15 Memes That Are Perfect For Anyone Who Is Petty AF

As much as we all wish we could be mature and graceful in every situation, sometimes that's just not possible. Sometimes, it's absolutely necessary to be at least a little petty. We're all only human, right? And whether the issue at hand is drama with a friend, a relationship that's gone sour, or just another night in, stalking exes on Instagram and Twitter, it's probably safe to say that being petty is something that has happened to basically everyone.

Here are 15 times the internet understood everyone who has a petty soul... me included. Hey, it's hard to act like a mature adult 100% of the time! And thanks to these memes, anyone who feels the same way can take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of other petty people out there.

15 When You Fail At Being The Bigger Person

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Obviously, in an ideal world, anytime I'm confronted with drama or a problem, I would be the bigger person. If the person I'm dealing with doesn't want to handle things maturely and like an adult, I would hope that I would be able to do it instead and show them how actual grown ups act... but most of the time, that isn't possible, because I am too busy sending screenshots to my friends and trying to figure out what my next move needs to be.

And anyway, being the bigger person isn't all it's cracked up to be. If you ask me, sometimes being petty is actually kind of fun... but only when it's a harmless crime. You don't want to make the situation even worse!

14 When You're Honestly Trying Not To Be Petty

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There have been a lot of truly frustrating moments in my life where the easiest thing in the world would have been to rip someone a new one, but I've had to hold back because I was in a situation where it definitely wouldn't benefit me to be that petty or that honest... or, you know, that I was worried saying what I was really thinking would make me a bad person. Petty thoughts are totally normal, but sometimes, you just shouldn't say the first thing that pops into your head out loud.

Also, Kim Kardashian (and her perfect expression) was the best possible celebrity for this meme. After all, how many times have we seen her try (and occasionally fail) to hold in her pettiness on Keeping Up With The Kardashians? See, it happens to everyone!

13 When Being Petty Is Just Too Much Fun

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As immature as it might be, sometimes, being petty is just way more fun than being mature, especially when you have friends who feel the same way. But if you don't, and they constantly try to talk you into taking the high road, you know exactly what this meme is talking about. Sometimes, the more mature people in your life will try to talk you into joining the dark side. Don't do it!

And just like Kim was perfect for that other meme, North is perfect for that one. That is the exact face I make when I know I'm being petty and hilarious all at the same time. Does caring way too much about tiny, inconsequential things count as a hobby?

12 When You've Been Holding In Your Argument All Day

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Sometimes, it's just not the right time to start a fight, especially if it's over something kind of small. So instead of bothering your SO at the exact moment you're pissed, you have to wait it out, like until after he's home from work or, if you're really mad, at the exact moment it would ruin his day the most — but save that one for something huge and relationship altering, like if you found out he's cheating or if he came home with ice cream and didn't ask you if you wanted anything from Dairy Queen.

When in doubt, just take it from Beyoncé. Listen to Lemonade and then get back down to business, because nobody does being petty when it comes to romantic relationships like this lady right here.

11 When You Realize You Really Can Run Away From Your Problems

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As someone who truly despises confrontation, I will be the first to ignore something and hope that it goes away on its own. And when that doesn't happen? I start avoiding whoever is causing the problem at hand until I absolutely can't anymore. People trying to give you advice (usually your mom, to be honest) will probably tell you that you can't run from your problems, but those of us who hate dealing with them know there's always a way.

Sometimes, the best way to be petty is to avoid a situation altogether... especially when it means never having to own up to the reason that you're mad. Lace up those shoes, y'all, because it might be time for a run!

10 When Your Enemy Has Bad Luck

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I know, I know — you're not supposed to wish bad things on anyone, even people who have treated you poorly. But we're all human, and we're all guilty of it... and when you find out something seriously juicy about someone who has wronged you, it's normal to feel at least a little satisfied. What's more petty than witnessing someone else's bad luck and having it make your luck better? Absolutely nothing, my friends.

It's horrible, but it's true. Stalking Facebook to find out that the girl who picked on you in high school has already been divorced three times and is trying to sell everyone she knows her pyramid scheme is one of the best feelings ever. You don't have to admit that you were happy about it, but don't beat yourself up too much.

9 When You Got So Petty That You Played Yourself

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Friendship is a two way street, but every so often, with certain friends, I feel like I'm pulling all the weight, and that means it's time to find out if I mean to my friends what they mean to be. And really, who hasn't wondered which of their friends would text them first if they stopped doing it?!  The only problem with that game? More often than not, it will probably backfire on you, and instead of getting that confidence boost you needed, you'll learn the hard way that it might be time to find some new friends.

