Ever since the success of movies like Blade and the first X-Men and Spider-Man films took the cinematic world by storm, Marvel has been a powerhouse at the box office. For that reason, movies based on Marvel comics characters have managed to attract a wide array of movie stars and acclaimed performers over the years.

Unfortunately for professional actors, even though their careers can take off based on a single successful role, Hollywood sometimes loses interest in them just as fast. For example, there are several actors who appeared in Marvel movies whose career prospects have hit the skids in a big way since then. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 Marvel actors Hollywood won’t cast anymore.

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15 Edward Norton from the Incredible Hulk

Via dailysuperheroes.com

Undoubtedly one of the best actors of his generation, Edward Norton’s reputation for being hard to work with has been the main stumbling block in his career. For instance, when he starred in The Incredible Hulk he infamously didn’t get along with his bosses at Marvel. For that reason, Norton hasn’t headlined a high budget movie since 2012’s The Bourne Legacy.

14 Ioan Gruffudd from the Fantastic Four Movies

Via IMDb.com

The kind of actor who looks like he belongs in Elizabethan movies more than anything else, Ioan Gruffudd is best known for starring in the Fantastic Four movies. Unfortunately, that franchise doesn’t get a lot of respect so he has spent the last several years relegated to small roles in movies or starring in TV shows that are largely ignored and short-lived.

13 Vinnie Jones from X-Men: The Last Stand

Via YouTube.com

Definitely an actor who has a certain presence to him, everything about Vinnie Jones is intimidating. Despite that, his turn as the X-Men villain Juggernaut, a character that is known for his incredible look, was not well received by most viewers. Since that movie came out, Jones has mostly shown up in movies that virtually nobody has seen and occasionally guest starred in TV shows.

12 Thomas Jane from The Punisher

Via syfy.com

Even though some fans were dubious about the prospects of Thomas Jane starring in The Punisher, for many people he pulled off the role even if that film had some pretty big flaws. At the height of his career in the mid-2000s, Jane’s filmography is now chock full of movies that were released direct-to-VOD and his one high profile film of late, The Predator, was released with a thud.

11 Thomas Haden Church from Spider-Man 3

Via Imgur.com

An actor that we’re surprised isn’t a big deal anymore, Thomas Haden Church turned heads with his Oscar-nominated performance in 2004’s Sideways. In the years that followed that film, Church appeared in several movies, including 2007’s Spider-Man 3 which many people thought would do huge things for his career. Sadly, Spider-Man 3 is an often ridiculed film and he has never landed a role of that caliber since.

10 Dane DeHaan from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Turned into a star when he gave a riveting performance in Chronicle, Dane DeHaan seemed to be the next big thing when he was cast in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Of course, that movie was so poorly received that Sony let Marvel make the next Spidey movie and DeHaan’s 2017 film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets failed as well. Now the actor seems to have all but disappeared from the Hollywood scene.

9 Rebecca Romijn from the X-Men Movies

Via wallpapersafari.com

When Rebecca Romijn initially began acting, it seemed like a side project for the incredibly famous model. However, when she landed the role of Mystique in the original X-Men movie trilogy it ensured that she’d made her mark on Hollywood. Despite that achievement, she failed to land another notable live action role and is now focused on taking occasional voice acting jobs.

8 Wesley Snipes from the Blade Trilogy

Via IMDb.com

Seemingly born to portray the character Blade, Wesley Snipes was great in several films but few superhero movies have done a better job casting their lead character. On the other end of the spectrum, by the time Snipes played the character again in Blade: Trinity, rumors of being difficult on set dogged the actor. When you combine that with his stint in prison for tax evasion, Snipes' career never recovered.

7 James Franco from the Spider-Man Trilogy

Via syfy.com

Not too long ago, Spider-Man 2 actor James Franco was the toast of Hollywood due to his stellar work in the acclaimed film The Disaster Artist. Then, several women came forward and told the world that he’d habitually used his position of power to treat them wildly inappropriately in the workplace. Due to his behavior coming to light, Franco’s upcoming roles are now mostly limited to projects he is directing.

6 Doug Hutchison from Punisher: War Zone

Via IMDb.com

A perfect example of what it means to be a successful character actor throughout much of his career, Punisher: War Zone actor Doug Hutchison shared the screen with the biggest movie stars in the world. Despite his longstanding success in the industry, he has only shown up in a single episode of 3 shows since the year 2011. As for the reason why his career hit the skids, in 2011 he married a 16-year-old.

5 Mickey Rourke from Iron Man 2

Via hollywood.com

Formerly a big deal in the ‘80s, in the mid-2000s Mickey Rourke was amazing in Sin City and The Wrestler. Back in the spotlight once again, he used that momentum to be cast in Iron Man 2 but his performance in that film wasn’t well received. Despite Rourke’s claim that his best work hit the cutting room floor, his career began to dwindle again and it has been years since his last success.

4 Famke Janssen from the X-Men Movies

Via comicbook.com

After Famke Janssen was cast in 1995’s Goldeneye, she used the credibility appearing in a Bond movie lent her and combined it with her acting skills to land the role of Jean Grey in the X-Men movies. Unfortunately, none of her other movies have been box office behemoths so aside from her small role in the Taken movies, she hasn’t had a hit since the mid-2000s.

3 Tobey Maguire from the Spider-Man Trilogy

Via flickeringmyth.com

Due to the massive success of the original Spider-Man trilogy and the acclaim Seabiscuit received, for several years Tobey Maguire was a huge deal in the movie business. Despite that, since the year 2010, he has only appeared in five films, three of which most people haven’t even heard of, and judging from IMDB.com, he hasn’t been hired for any future acting jobs either.

2 T.J. Miller from the Deadpool Movies and Big Hero 6

Via indiewire.com

Cast in his first film role in 2008, only two years later T.J. Miller had a role in eight 2010 movies. Able to keep a similar level of momentum going for several years, he also took television by storm as the star of Silicon Valley. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, everything fell apart for him as accusations of abuse surfaced and he was arrested for faking a threat.

1 Jeffrey Jones from Howard the Duck

Via decider.com

At one time a respected character actor, Jeffrey Jones appeared in movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Beetlejuice, and Howard the Duck which many people didn’t know is based off a Marvel character. Now a Hollywood pariah for very good reasons, Jones’ misdeeds are so deplorable we won’t go into them here other than to say he is listed on a registry of criminals.

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