15 “Me As A Wife” Memes That Will Make Any Girl Spit Out Laughing

15 “Me As A Wife” Memes That Will Make Any Girl Spit Out Laughing

Nobody ever said that marriage is easy, or if someone did, there’s a good chance he or she has never been married. That’s why it’s of upmost importance for a woman to aspire to be a great wife. But being a great wife doesn’t mean she has to be a master homemaker, as everyone has his or her own idea of the ideal. Luckily, some women already know their shortcomings all too well long before they get married.

Whether it be loving animals more than people, getting overly jealous over virtually anything or cooking like a college student, there’s a “me as a wife” meme out there every woman can relate to. So, to encourage any wives or anyone hoping to be a wife at some point, here are 15 “me as a wife” memes that will make any girl spit out laughing.

15. Give me a break

Via: @asswee6435/twitter.com

Oh, how delicious is the taste of a KitKat candy bar. So delicious, in fact, that it can make a woman do unthinkable things. Like, say, hide her candy under the covers so that her husband doesn’t know she has any. Valerie’s husband thought she was up to something else, though, and he got a little excited about it. Little did he know that she was going against the whole “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours” part of being married. A KitKat could easily be torn in two to share, but she wasn’t quite ready to share everything with her hubby. What’s even funnier is that she will either have to reveal her candy to eat it or go under the covers to do so. We can only wonder what he was thinking either way.

14. There can only be one

Via: en.dopl3r.com

It always sucks to think that the person we love the most might have loved someone else before us. It’s even worse to know for sure that he had a serious girlfriend in the past. Anyone who is married should know that her husband loves her more than anyone, since he did choose to spend the rest of his life with her, right? Of course she should, but every woman falls prey to the temptation of comparison now and then. This woman obviously worked herself into a frenzy thinking about her husband having an ex. She couldn’t bear to think of him with anyone other than her, and it was enough to make her sink into bed with a glass of wine. Someone should warn her husband of the emotional mess he is coming home to before it’s too late.

13. Dogs before dudes

Via: onsizzle.com

Many women are guilty of having a slight obsession with something that might drive their husband a little crazy. This woman, for instance, seems to be an extreme dog lover. She loves her dog so much that she might even love it more than her husband. How can we tell? Well, just take a look at how they ride down the road. She’s driving, which can be seen as a metaphor for her being in control of the group and her dog is in the front seat beside her. Meanwhile, her husband is demoted to the backseat. We wonder what he did or didn’t do to get that seat. It also makes us wonder how they are at home. Does he at least get to sleep on the couch, or does she have him in the doghouse too?

12. Trolling her other half

Via: me.me

More than ever, couples meet online. There are plenty of ways to do so with niche dating sites, social media platforms and even apps like Tinder. Jenny appears to be a newly married woman, since her profile photo is one from her wedding. Or maybe she just really wants to drive home the point that she isn’t interested in anyone. Whether she just said, “I do,” or has been a “Mrs.” for a while, at some point her husband created a Tinder profile. Jenny found out about it and is determined to find it. We hope Tinder is something he signed up for before Jenny and that he just never got around to deactivating his account. Even so, that makes us wonder why he never bothered to delete it if he now has a wife. Who knows, these two may very well have met on Tinder.

11. Cleaning can be fun

Via: me.me

Cleaning the house is one of those things that has to be done, but not many people want to do it. That’s why so many people put it off as long as possible and then resort to hiring the job out, leaving cleaning to the professionals. But like any hired service, cleaners cost money. So, it only makes sense to DIY. This wife came up with a plan to clean her house in which she not only didn’t break a sweat but also had fun. All she needed was to fashion a mop handle to the back of her dress and hop on a Segway. With this inventive way of cleaning floors, she could enjoy a ride on her Segway and not even have to change out of her heels. It looks like she has created the millennial Stepford wife.

10. Dogs go great with pancakes

Via: imgur.com

So, as we mentioned before, a lot of women really love dogs. And among them, there are two kinds of dog lovers. There are those who have one or two dogs that they adore and pamper, and then those who can’t seem to get enough dogs. For the latter, the more dogs the better. They would have a dog farm if space allowed. This meme taken from a scene in Parks and Recreation is proof that even a regular suburban home can accommodate at least 32 average-size dogs. The wife tried to play it all cool in case her husband didn’t quite share her enthusiasm for all of these new pets. She even offered him pancakes. That’s a good move to make because who could get too mad about waking up to a canine zoo when there are pancakes in their near future?

9. Where there’s smoke, there’s attention?

Via: me.me

Some women naively think that once they get married, their husbands will give them all the attention in the world. That is so not the case. Many times, women need a game plan in order to get the quality time they desire. Plainly put, men typically respond to a woman who either cooks good or looks good. And a woman who has both going for her is twice as likely to get more attention. But what if a wife doesn’t want to cook or fix up for her hubby? Then, she must come up with a plan B, just like this woman did to get her husband’s attention. She knew that he might act a little more alert if something were on fire. So, she lit a piece of paper on fire and held it up to the smoke detector. We don’t know if her little scheme worked out like she planned, but she seems pretty happy with the idea.

