15 Memes Introverts Totally Understand

With WiFi, online shopping, Netflix, work-from-home jobs, and personal espresso machines, there has never been a better time to be an introvert. Gone are the days when we solitary individuals had to venture to people-filled malls when we wanted to buy something. Gone, too, are the days when we had to go out every time we wanted to talk to someone. Thanks to all of these modern conveniences, we introverts are thriving.

But, we have to say, there are a lot of people out there who have a tainted perception of the introvert. A lot of people, namely extroverts, believe that introverts are all shy, socially awkward, antisocial hermits who hate people. We won't lie to you, there are introverts with all of those qualities. But not every introvert is shy, and not every introvert is antisocial.

We're here to explain just what exactly being an introvert means with the help of these 15 memes.

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15 When you're forced to go to a party

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For extroverts, being around people is stimulating. It gives them renewed energy. And that's great—for them. Introverts, on the other hand, tend to feel emotionally drained after being forced to socialize for any length of time. This is especially true when we have to make idle small talk with people we don't know. And that's why introverts loathe parties.

Extroverts enjoy socializing, so the party environment is perfectly suited to them. But introverts? Ugh. To us, parties are just the worst. If you ever see one of us at a party, you can bet your bloomers that it wasn't our idea to come. But, no matter how much we don't want to be at the party, we are. So we've come prepared. We brought our brand new "Introvert at a Party" starter pack. It's full of things that will help prevent us from socializing. It's got a phone to check, a cat to pet, and it's even got snacks.

14 What your definition of "busy" looks like

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When you're an introvert and a homebody, your more outgoing friends make it their personal mission to get you to "go out." They always want to "make plans" with you and encourage you to "socialize" because they think it's "fun." But what all of our extrovert friends don't realize is that all of this "making plans" and "socializing" is "ruining our lives."

Because social butterflies get all of their energy by drinking sugary sweet social nectar, they have trouble comprehending that there are people out there who feel differently. But we do feel differently. Introverts do not thrive on gossip and small talk. We have a pretty narrow threshold for socializing and once we've met our quota, we are done for the month. So when we say we're "busy," we are just that. We are busy spending time alone. And if that means that all we're doing is looking at a 3-D Kittens book, then that's just the way it is.

13 When your friends talked you into leaving your house

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When you're an introvert, but everyone else in your squad is an extrovert, you don't stand a chance. Oh, you're no pushover. You stick up for yourself when it comes to your alone time. And your friends should be grateful that you do because if you didn't insist on your introvert time, you would be a nightmare. But because all of your friends are so outgoing, you usually allow yourself to be persuaded into going out.

And when you agree to go out, it's because you're in a good mood. You're feeling jazzed up because you're with your friends, and you love your friends. You want to make them happy. And since going out is what makes them happy, going out is what you do. Only when you actually get out do you realize that you have made a terrible, terrible mistake. You don't belong "out." You belong at home with your pajama pants, your cats, and your books.

12 When it comes to friends, you prefer quality over quantity

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There's always that person who has to have a ton of friends. They view friends the same way that they view Pokémon. Friends must be collected in small, pocket-size balls, then unleashed, and made to fight with other friends.

No, wait. That's not what we meant when we said that these people view friends as Pokémon. What we meant was that they see friends as Pokémon because they gotta catch 'em all. For these people, it isn't enough to have two or three close friends. No, no. See, they want the whole set. They want all of the friends. Ever.

When you're an introvert, you don't really focus on the number of friends you have. You focus on the authenticity, the sincerity, of the friends you have. You're that person who can go weeks without talking to their friend, then pick up right where you left off without skipping a beat.

11 You'd love to meet fellow introverts, but you don't actually want to socialize

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As an introvert (and this is especially true when all of your friends are extroverts) you desperately want to be understood. You want a friend who gets your need to stay home Friday night after work instead of going out to the club. You want someone who shares your fangirl/fanboy passion for Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. You want an introvert friend who you can sit at home, watch TV, and browse Tumblr on your laptops with, without ever having to say a word. You want someone to make your silence complete.

