15 Memes Only Those Who Have Been Friend Zoned Will Understand

Why are some people just doomed to end up in the friend zone? It’s like the no-man’s-land of relationships where all who enter fear to tread. Despite the feelings one person may have for another, there’s no guarantee those feelings will be reciprocated. Instead, many will settle for friendship just to remain close to the object of their affection. They usually hold onto some sort of hope that the other person may somehow change their mind.

There's a special kind of hell reserved for those people who love taking advantage of the people they've put in the friend zone. Instead of keeping those people at a distance, they use them to get free food, free advice and free attention. No one wants to be relegated to the friend zone, but it happens more often than most people like to admit. As sad as it is to be put there, there have been some who have made it out again. So, keep those chins up and find some comfort in these 15 memes only those who have been friend zoned will understand.

15 It's not gonna happen, bro

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Here's a prime example of the desperation one feels at trying to get out of the friend zone and into something closer to a relationship. Poor Mario here was fed up with just standing on the edge, looking longingly at that unattainable relationship. He tried to take matters into his own hands by taking the leap, but there was no way in hell he was ever going to make it. He literally has nothing to stand on except blind faithwhich, in this case, will be the orchestration of his own demise.

Too often the friend zoned individual will try, time and time again, to convince their crush that they’re worth taking a chance on. But, more often than not, their affections will either go unnoticed or ignored. In that case, there’s not much left to do except try again or give up. After all, everyone knows that we never truly know what we have until it’s long gone.

14 Deflection at its finest

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Ouch...that's gotta hurt. This guy shows up at a girl's door with flowers and chocolates, confessing his deep feelings for her and she pretty much just laughs in his face. Talk about getting shut down. There's nothing worse than getting rejected, especially when you've gone out of your way to make someone feel special. He should put his efforts elsewhere or at least stop trying to buy his way into this girl's heart.

Even though it’s embarrassing for both parties, there has got to be a better way to deal with this scenario than laughing about it and making it into a joke. Feelings will be hurt...count on it. If anything, just say “thanks” and leave it at that. There’s no reason for making the other person feel bad when they were probably sh***ing bricks in anticipation. Deflection is fine for politicians and parents who don’t want to answer their kid's inappropriate questions, but not when someone’s heart is at stake.

13 She needs your...help with history homework

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Hey, at least this guy has a sense of humor. Instead of getting mad that this girl (who he probably thinks is hot) is only texting him for help with her homework, he makes it into a joke. Now, he's the 'Most Interesting Man in the World' and not just some guy who has clearly been friend zoned. For all we know, he could have totally gotten points with this girl for being so funny; though, funny guys don’t always get the love they deserve.

Despite that, this text conversation is a prime example of what happens when someone accepts an invitation into the friend zone. Especially if there has been a very obvious exchange of feelings and non-feelings for each other, there’s now a possibility for one person to get taken advantage of. At least in this situation, the offending girl will know better than to text this guy when she needs something. If she really wants to be friends, she’ll invite him out with all her hot friends and put in a good word for him.

12 Anyone, but that guy

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OK, first of all, these people are both a little dense to begin with. Why would someone jokingly ask people on their Facebook page if they knew who wanted to be her boyfriend? It's obviously a ploy for attention, but also a way for her to judge who's interested. And this guy falls for it so easily! That is not the way into 'boyfriendland,' Matthew.

Poor guy, he thought for sure he had it in the bag; he was the first one to comment and everything. Unfortunately for him, this girl obviously did not have him in mind when she made this post. She was probably hoping for somebody very specific to all of sudden come out and confess their undying love for her. As we can see, however, life doesn’t always work that way. The person who does take a chance is overlooked at the get-go, in favor of someone else.

