15 MCU Characters Who Were Useless In Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel Cinematic Universe had its work cut out for it for Avengers: Endgame. Cramming all of those characters and stories into a single film was a daunting task, and for the most part, the team pulled it off. The movie has made well over $2.5 billion and has been certified as Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes critics as well as audiences.

Even so, ensuring that every character in the movie was given a meaningful arc was too high of an ask, even in a three-hour window. Many characters had little to no point in the story, except to be present as background characters, and for the most part that's okay. We realize how large of a job this was, and even in the comic version of Infinity War we needed characters who were just there in the background, fighting the good fight and throwing in the teamwork that ultimately made it possible to ever defeat Thanos to begin with.

Still, some key characters were given the backseat when they could have been used more, particularly those who were given much more hype, including some of these 15 MCU Characters Who Were Useless In Avengers: Endgame.

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15 Hulk

via Inverse

The Hulk has already been regulated to back seat status after he'd initially been given his own solo films. He didn't even receive a third film, instead starring alongside Thor in Ragnarok.

Mark Ruffalo's blend of Hulk and Banner into one person was adorable, particularly in the taco scene with Scott, but his inability to even figure out the science of time travel was disappointing, to say the least. He was largely useless in the film.

14 Drax

via Screen Rant

Was Drax even in Endgame? Blink and you'll miss Dave Bautista, who says he's still processing the events of the movie. He got one line and seconds with Cull Obsidian, and we did get to finally see Drax in a shirt, which he wore to Tony's funeral, but he had no standout moments, given the fact that he was snapped away for most of the movie.

He was at least there for Thor's rejoining of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which should set us up for an interesting third film.

13 The Wasp

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Characters who were snapped away by Thanos following the events of Infinity War largely, and understandably, didn't have much to do in Endgame, and The Wasp was one such character. She was used in a moment of a plan that didn't pan out, but she was also given space in that big all-women gratuitous scene that, even if it was obviously placed, still made at least half the audience that's never been able to see a shot of just people like them in battle together cry.

So even if she wasn't really useful in the plot, she still made history.

12 Wong

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Wong might be a part of the big war in the movie, shielding the heroes with his magic, but it really only emphasizes just how little he and the other sorcerers are used outside of the Doctor Strange movie. Sure, they're trying to protect the multiverse and they have a lot to juggle, but our world is part of that multiverse and you would think they would have stepped up their game against Thanos.

11 Star-Lord

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After failing to prevent the snap and getting snapped away himself, Peter Quill is pretty much on the bottom rung of the ladder right now. Even when coming face-to-face with Gamora from the past, Star-Lord is introduced as "It was either him or the tree." What Quill does do is give us a peek at what to expect in the next Guardians movie, which isn't just competition between himself and the pirate angel, but also, hopefully, a search for Gamora.

10 Hank Pym

via Screen Rant

There wasn't really a reason to include Hank Pym in the movie at all. Even though Iron Man and Cap had to steal some Pym particles, Pym himself was pretty much just there, giving Michael Douglas some gratuitous screen time with a fresh, younger face.

Sure, it was fun to see, and it gave the fans yet another cool cameo, but it wasn't actually necessary.

9 Shuri

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Shuri is one of the best characters of Phase Three of the MCU, and while it was a shame that we only get to see her fight a bit against the Chitauri and Outriders, we have high hopes that she'll have a much more prominent presence in the next Black Panther film. She definitely had more of a role in Infinity War than we expected.

8 Groot

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Baby Groot and Teen Groot were both already not the assets that Groot at his full strength was, but both were able to come in handy during Guardians 2 and Infinity War. This time around, Groot was snapped and not involved until the end, where he never played a major part.

In fact, Groot's absence was more of a plot device than his presence since it was part of what spurned lonely Rocket Raccoon to team up with Nebula.

7 Jane Foster

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There is really no reason to have Jane Foster in Endgame except to tantalize audiences with the possibility of Natalie Portman's return. This movie has enough star power without having to focus on the tiny cameo of a person who has long since exited the MCU.

Frigga's small scene made much more sense in the movie, even if she did body shame her son a bit. He needs counseling, mom, not salads.

6 Mantis

Pom Klementieff
via CBR

Was there ever a place for Mantis in Endgame? While Pom Klementieff is delightful in the role, movie-Mantis is much less powerful than comic-Mantis, who has been able to knock out Thor with her martial arts prowess.

Her big moment in Infinity War could have saved everyone had Quill not acted the fool, but she didn't have a real purpose in Endgame except to just show she was alive for the next Guardians film.

5 The Ancient One

via CBR

The only reason why the Ancient One was even in Endgame was to help explain what could happen to the MCU timeline if the Avengers failed to return the Infinity Stones back to their correct moments in history. Given the choices characters made, it's already had to have been altered significantly, but that's another list.

Tilda Swinton leant the movie even more star power, but the Ancient One did absolutely zilch to help with the snap crisis.

4 Happy

via Screen Rant

Some of us frankly forgot about Happy. Once a prominent feature among the Iron Man films, he's been lost among the other tertiary characters over the years and it was a bit of a surprise to even see him at Stark's funeral, even though of course he would be there. His burger promise to Morgan indicates that he'll be sticking around in her life, and possibly in the MCU by default.

3 Korg

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There was no real reason to feature Korg in this movie. While he provided a bit of comedic relief next to Thor's terrible depression, he was also rather pathetic. It was nice to see him again after Ragnarok, and several characters were included for this basic nod, but absolutely useless as far as the plot and the end battle went.

2 Howard Stark

via Screen Rant

Tony's story coming full circle is the only reason why we even saw Howard Stark in Endgame. He had no place in it; it was only included to induce more tears as we said goodbye to Iron Man as we know him.

That doesn't mean the inclusion wasn't beloved by many fans, but it was useless in terms of the battle.

1 Captain Marvel

Via: screenrant.com

After hyping up Carol Danvers in Marvel's first woman-driven film, giving her incredible powers and goosebump-inducing scenes, she was merely reduced to the role of a red herring. She took down Thanos in seconds, then didn't show up again until the very end, which disappointed so many fans.

While she wasn't completely useless and gave fans more goosebumps when she took out Thanos' ship and glared her way through that headbutt, she certainly wasn't given the screen time anyone expected.

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