8. Loving every minute

Via: me.me

It’s always sweet to see an old couple showing affection toward one another. Even in a case like this one, where it appears to be a little one sided at the moment. We like to look on wistfully and imagine that they’ve been going strong for half a century, even if they just met a week ago on a senior dating site. But upon closer observation, we can see that she is all smiles, while he looks a little aggravated with his hands in his pockets. We can only imagine that something irritated him and she was trying to tease him about it. After all, what are wives for, right? They are there for their husbands for better or worse. Sometimes they make the worse better, and other times they are what makes it worse.

7. Let’s hope they have kids

Via: memes.com

Kids eat some weird things. And not just little kids, but kids all the way up to college age. Most of the things they eat are quickly made, manufactured meals. This picture is the perfect representation of what a kid would call a balanced meal. There’s chicken nuggets for the meat, Kraft macaroni and cheese for a side dish and boxed brownies for dessert. No vegetables can be found, but there is a tall glass of chocolate milk to wash it all down. The funny part is that while any kid would love this meal, a grown man might not get too excited about it. That’s why it’s so funny that this photo goes along with someone being a wife instead of being a mom—or simply a kid learning to cook for the first time.

6. A culinary genius

Via: me.me

As we just mentioned, kids tend to eat weird things. The only kind of human being with possibly a worse appetite than a kid is a woman on her period. A good husband knows that a double dose of dairy can help her feel better fast and a good wife is appreciative of him helping her out. She’s really appreciative if he goes through the effort to make it himself. This scene from Parks and Recreation proves that all too well, as Leslie Knope can barely control herself when Ben Wyatt tells her his plan to make a mac and cheese pizza. If anyone plans on making mac and cheese, then it’s best to go with all out and put it on a pizza rather than just mixing up powdered cheese from a box.

5. She’s a shopper

Via: me.me

Aside from a huge love for animals, one of the big vices a lot of women struggle to overcome is shopping. It’s always bad when a woman spends too much money and has to pay for it later—literally, and usually via a credit card. It’s even worse when she’s spending money from someone else’s account. Old habits like too much shopping are hard to break, but it only gets worse when a wife does it without consulting her husband first. “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours” really comes into play here, much more seriously than the KitKat bar scenario. Perhaps the worst (and most hilarious) part of all is that she nonchalantly mentioned that she “accidentally” spent hundreds of dollars from his account. In case anyone was wondering why it was his account and not their account to begin with, this is probably why.

4. Forever valentines

Via: @thatclassygirl_/twitter.com

One refreshing fact about being someone’s wife is that a woman now knows she will never be alone again. Of course, that doesn’t mean she can’t aggravate him to the point where he might want to be alone, but what decent husband would leave his wife alone on Valentine’s Day? That’s where this clever card comes into play. It starts out all sweet asking if he will be her valentine. Then, the inside takes a turn for the funny (or the frustrating, depending how the husband interprets it). We have to admit that there is a good bit of humor in this though, and any couple who can laugh together is more likely to stay together. Maybe she treated her valentine to a nice meal that wasn’t just nuggets and mac and cheese. At the least, it was mac and cheese pizza.

3. He signed up for it

Via: onsizzle.com

Just because a woman gets married, it doesn’t mean that her personality changes. In fact, the only thing that really changes is her last name. She is still the same woman who has a dog or shopping addiction, cooks like a broke college student or uses shouting as her preferred method of communication. Aside from those very brave (and strange) individuals who commit to marrying someone before they met them, a person should know whether his or her perspective mate has a hot temper. By the look of the wife’s face in this scene from Modern Family, we can tell that she knows he knows how she is. But just in case he forgot, she had to yell out a reminder about how she likes to yell out at her husband.

2. Passive-aggressive wifery

Via: me.me

No matter how much money a woman spends or how much she yells at her husband, she still loves him. After all, she did willingly choose to spend the rest of her life with him. So, at her core, she really does care about what happens to him. This means that even after a big fight, she will want to make sure he has enough to eat. Some women just put the fight behind them and fix their husband’s food. Others take a more passive aggressive approach to fixing their husband’s lunch, all in an effort to get the last word. By leaving this note, the wife is essentially saying that she doesn’t want her husband to go hungry, but at the same time, there might be an odd ingredient in there to get back at him.

1. You’re under attack

Via: me.me

Just like having a healthy sense of humor to make jokes about Valentine’s Day is good for a marriage, so is having fun together. That fun can come in the form of traveling, having a date night or battling each other with nerf guns. Yep, the last one counts too. Some people never quite grow up, and that’s OK as long as they don’t live exclusively off of nuggets and brownies. This wife is not only fun-loving but also generous. Sure, she is waiting somewhere in the house to attack her husband. Yet, she was also gracious enough to provide him with a weapon full of ammo to try and protect himself from her fire. We just hope he had a good day at work. Otherwise, this could turn into an epic battle on the home front.

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