15 Memes For Those Days Where We Just Can’t Even

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15 Memes For Those Days Where We Just Can’t Even

Everyone has those days when they “just can’t even.” These are the kinds of days when the news cycle is at its worst and supervisors get on their employees’ last nerves. It’s the hot summer day when the only ice cream stand is closed for cleaning or the Slurpee machine is broken. It’s the kind of day in which everyone’s favorite celebrity says something heinous or some horrible, uncool things happens. By that point, enough is just enough. Why should anyone be required to deal with such atrocities of life? That’s when many people reach their “just can’t even” point and become unable to fully express what they’re feeling. But, it doesn’t really require words. This is the era of the internet and memes can convey what words cannot.

15. Sometimes, it’s just one of those days…

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When you’ve reached that point in which you just can’t even, you might find yourself like Merida, sitting in your royal chair and beseeching the universe for why these things have to happen. Life can be so cruel. Maybe you studied really hard, but still failed the test. Maybe you created an amazing presentation at work, only for someone else to take credit. It’s okay to sit down and vent before you decide what to do. Scream if you need to do. Grab your hair and say, “WHY?” Sometimes, things happen for absolutely no reason, so you just have to deal with them. It can be frustrating, of course. That’s understandable. Give yourself a moment. Letting your emotions come out is much better than bottling them up and there’s nothing wrong with being unable to express your feelings with coherent sentences.

14. And facepalm isn’t always enough to describe what you’re feeling

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What makes for a bodyfloor moment? It can be something as innocuous as getting tongue-twisted when talking to your crush or something as serious as crashing your car because you were texting and driving. Whatever your breaking point, it’s perfectly acceptable to do the bodyfloor. The bodyfloor means you just fall down and spread out, with your face to the ground. It’s the last straw—that point when you just can’t even take it anymore, but don’t have the energy to deal with the problems yet. Bodyfloor might be the best way to express what you’re feeling. So, go ahead—skip over headdesk and facepalm. Whether you’re the one who did something stupid or you’re just dealing with an embarrassing situation, the bodyfloor move might be exactly what you needed. Use it when facepalm isn’t enough.

13. But you get back up and suddenly, you have a new sense of dread

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For less horrible “just can’t even” days, it can be a toss-up on whether to facepalm or headdesk. The facepalm, as many know, means that you hit your face with the palm of your hand. It’s the nonverbal expression of “I can’t believe that just happened.” The headdesk can be used for more serious “can’t even” days. The headdesk requires having a desk or table at your disposal and dropping your head to the desk in absolute defeat at what has just occurred. Both of these—the facepalm and the headdesk—are appropriate for those days when you can’t get the words to say how you’re feeling. The internet has provided all kinds of new means for expressions that didn’t exist before and boy, are we thankful for these memes.

12. But, when someone asks you how you’re doing, you’re like…

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People, of course, will ask you how you’re feeling. Maybe you just found out that your boyfriend or girlfriend had been cheating on you and all your friends and their neighbors know. If you travel in the same social circles, people will ask you how you’re dealing. It’s not their business and you aren’t required to tell them anything. Your mom or your best friend can know how your heart is breaking, but not your ex-boyfriend’s friend’s sister. So, you can just say that everything is fine. Yep, all is well. You’re doing great and life couldn’t be better. That doesn’t mean that the pain has gone away. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t deal with your hurt on your own time, away from prying eyes, but it does mean that it’s not any of their freakin’ business.

11. You put on a smile and inside you’re just…

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Grumpy Cat understands how most of us feel on the inside. She’s a mixed-breed cat, possibly a mixture of Persian, Ragdoll or Snowshoe. Her family says that she isn’t actually as grumpy as she looks, but this cute kitty has become a very recognizable meme and feline celebrity. Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce and her family loves her very much and so does the internet. This FML meme with Grumpy Cat describes what we feel when we “just can’t even” and what we might be muttering under our breath the entire day. Sometimes, it seems as if our lives might be the problem, especially when everything happens to be going wrong at once. No, you’re not cursed. You can get through this. Just look at more cat memes.

10. And your job doesn’t make anything better

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Having to go to work when you’d rather hide under the covers for the rest of your life can be extra tough, especially if your job or your boss is extremely demanding. Jobs can be stressful and many of us hate what we do. Whether it’s a retail or office job, going in to work on those days when you “just can’t even” can be excruciating. You have to put on a smile and turn in those reports or you have to greet customers and try to get them to sign up for credit cards. Today might not be your best day, but it also might not be your worst. If you need to go to the restroom to silently scream, it’s perfectly acceptable. The Office has taught us so much.

9. Your last nerve is being frayed and the day keeps getting worse

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At some point, it really might just be too much. Someone says the wrong thing and you can’t keep that smile plastered on anymore. Maybe someone noticed you doing the bodyfloor in your office and wanted to check to make sure you’re okay. That last nerve gets irritated and you’re just about done. THE NEXT PERSON WHO SAYS ANYTHING MIGHT NOT SURVIVE! Even so, screaming at everyone who crosses your path might not be the answer. Find a friend or someone you trust to talk to about what you’re feeling, but try not to take out your emotions on innocent (or even nosy) bystanders. Your emotions matter, but it’s important not to completely lose it in most cases. If you have a problem to solve, you want to be able to deal with it after you’ve handled your emotions and that means not losing it (at least, not The Joker-level losing it).

