15 Marvel Memes That Will Get You Pumped For 'Thor: Ragnarok'

The beautiful thing about being a Marvel fan is that you never have to wait more than a few months for another instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For Star Wars fans, DC fans, Star Trek fans, Fantastic Beasts fans and pretty much anyone who likes any series other than Marvel, the wait times are usually at least a year, and often longer than that. But given how many Marvel characters have been developed now that we're in Phase Three, we're getting a new movie every few months. This summer, it was Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming. And in November, Thor: Ragnarok will hit theatres. In anticipation of the third Thor, we decided to gather up some Marvel memes to get you pumped for our favourite thunder god returning to the big screen.

Here are 15 Marvel memes that will get you psyched for Thor: Ragnarok.

15 Low-key

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Don't tell us you didn't think it the first time you heard Thor's brother's name. Yes, we know that his name has been Loki since the beginnings of Norse mythology, long before the English phrase "low key" came into being. But still. Now that Loki is a part of modern storytelling, it's hard not to impose English words over his two-syllabled name. And given that he was the main villain in The Avengers, it's kind of ironic that his name literally sounds like someone's describing a sedated rabbit. In reality, he is a pretty impressive antagonist, with some serious jealousy issues and a questionable moral compass. But with a name like Loki, it can be kind of hard to take him seriously sometimes.

14 Hammer time

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Sure, having Iron Man's confidence would be nice (not to mention getting to fly around in his kickass suit that would make you impenetrable to bullets). And sure, it would be cool to be able to climb walls and swing between buildings like Spider-Man. But having a magical hammer that you can summon to your hand through the power of will alone would probably have to top our list of things we want from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and it's a long list). There's just something undeniably awesome about having a weapon even when you don't have one. Forget having to walk around Manhattan at night with a bottle of mace. If you could just summon Mjolnir whenever you needed it, you'd be set no matter how sketchy an area you were walking through.

13 Thor is a jerk

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If we had Thor's powers, we'd certainly use them for good—most of the time. But his powers lend themselves a little too well to pranking to be used for good all of the time. Specifically, that hammer. There's no end to the practical jokes you could pull with Mjolnir. Like in this meme, you could become master of the toilet seat and claim tolls if people want to use the bathroom. If you stumbled upon your roommate snoozing away on the couch, you could even just put Mjolnir on top of them. Then, they're stuck there forever unless they let you eat the rest of their Doritos chips (or whatever other deal you choose to cut). Sure, Cap's shield would be cool. But with Mjolnir, just imagine the mischief you could get up to.

12 Another!

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Can we all agree to start ordering drinks this way? Like, no matter where you are, if you want another coffee, beer, or water, it's not an option anymore to ask for it nicely. That's the boring, old Earth way of doing it. We see no reason whatsoever not to throw the dish to the ground, watch it shatter into a hundred pieces, then shout "Another!" at the top of our lungs. If that's the way the Asgardians do it, then why shouldn't we? Their race is leaps and bounds ahead of ours, so clearly they're doing something right. Sure, it's probably their funding of scientific institutions and the fact that they're, you know, gods. But hey, in the pursuit of progress, we say it's best to pursue all avenues of possibility, and in our view, sculpting our drink ordering culture to better reflect theirs is a step in the right direction.

11 Thoreal

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Sure, Thor's hammer, abs and costume are pretty cool. Plus, the whole I-can-summon-thunder-to-vanquish-my-enemies-or-even-if-I-just-need-some-electricity-to-charge-my-phone thing is a pretty neat trick. But the thing about Thor that we really covet? That hair. We mean, just look at it. It shines like the sun at noon on a cloudless day. Like, you could probably charge solar panels off the sheen from his hair. Plants could photosynthesize off of that hair. We could get the tan we never got this summer off of that hair. Basically, it's pretty awesome hair. Like, if you ever lose your job as the god of thunder, Thor, apply at L'Oréal as a hair model. They'd snap you and those golden locks up in a heartbeat.

10 The merits of dark eyeshadow

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And you thought your dark eyeshadow's only function was to make you look like a boss while walking into the club. Well, as it turns out, it has some other hidden functions as well, as evidenced by the Winter Soldier and the Goddess of Death (yes, that's the character Cate Blanchett plays in Thor: Ragnarok, and yes, we're excited AF, too). No longer is the cat eye just a way make sure your makeup is noticeable in the dim lighting of that annoyingly fancy restaurant your boyfriend's been obsessing about since getting Yelp on his phone. No—now, it's a freaking weapon. Don't have a shield? Well, paint some of this stuff on and you won't need one. With black eyeshadow, all you need to do is stick out your hand and any weapon used against you will fall into it like a tennis ball.

9 Become Thor

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Well, this is easy enough. In case something goes wrong on the train or bus, don't worry—all you need to do is become a superhero. Sounds doable, right? We mean, someone as aggressively vanilla as Steve Rogers was able to do it. And Peter Parker isn't exactly the most epic person on the planet. If awkward AF people like this can do it, then why can't regular old joes like us do it? So what if the physics of our boring old world don't permit lightening gods and climbing up walls? We shouldn't let that box us in. When physics fails, just ignore it, right? The leader of the free world seems to think that's a perfectly reasonable thing to do, so why shouldn't we?

