15 Memes That Perfectly Explain Your Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media

Social media is a big thing in today’s world. We think it’s safe to say that almost everyone is on it in some form or another. It has changed the way we absorb information about the world around us and the way we present ourselves to the world. Facebook feeds are read like a daily newspaper, tweets are public journal entries expressed through 140 characters or less and Instagram accounts are public photo albums full of pictures you actually want people to see.

And while social media can make our world more connected, there are some issues that arise from this connectedness. If you’re active on social media, you’re probably familiar with what makes social media both a wonderful and a terrible thing. Our guess is you'll totally relate to this list of 15 memes that perfectly showcase your love/hate relationship with social media.

15 Jokes don't always go over well

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One minute you’re sharing what you considered a funny joke on Facebook, and the next, you’re being yelled at in ALL CAPS and receiving several angry emoji reactions. All you wanted to do was share a few laughs with your Facebook friends, but now you’re in the midst of a controversy.

Sound familiar? When you tell a joke online, it isn’t always easy to determine the tone you’re telling it in. Unfortunately, humor is sometimes lost or difficult to detect online. While you can tell a joke to a crowd of people and have them in tears from laughter, retelling the joke on social media doesn’t have that guarantee. Although jokes and memes circulate all across the internet, we can all agree that some jokes are just better told in person.

14 Sleep is lost from endless scrolling

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It’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with: You’re only three hours into your day and you’re dragging your feet from staying up too late the night before. You promise yourself that tonight you’ll hit the sheets early and catch up on those much-needed Zs.

However, your plan to sleep takes a quick turn once you arrive home. Minutes turn into hours and before you know it, it’s midnight and you’re laying in bed staring at the light illuminating from your phone. How could this happen AGAIN? Why are your friends’ trivial Facebook statuses more important than your beauty sleep?

Clearly, they aren’t, but here you are again just scrolling away. Once 3 a.m. rolls around, you finally put your phone away and cry yourself to sleep thinking about all the hours you have lost.

13 Your social media footprint haunts you

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Thanks to Timehop & “On This Day,” you’re reminded of all the awful selfies and illiterate Facebook statuses you’ve made in the past. Good and pleasant memories are very few and far between. It’s as if Facebook is generated to remind you of your most embarrassing memories. That "edgy" haircut you got in 2012? Yep, there it is! And then there are those Facebook statuses that make current you want to throw a dictionary at past you. All the dreadful moments that still exist on your Facebook will likely resurface as a way of reflecting and reminiscing

It’s pretty cruel of Facebook to remind you of things you want to forget. You would think there would be an algorithm that would only show you sunshine and happy things such as the cute thing your cat did five years ago. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way (yet)! So, you’ll either have to do a clean sweep of your Facebook or deal with being haunted by your Facebook posts of the past.

12 Group chats can be painful

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It doesn’t matter how much you love your friends; you can still hate group chats with a passion. While group chats were designed out of convenience, they are anything but! You can step away from a group chat for one minute and completely lose track of the conversation. And you thought being ignored by one person was bad…try being ignored by five! Group chats make it easy for people to intentionally or unintentionally ignore you. Whether what you said was important or not, it only takes 3-4 messages for it to be completely overlooked by everyone.

So, while group chats may have been created for the common good…they really don’t do much except confuse and overwhelm everyone who’s involved. We don’t know about you, but the next time our friends want a group chat we're just going to invite them out for coffee. It’s a lot more difficult to talk over one another at Starbucks than it is for messages to get lost or unread via Messenger.

11 You can’t live with it, but you can’t live without it

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You’re not an experienced user of social media until you’ve wanted to rage quit. Some of us only think about quitting while others actually deactivate their accounts...only to reactivate a few days later. Then, there’s those who cryptically post about deleting social media, but never do.

We’re all guilty of thinking or attempting to quit social media. Why? Because social media is really freakin’ aggravating sometimes. People post things that get on our nerves. There’s too much negativity. And, it’s a major time consumer. Whatever the reason, you would be lying if you said you’ve never even considered taking a break from social media.

But, at the end of the day—there’s saying and there’s doing. While many of us may say we’ll take a social media hiatus, few of us actually do. Despite all the drama, there’s a small part of you that knows you’ll be bored without it.

10 Socializing sometimes looks very anti-social

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Ahh, nothing says "modern day socializing" like a group of people getting together to stare at their phones. While this is a common occurrence, it isn’t one we should be proud of. Don’t let the technology age of today’s world confuse you! Socializing isn’t simply being in the company of others. Socializing involves actively interacting with others by talking AND listening. Crazy, huh?

Despite often treating our mobile devices like an extra appendage, we should realize and cherish the time we have with our loved ones. The best memories with your friends won’t involve talking about Becky’s Facebook status or reading from your newsfeed. The best memories will be the ones full of new and exciting experiences. So, unglue your eyes from your phones and hang out like friends used to before social media existed. Living life is much better than #livinglife.

9 It’s a major distraction

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Social media doesn’t only distract us from our friends. It distracts us from just about anything else going on in our lives. It’s become a bad habit to squander our time on the web. And while we consciously try to do better, we often catch ourselves reopening an app merely five seconds after closing it. We refresh our feeds and reopen apps as if something more exciting than the outside world will suddenly appear. We scroll endlessly looking for something that interests us.

