15 Memes That Perfectly Capture What A Train Wreck Dating Can Be

Dating in your 20s and 30s can be quite the experience. From dealing with total creeps to cheating lovers, it’s often a train wreck. But we must all go through the trials and tribulations of dating if we want to meet new people and possibly find the one person we want to be with the rest of our lives. Technology has changed the way we approach dating and brings with it all new types of dangers, as well as hilarious bad date experiences. Some things also never change when it comes to navigating the dating scene! We’re still fools for love, or at least the illusion of it. These 15 memes explain exactly what a train wreck dating can be and makes us question why we even bother with it all.

15 Dating after 30 is like living in hell

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Dating in your 20s is hard enough, so wait until you’ve reached your 30s! By now, most of your friends are either married or remarried. They might be having children and settling down. But if you’re single and looking in your 30s, you have to contend with the reality that most of your perfect matches are already taken and you’re past all the bull you used to tolerate when you were younger. It can definitely feel like you’re in the burning pits of hell. You’re more set in your ways by the time you’re in your 30s and have hopefully reached where you want to be in your career and other life goals by this time. But the other people you meet seem to have even more baggage than you’re carrying. It’s just horrible.

14 Having to reconsider your grooming habits to impress someone

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Getting ready for dates can be a chore, especially when you have to (ahem) dust everything off after a long time of not dating anyone. Your grooming habits will often be the first to go during a dry spell. No one’s going to see it anyway, right? But now that you’re getting your date on, it’s time to do those things that make you feel hot AF. People who prefer to have smooth legs will consider taking up shaving cream and the razor again. But again, it’s soooo much work to put in when the date might not even work out. So, you do a cursory inspection and decide that your date isn’t going to notice at all. Or maybe he will. Let’s wear some pants instead of that hot little number.

13 And communicating with potential online dates can be rough

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What you consider a nice or a clever message might not come across that way in online dating. Communication can be tough to navigate in person, but it’s even harder when you can’t read body language. Online messaging can be misinterpreted or come across in the completely wrong way if you’re prone to hit SEND before carefully reviewing how what you’ve written can be construed. You also have no idea what that person has already dealt with that day. You might be the one decent guy after dozens of creepers, and she’s literally just had enough of it all. Or, you might be a creeper without even realizing it. That’s why re-reading that message before you send it is so important. And sometimes, it’s better if you DON’T send a message at all and just let the whole thing go.

12 Because letting go of someone can be nearly impossible sometimes

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But letting go can be easier said than done in some cases. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend meme is a prime example of this. She refuses to let the relationship end and will do everything to keep it going, even if you’re no longer interested and have filed a restraining order to make that clearer to her. The truth is, we’ve all gone through those weird, obsessive periods with our crushes that show how creepy any of us can be at any given time. But it’s time to grow up. Clinging so tightly to someone who doesn’t want you means that you’re not available for someone who would want to be with you of their own free will. Nix the stress and just let it go. Don’t be like this meme at all.

11 In this new digital era, you could be flirting with a bot online and not know it

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You might remember that extramarital dating site Ashley Madison. More than 70,000 women on the cheating site happen to be bots. That’s right. Those hot women vying for some hapless senator’s attention is a bunch of gigabytes and programming. According to the Gizmodo report, a bunch of men also paid money just to get replies from the bots. The men didn’t know they weren’t talking to real women. How many other dating bots exist on the internet? Probably more than we’ll ever know. You could be chatting up a clever bot with a hot pixelated bod and not even know it, especially if the relationship stays entirely online. This might even be the ultimate catfish! An army of flirty bots start stealing on the possible dates and no humans ever hook up ever again.

10 When your dating profile sounds too much like your cat

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Coming up with the best online profile to interest other people is half the battle. But sometimes, you just want to be brutally honest. You’ll know that people like you for you when you do that. Most of us secretly identify with cats. The feline population likes to take long naps and eat all day. Seriously, cats can live pretty sweet lives with the right caretakers. Who wouldn’t want to lounge all day and be told you’re just so cute for rolling around and grooming yourself? Then someone always feeds you and cuddles you. People stop what they’re doing to spend time with you when YOU require it. That’s the mojo cats have over their people. So, yeah, that’s our dating profile. Deal with it.

9 And you try so hard not to be weird on a date but end up being really weird

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Sometimes trying NOT to be weird results in being weird as hell. It’s because you’re so aware of everything you do and analyze everything you say that you self-correct when the other person has no idea what’s going through your head and isn’t even thinking about things the way you are. So, they end up thinking you’re weird AF. You’ve ruined first impressions by that point. Relax! Just relax! There’s nothing wrong with trying to be awesome as long as you recognize that you don’t need to change everything about yourself to impress someone. Maybe this person just doesn’t click with you for whatever reason. That happens, and it’s okay. Don’t cling too hard to the thought of it. You want to be able to move freely, and then you won’t come across as overly weird.