11 'Human laptop stand' level

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Here we have a prime example of when the friend zone level reaches epic proportions. Not only has this guy been relegated to the farthest outskirts of getting some, he's been reduced to an object whose sole purpose in life is to hold things for hot girls. Look at how he lovingly gazes at his "friend," who doesn't even look up from typing an email to that guy in her English class she likes. If she did, the amount of feelings flying into her face might have been too much to handle.

Here’s a thought, guys: just say no! Putting girls on pedestals is the fastest way to the friend zone, not her heart (or her pants, for that matter). Have some self-respect. There are seven and a half billion people in the world. If one person doesn’t reciprocate, it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t hover nearby, hoping for your chance. Trust us, it will never come.

10 Super mega best friends

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Some people just can't take a hint when it comes to their status in the friend zone. There isn't too much hope for those who have secured themselves as a friend, only to hold out for something more. This little cartoon shows a typical instance of a guy getting put in his place by the girl he likes. He's just trying to tell her he feels like there might be more going on, but she can only see their relationship in terms of friendship, nothing more.

To her, it’d be great if they were best friends—or even better—super mega best friends, but for him, it’s like a stab in the heart. Oftentimes, girls do very much have feelings for guys in the friend zone, but not romantic ones. They care about these guys a lot, but in the same way they do their girlfriends or a family member. That’s not exactly music to the ears of someone who’s hoping he’ll see his supposed friend naked.

9 Grandpa zoned

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Well, that's a new one. There's no faster way to get shut down than by getting called 'grandpa' by a girl. She says it's because he's so sweet to her, but what does that even mean? Is it because this guy gives her Werther’s Originals and lets her sit on his lap? Does he read stories to her at night, until he falls asleep in the middle of a sentence, only to wake himself up from snoring so loudly? Also, how is she okay with this guy telling her he’s trying to cuddle and grab her booty, if he’s grandpa-like? She clearly comes from a screwed up family.

Even getting compared to her brother would be better in this case (look at Jaime and Cersei in Game of Thrones), but she must have a really awful brother if she had to go straight to a grandpa comparison. Is that better or worse than a dad comparison? This whole conversation is straight up confusing.

8 Waiting for never

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Whoever came up with this meme is a straight up genius. How clever to use a banana to illustrate just how long some people will wait, stranded in the friend zone, for their crush. In the beginning, the banana looks relatively normal, although, not very appetizing. Then, over time, as it's exposed to the elements, it starts becoming riper and riper to the point that its features start turning brown. At that point, no one’s going to want it.

This banana is rotting before our very eyes, just like so many sad souls who spend their time holding out for that perfect person. It just keeps looking sadder and sadder, slowly becoming more hunched over as it begins to feel the weight of the world on its mushy banana shoulders. It promises to always be there for the person they love, but it’s very likely that the person probably wouldn’t even notice. Don’t be the banana, guys.

7 So there's a chance, right?

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No...just no. It's time to get real for a second. There's no reading between the lines with this sort of thing. Why go through all the trouble of being someone's best friend, only for the slim chance it might turn into something more? C’mon, that's just not right. If they've made it clear that the relationship stops at "just friends," then either get used to it or turn your attention elsewhere. Neither party benefits when there are unrealistic expectations floating around.

If there’s a genuine friendship there, most people are not going to want to sacrifice that in favor of something on another level. In all honesty, even after promising that things will never really change, they undoubtedly will. There will be no sudden realization of what the other person’s been missing all this time. Life just doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. If anything, pushing for something more will only make the goal less and less attainable, until that “best friend” isn’t even interested in friendship anymore.

6 Can't have the cake and eat it, too

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As stupid as it seems, sometimes the person who does the friend zoning still acts possessive, as if there was something more serious going on. This is not OK, people. Either take things to the next level and confess that the friend zoned person means more or let them be happy with someone else. It’s not fair to hold someone back when it’s clearly not good for them. Let them go!

