15 Memes About Target Runs That All Of Us Can Low-Key Relate To

Target: the place that our Mom dragged us to when we were younger and then, it wasn't anything special. But now, our perspective has changed. Target is a magical place in which time stops and all our dreams come true. We happen to find things we didn't even know we needed and thus, bask in the glory of the items we scored.

For anyone that has an obsession with Target but doesn't like to admit it, this one is for you. This article is for the moms with the screaming kids that still want to belong. This is for the frequenters that find themselves at Target once a week, because they simply cannot stand not knowing what the new shipments brought in. This is for the people that claim they don't like shopping, but feel lighter and elated once they've taken a trip to Target. This is also for the boyfriends that walk around with their low-key obsessed significant other and find themselves scoring items as well. Low-key or out there, this article will hit home for all of you and prove that you aren't alone.

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15 Let's be honest

Via: fullredneck.com

This meme is so accurate and we don't know if we should be ashamed or proud of it. For those of us that revel in all the stuff at Target, we know that if we don't beeline straight for what we actually came for, we are doomed. Just "looking" at the sale items or home décor aisles isn't a thing, because our inner demons will always find an excuse to tell us that we need to buy other stuff as well. Sure, some of you may be saying that this isn't a problem for you and guess what? Your self-control is too perfect and pure for the rest of us.

There is no such thing as running to Target and only picking up one thing because it hasn't happened to anyone in years. OK, so maybe we don't have the research to back that last sentence up, but we are pretty sure this assumption is on point.

14 When everyone is thankful

Via: memegenerator.com

When we were younger, our parents sometimes had no choice but to drag our whiney butts with them to stores. Now that we know the reasons why they weren't so stoked on bringing us, we commend them for the times they left us at home. While Target appeals to children because of the toys and gadgets, we are glad when the parents pick that sort of stuff up for them, rather than have them come with. We get it, this is easier said than done and those of us without children don't understand; but when Mom or Dad gets to do their own shopping, by themselves, there are people besides them that are grateful for that as well. Because there is nothing worse than trying to dodge the crying baby in the bread aisle and be able to still hear them from all the way across the store. Parents of the world: stay strong and we salute you.

13 When assumption goes wrong

Via: stillcracking.com

This unfortunate situation ties into the first one and it happens to the best of us. You are casually meandering down an aisle and see something of interest, so you pick it up. Then, you innocently go down another aisle and grab something else. Before you know it, you realize you only have, in fact, two hands and cannot carry anything else. You wish you could use your pockets for help, but then you would look like you are trying to steal something and that is a whole other can of worms.

You then remember back to when you walked in the red doors and thought to yourself that this will be a quick trip and you won't be needing a basket or cart. You think this way because you want to remind yourself you have self-control; but then life happens and surprise! You don't.

12 Visiting the "favorite aisle"

Via: pinterest.com

We all have favorite things in our life for certain reasons. We have a favorite color, a favorite drink and even a favorite type of shampoo. Once we find something we really like we hardly stray from it because it works for us. Believe it or not, a lot of us also have a favorite Target aisle in which we flourish. We can be ourselves there and it makes us feel a certain type of way. It might be the electronics aisle, the shoe aisle or even the frozen food aisle, who knows. We may not associate ourselves as having a favorite aisle, but there is definite proof we have one.

Put yourself in this situation: you can hurry by multiple aisles in a row, but before you know it, you are at the golden aisle in which you cannot pass. It's like a invisible force that is summoning you to enter. Don't believe us? It's real.

11 Heaven is a place on Earth

Via: pinterest.com

When the day comes for a bar to be installed in every Target store, we will be in complete bliss and wonder what we did to deserve this. Until then, the next best thing is Starbucks and having the chance to consume caffeine while shopping. But, what is the ultimate, granddaddy bliss of all blisses? Being at Target, slurping on a caramel macchiato and having an unlimited amount of money.

Let's be honest, everyone wants that, even if they don't necessarily like shopping at Target (gasp!). But when we are asleep, dreaming away in our beds, there's a chance this pleasant dream has gotten into our heads. If it hasn't before today? You're welcome, but please don't take it out on us if that dream never turns to a reality.

10 When everyone says no, but your brain says yes

Via: instagram.com

By now we already know that it's hard not to buy something when we take a trip to our local Target. Walking out of that particular store without something in hand basically never happens and if it does, it's you, not the store. Somehow, if you have a fellow shopping buddy, they always seem to have more self-control when it comes to compulsive shopping and for your sake, they are telling you not to buy that random item you THINK you need. Basically, all points are leading to no, but what's the fun in that and isn't there such a thing as buyer's remorse of not buying something?

So, after all the back and forth as to whether you need another crop top, the results are in and there are no regrets. After all, one can't have too many crop tops, right?

9 It doesn't really matter...

Via: pinterest.com

When we make a trip to Target, it doesn't matter if it is the most picked-over store in the world; there will still be something to buy. That's just how good Target is and if we try hard enough to find something we want to buy, it'll happen. It doesn't matter the size of the Target store or mundane products within it, there are always things placed in specific spots to make us want to pick it up, give it a once over and gently toss it into our cart.

Instead of feeling bad about purchasing all of the items you just bought, why not feel proud of how you handled the straining situation of not having the amount of choices you usually have and dealing with it?

