20 Memes About Growing Up With Siblings

You love your siblings... now. But back in the day, your only wish was for them to get hit by a truck so that you could have the room all to yourself.

What was all the spite about? You can't even remember. You do remember how annoying your siblings were, though, like a fly that just wouldn't go away. Even with all of that drama and mayhem, you wouldn't change your childhood for the world. Check out these 20 memes that will remind you just how fun it was to grow up with siblings.

20 "Oooh! Someone is feeling himself right now. Too bad Mama isn't going to go for that. Front row seats for the beatdown."

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19 "Ooh! I think he's coming! Can't let him catch me going through his stuff! I gotta get out of here!"

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18 "Mom, come get your child. She isn't listening to me."

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17 "Hey! Do me a favor. I'm all out of toilet paper, bro."

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16 "Wow. They need to go on the road with this fight. I wonder who is going to go down first."

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15 "Get the hell out of my spot!"

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14 "I'm such a mastermind. I can manipulate the entire universe. The world is mine."

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13 "Hey bro. You asleep? Just a little reminder that I know you better than anyone else."

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12 "Hey, Freddy Krueger. Hey, Predator. Hey, Medusa. Hahaha! That's you right there! Looks just like you!"

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11 "Don't you dare turn the channel! It's MY TV!"

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10 "I hate the way you smell. I hate your face. I am going to hide your headphones behind the bed as soon as mom leaves."

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9 "I'm almost to the next level. Just one more kill. She'll be alright."

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8 "Trying to keep a low profile. Not bothering anyone. Listening to some music. Man, I wish I was an only child."

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7 "This idiot is going to learn today. *Speaking softly through the door* I just wanna tell you something real quick. For real. Mama told me to tell you something."

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6 "As always. I am the favorite. I told you mommy loves me more than you. Go ahead, cry in your sleep tonight."

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5 "We look alike? Huh? How do I look like this monster? That's an insult."

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4 "One day they will need me to do something for them and they'll regret this."

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3 "But we were just having fun in the pool. Do you want us to love each other or NO? Make up your mind, Ma."

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2 We love telling yo mama jokes, but the showstopper is always this one. The easiest insult EVER.

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1 "Sneaking in the window at 5 a.m. Skirt twisted. Hair a mess. Missing stockings. Oh yeah. I got you, sis. I got you."

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