15 Marvel Memes More Satisfying Than The Latest 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer

If we're being honest, nothing is more satisfying than the latest Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Given that the upcoming Avengers film is the culmination of 10 years of story building, it's kind of hard for anything to top that. But these memes come as close as you can get.

With their hilarious characters, humorous dialogue and lighthearted plot lines, Marvel movies were basically made to be memed. And we decided to collect our favourite 15 for your viewing pleasure (and to give you something to do other than watching the Avengers: Infinity War trailer on repeat as you pass the time until April 27 arrives).

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15 The best way to take down Thanos

Marvel's superheroes are going to have a heck of a time deciding on their strategy to combat Thanos. Every hero brings his or her own strengths to the table. With Star Lord, it's an inexplicable talent for pulling out some seriously sick dance moves during universe-ending moments. Thor is quite talented at throwing the limp body of his brother across the room as a distraction and Captain America is very good at annoying you to death with his oh-so-ethical approach to life. And last but not least, Doctor Strange is a bit of a bargainer, making deals with the bad guys instead of facing them in battle (well, at least when the bad guy is an enormous celestial capable of destroying the galaxy as we know it). Whether Star Lord dances Thanos's socks off or Doctor Strange bargains the Infinity Stones away from him, it will be interesting to see how the varying talents of these superheroes come together in Avengers: Infinity War.

14 Kitty

Well, at least Black Panther is actually supposed to be a cat. In Monsters Inc., Boo couldn't stop calling an enormous blue monster "kitty," even though he had no resemblance whatsoever to kitties, cats or felines. Rather, he looked more like what would happen if a bear and ox were to merge into one enormous animal and then jump into a vat of neon blue paint. If it were T'Challa that Boo was calling Kitty, though, at least we'd be able to see where she was coming from. The dude is basically Cat-Man. He runs around with cat ears on his head and a set of claws on his fingertips, so it's kind of hard to argue otherwise. Sure, he has a cooler name, but in essence, he's the cat superhero.

13 Patience

As irritating as this post-credit scene was, it was also pretty freaking hilarious to see so many people in the theatre start swearing at the screen at the same time. All we wanted was a nod to Avengers: Infinity War—some kind of hint, however small, about what would be happening in the upcoming Marvel movies. But all we got was Captain America lecturing us about the value of patience and how it's sometimes rewarded with nothing. Well, he's not wrong. We waited through tens of minutes of credits, and all we got was a lecture from Steve about how we shouldn't be angry that we wasted our time. Well, at least we got a Avengers: Infinity War teaser at the end of Thor: Ragnarok.

12 To pass on a bat or to become a vulture

Michael Keaton has played his fair share of winged characters. In the good old days, he played Bruce Wayne, soaring around Gotham City and fighting bad guys in his Batmobile. Then, he played the titular character in Birdman, who may or may not have had actual wings depending on how you interpreted its open-ended finale. And finally, he took on the role of the Vulture in Marvel's reboot of Spider-Man, soaring around on an enormous set of wings powered by alien technology. Although some actors are hard to envision as both bad and good guys, Michael Keaton was able to adapt himself seamlessly into both heroic and villainous roles. There's something about the guy that's just easy to love, but he's also pretty easy to fear when he dons a set of mechanical wings and tries to drop a building on your favorite superhero's head.

11 Doing the math

You could basically see the cogs turning in the Vulture's mind in this scene from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. At first, the Vulture was completely at ease, joking around with the unusually nervous looking (but dashingly handsome) boy that his daughter was taking to the dance. But then, as his daughter continued to go on and on (and on) about all the times Peter Parker mysteriously went missing, his internship at Stark Industries and his supposed "friendship" with the infamous Spider-Man, the dots started to connect. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put it all together (although the Vulture kind of did dabble in a bit of rocket science in building that suit). So, by the end of that car ride, the Vulture knew exactly who his masked nemesis really was—a nerdy high schooler with a thing for his daughter. Probably not exactly who he'd imagined, but nevertheless, knowing Spider-Man's secret identity gave him a bit of a leg up on Peter.

10 The new Mary Poppins

For you, the new Mary Poppins may be Emily Blunt, but for all us Marvel fans, Yondu will be forever memorialized as the ultimate Mary Poppins. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, before the writers decided to break our hearts by killing him off just as he became one of the coolest characters in the franchise, he proclaimed to the world, "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!" while floating down through Ego's planet. If he knew that Mary Poppins was a magical nanny that sings songs to children, then he probably wouldn't have been so psyched at the comparison. Not that there's anything wrong with musical nannies—we're just saying, Yondu isn't exactly the sing-along, child-rearing type. We mean, the dude threatened to eat his own adopted son at numerous points throughout his childhood.

9 The Stan Lee approach

Stan Lee must have played a gazillion different characters in the different Marvel movies by now. In every film, he has at least some sort of cameo, varying from a delivery man to a womanizing Xandarian. People have speculated about whether he's actually supposed to be portraying a single character—someone known as the Watcher. The Watcher was an actual character from the Marvel comics, assigned the duty of watching over the events of the Marvel universe. In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it was all but confirmed that Lee has been portraying the same character. Talking to a bunch of aliens, Stan was shown discussing some of his prior roles in the Marvel films, implying that he retains those memories. This would indicate that he adopted those disguises in his role as The Watcher. And that's probably more likely an explanation than him trying to get a few extra Spotify free trials.