But, of course, if you were to go out and find that person, you would have to be willing to actually socialize. And, let's be real, here, that's not going to happen. So for now, you'll just have to content yourself with talking to all of the other introverts on Tumblr. But, hey, that's not so bad, right?

10 You can only be yourself around people you know well

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When you first meet someone, you've got your guard up. Your extrovert friends be all like, "Just be yourself!" But you could never just be yourself with someone you aren't familiar with. You don't do casual with new acquaintances. After all, you don't know them. You can't be yourself around them. You have to play the game. You have to be formal and polite. You can't open up to people you just met. You keep your true, weird, introverted self reserved for the people who know you best.

Only when you are really close to someone will you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down. Only when you're sure that they understand you, and when you're certain of their friendship, will you feel that it's okay to be yourself. You know better than to be yourself around new people. So you keep that sh*t hidden until it's too late for them to back out of the friendship.

9 When you finally get to introvert after a long day of socializing

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Don't misunderstand us. We don't hate socializing. We actually really enjoy hanging out with our friends. Under the right circumstances, we can have a great time with other people. But what we do hate is being forced to over-socialize. We introverts burn out pretty easily. After a few hours of yucking it up with our friends, we've had our fill.

Inviting our friends over to hang out is a double edged sword. On the one hand, we get to have a fantastic time with the people we love most. On the other hand, we won't be able to tell them to leave when we start losing steam. We can't be all like, "You're my friend, but you're starting to get on my nerves. I need you to leave." That would be rude. So instead, we have to suffer through the hang out session until our friends finally GTFO our house, so we can be by ourselves again.

8 You don't do spontaneous hang outs

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As an introvert, you are very picky about how you hang out. You can't just get together with your friends all spur of the moment. You need time to get in the zone. Being the selectively social person that you are, you have to have some fair warning before meeting up with your friends, so you can psyche yourself up for your hang out session.

If you're an extrovert and you're reading this post in an effort to better understand how your introverted friends' minds work, first of all, thank you. You are a credit to extroverts everywhere. Second of all, just know that if you want to hang out with your introvert friend, you need to schedule an appointment at least one week prior to the time of hang out. The more time you give your introvert to mentally prepare themselves for a get-together, the likelier it is that you'll be successful.

7 Werds R hard but U ken rite gud

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You know the phrase, "Still waters run deep?" The first person who said that was actually referring to an introvert. See, introverts are outwardly quiet, but inwardly, our minds are going a million miles a minute. We see, hear, and think so much more than we let on. So don't mistake our silence for ignorance.

Introverts avoid small talk. We crave deep conversations, so we reserve our impassioned speeches for meaningful topics. But, because we don't spend a lot of time talking, we haven't quite mastered the art of, well, talking. In fact, talking is our Kryptonite. We always stumble over our words and spit out incoherent half-finished sentences.

But where introverts fall short in talking, we make up for in writing. With pen in hand, introverts can be eloquent, romantic, and persuasive. Writing gives us the opportunity to gather our thoughts in a clear, concise manner, which allows us to get our point across.

6 Phone calls just aren't for you

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Fun fact: introverts hate phone calls. No, like, we really hate them. Literally hate them, with every fiber of our being. Phone calls are the worst. We can't see the person we're talking to, so we don't know if we're boring them or not. We get nervous because we can't make small talk. All in all, phone calls are just a very unpleasant experience for any introvert.

No, we would much rather text. It goes back to the last introvert thing that we mentioned. We introverts suck at talking. We are incredibly disappointing orators. But we are masters of the written word. That's why when the text message was invented, we introverts all got together and had a party . . . haha! Just kidding! No, we never had a party. But we did crack open some champagne and put party hats on our cats in celebration of that joyous occasion.

