15 College Memes That Are So Relatable, It Hurts

Ah, college. Some say that it's the best four years of someone's life. But what do you think of when someone says that word, college? How about all the difficult classes we had to take? How about all those hours of studying at the school library, even on the weekends? What about how there wasn't enough time to do anything? And how every college kid became the King and Queen of procrastination. We mastered how to start and finish an essay in just hours. (And still managed to get a passing grade.) We somehow had to balance a social life with friends and activities, a personal life and do well in school and be a part of the community, while we're getting ready for the rest of our lives. No big deal, right? Here are 15 memes that will have anyone who's been to college saying, "same."

15 The meme about curving grades

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We've all been here. The times everyone wishes their teacher DID grade by the curve. Sometimes teachers do it, sometimes they don't. (Not sure what the exact formula is for them to decide to curve.) For the classes that do not grade by the curve, one question—why?! It makes sense, right? The average grade of a class should be the standard grade chart everyone goes by. Because each class and group of individuals are different. It's always that one kid in class that throws the curve off for everyone. If students had planned to all not do TOO well, then the curve would actually be in everyone's favor. Especially the kid that did the best. This way, everyone wins! Shoutout to all the teachers for still writing a pretty, cursive F or D on papers though. Fancy.

14 The meme about seeing people on campus

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Raise a hand if this is familiar... Yup, thought so! College is usually a huge place. The campus is typically so big that it's hard to run into people who aren't in the class you're walking into. A place where there is not a chance a student can know everyone by name. Most of the time, people meet their friends at parties or through mutual friends, in which case, no one will remember anyone's name half the time. And luckily, that's no one's fault. It's kind of a college rule that it's okay to forget people's names. But when someone is walking around campus and makes eye contact with someone they kinda-sorta know... well that someone has to at least fake a smile and keep on truckin'. Words are not necessary. Also, a smile counts for a lot.

13 The meme about plagiarism

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Okay, so, this has to be pretty relatable, right? Of course we didn't all plagiarize or even have the intention to, but if someone is reading something and it's said in a very simple, yet clear way, it's only natural for that person to want to write the exact same thing. Especially when it came to history or English class. How are students supposed to reword something as simple as "She was born in 1990"? It's either that, or,"Her birth year was 1990." Or "In 1990, she was born." See what we're saying? It's all one and the same. When it comes to history class, there isn't a lot of room for creative writing since it's all very, very factual.

12 The meme about trying to balance life

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Not sure if it gets more real than this meme, but come on! Aiming for a 4.0 is extreme, so let's say it's a 3.0. STILL. How does one person—one growing, learning, tired kid (essentially)—balance all that's going on? It's hard enough to even maintain a social life in college. Sleep, study, social life. Those are the three things that most people try to balance when it comes to being a student. There's more to life than just the books when it comes to higher ed. Students are always told make sure they get enough sleep, but how? Do we give up sleep time to study so we get better grades? Or do we sleep to make sure we're awake enough for class the next day? Balance really is key.

11 The meme about studying

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There really should be a course on how to study right? Or at the very least, how to study the right way, because we think everyone could benefit from that. It should be as easy as 1: find a quiet place, 2: sit down, 3: start studying. But, it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes things get really distracting, like how nice the weather is outside. Or when one of your roommates asks if you want to go grab some food. How can anyone turn down a food run?! Studying is actually hard work. You have to focus and make sure your mind is clear enough for you to start remembering all these things for finals. Things that you probably should have been trying to remember from the first day of the quarter. Whoops.

10 The meme about your professor

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This is a tough one. This is not always someone's fault; sometimes it's just a bad system. Teachers and professors are supposed to teach us the class, whether it be English, arts or science. A teacher's job is to teach us. Simple? Not exactly. Once in a while, we all get that one instructor who doesn't really know what's going on. But he or she can pretty much fake it 'till they make it to the end of the quarter. Oftentimes, students will feel like they are leading themselves. They'll feel like they are teaching themselves the book. Because they find themselves just reading, reading and reading. Reading books about facts that we could have read about on our own, but we're paying to sit in a lecture hall and do it... without the teacher's guidance. So thanks, teachers who tell students to "look in the book."

9 The meme about being comfy in class

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College is all about self-discipline. No one will come and wake us up for class. No one will come and tell us we can snooze for five more minutes. Nope. College is all up to each of us, individually. In college, if students don't want to show up for class, no one will write them up or anything. No one cares enough to do so. So it can be tough getting up for class sometimes. Especially when it's winter and staying warm in bed just sounds soooo much more appealing. Get cozy. Do whatever it takes, but get to the classroom. Do what the guy did in the meme above: Get yourself some hot chocolate and dress comfy. Sure, not every single class even takes attendance in college, but don't forget that in some classes, attendance counts.

