15 Memes Only Those Obsessed With Protein Will Understand

People just don't seem to understand how important protein is to some of us. If you're someone who goes to the gym on a regular basis, then you would know that living without protein is literally impossible for you, especially since this is the main nutrient needed to help the body get toned and develop bigger muscles. Keep in mind that these memes are based on the protein-obsessed, meaning that if you don't find yourself stressing over a protein shake before and after the gym, willing to end your vacation early just to get back in the gym, and embarking in endless feuds with your parents over spending all your hard-earned money on some new protein, you probably aren't as crazy as some of us out here. These 15 memes are very relatable to anybody who is obsessed with protein.

15 Remembering the first time you made a purchase for a tub of protein

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If you’re like most people, this was a pretty big deal, because this usually meant that you were serious when it came to exercising and working out on a regular basis. The gym membership was already set in place, the workout clothes had been bought, and the protein came right at the end. Since this was your first time buying protein, you probably had no clue of its actual benefits and just bought it because everybody who was going to the gym regularly was using it, too. The first time you bought a tub of protein is so memorable, you can probably still recall what flavor it was. 

14 When you literally have no access to nearby protein

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This is the worst. You’ve been working out like crazy for the past couple of months to get ready for that family vacation. Then, you suddenly realize that the protein isn’t in the luggage you brought and it sets in that finding protein nearby is going to be a hassle. But hypothetically assuming you went somewhere that is very much deserted, your next worry is how fast you’re going to lose your muscle mass now that you won't be able to work out either.

Going without protein for a day is probably still manageable—as long as there are some alternatives—but anything more than two days and the holiday will just have to be cut short for the sake of you not willing to lose them hard-earned muscles.

13 Getting into arguments with vegans

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This has probably happened to every protein fan out there, especially those who tend to get the majority of their protein from the likes of chicken and beef. There’s this constant debate between vegans and, well, non-vegans on the best possible way to get your daily nutrients for efficient muscle growth.

Vegans would like to argue that there are other ways to get protein rather than eating a dead animal’s body. A bit dramatic, but there’s somewhat of a point being made there. Unfortunately for protein lovers, you couldn’t care less—whether it’s vegan protein or non-vegan protein, as long as you meet your macros, you’re happy.

12 Everything begins to look like protein to you

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You’re constantly asking yourself whether this and that has a lot of protein inside, especially with food you aren’t familiar with. Oh, and let’s not forget the MyFitnessPal app, which you’re probably using more than ten times a day just to make sure that you’re getting the required amount of protein from the consumed foods. And if you don’t necessarily have the money to spend $50 on protein, the most suitable alternative will be to find anything that will keep those muscles bulging. Suffice to say, your friends are tired of you asking them, “how much protein is in this?”

11 When you find yourself craving protein

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You’re out with a couple of friends when you suddenly realize that you forgot to drink the protein shake you had sitting in the fridge. Now, all you can think of is the potential muscle mass loss your body's taking without those two scoops of protein. All of your friends are having a good time socializing, but the only thing on your mind is how you’re going to come up with an excuse as to why you have to ditch the crew and get back home to stuff down a bunch of protein.

It’s getting late and you feel your muscles craving it, so you eventually tell your friends that your dog died—harsh, yes, but you have to make it home ASAP! They're in shock, but are totally not holding your absence from the outing against you… until they found out that your dog actually didn’t die. Good luck explaining that one. 

10 Finding the protein scoop at the bottom of the container

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Ugh, the most frustrating thing ever! So your last jug of protein has finished and the delivery man has just handed over your new container. You can’t handle your excitement knowing that you can finally drink protein shakes again. One problem, though... the scoop is way at the bottom. How annoying, right? And this happens all the time; I have never received a tub of protein where the scoop was actually right on top. So you pretty much find yourself getting your hands messy, trying to locate where the company has placed that annoying scoop.

But if you’re like me, you learn from your mistakes and eventually get tired enough of the continuous process that you make sure you save a scoop from the previous protein container so that you don’t have to go through that ever again.

9 When the protein suddenly goes missing

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If you’re not living by yourself, you’ve probably found yourself in this situation before. You’ve left the house for a couple of hours and were informed beforehand that your parents—or whoever—is cleaning up the apartment. You don’t make anything of it and tell them to go ahead. But as you return from your outing, gearing up for a session at the gym, the protein container is nowhere to be found. Mom is not at home because she’s working late tonight, which also means she won’t be picking up her phone. At this point, you’re totally losing your mind because you’ve searched for the protein everywhere, yet it’s nowhere to be found.

