15 Memes About Being Broke That Will Make Anyone Laugh, Then Cry

Money problems? Everybody has them! The familiar and highly relatable money situation is just about everyone’s dilemma. People are scouring for answers as to why they often find themselves practicality penniless. It sucks to get multiple credit cards declined, just as it is no fun to have a deep but empty pocket, or a fashionable yet empty wallet.

During these times, everything would seem like a blur. For people who work so hard, but are not earning enough or paying off huge loans—which ultimately results in being broke—it’s never easy. Who in their right mind would want to constantly run low on gas or worse, endure hunger because there is nothing left to spend?

Money—or more appropriately the lack of it—is definitely no laughing matter, that’s for sure. But these 15 memes prove there’s humor in being broke that will make anyone burst...both in laughter and in tears!

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15 Sober when broke

via: memesuper.com

It’s safe to assume that the people who are having a good time and hosting events like there’s no tomorrow are those who have the money to burn. Money keeps the world going—to endless parties, that is! Every single day or night becomes incredibly fun with friends around at a bar and all other places (including your own) where the dancing and the drinking seem to never end. There are lots of food, lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of stories and then there’s booze (lots and lots of it because you’re rich like that!) But, there’s a certain way of telling when the big bucks are gone: it’s when the party is over. But, in most cases, there’s a reason to rejoice: being broke is temporary—and so is the soberness!

14 Faking it for pride’s sake

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It is fun to read that anecdote on the country’s president getting his credit card declined at a restaurant. Everyone understood that that was a mistake and, well, it was not like he couldn’t afford the meal! But, when it happens to the average Joe and Jane, it becomes a sappy story of sorts. It’s about someone who ran out of spending power. It’s about someone who isn’t earning enough. Apparently, it’s about some money problem manifesting itself through a piece of powerful plastic (called a credit card), which the machine rejected. Sure, it’s an embarrassing situation no one wants to be in, but some people are just so good at playing it cool. By pretending like they didn’t know how they reached the spending limit, they are practically saving face! Here’s hoping all the shopping was worth it!

13 The price of getting a girlfriend

via: buzzfeed.com

They say love is something no amount of money can buy. Tell that to a guy whom society expects to spend for his girl! We’ve been used to the idea that a guy normally foots the bill during dates, buys her expensive gifts and pleases her with all the fun trips. It’s all good, until the boyfriend runs out of money. For this reason, a lot of seasoned guys in the romance department give this useful piece of advice: unless you’ve inherited a massive fortune, get a job before you get a girl. Let’s be realistic here: dating is expensive. So, unless your lady goes for the unconventional setup and cares to spend once in a while for you, it is imperative to be financially ready for it!

12 Emergency phone calls only

via: memes.doublie.com

It’s hard to argue with utility providers. No matter what you do, those heartless bastards interrupt your phone service in the event of late or missed payment. Doesn’t it suck to be at the losing end of this game? And when dealing with money issues of a temporary nature or otherwise, sometimes it can be tough to deal with bills to pay! But you see, it’s a secret between you and AT&T; there’s no point in letting the cat out of the bag. No one has to know that you’re broke. Hang tough, call your friends at 911 and act like it’s no big deal that your phone was cut off. Master the art of keeping your cool among everyone—no one knows it’s beyond a cellphone issue, anyway!

11 Too broke to buy a Christmas tree

via: pinterest.com

Christmas is a great occasion! Everyone is in their joyful mood. It’s the time for families and friends to gather and spend quality time with each other. People spread happiness and good cheers. And it’s time for shopping, too! It’s the season of great food and merriment and so, you make sure you’ve got the best dishes and treats to put on the table. What’s more, you take the time to buy your loved ones the best gifts you can find. You scour the internet and check every shop for the best picks! And while at it, you get a present for yourself, as well! But, while all these sound like a perfect way to celebrate Christmas, you can’t do any of that when you’re too broke to even get a Christmas tree!

10 Just rinsed off a paper plate

via: wordpress.com

When you’re too broke to buy the basic utensils, chances are, you’re out of cash. You’ve got nothing in your pocket. And it’s never easy to get stuck in this situation. The lack of money robs you of your happiness. The signs are glaring. It’s when a pack of cheap chips helps you get through your day. It’s when you can’t even afford to take your partner out on a date. It’s when going out to party becomes a struggle, unless you’ve got friends to pay for your beer. It’s when you’d rather stay in than eat out at your favorite restaurant (you’ve got to save as much as you can). It’s when you’ve got practically nothing to put in the dishwasher and you just rinsed off a paper plate!

9 Thin piggy bank

via: instagram.com

It pays to anticipate that one day, we won’t be able to work, practice our profession or run a business as efficiently as we do today. That's because one day, we’ll run out of our creative juices and strength. The daily stress and pressure, as well as our age, will take its toll on us physically and mentally. So, how do you prepare for the rainy days? A lot of people are unstoppable at ensuring that they don’t run out of money when they are unable to make some. The most conventional method, which many kids and adults are still into, is to save the coins in a container, such as a piggy bank! But, for people who seem to have not a single penny to spare, this is how their piggy bank looks!