It's a petty trick to play, and you'll almost always regret it... but at least it helps you learn the truth about the people in your life?

8 When You Take Stalking To The Next Level

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Even in a happy relationship, some people feel a little insecure, and that insecurity can lead to finding out a little bit more information than you bargained for. When just keeping an eye on someone's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook activity isn't enough and you need to dig deeper, there's only one place to look: The kind of posts they've been enjoying lately. On Instagram, it's really easy to see what someone you follow is doing on the app.

And on Twitter? All you have to do is click "likes" and all is revealed. How do I know this? Definitely not because I've tried to stalk anyone on social media before and find out what they're really up to. Nope, definitely not.

7 When Everyone Knows You're The Petty Friend

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Whether you're a person who tends to routinely be very petty, or whether your BFF is that person, this is a look you definitely already know. Try as the people around you might, they cannot stop you from living life as your true petty self. Why not? Well, the main reason is the fact that it's just too much fun... especially when your other friends actually appreciate that side of you.

I'm loving that the Kardashians are appearing in so many of these memes, because their facial expressions (and basically everything they do on KUWTK) are something that anyone who's petty like me will see in themselves. Don't be ashamed to be a Kylie, y'all!

6 This Very Important Truth

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Speaking of the Kardashians... remember how there was so much drama between them and Blac Chyna when she started dating Rob? If this was all Chyna's master plan to be petty, it definitely worked. I mean, think about it: Kylie Jenner dates Chyna's ex (and first baby daddy), so Chyna dates Kylie's brother... and then secures herself a place in her family forever after she and Rob become pregnant. Well played, girl.

But really, I want to believe that Chyna was actually in love with Rob and that's why they started dating, because the poor guy deserves better than that after everything he's been through. And honestly, their kiddo is super cute.

5 When You Could Blackmail Someone In A Heartbeat

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If you're a habitual social media stalker, chances are you have a folder in your phone full of screenshots of discoveries you've made, just in case. I don't know what's more petty — that folder existing at all or actually deciding to use what you've found when someone pushes your buttons, but it's kind of like your own little social insurance policy. If you're petty, you've probably wished you could actually use everything you've found at least once!

Of course, it would probably be better for everyone if you deleted that folder and enjoyed more space on your phone, but what fun would that be? Watch out, guy I sat next to in college 10 years ago. I am coming for you!

4 This Exact Phrase

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You know that saying about how you should pick your battles? It's so true. Why start an argument over something that doesn't matter in the long run? But sometimes, you just have to let your opinion be heard, no matter how trivial the situation at hand is, because you just need to be right. And when the desire to be petty wins out over the desire to be mature, your next sentence usually starts with, "I just think it's funny how..."

It's the best way to express that you're pissed while coming off less harsh, even though everyone knows exactly what you're getting at. Whoever created this phrase deserves some kind of trophy or medal or something. Kim, was that you?

3 When Your Birthday Rolls Around

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A sad fact of life is that nobody will ever think about you as much as you think about yourself (which can be a blessing and a curse) but it's still hard not to get your feelings hurt when you're not appreciated the way that you should be. Friends not writing on your Facebook wall to congratulate you on surviving yet another year of life? Yeah, they're not getting a wall post when their birthday comes around, either. See how they like it!

And for the record, birthdays are a huge deal and everyone in your life should come together and celebrate you. I feel like that's the one day a year you're totally allowed to be petty without consequence, so live it up!

2 When You Actually Relate To A Bee

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I never thought about it this way until I saw this meme, but it makes a lot of sense. There's an insect that exists that's willing to give its own life to sting you and make your skin swell and itch and hurt. That is a level of petty that I will never reach, so you have to respect that. Of course, the bee might not actually know it (he? she?) is being petty, but it's so much more fun to imagine that it does.

All of us have given up our own stinger, in a way, while being petty. Or, you know, little pieces of our dignity one by one when we throw that out the window in favor of putting someone in their place. Totally worth it!

1 When You Dust Off Those Receipts

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Sometimes, you keep screenshots in case they're ever needed for revenge or blackmail, and others, you keep them in case you need to prove a point. Just in case someone tries to lie or say something happened a certain way when it didn't, you can dust off those old receipts and bring them right out. In the age of endless text message threads on iPhones, you better not start lying!

Because isn't that what being petty is all about? The constant need to be right? I applaud all my petty brothers and sisters out there. We may be immature, but someday, we'll grow up... and when we do, we will know how to handle the next wave of petty folks better than anyone.

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