8 That feeling of working out and having your protein shake right after

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Is there a better feeling than this? I don’t think so. There’s pretty much nothing that compares to having gone through a serious two-hour workout and finishing up with a cold protein shake. You’ll literally find yourself bulging out your fitness clothes as you leave the gym feeling better than ever before.

All a sudden, the world doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Sure, you’ve still got a ton of work to do for college and work will be starting in two hours, but you’re unbothered because that protein shake has you feeling great about yourself.

7 Holding in a protein fart is ridiculously hard

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Avoiding letting out a protein fart in public is quite impossible. And to make things worse, recent studies allege that holding them in is actually bad for you. But how are you supposed to let that gross fart out when you’re sitting in a classroom with a ton of students? Or better yet, when you’re sitting next to your crush and you feel a protein fart readying up for you to set it free, but you already know that letting it go is probably going to annihilate everybody around you?

Heck, it’s going to end the lives of everybody in that building. The horrendous smell of a protein fart can only be understood by those who consume it every single day. You’ll know the struggle that one has to go through when the urge to fart in public literally comes out of nowhere.

6 Realizing the protein has finished

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This is everyone (including me). So, as we all know, protein doesn’t come cheap, and while we acknowledge the fact that we still have some protein left, it’s quickly beginning to finish. But instead of readying up a new order that will arrive just in time once your previous container finishes, you wait until you’ve used your last scoop. That's when it really hits you: no more protein. You begin to stress, trying to find a service that has next-day delivery, and even though you eventually find a company that offers it, you question yourself why you didn’t just order it earlier. Let’s not act like next-day delivery services are free—they cost a pretty penny on top of the hefty price tag of the protein. 

5 Oops! The mixer bottle wasn’t closed properly

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Yup, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes you find yourself in such a rush that you totally forget that the lid on your mixer bottle wasn't closed properly. As you begin to shake, you slowly but surely notice a leakage, but consider it normal. The shaking continues and the lid pops loose, leaving a huge mess on the floor.

You’re not really bothered by the floor being dirty, though, you’re more concerned about the grams of protein you’ve now lost as you ready up another shake with the same amount of scoops as the last one. It’s something that just won’t go away after it happens—having wasted a total of two scoops of protein is frustrating you to the core.

4 When the protein shake has you feeling sick before the gym


Some people take a protein shake minutes before their workout and they don’t tend to experience any sort of nauseous feeling. Yet for others, they’d agree that taking a protein shake within 10 minutes before entering the gym is a bad decision, mainly because you suddenly begin to feel much weaker; you find yourself underperforming since you constantly have this feeling of wanting to throw up.

So all in all, while you may already be at the gym, you realize that you may as well have just stayed at home since the performance you are giving is far below the workouts you are known to dedicate yourself to once you enter beast-mode.

3 "Wait, what? Is the gym closing?"

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck at work the entire day, but still managing to find the energy for a quick session at the gym—until you learn that they are just about to close. Or worse, you make a trip to the gym and someone informs you that the building will remain shut for the next two weeks because of some improvements they would like to make with the facilities they offer. I can’t decide which one is more frustrating because, in the end, all you care about is getting that workout session in so that you can continue making gains. Eventually, however, you accept the fact that the gym is closed, meaning no protein shake before bedtime.

2 Who needs a girlfriend when there’s protein?

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Between a girlfriend and protein, there’s only one that fellas can’t live without—and trust me when I say that it’s not the woman. If bodybuilders had to make the decision of whether they’d want an endless supply of protein yet remain single for the rest of their life or vice versa, protein will always come out on top. Why? Well, without protein, you’re going to be seeing next to no results at the gym, so you may as well just not go at all. It’s a hard decision to make since both play a huge part in one’s life, but protein is the one that men tend to rely on more than women—and it’s the only thing that’s going to give them the best results.

1 The achievement of finishing a protein container with a disgusting flavor

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So you decide to take a risk with the new flavor that your fav protein company is offering, but then you taste it and realize how disgusting it tastes. On top of that, you’re on a budget, so you don’t have the option of simply buying another one. There’s nothing else you can do but to finish the container. You tightly squeeze your nostrils to avoid tasting or smelling the flavor, and this goes on for a couple of weeks before you eventually look in the container and see that it’s almost empty. It’s sort of bittersweet since the container may be finished, but you’re now needing to purchase another tub. This time around, you’ll be much more careful with what you find yourself buying. New flavors have proven themselves to be too risky.

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