8 Not hungry

via: instagram.com

Whenever a friend invites you to a fancy restaurant with a meal that costs your pay grade, you know that the answer should be a polite refusal. But, you’ve got a reputation to uphold. You’re never the party pooper and you’re always up for something exciting, no matter how costly. And so, you agree to meeting friends at a fancy bistro. But, the menu prices are so high, they make wish you could just excuse yourself and disappear! But, you’ve decided to be there and you just can’t leave, can you? There’s no escaping the ridiculously pricey dinner situation, but you can always say you’re not hungry (even though the truth is that you’re too broke to afford it—and you dare not admit that!).

7 Calling the bank

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We all have to deal with institutions that help us make money, keep our money safe and help manage our money. The bank does it for us. But, did it ever occur to you that, at some point or another, the bank can become your enemy? When you’re out of cash and don’t want to admit it, it blows the mind why the bank is not on your side! Why are they making things difficult for you, you ask? Because you’re broke, that’s why. Like "zero money in your bank account" broke. And the bank can’t do anything about it...no matter how you delude them (or yourself) into thinking otherwise.

6 Broke couple

Via: pinterest.com

It’s rare to find romantic partners whose principles are practically aligned. In many cases, there are matters that two people in a relationship find difficult to solve and usually become the cause of ugly fights. Money is certainly on top of that list. These days, people make it a point to look for individuals who have a stable job or career. It’s almost like a non-negotiable quality that women—and even men—look for in a lover. And when crunch time comes, couples (particularly those who have decided to move in together) fight over money. If only all couples can learn from this meme, though. If you both have no money, there will be nothing to fight over!

5 Where did the comma go?

Via: lovethispic.com

Our bank account is supposed to be our safety net, financially speaking. Everyone who wants to ensure their future (and the future of their family) understands that it is important to save for the rainy days, as cliché as it sounds. But sometimes, some urgent situations, such as those relating to family and health, require us to spend nearly everything we’ve got. And when this happens, our savings get depleted even before we know it. It’s such a sad day to find that, after giving up a lot of shopping just to save some cash, our bank account screams nearly empty. It is equally disheartening to realize that what used to be a large amount of money saved has ceased to become at least a four-figure amount!

4 Shoes of my dreams

via: instagram.com

Have you ever experienced a real longing for some product or item that you wish you really could have at that very moment? Has something really caught your fancy and you’d do nearly everything to get it? The ladies find this feeling extremely familiar, especially when it comes to shoes! There’s a particular type, color or design of footwear each woman just can’t be without. And so, they spend the last penny for it and are still happy about the whole thing! And when there is barely a cent left in your pocket or wallet, or if all your credit cards fail you, it’s almost like life is over. Know the worst thing about being broke? It seems to happen exactly at a time when something catches your eye and you want it so bad!

3 Girlfriend on days when I’m broke

via: twitter.com

When caught in a tight money situation, we tend to try all alternatives for otherwise expensive essentials. There are a lot of things out there that aren’t as pricey, but serve our needs just as well as their expensive counterpart. We skip the best clothing brands with hefty price tags and opt for the ones that our pockets can afford. We refuse to buy that expensive drink and instead quench that thirst with water. It’s all about perspective and attitude. You can’t pretend to have the cash for anything; it will only make things worse for you. So, until everything becomes a bit easy on us financially, we treat our home as the best place to party. And yes, we settle for the ramen as our girlfriend!

2 Expired gym card

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Picture this: you’re eating out with the girl of your dreams. Finally, she said yes to your dinner invitation. You’ve got to do everything to make a good impression. You should be dressed to the nines. You should look and smell good. And importantly, dinner should not to be boring! You should be able to strike a good conversation with her, without making it look like you’re trying too hard. Be yourself. And as expected of a real gentleman, you need to pick her up and give her a ride home, too! And perhaps most importantly, make sure you pay for it all. But, for the financially challenged gentleman, what’s the best thing to do? If you ask this guy, the answer would be: never admit to being broke, no matter what! And pray the pretence works—and that gym card, too!

1 All the alcohol

via: memeguy.com

For as long as our bodies are able to take it, we drink. We love how this beverage has become a symbol of merriment and ironically, a way to drown our sorrows. We’re talking about alcoholic beverages. We don't want just a sip of it...no, an entire bottle would be best. There are different types, flavors, origins and labels. They have various alcohol content levels that serve their purpose, depending on the drinker’s need—and it would be awesome to have at least one of them at home, should the occasion call for it. Some of them aren’t exactly expensive, while some might cost a fortune. But, you know what’s unfortunate? When you’re broke and want to forget that you are—and you can’t even buy alcohol to help you do that!

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