15 Marvel Comics Villains That Need To Join The MCU

As of this writing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is made up of twenty-three different films and several TV shows, all of which feature at least one notable villain. While it is impressive enough that the series has already adapted so many memorable baddies, the MCU is also set to continue for many years to come.

Given Disney’s future plans for the MCU, it is abundantly clear that Marvel Studios will need to adapt many more comic book villains in the years to come. Fortunately for the people that make those movies and fans of the series, there are loads of awesome Marvel antagonists, who haven’t appeared in the MCU yet, to choose from. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 Marvel Comics villains that need to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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15 Maestro

Via cbr.com

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Maestro, he is a future version of the Hulk who is villainous and more powerful because he has absorbed additional radiation. With that in mind, how cool would it be to see the Avengers grapple with a version of their friend and see Maestro wreak havoc on the world?

14 Kraven

Via denofgeek.com

Known as the ultimate hunter in the Marvel Comics universe, Kraven got bored with seeking out animals so he decided to take on more difficult prey like Spider-Man. While the core concept of this character might not sound overly exciting, picture Spidey fighting to defeat a fierce warrior whose sole motivation for targeting him is the challenge. There is no reasoning with someone like that.

13 Mephisto

Via one37pm.com

Essentially a version of Satan who exists within the Marvel Comics universe, Mephisto’s main goal is acquiring the souls of everyone he can get his hands on, especially deceased heroes. Awesome to look at, seeing the character on the big screen would be really cool and that is to say nothing of the storyline potential of him manipulating the MCU’s biggest heroes.

12 Annihilus

Via screenrant.com

The ruler of a universe known as The Negative Zone, Annihilus wields the Cosmic Control Rod which has helped to make him powerful enough to control billions of living beings. If this armored, insect-like villain were allowed to unleash his forces on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is no telling how much damage he could do.

11 The Leader

Via rock-cafe.info

Even though The Incredible Hulk briefly hinted at The Leader’s creation, we’ve never seen the green genius on the screen and it is about time that changed. Created when he was infused with gamma radiation, instead of becoming superstrong, The Leader is supersmart and uses his intelligence to put The Hulk in great peril. If this character was brought to life in a well written movie, it would be incredible to see the schemes The Leader came up with.

10 The White Queen

Via cbr.com

Currently a long standing member of the X-Men in the comics, over the years The White Queen grew to become a hero in her own right. However, she started out as an incredibly ruthless villain who seemed to delight in defeating her future teammates. Once the X-Men join the MCU, showing the bad side of The White Queen and then redeeming her much later on could make for some fantastic storytelling.

9 Norman Osborn

Via reddit.com

While there is no doubt that Spider-Man has one of the best rogues galleries in comic book history, it is hard to argue that Norman “The Green Goblin” Osborn isn’t his main enemy. Brilliant, insane, and extremely dangerous, Norman needs to become a major part of the MCU and he should even prevail over the heroes more often than not.

8 Kang the Conqueror

Via reddit.com

The second being on this list that hails from the future, Kang the Conqueror uses advanced technology to travel back in time where he has managed to turn himself into a god-like entity to ancient societies. Most often shown using his abilities to mess with the Fantastic Four, it would be really cool to see him use time travel to mess with Marvel’s first family on the big screen.

7 Mr. Sinister

Via sogeekinawesome.com

Briefly hinted at in the final moments of an X-Men movie, it truly is mind blowing that Mr. Sinister has yet to make his big screen debut. Both striking visually and extremely intimidating in the comic books, he wields great physical powers but his mind is by far his greatest weapon as his ability to manipulate others is beyond compare.

6 Sentry AKA The Void

Via bamsmackpow.com

Often compared to Superman in terms of his powers, Sentry wants to be the ultimate hero. Unfortunately, despite all of his good intentions, Sentry is always in danger of being taken over by The Void, a sadistic being who is just as powerful but uses his abilities to destroy. If this character was brought to life correctly onscreen, audiences would constantly be worried about the destruction he could unleash at any moment.

5 Galactus

Via comicvine.gamespot.com

Now that Thanos is gone from the MCU, at least for now, the franchise needs to introduce a new overarching villain that is so dangerous that every hero has to band together to take them on. One of the few characters who could fulfill that role seamlessly, the world eater Galactus is such a big force of destruction that viewers across the world would fear his coming.

4 The Hood

Via blackmaps.wordpress.com

Essentially the Kingpin if he had superpowers, The Hood is a crime boss who uses a pair of boots and a hood he stole from a demon to levitate and become invisible at will. Able to take over the entire crime world in New York at various points in the comics, The Hood would be the perfect bad guy to take on street level heroes in the MCU.

3 The Skrulls

Via comicbook.com

Yes, yes, we know that the Skrulls were already seen in the MCU movie Captain Marvel. However, that depiction of this alien race doesn’t fit the version of them seen in the comic books over the years. Instead, we want the Skrulls to use their identity assuming abilities to infiltrate and destroy only for the Avengers to take them on.

2 Doctor Doom

Via goodfon.com

Among the most interesting comic book villains of all time, Dr. Doom has taken on most major Marvel heroes because his intelligence and lust for power make him a huge threat. Instead of making him badass like that, so far Dr. Doom has been a joke on the big screen. The MCU needs to finally do the character justice because Doom should be among the best movie villain of all time too.

1 Apocalypse

Via realmbeyondsight.blogspot.com

Another example of a Marvel villain that needs to be done right in the MCU, Apocalypse has already appeared on the big screen but that version of him was a pale imitation of the real character. A firm believer that only the strong should survive, when you have Apocalypse in a movie he should be destroying notable characters at every turn.

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