5 Cancelled plans are better than Christmas

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Fun facts are fun, aren't they? In fact, we had so much fun telling you about that last fun fact that we decided to share another one. Fun fact: introverts usually only agree to make plans because they feel guilty. As your friend, they feel obligated to spend time with you. This sense of duty is the link that binds extroverted you to your introverted friend.

Of course, just because your introverted friend doesn't usually want to hang out doesn't mean that they don't genuinely enjoy themselves when you do. It's just that the idea of a get-together is exhausting. So when plans get cancelled, we get really excited. Irrationally excited. Because now, instead of having to get up early to go to that thing and talk to people we don't even know about inconsequential subjects, we can change into our yoga pants and eat ice cream straight from the container. Cancelled plans = an introvert's dream.

4 Introvert parties beat the sh*t out of regular parties

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There's only one kind of party that introverts truly love, and that is (what else?) an introvert party! Woohoo! Introvert party! Grab some chips and turn your phone off, it's 'bout to get crazy up in here!

What? You didn't actually think that we'd actually invite our friends to our introvert party, did you? That's not going to happen, fam. Clearly, you need some schooling when it comes to throwing an introvert party. The first step is to turn your phone off. You must tell absolutely no one that you are about to party hardy. Then, when you're sure no one suspects anything, you go to your pantry and get the best looking snack you can find. Pretzels, breakfast cereal, canned pigs feet—it's your choice.

Snack in hand, it's time to get this introvert party started. Crank that music up and go to town! And by, "go to town" we mean, "read your book." Hell yeah! Introvert party FTW!

3 You have more pet friends than people friends

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People. Yuck. They're just so . . . blech, you know? You may be an extrovert, but you probably feel the same way. People are way overrated. Animals. That's the next big thing. Just you wait and see.

Animals don't talk. All they want is food and affection. We introverts can relate to that on a personal level. We, too, desire snacks and scratches behind our ears. Who doesn't? Anyway, introverts are fond of animals because there is no verbal communication involved in interacting with them. Sure, you can sweet talk them with, "Who's a good boy?" and, "Aren't you a good girl?" But those kinds of questions aren't emotionally draining.

Animals are perfectly content to just chill with us, and that is hella rad. Which is why introverts almost always have more animals friends than they do people friends. Animals are non-judgemental and totally cool with laying around the house all day. We dig that.

2 When you have to rough it alone in a crowd of strangers

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When you stumble upon an introvert at a party (or any other group setting, really), it's because a) they were guilt-tripped into going, and b) it's because they made their friend swear that they wouldn't leave them alone for a second. Parties are uncharted territory for introverts. With our aversion to small talk and strangers, parties make us feel incredibly vulnerable. So if we find ourselves at a party, we make sure to stick close to our friend.

When our friends ditch us, we panic. They make up some excuse to leave you, like, "I really like this guy and this might be my only chance to ask him out," and, "Please let go of me. I really need to use the bathroom." Like, alright fine, Jennifer, but coming to this party with an introvert as your plus one was your idea. Maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to drink that seventy-two ounce Coke on the way over here.

1 Introverts are paradoxical

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Alright, sit back and shut up 'cause we 'bout to lay down some straight up truth up in here. Oh, no. Sorry, guys. That sounded a lot meaner than we expected. Can we try again? *Ahem* Okay everyone, there's some factual data that we introverts would like to share with you. Is that cool? Great! Then we'll continue.

After checking out all these awesome memes, you're probably confused. You likely feel as though we're giving you mixed signals. First we said introverts hate socializing, then we said they enjoy it. Then we told you that introverts like to go out, but that they don't like to leave their homes. So, which is it? Well, actually, it's all of those things.

Introverts are paradoxical. They're constantly waging war between their hatred of people, their love of their friends, and their genuine concern for humanity. We didn't choose the introvert life, the introvert life chose us. But, you know something? We wouldn't have it any other way.

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