8 Rather interesting first words

It really doesn't get much weirder than this. But if your kid was Helmut Zemo (yeah, that's the dude's name), we honestly would not have been all that surprised if this guy were to come out of the womb mewling about Mission Report: December 16, 1991. Honestly, that seemed to be all he was capable of saying for awhile in Captain America: Civil War. But hey, we get why. After his family passed on in the attack on Sokovia, his entire life's purpose had become to destroy the Avengers, and that tape was his ticket to the fair. Unfortunately, it seems that Zemo underestimated the power of Cap's writing, though, because it kind of seemed like Cap's letter to Tony was undoing some of the damage caused by that tape at the end of Captain America: Civil War. Zemo's entire evil plan, unravelled by a love letter.

7 The chance of a lifetime

As talented as the actors in Fantastic Four were, that movie was quite simply a stinker. That's 20th Century Fox for you. These days, between Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, it kind of seems like Marvel Studios can do no wrong. But most other studios making superhero movies are hit or miss, from DC to 20th Century Fox. Although he may have picked the wrong superhero movie to make his debut in at first, Michael B. Jordan certainly scored the role of a lifetime with Black Panther. Not only did he get to star in the third highest-grossing film ever in the United States but he got to play one of the most intriguing MCU villains of all time in it. Talk about climbing the ladder.

6 The two Torches

As much as the two Fantastic Four movies sucked, it's starting to seem like playing the Human Torch is a good way to get started in the superhero movie industry. Even though both Chris Evans's and Michael B Jordan's movies bombed (it's starting to seem like it's not even possible to make a good Fantastic Four movie), they each went on to snap up some pretty prominent roles within the MCU. Now, Chris Evans plays Captain America, the leader of the Avengers (well, in current time, half of them), and Michael B Jordan stole the show as Killmonger in Black Panther. So, keep an eye out for whoever plays the Human Torch in the next reboot, because chances are, after their reputations recover a bit from the inevitable bombing of the third Fantastic Four, they'll be headlining some major Marvel movie.

5 Pulling a Thor

The thing with being Thor is that you wouldn't be forced to label your food at work to prevent your nosy coworkers from chowing down on your mom's delicious lasagna. No, all you'd have to do is stick Mjolnir on top of your lunch and no one would even be able to get the container off the shelf of the fridge, let alone eat your delicious pasta. The only threat would be the "worthy" and given that there isn't anyone in the Avengers compound except Vision who fits that description, it's pretty safe to assume that your delicious lunch will remain untouched. (Because luckily, Vision doesn't really have to do the whole eating thing, so he's not much of a threat to your tasty grub.)

4 The MCU in a nutshell

Poor Bucky Barnes is just never able to catch a break, is he? First, he had to go off to war to fight Nazis. Then, H.D.Y.R.A. took him in and brainwashed him, forcing him to become a ruthless assassin. And finally, when he's just starting to be able to control himself again, some guy with a chip on his shoulder has to come along and brainwash him all over again, triggering him to kill a bunch of people against his will. Now, lucky for him, he's resting up in Wakanda after having his brain glitches fixed, but soon enough, he'll be tossed right back into the fray all over again. Fighting alien grapes over all-powerful pebbles may sound like a tough break, but hey, at least Bucky actually has control over his own brain this time around.

3 Marvel products everywhere

Although Marvel does make a lot of money off of ticket sales, a large portion of the company's profits actually come from product sales. Sure, tickets are profitable, but once someone's been converted into a superhero nerd, it's not movies they're going to be pouring their money into on a daily basis. New films only come along once every few months and these days, a lot of people skip buying tickets entirely thanks to pirating sites. But products are an ever-present temptation that few nerds have the power to say no to (we speak from experience). Whether its Iron Man posters or perfect replicas of Captain America's shield, Marvel merchandise is usually pretty quick to fly off the shelves. (Leaving all that lonely DC merchandise to collect dust in their place.)

2 The best storyteller in the MCU

Forget a recap of Captain America: Civil War. We want a recap of the entire freaking MCU told by this guy. Instead of re-watching all the movies in preparation for Avengers: Infinity War, we could just sit down for some coffee with this guy and have him speed talk us through all the films that have come before. Although he's a pretty quick talker, we're pretty sure a recap by him would still take just as long as actually sitting down and watching all the movies. Heck, by the time he got through all his characteristic ramblings about random side characters who have literally no effect on the outcome of the story (so, expect an entire soliloquy on the shawarma waitress from The Avengers), hearing a summary of the MCU from him would probably take longer than actually sitting down and just watching the films.

1 Push here to mind reading

So that's how he does it! We always wondered why he always needed to have his fingers placed against his temple in order to read minds. It was almost like he needed to connect some circuit, and his fingers were the plug into his brain that allowed his telepathic energies to flow. But it turns out it's way less complicated than that. There's just a button there! If that were actually how Xavier's powers worked, we wouldn't even mind having his telepathic abilities. As it stands, we wouldn't really want to be able to read everyone's minds all the time. But if we could turn it on and off at will with a flick of a button, it wouldn't be so bad. You could leave the button alone when talking with your stepmother who you know hates you, but you could give it a sneaky tap during job interviews. Pretty darn useful!

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