Girls especially need to stop with this kind of crap. Don’t perpetuate the friend zone stereotype by keeping guys on a leash as “back ups.” That’s no way to treat a person. That would never be okay if things were reversed. Giving up everything for someone who doesn’t appreciate it is pointless. People will often push the limits to see just how much they can get away with. Despite how messed up it is, it's no different in the friend zone.

5 Invisible man syndrome

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There's nothing worse than hearing someone say this out loud. If ever there was a confirmation of friend zone status, this is it. She may as well have said that the guy is invisible to her because she's very obviously looking right through him. He's probably a really nice guy, so why isn't that enough? Why doesn't being amazing equal wanting to date someone? 

Aside from being pretty damn insulting, especially if she knows the guys likes her, it also speaks volumes about her taste in men. Maybe she could find a decent guy if she stopped putting them all in the friend zone. There are probably loads of “amazing” dudes in her periphery who are constantly getting overlooked for one reason or another. At some point, she’s going to have to lower her standards; guess that’s as good a reason as any to stick around, despite not getting any action.

4 In so deep, it's cemented on a t-shirt

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Now that’s just embarrassing. What level of desperation warrants such complete resignation that someone will agree to wear a shirt that actually confirms their friend zone status? Not only that, but these two have clearly taken a trip someone together. How is that even a thing? Like, the guy must have asked the girl to go on a trip with him, but she only said yes with the condition that they wear these t-shirts when going out in public together. What happened to saying no? Hurting someone’s feelings once is a lot better than continuing to drag someone along, giving them hope.

This poor guy is so deep into the friend zone, he has never been seen or heard from again. In fact, he probably just became this girl’s personal slave just to be near her. He probably drives her everywhere, pays for her stuff and even chews her food for her. Seriously, though, this kind of friend zone abuse needs to be stopped.

3 Snily can never be

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Alright Harry Potter fans, how about the headmaster of the friend zone, Severus Snape? He was best friends with Harry's mother, Lily, when they were kids, but always wanted it to turn into something more. Then, they started at Hogwarts and Harry's dad, James, came along and ruined everything for Snape. He just couldn't compete with a rich, attractive, Quidditch player who had lots of friends. Snape was pretty much the opposite of all those things.

Nevertheless, he—like so many other classic examples of friend zoned guys—still stuck by her, hoping for his chance. Unfortunately, he never got it since he called Lily a "mud blood," cementing his status as definitely not datable. Even after her death, he just couldn't let her go when she still had a living child around that needed to be protected (despite him looking a lot like James). After all this time? Always.

2 The gay friend zone is a whole other level

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As if the friend zone wasn't bad enough as a straight person, imagine what it's like for LGBTQ people. It’s not talked about as often, but gay relationships are just as hard (if not harder) to get into than straight ones. Being in the minority, it's not exactly easy to figure out if someone's interested or if they're just being friendly. Even if they do happen to have a crush on someone with the same sexual orientation, that’s not a guarantee of anything (same as with straight people).

A whole other layer of friend zone exists when talking about same-sex relationships. Things can get awkward a whole lot faster in those situations. Never mind the fact that most LGBTQ people often end up friend zoning themselves because it's just easier than dealing with the rejection factor. There’s also a lot more on the line than just their pride when someone who identifies as LGBTQ reveals their feelings. It’s hard coming out of the closet. The friend zone isn’t always the worst thing in the world.

1 Also known as future zoned

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This is probably one of the most common examples of major friend zone designation. There's always that one person who keeps coming back to someone in their friend zone, despite having convinced themselves they don’t have feelings for them. Maybe they keep them around because they genuinely care and like them on a basic level or maybe it’s because they’ve decided that person is a backup.

There’s only a certain window of time where women can have children, so if they haven’t met someone by the end of that window, that guy they friend zoned might not look so bad, after all. If he’s at least a decent person, has a job and wants similar things out life, maybe it could work. Anyone in their late 20s can surely relate. Who wants to be someone’s back up plan, though? Settling is just so not glamorous. Being alone isn’t that horrible, is it? 

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