While looking to be entertained, we waste precious time that could have been used to do something real or productive. Instagram is fun, but it’s important to make time for the unfiltered world outside of our phones.

8 It can make you too sure of yourself…

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Social media has this awful way of inflating our egos and making us semi-delusional. While it’s nice to get noticed by our crush online, a "Like" on a selfie doesn’t necessarily mean our crush wants us. 

If you think of the many reasons you might double tap a picture, we're sure at least five times out of 10, you’re liking it innocently. Maybe even it's just a reflex to tap twice as you scroll. Therefore, it’s dangerous to assume our crush is in love with us just because he Liked our selfie. For all we know, it could have been an accident. In the social media world, words often speak louder than actions. Don’t get too giddy over that Like until your crush goes ahead and tells you personally that he like likes you.

7 But, it can also play into your insecurities

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When you don’t receive a text back, you begin to think the worst. First, you rationalize that they are probably just busy. Then, you consider that maybe they didn’t receive it. Before long, you start to worry that something bad has happened to them. But, as soon as you see them posting on social media, you know they are alive and well. And that is precisely when your concern turns into anger.

Instead of making excuses for them not replying, you’re plotting to ignore them the next time they reach out to you. Sure, it may be petty…but choosing to share something with the rest of the world and intentionally ignore you is beyond rude. Just try to remember that sometimes people post on social media mindlessly while neglecting their texts. But, if this is a frequent thing for your friendship/relationship, it may be time for you to do some reevaluating.

6 You lose sight of your surroundings

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We’d be lying if we said losing our WiFi connection doesn’t frustrate the living bejesus out of us. It isn’t fun having your online activities interrupted by a bad connection! And while it may feel like it at the time, losing your internet connection isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it allows you to get in touch with the real world that you most likely regularly neglect.

How often do you interact with the world around you? Can you even think of the last time you learned or fully experienced something that wasn’t influenced by the use of technology? There’s a lot that we can learn by observing the world around us, but we often take the easy way out and Google it instead. Google may be useful, but it doesn’t offer hands-on experience that waits for you right outside your window. So instead of spewing profanities when the internet goes out, take the time to learn and appreciate something about the world around you. We can learn a lot from our surroundings if we just choose to look up from our phones once in awhile.

5 You risk looking like a stalker

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Thanks to advancements in technology and social media, we have access to finding out just about anything on anyone. The world has come a long way from looking someone up in the phone book. It’s the information age and there’s a whole lot of information out there on everyone. While it seems more convenient to track where someone is thanks to their Facebook check-in rather than watching them from a tree, these advancements in technology can sometimes encourage stalking behavior.

And despite social networks giving us the option to share our every move, stalking is and will never be cool. Of course, most of us don’t go to the extremes of following our ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend around, but most of us have at least lurked on her profile a time or two. Though this lurking may feel innocent, an accidental click of a button can quickly let her know that you’re keeping tabs on her. With this information so easily presented to us, it’s sometimes hard to resist. But, we must remember that stalking someone on social media can be just as creepy and unhealthy as watching them from the bushes.

4 Your social media persona is exhausting to keep up with

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If you’re yelling at your pet to do something cute on demand, then you most likely have an unhealthy obsession with your social media persona. Staging social media posts is not only ridiculous, it’s exhausting! Sure, we all love to use the most flattering filter, but trying to be someone you’re not isn’t worth the time or effort.

Life is meant to be lived through the lens of your eyes rather than your camera lenses. Sharing a cute photo of your pet shouldn’t take an act of congress and capturing perfect vacation photos can take the focus away from enjoying your vacation. While it’s fun to share memories on social media, we must also remember that some of the best memories are those that are only shared with those who were there.

3 It can complicate relationships

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Social media can have its benefits in a relationship. It’s exciting to change your relationship status on Facebook with someone you’re really happy to be with. And tagging your partner in memes allows you to share a laugh or two.

However, sometimes social media can really take a toll on your relationship. For instance, oversharing on Facebook can be really damaging. Relationships are supposed to be between two people, but when you broadcast your relationship problems on social media, you’re inviting the whole world in. Social media may also create insecurities and trust issues between couples. "Liking" another girl's photo can cause unnecessary drama in an unstable relationship.

While these problems may seem silly, they would be nonexistent without social media. But, since social media exists, we must learn how to use it without allowing it to damage our relationships.

2 Ignorance is a virus most commonly spread on the worldwide web

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The internet is a resourceful place full of information on millions of topics. Society can really learn a lot on the internet. Books are things of the past when you have a world full of up-to-the-minute knowledge available to you beneath your fingertips. Unfortunately, not all of us take advantage of this privilege.

Out of laziness, we sometimes skim news articles without questioning if it’s from a credible source. We have a tendency to believe what we see or hear without researching it further. And this lack of research is how ignorance is born and viscously spread. The internet is an almighty influence, but just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. We’re smarter than that, so it’s time we start acting like it!

1 Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why you even use it


Social media sometimes seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The drama, political posts, selfies and pointless statuses are a lot to keep up with. But, you continue to follow along with it all anyways. The real question is WHY? Why use something that you can’t stand half the time? Maybe you would feel disconnected from the world without it. Or maybe you feel like you have to have it.

With all the annoyances that come with social media, there must be a couple good reasons why you can’t stay away. And maybe if you put your phone down and focus on the good reasons, your relationship with social media will no longer be a love/hate relationship, but simply a love relationship.

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