8 Age of Ultron?

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Man, if this had been the premise for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, things would have gone a heck of a lot smoother. Rather than robots unleashing terror throughout the Earth's population, Jarvis getting tragically murdered and Ultron dropping an entire f*cking city from the sky, the Avengers could have just asked him his age. And if that didn't work, asked a little more nicely, maybe with a pretty please. And if that didn't work, asked a little less nicely. And if that didn't work, just checked Tony Stark's computer to see when Ultron came into being, given that Tony Stark is the father of Ultron. C'mon, guys. If you had just added one question mark to your movie's title, things would have been so much easier for you.

7 Thor: God of Thunder and Disney Princess

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On the list of mind-blowing facts we did not need to know about Marvel, this ranks pretty damn high. Kind of like the fact that one of Marvel's greatest artists later turned to making pornographic cartoons. But that's for another article. Anyways, Thor's a Disney Princess. We mean, there's nothing wrong with that. But we're just saying, the two types of characters kind of clash. We love Moana and Ariel, but calling Thor a Disney Princess is kind of like grouping an orange in with apples. Both are good. Heck, both are great, and both have made us cry on more than one occasion (okay, the metaphor's kind of breaking down here). But they just don't really seem like they should be in the same category.

6 The many faced Thor

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Given that his name is one syllable, it's pretty easy to incorporate it into other words, as evidenced by the numerous memes that do just this across the internet. Although our preference will always be for the original Thor, God of Thunder, we'd happily spend time with his other alter-egos as well. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger was no eyesore, the Terminator would certainly have been less intimidating if it were Chris Hemsworth playing him. There's just something about Chris that makes it pretty hard to be afraid of him, even if he is wielding a thunderbolt aimed directly at you. Similarly, we'd happily get treated by doc-Thor, and even though we avoid hipsters like the plague, we'd consider hanging out with hips-Thor. We're not really sure what philosorap-Thor is, but we'd give it a shot. If it got to close, though, that shot might turn into a shot of tranquilizer.

5 Labrathor

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In the world of memes, few are more precious than those that mix dogs with Marvel. Because there are two things and two things only that have gone uncorrupted by the evils of this world, and those are man's best friend and superheroes. What's the most perfect mix of dog and superhero, you ask? Well, the Labrathor, obviously. If you need proof, just look at this meme. If that dog with Thor's hammer in its mouth isn't the definition of perfection, then we really don't know what is. Given that you must be worthy to lift Mjolnir, the fact that that dog was able to not only lift it, but tote it around like a bone must be a sign. That dog is worthy (of your squeals).

4 To throw or not to throw

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Context is really everything. If Thor throws a hammer, it's usually to, you know, save the world. Whether he's taking out a bunch of Ultron droids, kicking some Frost Giant ass, or beating up a Dark Elf, if Thor's hammer is flying through the air, then you know justice is being served. But if us regular old joes throw a hammer, then it's automatically assumed that we have "problems" or that we have "serious issues" controlling our temper. But who's to say we weren't trying to save the world? Why is world-saving only in Thor's purview? Maybe we saw an ant crawling up the wall and deciding to save the office from its nefarious activities. We're just saying—this whole normal-people-shouldn't-throw-hammers thing is a little biased.

3 Thunderous fangirls

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Ah, poor Thor. Well, we suppose there's no real reason to actually pity him. He's a god not only in status, but also in looks, and as part of the Avengers, he's got the best squad in the world. Plus, there's the whole he-can-bend-thunder-to-his-will thing, which is kind of hard to get tired of. But despite all of this, it's his brother who gets all the girls. Pale, skinny Loki who looks like he's perpetually just getting out of an oil bath. Yeah, he doesn't sound that appetizing in words, but when you look at him, it's a whole different ballgame. There's just something about the guy. Although he may not be blatantly sexy or textbook beautiful, he's got a certain allure about him that all the other Avengers lack. Maybe it's that mischievous grin. Or maybe it's the staff. Whatever it is, if given the choice between Loki and the other Avengers, we'd opt for the dark side, and we know we're not alone.

2 I will find another war to fight!

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Although it was definitely in his best interest to stay out of the civil war that embroiled the Avengers on Earth, it was hard not to feel a little bad for him. We mean, he missed out on a lot when they decided to keep him out of that movie. Heck, he doesn't even know that Spider-Man is a thing now. And he hasn't met Ant-Man yet! He missed a lot of critical introductions, and in Avengers: Infinity War, he'll be forced to meet a lot of important people real quick, all while trying to save the galaxy from Thanos. But oh well. Like Tony says, it wasn't his war to fight. Plus, it's not like he had a lack of wars to get involved with in the meantime. But it's not like we know the details of his Winter's War, given that we would never force ourselves to sit through that movie in a million years.

1 Anyone in the Nine Realms

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Yeah. Marvel is full of little quirks like this. You can try to explain them away with excuses like, "But why would Thor's mind have gone there?" or "But he didn't have time to ask Heimdall anything because he was busy saving the world!" And these ifs and buts have some legitimacy. But overall, they don't fully explain away little plot holes like this. But hey, if you want a bulletproof plot, then go watch Breaking Bad. Superhero movies aren't designed to have perfect plots. It's not like we're watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the depth of morals and unexpected plot twists. Superhero movies are designed to be fun. So, sorry Cap, but you're in the wrong universe if you're expecting plot consistency.

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