15 Marvel Character Halloween Costume Fails

In this day and age, not only do most kids get dressed up in order to go trick or treating at Halloween, but loads of adults wind up donning a costume in order to attend a Halloween party every year. While a lot of the outfits that kids and adults alike throw on in order to celebrate the spooky season are amazing, the truth is that a lot of them miss the mark in a pretty big way.

Just like the fact that adult Halloween parties have become an ever more popular trend, each year there are a lot of characters that a lot of people opt to dress up as. For instance, ever since comic book movies have reigned supreme at the box office, Marvel character costumes are more popular than ever before. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 Marvel character Halloween Costume Fails.

15 One Thing Right

Via taringa.net

In an ideal world, when you look at someone’s costume you should be able to marvel over all of the little details they got right. On the other end of this spectrum, there is so much wrong with the costume seen here that it is downright amazing. In fact, the only thing this fellow got right when he put this outfit together was the A on Captain America’s forehead which looks just about perfect somehow.

14 Box Sidekick

Via theodysseyonline.com

Due to the fact that Iron Man is far more popular than his de facto sidekick War Machine, it is really cool to see someone embrace Rhodes, instead of Stark for once. At least, it would be if this costume wasn’t made up of a flashlight, what appears to be toilet paper, and a slew of boxes.

13 Cardboard Claws

Via ebaumsworld.com

Remarkably enough, it looks like the bulk of this costume was store-bought which is mind-blowing as the puffy arms are only one of the many laughable parts of it. Of course, we can only assume that the cardboard claws which look laughable at best were fashioned at home. Given how bad this costume is as a whole, no wonder the guy in this costume looks so miserable.

12 Paper Man

Via Twitter.com

Strictly speaking, it appears this costume was constructed for cosplay purposes instead of Halloween but it is so bad that we had to include it here. Clearly, made up of various paper materials and tape, our favorite part has to be the yellow sheet over his face as we only imagine how difficult it would be to see through it.

11 Low Budget Guardians

Via Reddit.com

If you are anything like us, you’ve been invited to a Halloween party and found yourself scratching your head when it comes to deciding what to wear. In that circumstance, teaming up with others for a group costume can be just the ticket. Unfortunately, this photo of a group of people dressed up as the Guardians on the cheap proves that if all of you cut corners, it just compounds how bad each costume looks.

10 X Marks the Spot

Via taringa.net

Of all the costumes on this list, this Iceman one might baffle us the most. After all, it would have taken a good amount of effort to cover yourself from head to toe like that. If that weren’t enough, we can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be to spend a night inside that costume. Despite all of that, the only way a lot of people could identify this costume as an effort to look like Iceman is the X on the belt.

9 Spider-Tape

Via Reddit.com

If you asked a group of people which Marvel hero they would most like to be, Spider-Man’s name would come up pretty quickly. As such, we understand this gentleman’s decision to try and look like the web-slinger. However, when all you have is what appears to be toilet paper, some tape, and a pair of shorts, come up with another plan. On top of how ridiculous this costume looks, we can only imagine how painful it was to peel off all that tape.

8 Fruit and Vegetable Gauntlet

Via Reddit.com

While we can’t say for sure that this gentleman put together his own version of the Infinity Gauntlet for a Halloween costume, we can’t imagine why else he would have. Substituting various vegetables and fruits for the Infinity Gems and what appears to be an oven mitt for the Gauntlet, at least he is selling it with the look on his face.

7 Box Hulk

Via joyenergizer.com

On the one hand, we give the two people who wore this costume props. After all, it is pretty great to see a Hulk costume that looks huge instead of being the same size as an average person as usually is the case. That aside, these two should have at least worn purple pants and of course, not make their costume out of boxes.

6 Avengers Disassemble

Via chairgatin.com

Here is the thing about this group, there are reasons to think that sincere effort was put into their costumes. After all, we really appreciate that Iron Man head. That said, aside from the Black Widow, none of them look very good. As for the worse elements on display here, we’re amazed by Thor wearing artificially worn jeans and Captain America having what appears to be a piece of pizza on his shield.

5 Kitchen Wear

Via popsugar.com

Since Wolverine is one of the most popular Marvel characters, loads of people have worn cheap-looking plastic claws in order to dress up like him. Of course, that is bad enough but it pales in comparison to this gentleman that simply taped utensils to his hands. Sure, we’re guessing he knew how bad this looked but couldn’t he have at least stuck with either forks or knives on both hands?

4 Tin Foil Surfer

Via taringa.net

Due to the artistic skills of the people that Marvel has employed over the years, most of their characters are a visual feast. Still, if you ask us, the Silver Surfer’s design has to be among the company’s best. Of course, you’d never know that if all you had to go by was this gentleman’s costume as the character which clearly was made mostly from tin foil.

3 Hulk Torso

Via viralitytoday.com

When it comes to this costume, there are two things about it that are pretty funny. First off, the Hulk torso on display is amusing enough since the face and hands look so strange. On top of that, it is especially funny to see those tiny legs sticking out from underneath that huge upper body and head.

2 Bow on Hand

Via pt.starsinsider.com

Amazingly enough, this is the second entry about a person who thought it was a good idea to make their Iron Man costume almost entirely out of sheets of paper. Worse yet, there are huge gaps in the papers thus their clothes can be seen as well. All of that said, our favorite aspect of this costume is the fact that this person has a bow on their hand in order to stand in for Iron Man’s blasters.

1 They Just Keep Getting Worse

Via Twitter.com

If you somehow managed to look at the people dressed up as Captain America and Thor in this photo without noticing the others, you may laugh at how bad their costumes are. Despite that, they have by far the best costumes here as Iron Man’s Captain Morgan box costume is bad and we don’t even know how to describe how ridiculous Hulk looks.

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