8 When wandering counts as exercise

Via: instagram.com

When we sit at our desk counting down the minutes until our work day is done, they cannot physically pass any slower. But, when we are in Target and take a gander at our clocks, we cannot believe our eyes. When it feels like we've been in the store for 20 minutes, it has actually been over an hour. We don't really understand how that happened because we've only made it half-way through the store, but time doesn't lie. We then start to think that Target is the Twilight Zone and we lose all control of our bodies immediately when we enter the store.

At the same time, we start to notice we are a bit winded and if we were to estimate, we would definitely say we walked a few miles to get our shopping done. So instead of going home and lifting some weights, we realize our trip to Target was an adequate workout and we can relax and unwind when we get home instead.

7 Needing it and wanting it

Via: buzzfeed.com

We are adults and with that comes maturity and at times, responsibility. We are aware of right and wrong and we understand the difference between needing something and wanting something. While that line gets a bit blurry from time to time, the difference is still there. We know that we need toilet paper and food to function like civilized humans, but we also know we want those sunglasses that are on sale, too. There comes a time when the "want" is so strong that we cannot fight the urge to just give up and buy the damn item we've been lusting after. We might get a bit frustrated with ourselves for not being able to rise above the challenge, but everyone needs to treat themselves, right?

While some of us may use the old "treat yo-self" term more than others, it is real and sometimes, a bad day can be turned around just by a single purchase at Target. You're welcome.

6 Ha, suckers

Via: memeshare.xyz

Most of us have been out of school for quite a while and haven't had to endure this panicked, glum state of despair when we enter stores. While we don't have to go through it anymore, we can definitely relate and think back to when we did. For those of you with kids, it's probably an exciting time when you can start planning for your kids to be in someone else's hands for a few hours a day.

When we were younger, we were so stoked when school was finally done and we could frolic and play all summer long. But it was always cut short when it was mid-summer and stores, like Target, thought it was a good idea to start putting school items back on the shelves, just to rub it in our faces. We then couldn't get that nagging thought out of our heads that once again, we will need to drag along a list with all the school supplies we will need for yet another year of school.

5 The chip vs. the swipe

Via: fullredneck.com

This situation can really happen anywhere, but we can all probably admit that it happens more than not at Target. There we are, finally ready to leave the store and we are waiting in line to pay for our items we probably didn't need. Once it is our turn, we wait patiently, probably low-key regretting half of the stuff we bought and it's time to finally pay. We remember the last time we were at this store that their chip function on the payment machine didn't work so we don't even try. Then, after multiple attempts and many noises later, the cashier tells us that their chip machines don't work and we need to swipe.

We get it, the idea of the chip function is a good idea to save us all from hackers, but when is everyone going to get on the same page and do one or the other? #firstworldproblems

4 Little surprises

Via: pinterest.com

How does this actually happen? No one knows and it will probably remain a mystery until someone actually looks at the prices of the items they are buying. That's a little harsh, because most of us are probably conscious about that; but when the items stack up at Target, we seem to lose track of the prices of the items in our cart and pray that the damage won't be too spendy. Low-key we know that the items in our cart are going to cost us more than we planned on spending, but there's no turning back now because we are committed to the items we sought out.

This probably leads us to buyer's remorse after we get home, but then we remember all of the cool stuff we got at Target. There's a silver lining to everything, right?

3 Every. Color.

Via: notesandsignsblogspotcom

Sound familiar? That's because this tends to happen a lot and before we know it, our budget we allowed ourselves for the pay period is blown right open. Once again, we curse ourselves and swear that next time we go to Target, we won't even look in the clothing section; but somehow we are always drawn there. Maybe we set out for a simple black t-shirt that we have been tirelessly looking for elsewhere, just to prevent this exact scenario from happening. After all, Target is known for their basics, but how do you stop at one color of something you like so much?

We get into this mode where we think of our closet and the things we have in it already. Then we dream up certain outfits and tell ourselves that we need every color of the shirt before us in order to finish our dreamt up look. Is this realistic? No, but we do it anyway because, Target.

2 Self-checkout horror stories

Via: abbyhasissues.com

Along with the chip reader, the self-checkout phenomenon could happen at basically any store we go to. But, if there is one store in which this situation always happens at, it's Target. As much as we all love Target, sometimes, the trips aren't always successful in several ways. Example? You look around at the check-out hubs and notice that you aren't the only one that decided this time of the day was a good time to shop. The lines are long and you have spent too much time in the store as it is, so you look around for other options. You see that the self-checkout lines aren't as long, so why not hop over there?

Then the realization sets in and you remember how touchy the machines are. You don't want to be "that person" that clogs up the line and looking pathetically oblivious, until a Target employee sees you.

1 When the weakness sets in

Via: youtube.com

If you are a fan of sales items at Target, you know you are in for it before you even walk into the store. There's always something that is on sale that you can find and sometimes, you think it might be some sort of a gift you possess rather than a flaw. You don't have to be religious in order to want to say a silent prayer to yourself in a situation like this.

Sale items and Target go hand-in-hand like biscuits and gravy. There's aways something on sale and beyond that, if you have the Cartwheel app on your phone, it's even worse. Buy one get one free in the shoe department? Crap. You swerve to the left and you see 50% off summer dresses and you can hear that small voice in your head telling you that you've been looking for one for a while now. The weakness is real and at Target, it's worse than anywhere else.

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