8. You really, really can’t even deal with this right now

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Now that you’re alone again, you might find yourself lying on the floor. It can be a tough call deciding if crying will help you to relieve your emotions or just make things feel worse. But, in most cases, it can be cathartic to just let the tears and the wailing occur. Sob, cry, scream…do whatever you need to do to rant and rail against the universe for letting such a “can’t even” moment happen. Sometimes, the universe just can’t even and yet, you’re expected to? Not cool. Stop, drop and cry. If you have a stuffed animal, then it’s okay to give him or her a hug at this moment. Your cat or dog might also want to comfort you, so let them. This is your moment to let it all out.

7. So, you close the door and let it all out…all of it

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The ugly cry is another meme that can perfectly describe those days when you “just can’t even.” An ugly cry is when you scrunch up your face and allow tears and snot to run down. It’s an uncontrolled type of crying that doesn’t care about appearances. Sometimes, this is the type of crying that you need to do. Make sure to have a box of tissues ready and maybe a glass of water. You might also want to have a sink nearby so you can splash water on your face when you’re done crying. It’s also possible to run out of tissues—even a full box—so it might be a good idea to invest in several boxes. Then, you can just cry. Going for the ugly cry can be the first step to overcoming those “can’t even” days.

6. But, you have to put on a brave face again

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The “baby with a power pump fist” meme shows that anyone can be brave against the odds. Maybe this little baby just had the best diaper accident of his life or he got a second helping of the banana baby food. Whatever the reason, this little baby is proud of what’s going on and can be an encouragement to you. He’s a cute baby (if you happen to think babies are cute) and that little fist pump and determined face have adorable written all over it. We have no idea who Andy is in this case, but we’re sure that this meme did its job. This anonymous baby believes that you CAN even. Yes, you can. Maybe not right this moment, but the moment will come when you can deal with the world again.

5. But, the day isn’t over yet and you still can’t even

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Days have 24 hours in them for things to happen. Even if you’ve conquered one “can’t even” moment, another one could happen a few hours later. It’s an unfortunate side effect of how we perceive and tell time. So, giving the day the middle finger is absolutely appropriate. Tell the day to F off. You don’t need to have a day like this and it has no right to be like this to you, for real. Scream “WTF” at the top of your lungs and raise that middle finger high in the sky. It will be tomorrow soon enough, but you’re done with today. Today was just not your day and it can totally F off. The best part about this meme is the antiquity of it. It has a classic and polite look, as if you would say this over a cup of tea, with your pinky in the air.

4. And it feels like constant despair

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When people ask you how you’re doing, they expect to hear a “good” or a “great.” They don’t really expect to hear how you’re actually feeling. But, sometimes you can be brutally honest. If you’re having a horrible day, it can definitely feel like you’re living in constant despair. Maybe you got a flat tire on the way to work and you were already late for a presentation that was due that morning. That’s rough. Or you wanted to try this really cool hairstyle and it completely bombed, but your date will be at your door in five minutes. It can be too much to bear on those occasions. We’ve all been there or dealt with something similar. Not every day will be this messed up.

3. Just no, no more

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Okay, so now it’s the end of the day. It’s been a constant struggle with all of the things that have happened. What’s one more thing going wrong? NOOOO. We understand this bunny who just screamed “no” at the top of his lungs. This bunny is fed up with the day and you might be as well. While screaming “no” into the universe might not change anything, it can be quite cathartic and help you to relieve the stress and tension that has been building up throughout the day. It’s also okay to say no to people who are asking you to do things when your schedule is already full. In general, people need to learn to say no more often and they might end up being less overworked or stressed.

2. Because you really just can not EVEN

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Of course, there are other days when the people around you commit something atrocious. They do some horrible, shocking thing and you’re at a loss for words. The kingly figure in this meme has his hand toward his chest in utter shock and surprise. You might be doing the same thing when your friend confesses to a friend faux pas they’ve committed that leaves you reeling. This one can be a double whammy, in that you might also feel betrayed by the person. How could they…what just happened…WTH? People will disappoint us many times throughout our lives. Sometimes, it’s so bad that we “literally can’t even.” That’s why this meme is perfect. It expresses exactly how you feel at that moment: completely shocked.

1. But you know, it just might get better

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At the end of a bad day, you just want to forget about it. Maybe it’s been a long day of horrible moments, followed by crying and screaming and now you want to unwind and make it go away. This meme is not only adorable, but it also illustrates how such simple acts of kindness can go a long way in improving someone’s day. Maybe you have an animal that will shower you with love when you get home or a friend who always knows how to cheer you up. Find your happy place. Let your emotions run their course, but make sure to recharge for the next day. If it takes looking at cat pictures all day, so be it. That’s what has made the internet a great place.

Sources: grumpycats.com

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