8 The meme about not having enough time

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Back to this because it's that important. Sleep vs. study. What do you do? Does sleeping sound good? Of course! But while students are sleeping and enjoying that long, well-deserved rest... they're losing precious study time. Time they can be reading, reading and reading some more. Studying is important, but only if students do it correctly. We know that everyone studies differently, because not everyone remembers things the same way. So the key for students is to find out what type of studying technique works for them. Maybe it's one hour right before bedtime. Or maybe you study and remember things better if you wake up one hour earlier than you typically do. Try out a few different ways and see what works best.

7 The meme about not remembering anything you studied

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So let's say putting aside time to study isn't the problem. Let's say everyone has the time to actually study, but what if memorizing was an issue? How are we supposed to remember everything from the last 12 weeks?! Most of us can't remember what we had for dinner last night, let alone all the materials from the past few months of class. And it's not like we only have one class to study for; there are multiple classes and finals! So that means we're studying multiple subjects in the same day. We can try to space it out, but it's still going to be math, history, science, etc. It is no wonder sometimes when we finally sit down to take our finals, we don't really remember much.

6 The meme about where you pretend you know what's going on

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This is one of our favorites because it doesn't only apply to class, but really anytime in life when we have no idea what's really going on. It is likely mastered from those days of sitting in class, pretending like we understand what the teacher is saying, as we nod our heads yes. So thank you for that, school. But what's going on in our head? "What's for lunch today?" or "What day is it? Is it Friday yet?" But we have to put on the best poker face regardless. Most of the time, the teachers must know that we don't know what's going on, but what can they do? Call us out? Call each and every single one of us out every time we dazed off? Nope.

5 The meme about that one kid in class

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Anyone who has ever taken a foreign language class must be able to relate to this. We all have that one kid in class who somehow made it into intermediate level. It hurts when the teacher asks someone to volunteer to read and no one raises their hand, except for the kid who doesn't even attempt to read with an accent. It's very kind of the kid to take one for the team and to volunteer themselves, but please, please, please put a little effort into it. When this happens, there are two ways it can end. It can either end with another kid volunteering, to save everyone from the misery. Or it can end with everyone just sitting through it with a smile on their face, but thinking to themselves what the meme says above.

4 The meme about procrastinating

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Who procrastinates more than a college student? The answer is: it doesn't exist. How much does a college student procrastinate? The answer: the limit does not exist. You know what class students should really be offered in college? A course on time management. Seriously! If we had all been taught how to manage our time better, maybe we would be able to study better. We procrastinate, that's what we do. Heck, half of us probably do it because we like the last minute adrenaline rush of having to finish a paper overnight or to cram weeks of materials into one night. This happens a lot: we tell ourselves that we'll start studying after we finish lunch, then we'll tell ourselves we'll study after we go to the gym, then we'll tell ourselves after we shower and eat dinner. And by that time? zZzZzz.

3 The meme about taking naps

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This circle backs to time management. If we were taught how to manage our time better, we would have better sleeping schedules, which would help us avoid taking naps in the day, which would give us more time to study. So clearly, college is not a piece of cake or else we'd all have plenty of cake on our hands right now. Earning that degree will take a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication and a lot of focus. It'll take years. As students, we're going to have to understand that and just bite the bullet. We can complain all we want, but if we want that accomplishment, then we're going to have to just suck it up. So suck it up, Chuckie. Angelica is right.

2 The meme about grades

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This does not apply to every single class, but again, the ones that have weird grading systems. Are we grading by the curve? No? Okay cool. Our homework doesn't nearly count as much as our tests in class? Okay good to know. Our finals are worth 90 percent of our grade? Great. It's all pretty confusing. But it totally sucks when someone misses one assignment (for whatever reason) and their grade sinks like the Titanic. But when they bust their booty trying to get a make up for that one assignment, their grade is having a harder time than ever climbing back up that ladder. Asking for extra credit still doesn't always do the trick. Come to think of it, those extra credit assignments barely did any grade boosting. How? Why? Don't get it.

1 The meme about writing essays

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Essays are not fun in college. No matter what the topic or subject is. Teachers are also usually lying when they tell students that it's "creative writing" and there are no "wrong answers." A lot of college kids like the pressure of starting and finishing an essay in just a day or two. That, or most college kids hate doing them so much that they wait until the last minute to start. Yeah, most likely the second scenario. Either way, challenge accepted! We're prepared to be up all night so we can, at a very minimum, score a solid B. So we spend our nights typing, typing and typing, only to realize we are not even close to being done. But look, class is creeping up... just like the sun is.

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