8 That cute guy you're talking to didn't see your hot AF Snapchat story in time

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Snapchat has provided an all-new way to flirt. You can post super-hot photos of yourself that expire after 24 hours. It’s all about living in the moment and sharing that moment with other people. It’s kind of a low-key way to flirt without even needing to flirt. You just snap a bunch of hot photos and put them in your story instead of sending it to one person. But what happens when that person doesn’t bother checking Snapchat all day? They don’t see your hot AF snaps! What a waste! You wanted them to see it and send you a flirty text that reveals how much they’re madly in love with you. So, now you have to make another one and hope that they check your story this time. You can’t send too many personal snaps without a response….

7 Or your significant other just doesn't notice when you get all done up and pretty

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Now you’re finally dating someone. Maybe it’s not exclusive yet, but you’re seeing this person on a regular basis. And you want to change up your look a bit. He doesn’t notice. Like, WTF? It can be the most disappointing thing to get all done up and it goes unnoticed. That’s the look you give when that happens. It’s kind of a controlled anger that continues to build and build with each passing minute. You wanted to look extra-nice, and your significant other remains so oblivious to the whole thing. But you know they’d notice if you showed up for a date with uncombed hair and ratty sweatpants, right? You still want those compliments even after those initials dates. Or you end up feeling like this meme until you end things with this person. Flip your hair and look elsewhere.

6 And how often your emotions change when you first start flirting with someone new

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Remember feeling like your brain was in a presser when waiting for that hot new guy to text you back? He takes forever to respond to texts, and waiting is such torture. Your emotions can be wild and irrational in the beginnings of a crush. So, one moment you hate all men because he hasn’t responded to the text you sent four hours ago. You decide to put your phone away. Then your phone pings that a text message has arrived! It’s him! And now you’re happy all over again. This rollercoaster ride is not something that we miss now that we’re old and cynical, but we still recall how this felt. It made us into a total train wreck every single time. This meme could’ve been pulled straight from our brains when we were in our early 20s.

5 Or when someone you're dating ends up liking you back too much too soon

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When you were in elementary school, it didn’t seem weird to write long love letters to your crush when you’d barely spoken otherwise. It even seemed so romantic when you got those kinds of letters from your crushes back in high school. But now that you’re an adult, moving that fast can be a bit off-putting. No, we will NOT marry you on the second date. Slow it down! Or, you start dating someone and lose interest at the same time they’re practically falling in love with you. It can be tough to untangle yourself when romance has gotten a hold on the other person but not on you. You don’t want to hurt their feelings at all. Yet, you really need to be upfront so that they stop wasting their emotions on you when you’re not into them.

4 Those moments of uncontrolled feelings that we have when we wait too long for a text back

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Once again, we have another meme that reveals how crazy we can get in the initial stages of dating someone. We aren’t sure of where we stand. This can make it hard to control our emotions when we’ve already planned out the wedding. Imagining a future with this person we’re only getting to know can seem so silly in hindsight, but love and lust are rarely rational. You need to keep your cool or risk pushing someone away before you know if it’s going to work or not. Contain any of your psycho impulses. Don’t text and call and text again. Think before you send that Facebook message or Snapchat photo. Learning self-control is very important if you want to succeed in the dating world.

3 But they can SO CUTE, and you fall for it every time

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Then you meet that one adorable person who asks for a date in the sweetest way. It’s not even an act. You can’t help but fall for that furry little face and bowtie. Oh, wait, we’re talking about other humans here, not taking home a fluffy kitten. Your dates can be so charming in the beginning. But they might have sharp teeth and claws that you don’t know about until it’s too late. Resisting those big, adorable eyes can be tough. You want things to go a certain way, and everything seems the way it should be. This is the time when you’re only happy to please and strive to impress them all of the time. You probably even have the expression that this kitten does. It’s so trusting and pleading, demanding love and protection.

2 And how much trouble it can be to juggle your roster of dates

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Now when the dating scene is REALLY good and you’ve got several guys on the line, it can be a challenge to juggle all of their names and their backstories. Living in a Taylor Swift song might sound cool, but it can also be tough to handle in real life. It’s okay to “play the field” as long as everyone involved knows that it’s not exclusive, and you don’t really need to tell each one about the others until one of them becomes more serious. Until then, it's important to keep everything organized. Your schedule will be packed. Nothing worse than double-booking your dates, huh? We wouldn’t know, but we’re aware that this does happen for some people. It’s all about that roster of dates.

1 Every relationship victory has a failure, too

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So, you finally find that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s awesome. Or maybe the dating has reached the level of relationship, which is great as well. This is the dating stage where you have to learn how to live with this other person’s weird habits and find out all of their flaws. You might wake up happy but have a memory fart in the morning. Our brains are so complex but still do such weird things. And waking up and forgetting your significant other’s name for an hour would qualify as one of those strange things that can happen. His S.O. was probably angry that he couldn’t recall her name at first, but his mind must’ve taken a trip when he’d gone to bed the night before. It happens.

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